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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Iraq War Vet Arrested By Manipulative Liar

I was done with this blog. I had compiled all of the posts in one place. I had decided that I would offer a book of the compilation to those interested and would pack it away.

I have intellectually moved on. Whatever comment I could make on the current political situation of our nation has been made time and time again. Repeating myself would not make the bad guys stop or make the good guys move, so I decided to just stop talking and start moving myself.

Then, in the eleventh hour a message come over the transom (for those old enough to know what a transom is). It is another story of a veteran targeted by the system as was Nathan Haddad. This time, however, it is the NY SAFE Act that has been violated. This is a test case. Benjamin Wassell is the first to be charged under the NY SAFE Act.

I will contribute as before with Keith Pantaleon and with Nathan Haddad. I hope that you will do the same. None of us have any money, I know that. If we did, I would have used it to do much more than I have to date. I am constrained by life choices. I have taken some chances and incurred debts that have to be repaid. But, you know, there is always an extra hundred dollars somewhere that I can rob from collectivists to pay for special causes.

The government is apparently pushing hard on those closest to our hearts to see what we are made of. If we will abandon those servicemen, how will we ever stand up for each other? They want to test the most popular cases. If you understand Barack Obama and his ilk, you understand that they go for the strongest to discourage the rest of us. If they can put Nathan Haddad, a decorated solider, in prison doesn't that send a message to all of us who do not have such a compelling story?

So, now they have targeted Benjamin Wassell. Injured in the Iraq War: OIF. From independent research, Wassell was arrested for selling an AR-15 and an AR-10 to an undercover police officer who lied to him about what he wanted the weapons for and who he was. He did not sell the weapons to someone who was a felon, he sold them to someone who lied about being a felon. He did not sell the weapons to a drug dealer as the Department of Justice did during the Fast and Furious/Gunwalker Scandal, for which no one has gone to prison. He did not sell them to someone who would use them to commit criminal acts approved of by this sham of a government as gun stores do every day when selling to police officers. Let me follow one cop and I will detail the several felonies they commit as routine duty.

I will contribute $100 to Benjamin Wassell's defense. I will do it, because we cannot support these men enough to compensate for the work they have done in defense of this nation, but I would make one plea to those currently serving in the military: this is the future of the nation if you side with the government instead of the people. One day it will be you.

It is time to choose sides. With us or against us. With your government bosses, or with the people who deserve your loyalty. The people will never forget the servicemen who place themselves between the despots of other nations, but the oath comes with a greater obligation than just that. "All enemies, foreign and domestic." Why do you think they chose those words? Why not just foreign enemies? It was because they knew there would be some domestic enemies that would have to be dealt with.

Benjamin Wassell is one reason I believe any restriction on gun purchases is a violation of the Constitution. If one recalls the time accurately, it was a time of duels, of men acting in defense of themselves and their property and sometimes that went beyond the strictly legal constraints, but each man knew of what the other encountered and was not held to a strict reading of the law, but rather the natural law, i.e. the law of common sense.

Regardless, all we have for information is that of the police officer who charged Wassell and to be honest, I think he is a liar as are most when they write reports.


  1. i'm waiting for a group of SPECOPS to respond. In my view the Govt. Already started this war and it will continue as aggression and tyranny through a million cuts until we are literal slaves or dead. I'm not bad ass enough to start killing these bastards but when it starts I know I'll fight..Time to take this country back and I suspect most of us are just waiting for the signal. I know none of us wants it to come to this but IT HAS. Special Ops trained vets. Time to fulfill your oaths.

    1. There are small groups throughout the country stockpileing for this exact scinerio! The time is neer that these groups will react. Those oath's sworn were not taken lightly so don't think that it isn't comming. But this is a situation that we created. We have become complacent and have allowed the federal government to become to powerfull.

  2. Is there any way to out the police officer who did this?

  3. TL, I will again say that we need politicians in office to start making our case. We need representation or we will continue to be ignored and get nowhere. Its not enough to talk secession or how bad ass our guns are. I suggest something akin to Golden Dawn in Greece which is making headway, working with people and getting elected to house seats. This is all to help change the government and make it work for the people again. For those who say we don't need politicians you are wrong. We need representation or we will simply run out of gas as the government expects. We had a revolution once but it was done by people who knew how to get things done in politics and get the people to moving. Today all we do is spin our wheels complaining about Obama. Thanks, Alex

    1. There are at least two problems with that strategy, Alex. Mainly, what about those who refuse to be represented by anyone, or at least refuse to be represented by anyone just because the neighbors voted for him? Lots and lots of people are like that now--and tons more each day--and most are probably your allies, "law-abiding" and peaceable. What shall you do with them?

      The second problem is obvious---"politicians."

    2. Mr. Klein, its obvious you do not want any kind of government or organization to impinge on your life. Lots and lots of people, like you, don't want law abiding and peaceable friends. I don't have an answer for every question exploding from your immature mind. What about this, what about that, what if this or that. What do you want Klein except to complain about other peoples ideas. I gave the example of the Golden Dawn making a difference in Greece, possibly changing the government via representation. No comment? No point in talking to you since you don't want any representation. What exactly do you want?

    3. "Lots and lots of people, like you, don't want law abiding and peaceable friends."

      How about we start with a deal...I'll speak for me and you speak for you. That alright with you?

      What do I want? Well, "to live" would be a nice start. Being human, I'd like to live as I decide. No, that's not precise---I DO live as I decide. And so do you, and so does every other functional adult that you've ever met.

      So I'm saying, "I want to live with the recognition of this fact." And of course, I'd prefer that others do too, but I can't hardly control other people's evasions or beliefs.

      I think that covers your questions. If you get to mine, please be sure to address what you plan to do with those people, preferably with specificity. And of course, if you think I've got something wrong, I'll be eternally grateful for the correction.

  4. Also, on the point of political representation, maybe you've got the explanation for this...

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