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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Senate Bill 716

Our masters don't like to be held accountable, or to disclose their financial information. Wonder why?
From NC Renegade:


  1. I guarantee, at the 5pm press conference, the photos released of prime suspects will be of the heavily bearded, tall and middle aged white man and a younger white guy with a possible female accomplice.
    It will not be of any "middle eastern" looking suspects.
    This has already been made clear by the pandering whore quislings of state propaganda pretending completely ignoring the photos of numerous possible suspsects.
    The white man, angry about losing
    2nd amendment gun rights is about to be implicated.

    1. Wow how wrong can a person be? As much as you tried to wish it into being so it is not. It was a MUSLIM Extreamist! You hate that don't you, that it wasn't a white guy.

  2. Personally, I don't care what anyone looks like. Though at this stage, I also don't care what anyone cares about; there's enough of a chore dealing with what they do. The two are related, I know.

    Huge story, Brock and TL. Perfectly backwards, eh? Well, if it's a given that others must decide for all, then those others must be so important that they need special accommodations.

    Hey, someone's gotta be the embodiment of the collective. I always thought Barney Frank was a good one for that, but Janet Napolitano is a strong contender. There are so many it can make one dizzy; maybe I'll start the Looter Collector's Series to sort 'em all out.

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