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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Resistance?

Let me ask the readers of this blog: why is it that every time some patriot is gunned down by the police there is the question of what the patriot did to deserve it? And if that question is asked, why then, when this happens, when prosecutors and deputies are gunned down no one asks what they did to deserve it?

What is the penalty for enforcement of illegal laws? What is the penalty for committing treason? What is the penalty for the destruction of a once free people?

I am not suggesting that these people were gunned down by someone upset by their actions, but that the actions of every policeman, every judge, every district attorney when enforcing illegal laws, be they drug laws, gun laws, violating the Fourth Amendment to search homes and cars illegally, taking "evidence" and destroying property in the search deserves some penalty. Without penalty, then what is to stop them from further abusing the people?

Being a functionary in a corrupt system, willing to violate their oaths to defend the Constitution, is no different from being a conspirator to a crime.

These are harsh words, I know. A good number of police officers both current and former read this blog and I know they don't like this equation with common criminals because they are good people. But, it is starting to get serious out there and I don't see police in general supporting the Constitution. They might support the Second Amendment with gusto, but not so the First, Fourth or Fifth Amendments.

The Constitution is not a buffet.

Of the few major gun arrests featured on this blog, two of them involved the police violating the Fourth Amendment to gather their evidence. One of them included an officer lying to the suspect. I have never been able to respect those in law enforcement who feel that it is okay to lie to a suspect to gain some confession or entrap them into a conviction. If it is illegal to lie to a police officer to avoid prosecution, it should be illegal to lie to a suspect to further a prosecution.

Double standards.

When any government official, cop, D.A., judge enforces laws that are clearly unconstitutional, even if not declared unconstitutional by some judge in Washington D.C., they are in violation of their oath and cease to deserve our respect.

Has the resistance begun? I don't know, but this is how it will look when we, as a people, finally get tired of the double standard and start enforcing the Constitution ourselves.


  1. You reap what you sow.

  2. They put on the uniform of his satanic majesty they get what they deserve. There are no good cops, good lawyers or good secret police. Got shot in the head for being a Nazi scumbag "persecutor"? Well Too Bad.

  3. Mr. Davis, please don't stop doing what you're doing.

  4. What he did was the first thing I asked myself. I believe many people are asking themselves those questions as well when they hear of murdered police officers and DA's.

    The days of automatically assuming Good Cop - bad guy are over and have been for a few years now even to law abiding citizens. It is the rebound from the thugs most police forces have turned into and I cannot believe they didn't expect it.

  5. Most people are asking the same questions. There are other elements down that way. Lake Tawokoni is one. That said, for two to be targeted is most troubling and makes me think there is more to this than a random Cartel hit. Maybe time will tell us.

  6. I am saddened at the thought of the killing of anyone. I am more distressed at choreographed destruction of what was once a society of laws adhered to by all, including LE.

    It is fact, further authoritarian destruction to inflict compounded suffering on an already oppressed society will win reparation. History is laden with proof.

  7. I believe the proliferation of violations of the rule of law and of honor of the oath of fealty to Liberty is manifest in the rise of the Praetorian class, where it has become an exclusive club, where the command structure is utterly politicized by promoted rank and file lickspittles and sycophants to the members only political oligarchy.

    Stratification of class and power.

    Where the leadership of law enforcement is essentially no different than the political leadership, it is a simple matter of leadership starts at the top. Without a change in culture within the Praetorian class, the corruption and immorality of law enforcement is a foregone conclusion. That it is not working for the rest of us outside these classes of power is proof positive law enforcement perceives the common people outside it's sanctum as enemies, where it is manifold that a system of corrupt power functioning outside the rule of law, requires ever more, ever greater enemies, threats to it's existence, to justify any action to protect that power and privilege.

    The simple logic and reason of the fundamental laws of Liberty shows the exists no justification for usurpation of powers above the sovereign power of Liberty reserved for the people.

    It is the same as with the political class and it's kleptocracy.

    I think it is safe to say with confidence while there may be isolated events where Sheriffs and their departments will resist the leviathan, where individual members of law enforcement will resist this tyranny, whole municipal, state, and federal organs of the state monopoly on armed power and violence by there very nature of peer pressure are on a frictionless surface racing downhill on a course that ends in full on armed tyranny rained upon the sovereign citizen. This is increasing in an ever increasing snowballing manner. We see it every day.
    It is corrupt power, no less, perpetrated by corrupt individuals, morally and legally, within a corrupted system, headed by corrupt lawyers, judges, politicians, a system usurped, manipulated to serve the ruling class.
    And the rank and file have guns.
    Lots of guns.
    And all manner of war waging material.
    With itchy trigger fingers
    With a siege mentality.
    A class of American's who witness daily the worst of civil society.
    And they have a front row seat on the decline the political class has wrought of a civil society.
    I think most are going to close ranks to protect their own.
    The worst are going to willingly commit to whatever police state the feds have in store.
    When you have lost law enforcement, you have the makings of the loss of civility of society.
    I think, they well understand, there is simply not enough of anything to keep anarchy at bay when the SHTF.
    The worst of them have become hostile dangerous members of society.
    The best are simply outnumbered...

    1. ...How long, and the manner in which the Praetorian class remains loyal to the political class is about to become very evident.
      The ascension of state and federal acts of treason against sovereign people who cherish primal self defense and arms to keep it, is a can of worms with profound primal unintended consequences, even the most rabid of Marxists and statists who are with malice, cognitively, purposefully, stirring up a hornets nest, can not forecast.

      And right smack dab in the middle of this nightmare, good or bad, it is going to be law enforcement.

      And, by design, at the bottom, vilified, virtually under pogrom, are the great people of grace and respect, the moral minority of America. Who, which deserves every consideration of and by themselves for being the only American's who have not sold out, who have held to the ideals, the respect, the reverence for civility, for rule of law of this republic, we are going to become the Jews of our time. We are going to be the only scapegoats. The full brunt of every special interest, every system of power and system of corruption our society has sowed will attempt to reap their own malignant form of class warfare upon those of Liberty.

      We are about to discover the essential nature, the true colors of America.
      Better be ready.

  8. I realize the questions asked at the beginning were rhetorical. When I saw the news regarding the prosecutor's assassination, my first thought was to wonder why more aren't whacked in the same manner.

    Remember Johnny Sutton? The fed prosecutor who put two Border Patrol agents away for doing their jobs?

    I'm surprised more government agents aren't scared to death to open their door to even let the cat outside. That's a testament to just how law-abiding our nation is.

  9. It's funny that you ask that. I just wrote a piece on actions consequences. I didn't lay any judgementon any of them, but made it clear that it was directly linked to their action. It's posted here, if you want to check it out. Regards

  10. I'm pretty sure the DAs were killed by cartel hitmen.

  11. TJ: glad you are still with us - your writings and musing are of great importance.

    Mind set is everything - since 2008, when I began to notice the overt movement of the political and financial class against the common citizens, I locked it in my mind that if push came to shove, I was hitting back (hard) regardless of the end cost. In the end, that is what it comes to - wheather on the school yard (no the way to handle a 'bully' is not counseling, it is (IMHO) to fight back and hard; this includes our current society. While I do not know how many others are out there like me, I suspect that there are a great number - I just hope when the time comes (and I believe that we are in it now), enough will be willing to stand and take the punishment that will come our way ..............

  12. Its actually kind of funny. When the news broke my mom (70+ yrs) and I looked at each other and said I wander what they did to piss somebody off. We dont assume innocence of authority anymore. It is bad news that a spouse was killed, I am not jaded enough to let that go. Pretty shitty move there.

  13. I have zero respect for the "law" or LE any longer. There is no rule of law and especially not and equality under the law. It's about who you know and how much money you have to pay someone to interpret the law in your favor.

    Cynical? Absolutely. What reason do I have to feel otherwise.

    I am generally a very compassionate and caring person. Sensitive to the needs of others and sensitive to their feelings.

    However, there has come a change in me over the last few years. Honestly it started with the election of the current occupant of the whitehouse.

    Seeing all that has been and is being done to destroy MY Country and MY freedoms and MY rights as a human being has hardened me in ways I would never have dreamed of just a few short years ago.

    I see stories like this about a lawyer and his wife being killed and I think "they probably deserved what they got". In the past I would have felt sorry that it happened.

    I find myself having no pity for anyone in government or involved in the so called "justice" system.

    Yes, I know there are still some good people somewhere within this totally corrupt system but that is their fault and their choice. The impact they have and will have is negligible and at this point unimportant. The system is too far gone for it to matter.

    When you can no longer even sit in your house doing nothing except sitting and not break some law, somewhere, without one smidgin of intent, the "law" no longer means anything. It is nothing except some other way for you to be controlled and oppressed by your masters.

    You are a slave. A serf. Whatever your favorite term you wish to assign. You are no longer a free man in control of your own life. You are no longer an American because America no longer exists. America is the rule of law and the rule of law no longer exists.

    I hate having these feelings thrust on me. I have never in my life prior to now believed I would ever reach this point. That I would ever be ashamed of my Country. A Country I proudly served and would gladly have given my life for.

    No more.

    That Country does not exist any longer. It died while we stood by watching and I am as guilty as the rest. I slept through it all.

    The emotions are almost overwhelming. The sorrow, the anger, the pity, the resentment, the compassion, the feelings of betrayal, and the desire for vengeance.

    I think I can in some small way understand the gamut of emotions the Founders must have felt once they fully realized their situation. That they had reached a point of either giving in and giving up or actively fighting for what they wanted...freedom and liberty.

    Of all the emotions I might feel, pity, sorrow, and compassion for those who are part of a corrupt system no longer exists.

    They have hardened my heart with their corruption.


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