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Thursday, April 4, 2013

That Magical Moment

It is very simple: the resistance will not be organized. There is no way to get people together on anything at this stage and there aren't many more stages left.

Obama is "constrained" by the Constitution. He considers that wrong, but we know that constraining people like him is the whole purpose of the Constitution. Of course he feels constrained by it, he is supposed to and so is everyone else in a position of immense power. He is constrained by our rights and so has done everything he can to obliterate them.

We have sat around and moaned about it, planned, prepared and little else. I don't know about anyone else. All I know is that if something is going to get done, it will have to be done alone. One person doing a remarkable thing is how it must happen.

The rights they are bargaining with are mine and mine alone. If someone else's rights are violated, it doesn't bother me that much. Yet, when I fight for mine, I fight for everyone's.

This is not the last of it, it will only get worse and worse. They will take more and more individual rights until the only rights left will be those of the state.

That is where it stands right now. It will take some magical moment to the get the great wave of public sentiment on the side of individual rights again. I don't know what produces that magical moment. If I did, I would do it.

It is time to fight back. I am not a leader or I would lead others. All I have ever been able to do is lead myself and that is exactly what I am doing now.


  1. Bravo TL!
    Well said.

    I hear you.
    You know something?
    You may be more correct in your assessment than you can imagine.
    May be, it will happen this way, because it can only happen this way.
    And all frustrations and concerns aside, I think it will turn out to be the best way of things, that defining moment, the catalyst of redress, the spark that creates the grass roots resistance to tyranny, and as a people in the throes of so many difficult no win choices, it is that unforeseen gestalt that is the natural way of things of Liberty.

    I believe there is a growing paradigm, an awakening, in the consciousness of people underway, a coming awareness in and of our Liberty, a similarity of the thinking in regards the hard truth of the threats of tyranny.

    The tyrants and traitors are going to do that one thing, perpetrate that magic moment that defines and changes everything.

    They can't help not to.
    Tyrants, regardless how many enemies they need or create to be the tyrants they wish, they are their own worst enemies.
    And making enemies out of people of Liberty may turn out to be the best thing to happen to this Republic since it's founding.

    God bless em'!

    Truth be told, awful as it may sound, maybe we as a people need the forge of resistance to tyranny, in the larger scope it could turn out to be the best thing.

    Ain't nothing in the course of Liberty, that ain't good for something.

    viva' Liberty!

    1. Hey Brock, what do you think about this?

      Right now it is Gordian's knot.

      Now suppose for a minute TL's magic moment has transpired. An insurgency of a nebulous wild unorganized nature is underway.

      Reasoned argument:

      It is American's who are on both sides, or however many sides or factions etc have you.
      It is logical to suppose that there has to be an end goal for the insurgency, or it is going to be just a bloody ugly thing that benefits few if any.

      But this goal of the Liberty insurgency has to be achieved.
      People make up an insurgency, there's fighters and support people, leaders, supplies, safe havens, etc, hopefully, you need these things, I think you need all the friends and allies you can get to be a successful insurgency.

      OK, so, being it is a people thing, of course, because we are talking Liberty and defeating tyranny, reasons to fight, there has to be something tangible, something people can get behind, something to believe in for your efforts and the grave dangers associated with an insurgency, the end goal, there has to be something in the successful outcome, in order for it all to be successful to begin with, (chicken or the egg?), something better than what people have now, or what they think is better than now.

      Consider these two quotes in the context of something better:

      "We not only have to teach people how to fish, we have to teach them that such a thing is even possible…" – Tom Baugh

      “You only have power over people so long as you don’t take everything away from them But when you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power – he’s free again.”- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      So here is the conundrum so to speak, that whatever it is that is worth fighting for, HAS to be better than is worth living for now. Right now this very moment.
      Or discharging ones arms with exuberance is not going to amount to much than getting lots of people very pissed off and very dead.

      As a movement, Liberty has to have some defining quality that gets people behind it.
      I think one key is to exemplify how empowering self determination is, as an idea this is far better than the disenfranchisement of we the people by the people in our government. The idea that we are the government, we as people, that our government, our governing, has to come back to the local level, that the buck begins and ends in our homes and local communities.

      But too, it really has to, it is not just a plea for high ideals, none of what has become of our system of government works. I should define that, works for we the people under Liberty and rule of law. (We all know how lucrative government has become for those in privileged positions within the oligarchy of kleptocracy.)

      So, before the wielding of wrath of arms, it is proper to remember well there is a far greater weapon. The might that we are always, and always will be, free men.
      I think it is the source of our greatest strength as a people.

      There is something indomitable about us and our Liberty. Something hard to define, but profound for that very reason.
      The founding of America is the greatest paradigm of man. The idea we are free men no matter what. An idea that changed the world.

      We can not afford to loose our perspective of such things in the face of such evil as comes to our time. No arms, no laws, no power, has the force of the idea we are free men. The evil upon us rages against this crux of Liberty. It abhors the very idea that you and you and I and we can even think such a thing.
      This very idea is the existential threat to tyranny.
      It is the greatest most feared assault weapon in the arsenal of Liberty.

      So my question to you Brock, how is this translated into terms, arguments, of something better, something people can get behind. Something meat and potatoes, something practical, something people can understand and sink their teeth into.

      It boils down to the most important aspect of Lets WIN!!!
      People have to believe in something better to get behind an insurgency of Liberty, to win.

  2. Never give up.


  3. never submit.
    Never surrender.

  4. It's the Unorganized, not the dis-organized, Militia. We don't need much leading, nor supplying, to do what is needed. Self-funding, and no particular address, makes identification and targeting difficult. Recycle sorted, trash without identifying marks. Wi-Fi broadcasting on all 3 non-interfering channels from different routers, oops forgot to change PW from "admin" - enjoy the free internet. Real computers on 100B-T wired. I'm wearing a furry wool coat and seem entranced by the screens, just like my flock. Yumm, here comes lunch. Baaaaa.

  5. People aren't organized because they are atomized and more importantly, no sane person wants this and no one wants to make the 1st move, be the 1st martyr since they don't know what they want well enough to sacrifice for it.

    You see, you can never win unless you know exactly what you want, precise and detailed and you find the ground that all the factions can agree on. Do that and you can win. Otherwise its at best a war of reduction.

    This means the liberty movement has to be proactive and have goals, not just be defensive. You not only have to win but to rule and to set standard and consequences for those who break them.

    And note the half assed 1776 compromise will not be enough. It must be far more specific in plain modern language and it will have to deal with issues no one wants to touch like race, culture, abortion, economics, foreign policy , the war on some drugs, ecology, jobs etc. There will be no punting to the private sector (the Leftists will probably have done them in) no punting to the states, no playing at Cincinnatus and you have to do this in a nation where no one trusts anyone, everything is falling apart and the entire edifice of mass communications is null.

    Can it be done? Yes, Will it be done? Its cloudy Should it be done? I leave that to you.

    1. "...they don't know what they want well enough to sacrifice for it."

      Sacrifice? Getting what you want is the OPPOSITE of sacrifice.

      "You not only have to win but to rule..."

      I know you to be sincere and doing the best you can; that's very admirable in my book. So my response to this is not directed at you, but at what you wrote.

      Two words: "Fuck off." This is NOT the time to be figuring out WHO is going to rule over WHOM, let alone HOW. How about we break the chains that bind us, before we start calculating how to forge the new ones. That make any sense?

      One of the reasons we're in this mess is because individuals have been snookered into believing they can't live unless someone else rules them. This, in spite of the fact that EVERY action taken by EVERY individual is motivated exclusively by his own free will. How about we try living in accordance with this FACT, and worry about how to deny it later. That make any sense?

    2. "...individuals have been snookered into believing they can't live unless someone else rules them..."

      In my observation it appears many people want tyrants to rule over *others* rather than themselves.

      Most people think other people need to be ruled, but they themselves do not need to be ruled.

      If the rules effect them minimally they don't care if they effect others maximally.

      A childish mindset that needs to be banished.

    3. Anon,
      There is historical American precedence for civil rule of law, it is the local style of self governance based on the precinct system.

      Like the axiom goes, all politics is local.

      It is sound common sense that culture plays an essential role in Liberty. The idea and structure of upholding the rule of law must return to the most local level. Like every facet in the sphere of our lives, the rule of law has been usurped by unaccountable government officials with no intimate connection to the people and the communities they live within. It must be up to the people in their communities to self determine, within the rule of law, and be directly involved in and responsible for how the civil construct is managed. For who knows best these things? And through direct community involvement, people are empowered. It is simply the practical side of Liberty. We as a culture, a people, in villages, towns, counties and cities, as Republic, have become isolated. Our sovereign will relegated to contemptuous status by the statist regime structure of our present day governments. What effects us directly must be dealt with locally, on the level and context it originates within. A command local based structure.

      Looking at the sanctions of sovereignty codified within the Constitution, and the documented thoughts for reason for sovereignty, liberty, by our founders, relegation for rule of law originates in the people, and proceeds outwards.

      It is reason that brought Liberty and the republican form of government, reason that created the social contract of a republic, to us in the first instance. It is reason that created the rule of law, to keep at bay the rule of men.

      And it is reason that is the key to redress and recourse.
      It is reason, the thinking, the philosophy, the being, the acts of civility, the social contract of respect for the essential nature of rule of law, the power and protections of self determination, of the sovereign nature of ourselves, our property, our well being, our very culture, at the most base local level, is the crux and key to surviving the impositions of tyranny upon us. Bringing this power of the sovereign will of we of the people back into our culture, is our prosperity, that this assures and propagates liberty, sense of community, continuity of the ideals of freedom, wealth, and happiness we desire and cherish.

      This is a fearsome weapon, no less than our arms, or to be critically succinct, those who choose to bear arms against all enemies of their Liberty when all else fails to keep secure our primal God given freedoms.

      One can not exist without the other. Reason and arms. There exists no differentiation between these two constructs of Liberty.

      They are the meat and potatoes of our Liberty...

    4. ...For now, we have on our hands a civil war of culture.
      Regardless of what this culture war evolves into, as much as bullets, reason can not be relegated a back seat to any form of revolution. Reason must be held in the highest esteem, held with reverence, it is the basis of faith, the rational side of human endeavor.

      All around us, permeating every facet of our lives and culture, lack of reason, of discourse among us, between us, beginning at the most basic aspect of our lives, is reason for the dire straights we find our Liberty and prosperity, our civility at risk, our very lives. Our government has lost all reason. It is completely out of touch with we the sovereign. It is a beast out of control. It exists now only to satiate its appetite for more power, and at an exponential rate, it consumes everything, leaves nothing in it's wake of power but devastation of Liberty and prosperity.

      It is time to change the dynamic.
      It begins with thinking.
      With reason.
      Reason is the greatest act of resistance to tyranny possible.

      When you think of oneself as sovereign, as the legal entity of the rule of law of Liberty within the construct of the constitution and bill of rights, within God's law of natural primal rights, you are 9/10's the sovereign person you are.

      It may come down to armed revolution to rest away the usurpation's of power not the purview of those of and within government.

      Regardless, Liberty begins at home, within our community, our hearts, our family and social networks. Without this, all the guns and bullets ain't worth scrap metal. Without this, we loose. It is reason, it is the essential ingredient of success, reason is the fulcrum of Liberty.

      So lets WIN!!!

    5. Jim, I appreciate the courteous but forceful rebuttal . Understand that even the Founding Fathers had a framework for governance, laws, regulations, payouts, pensions and more. All the trappings of government, just less than we have now

      That cherished idea of a tiny state that does virtually nothing is just that , an idea and a childish one at that.

      It works after a fashion when most people are loyal, technology is simple enough that even the dimwits that are attracted to politics like moths to a light bulb can understand it and people are self sufficient farmers.

      Those conditions are long gone and while the State can and should protect individual rights its going to have to step on groups and actions that can harm others and violate the law,

      As an example, in the future if the Constitution is to be respected, our Feds will have to force many states to comply, not with cutting off aid (since power is divested locally) but with force, FBI or troops . That how freedom is won and maintained, by meeting force with force.

      Let me give you a happening right now example, the oil spill in Arkansas. I assume its OK for the State to protect groundwater yes?

      The fact is the attorney general of that find state was on Rachael Maddow of all things (yes I watch leftists too sometimes) stated that Arkansas simply cannot compete with the resources that Exxon Mobil has.

      What the company is doing is protecting its interests, shareholders its called Lawfare, warfare by manipulating the legal code. The people of Arkansas get ruined drinking water, damaged land and health and no redress of grievances,

      That is the hallmark of a failed state.

      This means the future state will have to step in,, if they don't maintain the pipelines (and they are all failing) than they get seized and the CEO's get prison time.

      If they hide in some far off foreign country as oligarchs are want to do well the Founding Fathers left us a tool, letters of Marque and Reprisal

      Unless the so called future free US is to be a satrapy or clone of China, we as people will have to lead and govern.

      Its not the small guy with a gun collection or his own cult or a coke habit or who sells clean raw milk with a warning bt the big boys, the irresponsible idiots at corporations who will cheerfully ruin anything in pursuit of profit, its the other nations states who wills ell poison toys or threaten us with nukes or cheerfully flood our country will illegal immigrants and its the money manipulators liars and the fraud artists and all them who have to be dealt with.

      We can do both in fact we must do both. Just going Cinncinatus is just a dream.

    6. " idea and a childish one at that."

      Thank you, for that is indeed what I believe life can be. Find a three-year-old with giddiness and curiosity, and then find an adolescent after her mind has been turned to mush. the relevant aspects of our desire to think and especially our desire to be happy, I'm saying we should be more like the three-year-old.

      I see how the mature adults who go to Columbia and run the Harvard Law Review turn out. No, thanks.

    7. "Most people think other people need to be ruled, but they themselves do not need to be ruled."

      Makes perfect sense gs, but I'm afraid that's the old days. Y'know, back when things made sense. The sad truth is that these days, a ton of the ruled want to be ruled. That's why it's all going to crack, basically.

      Actually WANT to be ruled? That's historically unique.

      It's like an old-fashioned thief. At least you can comprehend his motives, and you'd be hard-pressed to find one who'd honestly say he's doing a moral act by stealing the property of others. He does it anyway, for the loot.

      Not the modern looters---they sincerely do it because they were "taught" that it's the right thing to do. That's a whole 'nuther creature that commands a whole different approach.

      Think of the "training camps" for these nitwits--academia. Imagine all those crackers actually swallowing that nonsense. I know it's hard to believe, but I also know that you know it's true---they honestly believe the drivel, about the way things are and the way they ought to be. Ethics follows epistemology.

      Let's face other animal can be willfully ignorant; they just don't have it in 'em. This is one dangerous sub-species, and it ain't even close to endangered. Not quite yet, anyway.

    8. The point is Jim, that people are willing to suffer as long as others suffer more. Envy is most likely the most horrible of human ills as it will turn reasonable people into rabid animals. (Does Bill Gates make too much money?) Human nature, in this regard, is at the base of the failure of democracy - mob rule. Mob rule gets worse as the mob increases in size. Want to cure democracy? Reduce the size of the mob.

  6. Power, and Nature, abhor a vacuum. It will happen. Send not to know for whom the bell tolls......................

  7. "....until the only rights left will be those of the state."

    The state has no right, it only has privileges.

    Privileges granted by the governed.

    This is all clearly, and simply, outlined in the Constitution.

    It is beyond me how the Constitution can be continuously maligned.

    Never forget:
    Rights are inherent.
    Privileges are granted.
    The latter can be revoked.
    The former is permanent.

  8. Don't forget the axiom that when a republic is turned into tyranny, one still gets to vote by force of arms.

    1. "Don't forget the axiom that when a republic is turned into tyranny, one still gets to vote by force of arms."

      That's been true in exactly one republic in all of human history. Talk about pure American, eh?

  9. "Obama is "constrained" by the Constitution."

    The constitution gave Obama whatever power he possesses or assumes to possess. He sure didn't get it from me.

    That parchment under glass is a double edged sword and I have no use for it.

    It grants nothing but most people assume it does.
    It restricts politicians but it doesn't.
    It empowers tyrants and ne'er do wells.

    1. The intent and design of the founding documents is basically good. Nothing human is perfect.

      It is not the point of failure.

      WE ARE!!

      We failed it, it didn't fail us. We slept through the destruction of our Country and it's founding documents.

  10. Cant everyone agree on just one thing? That thing being the 2nd Amendment. It is the thorn in the side of our opposites. That is what we can all agree on. That is what we can secure. If nothing else everyone here should be on the same page as far as that goes.
    There are other important things, but right now, I would suggest that everyone go about doing all you can to stop our opposites in their tracks as far as the 2nd goes.
    Lose the speculation, lose any notion of defeatism. Concentrate on doing whatever is necessary in defending and removing the cancer from our 2nd. We remove the cancer from our 2nd and no matter what we will be better prepared to remove the cancer from the remaining.

    1. Little late to the party, Anonymous; the 2nd's been whittled down for the better part of a century now. Ha, worse part really. I'm not sure why you call them "opposites"...they believe the Law gives them rightful power and it appears that you do too. Maybe I misunderstand, though.

      Besides, you do still have your arms, don't you? So what's the 2nd Amendment got to do with it? Imagine they lawfully amended the Constitution (through the States and all that) to eliminate the 2nd...are you surrendering your arms then?

    2. What it means is that despite efforts in every other political arena or topic to change this country the 2nd is what gets people on our side foaming at the mouth. Why not concentrate on that front at this time?
      Instead of arguing or speculating or whatever it is that people do on our side, why not come together and make a stand on the 2nd? Amended the Constitution? Really? Would you really stand for that? Would any of us?
      Concentrate on stopping them on the 2nd.
      It really doesnt matter what is put to paper, what does matter is the way a free people react to such action.
      Jim you are free, you either accept what they dictate or you do not. What can they take from you?

  11. I've been reading a book, THE LAST DITCH. It describes the Resistance organization the British secretly set up in 1940 to act as "stay-behind" saboteurs and spies in the event of a German invasion. The book is well worth reading for its description of how the Resistance was organized, how people were recruited, how materiel preparations were made, etc. The government supplied the members with guns, explosives, and radios, and gave them training in sabotage and espionage.

    I suggest we can set up our own Resistance using the same methods the Brits did. We already have guns and radios. The drug cartels would probably be happy to sell us explosives. What we need is training. Now is the time to get yourself that training.

  12. Armed tyrant climbs the hill, reads the riot act to an American, then asks, "any questions?"

    Old guy says, "Yeah, how you gonna get back down this hill?"

    Shoot the fuckers. Quit the BS.

    1. From Hombre if I recall correctly

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