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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dying Time

It is dying time.

For the better part of a month I have been deliberating on this fact; coming to grips with the implications of it. The powers who exercise control will ultimately come to kill us. The longer we object to their domination, the more surely they will devise a way to eliminate those who recognize them as the enemy.

The wave of gun legislation moving through the legislatures of the states is not without complicity with the federal government. What the federal government cannot expect the whole House or Senate to agree to, they have encouraged individually through the states with some success. The result is simply citizen disarmament through any means, which is an act of war against the rights of the people. Those who see their rights being violated and have the nerve to resist have become the enemy of the politician.

It is a long list now, that of rights being violated by the federal government. There is no right left in the Bill of Rights that have not come under attack by governments the nation wide. Governments at best are a tolerable evil, but when they focus their police powers against the people and their rights, they have crossed the line from tolerable evil to intolerable evil.

The soldier knows when it is time to die. It is determined by men who do not have to suffer the consequences. It is determined by circumstances created by those who gain from it. Politicians do not fear war as the people do. They are safe. They make the policies; they create the conditions. It is left to the people to decide when they have gone too far.

They have gone too far.

Those entrusted with the finances of this great nation have squandered it and bankrupted the treasury. Those entrusted with the rights of the people have violated them. Those entrusted with the security of the state have forsaken it.

They are traitors.

The proof of this fact lies with the states themselves, many of whom have rejected violations of the Second Amendment with declarative statements, recognizing the violations of the Constitution being proposed elsewhere. Individual sheriffs have openly disavowed these laws and have sworn to ignore them.

It is logical to me that when faced with overwhelming odds by militarized police forces; with means of infiltration and observation never before encountered by a free people, there is only one means of resistance: the development of squads.

This is sheer tactical hypothesis, mind you.

When thinking over the necessary resistance, given the constraints achieved by over-zealous government agencies increasingly violating the rights of citizens to privacy and effects; breaking down doors without warrants; tazing and shooting citizens without cause simply because they have secured permission from corrupt judges and manipulated courts, squads are the only effective maneuver left to the citizen who understands the stakes of the game.

A squad would consist, theoretically, of perhaps four people. It is necessarily intimate to limit exposure and limit the extent of conspiracy should any of the three or four be arrested. Of the three or four, there would be a medic to treat wounds suffered during any action. There would be a qualified marksman, a spotter and a driver. Any of the four might be combined if only three were in agreement.

The squad would pick a target, not necessarily human, that would impact the effect of government abuse, either in a physical way, or to make a political statement.

Since this communication is for education alone, it is open for suggestion as to a better mix of personnel, qualifications, responsibilities or size.

I await your responses.


  1. Glad to hear from you sir, I was wondered if you'd "stepped out" already.

    + on the small unit ideas. Our advantage is the upredictability and compartmentalization of the small group, with close and trusted members.

    It's a lot simpler to supply, evade and escape when you're not driving a school bus, too.

    And rest assured, many things are being "looked" at. In the most surprising of places. As you stated, just sheer hypothetical mind games, of course.

  2. Normal anti-crime police action will be used against patriots. What goes on the "hot sheet" need not be actual stolen cars, it could just be someone the gestapo wants to round up. Once at the police station, a gestapo agent will take custody of the 'prisoner'. All with the help of your local, pro-second amendment, 'I would never confiscate peoples guns', police officer.

    1. Add to that...It would take local police a long time to realize what is happening right before their eyes.

  3. Already working along those lines.

    I've been told you're not coming to King's Mountain. Surely that's not true. You must.

    1. My schedule is muttled at the moment, but it now seems more possible than before. I have asked K for details of the meet. Have not heard back.

  4. This sounds remarkably similar to Covington's "Brigade". Small groups are more workable due to infiltration by various leos.

    1. That book predicts so many things that have come to pass, that it's scary.

    2. I liked the book in many respects, but found the rampant anti-semetism offensive. There are LOTS of Jews who value freedom and hate the gun grabbers.

      Don't judge all Jews by the Judenraten and JINOs. They are quislings and/or tyrant wannabes.
      Obama's patron George Soros was born a Jew. His parents gave him to a non-Jew to protect him from the Holocaust, just before they were hauled off to the camps.
      George was about 12 at the time, as I recall.
      George willingly went around showing the Nazis where the Jews lived so their property could be stolen and they could be shipped off to the camps.
      There are evil people of all heritages, ethnicities, and religions.
      Feinstein, Schumer, Bloomberg, and the others are evil, not because of their names or because they pretend to be a Jews, but because of their behavior.
      There are plenty of Jews who have no use for the Judenraten JINOS and their colleagues in crime. See and, specifically to see for yourself how many Jews feel about Feinstein and the others who seek to disarm us so they can control us.

  5. All you need to KNOW is to watch that Traitorous KUNT, DIFI tell CRUZ,

    NO RIGHT is absolute, the Supreme Court said so.

    Passing the buck as usual.
    Lets' see, UNALIENABLE RIGHTS FROM our CREATOR , versus pablum from a bought superior cunt.
    I will take our Lord's Logic before their drunken sick power mad BS.

    Our Declaration is the highest power, not the constitution because my Creator gave them to me and only he can take them , not so fat thief.

    It is amazing how they continually abuse the restrictions on them in the Constitution but the Rights outlined in the Bill of Rights supposedly differ from the RIGHTS in the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE.

  6. Pass those Unconstitutional gun laws boys! EASTWOOD me, by all means! This is what intentions are anyway. PASS EM'...there is no turning back. PASS those gun grabbing laws NOW! "Make My Day"!

    1. The leftist tyrants in government don't much like us Americans and our way of life and want to change it (with them as the rulers, of course.)
      They probably look down on the social order of a hornet's nest, too, but I'll bet most of them would be reluctant to poke one with a sharp stick.
      I wonder why they aren't that smart when it comes to us ...

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. I do not want to rain on this parade. But wait 'til the Ponziconomy collapses...then HVTs will be everywhere and accessible. Unless Regime Enforcement breaks down your door at 3 AM, the time to start shooting is not yet.

    1. The problem is, they're already winning. They don't have to go any further in their tactics, as the desired result is already in sight. All they have to do is wait now, and the processes they've set in motion will slowly grind down the citizenry until it has nothing left, at which point they can simply pick up their chosen targets when said target heads out for groceries.

      There will be no more "lines in the sand" because there don't need to be. Right now, no one on either side wants to be the one to start the fight, but for different reasons. The "good guys" are still trying to be the honorable side, and think the thugs will automatically be seen as bad if the good guys "don't start the fight, but they will finish it". The thugs don't want to start it because in the current situation, they already hold the winning hand, so why waste the effort.

    2. "...they already hold the winning hand,"

      False. They don't hold the winning hand in anyone's life unless it's given. Gnats can be a huge nuisance too, but we manage anyway.

      Otherwise, I thought your analysis was pretty accurate. All the "tipping points" and "lines in the sand" are behind us now.

  9. There's been enough talk. It's time for action. Whatever action is decided upon needs to public and undeniable. It does not need to be kinetic. Not yet at least. It does need to be physical and recognizable. The legislators need to KNOW that they'll be held personally, physically responsible for the tyranny their imposing on the people they're supposed to be protecting. Make it loud, make it large, make the news, make it undeniable.

    1. Someone needs to take. A couple of these anti 2nd amendment officials and try them for treason. Enough is enough. One more inch and its GO TIME!

    2. Any comments can also be sent to I am in southeast Wisconsin and always looking for like minded people.


  11. I seems to me that we are dealing with 'true belivers' (there are many out there including Islam, other anti-government forces and those withing our own givernment(s). The problem with true believers is that most of the balance of the population find it hard to beieve that anyone would put so much time, effort or capital into their push for domination (a kind of leave me alone and keep my life-style in place) much like Germany in the 1940's. We are (in my opinion) way past any tipping point and situations and events have progressed to a point (given the polarization of people in our country) that the only way our of our situation is through violence; who knows what 'it' would look like after the confrontation.
    Glad you are back .................

  12. Nice to see you're back. As usual, you got it right. StukaPilot's right too IMO, but that time-frame can likely be measured in weeks.

    One day at a time. The Bad Guys are backed into a corner too, you know, and couldn't keep themselves alive if...well, if their lives depended on it. And this time, they do. Too bad for them---that's what happens when you kill all the production.

  13. LOL, too funny. Go to your beds boys. Play time and fantasy time is over.

  14. BTW ... Glad to see you back. I was beginning to wonder if you'd been disappeared ...

  15. WWII, Korean, & VTNM highly decorated veterans have been asked, "How were you able to do what you did"? Answer, "We considered ourselves as already dead & every day that you made it through was a freebee". "It's not hard to have courage to do outstanding things if you're already dead & have nothing to lose".

  16. this will be portrayed as a race war.unfortunatly.when the money runs out and the elite can no longer pay all the people on welfare there will be riots not limited to the ghettoes they will invade white and hispanics asias etc.there will be a backlash.i can see etinic cleansing not only in the south but other parts of the country aswell.

    i was thinking about this the other the elites maybe want seperation?maybe they want a northeast utopia?with an affiliated left coast.i pray to god that none of this comes to pass but i think it is cast in stone now.your friend truckwilkins

  17. Watching from down-under and backing you guys for the win!

    There's nothing wrong with a small unit teething themselves on minor tasks, particularly while you're getting to know each other a little better.
    Defacing any and all Federal branding (cars, buildings, etc) is a good start. It demonstrates to those that witness it later than the idea of the government being all powerful and universally feared is non-sense.
    It will inspire others to break out of their servitude.
    Knock up a few guy fawkes stencils to spray paint. It'll call to the younger "anonymous" fans and give the authorities a harder time nailing down the perps (ie you).

    No matter how low-brow the task, plan it meticulously so you build good habits for when things get a little uglier down the line. It may only be a spray paint job on the local welfare office but you should plan it with all the care of a bank heist or a covert military operation.
    Practice makes perfect.

    Good luck!

  18. attempted to install a Firefox exploit through this website. Figured I'd make you aware.

  19. Soon, the 'disappearances' will begin. Kidnapping is always part of the plan with extortionist "revolutionaries". FreeFOR must be prepared to respond in kind, and effectively - for every "arrest" of a citizen, for every violation of our natural rights, take one of their Demigod politicians or media figures, and make an object lesson of them. Counter-revolution isn't rocket science, it is just the effective employment of hard politics, because that's all this comes down to - hard politics, without the thin veil of civility which we have previously relied upon. They have made it plain that they are willing to commit violence upon us, therefore violence is the law of the day. FreeFOR must take the initiative, because no war has ever been won on the defensive.
    New Yorkers and Coloradoans, and those in every other jurisdiction where tyranny is rearing it's ugly head - here is your clarion call: get close, take the tyrants by the throat, and squeeze firmly. Stare them in they eye, and assure them that 'their ideals' will die an ugly death... the time for sitting on the porch has passed.

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