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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Acts of Rebellion

I am not afraid to say that we are in an all out battle for the soul of the nation. It is a counter-revolution. No one in the sphere of the Patriot/Liberty Community is interested in overthrowing the American government, but rather re-establishing the documents of its founding. It is a re-assertment of the Constitution that we seek.

In order to brand any of us as revolutionaries, they must first admit that they have abandoned the Constitution. To do that would be to de-legitimize their own offices. They can't do it.

So, they try to squeak out a little latitude by calling us domestic insurgents, or domestic terrorists without defining what is that we are against, which would be tyranny. Are they in favor of it? We are against oppression. Are they in favor of it?

We are for the Constitution and for respecting the rights recognized by it. We can't be against the government if we are in favor of its charter. We can be against the government where it has distanced itself from its charter.

What ground have they chosen by making us their enemy? They have chosen the ground of a government estranged from its charter; disrespecting of the rights of the citizenry. They have chosen the ground of the Temple, Texas police department willing to arrest a veteran at the whim of mob rule.

The battle lines are drawn. We have to encourage them to correct their ways; to honor the Constitution. Their distance from legal action has caused the backlash they detest. They don't want to hear from the Tea Party, the Patriot/Liberty Movement or the militias, because we remind them that they are acting illegally; that their actions are illegitimate.

All of this has been written before, but today it is with a different heart.

Their revolution has taken place over the past one hundred and fifty years. Slowly they have crept in inch by coercive inch: taking a little bit of liberty here, adding a little bit of socialism there. Insinuating the state into our lives a morsel at a time. "It is for the best" they say as they do a little more evil.

The true nature of the republican state is to find a balance of liberty that provides the greatest liberty to all. This simple principle has been abused to mean all liberty is at the mercy of the comfort of the most. Those are two completely different principles.

Once the concept of "societal good" is enforced by the power of the state, there is no individual liberty that can tip that scale. It is only by holding individual liberty above the "societal good" that republicanism can exist.

We see this clearly in the Second Amendment issues. My right to protect myself with firearms is above anyone else's right to feel safe. Some people might not feel safe if they see me walking down the street with my pistol on my hip, but they are not in danger. I am not responsible for their mental state. If I wave that weapon around and threaten them with it, I have stepped over the line marking my right to protection and their right to free movement. I have hindered their right and my right to a weapon might be restricted by my actions, but not by their pathological fear of a weapon.

My cause is to the recognition of my rights as given to me by God and affirmed in the Constitution.

I have the right to free speech. I have the right to firearms. I have the right to due process of law. I have the right to religious expression. I have the right to my papers and effects. Without warrant or probable cause of a crime being committed or about to be committed, the government has no right to infringe these rights.

I also have the right to every other thing that does not infringe another person's freedom or exercise of their rights.

As such, I am within the Constitutional framework this nation was founded on and legally bound to protect.

If the government exceeds its authority and seeks to limit any or all of these rights, I have the legal right to seek redress and force it, one way or the other, to obey the Constitution and limit itself to the legal authority that it was issued under the Constitution. Where the government has become an entity of itself, drawing its authority from its own force of arms, it is a rogue government and deserving of disobedience and aggression.

It is not the United States of America as formed and given authority under the Constitution that has become hostile toward my liberty, but the government acting illegally and outside its charter abusing its citizens and authority that has caused my acts of rebellion.


  1. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — When they no longer have the consent of the governed, they no longer have just powers

    1. ---that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness---

      As to WHOM "shall seem most likely"???

      "To effect"...WHAT???

      WHOSE "Safety and Happiness"???

  2. When the Constitution stops protecting us from the whims of the instruments of Government, it also stops protecting them from us.

    Laws made in violation of the Constitution should not be considered to be valid laws.

    The Constitution *grants* limited power to the government. The exercise of power beyond that granted is *usurpation*, and must be resisted.

  3. Well stated, well written, thoroughly understandable and appreciated.

  4. Well written well thought out and well done.

    I think one of your best.


  5. Never Forget the Declaration of Independence.
    It is our Linchpin. Those Men were Incredible.

    All our Authority rests within, plus our Duty and Rights.

  6. You of the political class think you are god's?
    Tyrants crooks liars and thieves is what you are.
    Traitors, treacherous cunning traitors guilty of treason.
    Tyrants and crooks who have become in your shitty exclusive club above the "laws and regulations" you foist on me and my fellow Americans?
    Meddling in every facet of our lives, and still it is not enough.
    Them are fighting causes let me tell you.
    I'd have to be brain dead living on the dark side of the moon not to see it for what it is.
    Naked fucking tyranny.
    If the truth is being spoken here, I ain't the only fed up pissed off serf in this land who is sick and fucking tired of having no choice in the matter unless I take up arms, rightfully so, legally so, according to the true, real law of this land. No choice but the "privilege" of having to pay for being screwed by you high and mighty "elitist" sons of a bitches and your useful political tools, and then to add insult to injury, have it shoved up my ass under threat that I'm classified as a terrorist if I don't keep my mouth shut by the same traitors crooks and thieves who took an oath of office protect my Liberty to begin with!

    Tell me what is wrong with this picture?

    What part of sovereignty of the people...shall not be infringed...and unalienable God given rights can you people not understand?

    If you are "elites", with your vetting and educations, your money and station in life, your lordly position looking down upon us, it can only be that you do understand these primal rights any human is born with, including your royal selves, and that your very intent is to deny the rest of us these things whilst you retain them for yourselves.

    How much more of this unmitigated bullshit do we have to put up with before violation of every sovereign concept of God given natural rights brings us to the point it becomes a mortal threat to our very existence?

    It is a deadly serious question.

    There is no wiggle room or safe recourse in these acts of tyranny in which a man can find safety and security from you gang of treasonous son of a bitches. I mean, the social contract is dead, just merely existing, according to you tyrants and your diktats and impositions, is grounds for extermination. For something I was rightfully literally born with, taught to believe in, and by no means no less, existed as a foundation of the rule of law of this land for generations, 2 centuries, that is 200 years. And it is this bunch of thieving cocksuckers who are doing everything possible to make me a criminal, my lifelong faith and belief, the very history of this Constitutional Republic, the very ideas and moral compass that created it, is no grounds for being classified as a criminal or a terrorist.

    Who is the real enemy here?

    Are you trolls and useful dupes reading this?

    You want a war?

    Is that it?

    Your all gonna need a lot more than billions of hollow point bullets and "viper teams", or "federal protection services" or "civilian security forces", or whatever the latest political euphemism whatever police state apparatus to overcome Liberty that runs in these veins.

    You think you can win?

    I doubt it.

    I think the tyranny you all are creating will be a fart in a mitten compared to the can of whoop ass you are messing with.

    You have no idea of the vengeance that will descend upon yourselves if you continue these insidious acts of treason.

    1. Well done again, MTP. It's nearly driving me crazy. I understand thugs and tyrants---I don't like 'em, but I understand 'em. It's the friggin' STUPIDITY that's making me nuts. They just gotta be suicidal, and that's all there is to it. Makes sense, too...death philosophies seek death.

      Sometimes I think guys like you and me spend our lives avoiding the most obvious truths...good people tend to do that on topics like this. At some point, if they don't give it a break already, we're just gonna have to give 'em what they seek. A sad waste to be sure, but that's the way it is.

    2. MTP said:
      "What part of sovereignty of the people...shall not be infringed...and unalienable God given rights can you people not understand?"


      They DO understand.
      It is YOU that doesn't understand.

      They don't care about your rights.
      Now do you understand?

      Change your programming from fantasy to reality and it all become perfectly clear.

    3. In their ignorance of the people and our culture they have become over confident. That same mistake has been made from the British to the Japs.

    4. Hey ghostsniper, read this below, as it is the next paragraph of what you paraphrased there buddy:

      "...If you are "elites", with your vetting and educations, your money and station in life, your lordly position looking down upon us, it can only be that you do understand these primal rights any human is born with, including your royal selves, and that your very intent is to deny the rest of us these things whilst you retain them for yourselves."

      it was written as a snarky rhetorical question.

  7. The Founders mututaly pledged their Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor. Why should we settle for any less today?

  8. Mt Top, you echo my thoughts exactly. Oh, and TL you too.

  9. There are so many assumptions in this post the whole thing is almost delusional.

    Starting with the very first sentence, "...soul of the nation."

    Made up silliness, not meant to be taken seriously.

    If a soul exists, then it exists in the individual, and certainly not in a concept called a nation.

    I really couldn't read much further with a base like that to stumble over.

    1. Ghost, you seem to stop by every once in a while to denigrate what is going on here. Why?

      If you want to debate, let's do it. I will do so without demeaning you, however. I doubt you would be able to do the same.

      I will say this, I am in the fight, not just banging on keys. What is it that you are actually doing? Anything?

    2. You know I agree with you, gs. The rational man always starts with the facts, and I know you got the facts right.

      The thing is, this is a social, or political, context. In that context, every other man falls on one of two sides. He either believes that force is justified to get me to do what he wants, or he doesn't. Call it the NAP, the ZAP, non-initiation, whatever...that's the relevant distinction and it's the only thing that matters in a social context. "I own myself" and so does every other person.

      IMO it's too late to care very much about the facts, at least as far as social organization is concerned. God, Rule of Law, patriotism, altruism, even outright collectivism and racism...I say this isn't the time to care about what brings another man to wherever he may be. He's either going to try and overpower me, or he isn't. For the moment, there's nothing else to see. Am I wrong?

      I don't have direct knowledge, but my strong impression is that TL falls solidly on the side of the latter. That's all that matters to me in any political context, and that's why he has at least one supporter here in mid-Michigan.

      I'd love folk to understand that collectivism is inherently self-destructive. But that's an intellectual endeavor and until we have a sane enough society to pursue such matters, all that concerns me socially is whether the other guy acknowledges my life, or intends to bring me down. That's all; asking him to see the facts can come later.

    3. Ya like TL said ghostsniper.
      The only thing you appear to be sniping at is your fellow American's who have your best interest in mind.

      Why so hostile?
      Have you not come to grips with the reality and questions of the day, and out of fear you lash out?

      We are all going to need all the allies and friends we can get before this is over.
      Think about that if you care.

  10. Outstanding!! Hooah!

  11. "Acts of Rebellion!" Seems to me the time to respond has come again and again and again! The Globalist murder and murder and murder, the same MO. It will never cease until we are all decapitated.
    The only reason the gun restrictions failed to pass in the senate yesterday is because the Rat Bastards got caught false flagging the people again. No justice will come of it as long as the murderers have all of us as fodder. They cannot kill enough. I wish they would have passed every single one of the Bills. Get it over with you coward bitches. Let us go head to head. You are slowly going to get your way through more murderous manipulation. God will judge you Luciferian sons of bitches soon.

  12. TL,

    "You want a war?"

    Yes, they do. Watch the news. Read between the lines.
    It has already started, and they are not the only ones playing.

    Regardless of what the defeatists, debaters, intellectual masturbaters and trolls deem as the debate flavor of the month.
    It is on, now,today. Don't dissect the frog again with these folks. Speak your truth plainly and let it go.

    We have no rights that we don't fight for.
    Stay in touch Brother, you have our frequencies.

  13. The left is winning without a shot being fired because they are very good at using psychological manipulation to control how people think. Here are methods with prominent examples.

    Gaslighting: a form of psychological abuse used to get the victim to question their own perception, beliefs or sanity. When they claim they support the 2nd Amendment while New York police are confiscating guns from people on anti-depressants, or when they call gun owners the "black helicopter crowd" while voting on a national registry, that is gaslighting.

    Projection: scapegoating the victim for the actions of the abuser. They accuse constitutionalists of being anti-government when they undermine the existing multi-branch government with unaccountable, unelected "Tsars" and non-congressional committees (the health exchanges with their death panels).

    Rationalization: what many people call "spin." Justifying their actions, either falsely or by throwing in a dash of Negative Reinforcement ("It's for the children").

    Misdirection: Changing the subject. This one is notoriously effective when they use Shaming ("you're a racist!" "you're a tinfoiler!") or Guilt-Tripping ("you love your guns more than our children") to throw their intended victims on the defensive to regain control of the narrative.

    Positive Reinforcement: Superficial Sympathy. Seen a few times when Obama showed his crocodile tears. Also famously played by Franklin Delano Roosvelt ("There is nothing to fear but fear itself!").

    Denial: The least effective but has been played by Janet Napolitano (denying that DHS is turning into a war machine).

    Lying by Omission: Maintaining the appearance of accountability by telling only a little bit of the truth. We have seen this one played on attack on Benghazi.

    How do you counter these? Always remember that the flak is always sited near the target. Stay on the offensive and stay on the subject, no matter what they throw up. Educate others to these methods, for countering propaganda goes a long way toward shattering the facade of legitimacy and infallibility.

  14. TL. Thank you for putting into words the thoughts of many who cannot be as articulate as you. I have heard many people speak at 2nd amendment rallies and in particular, a PA Representative from Butler County who made a profound statement. Rep.Daryl Metcalfe spoke of political office and relayed his disgust for politicians. His sees himself to be a statesman, not a politician. To me, that shows that he and others who make decisions based on law rather than political maneuvering or warped ideology for political gain are in office for the right reasons.
    I always come away from reading your essay's with a clearer view on difficult issues.

  15. Everytime a police officer or a agent of the govt kills someone out here for the reasons that are wrong, it's a shot fired. Everytime a patriot is illegally arrested on BS illegal laws about weapons or something related, it's a shot fired. More shots have been fired than I can count now. The only way to remedy these problems is to physically overthrow the federal/state govts (includes locals) and restore the whole damned govt as our Constitution dictates. The states are guilty as hell, complicit in this tyranny. Those who ignore this also are living a lie. We got a real hard long fight ahead of us, that's for sure.

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