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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Resistance?

Let me ask the readers of this blog: why is it that every time some patriot is gunned down by the police there is the question of what the patriot did to deserve it? And if that question is asked, why then, when this happens, when prosecutors and deputies are gunned down no one asks what they did to deserve it?

What is the penalty for enforcement of illegal laws? What is the penalty for committing treason? What is the penalty for the destruction of a once free people?

I am not suggesting that these people were gunned down by someone upset by their actions, but that the actions of every policeman, every judge, every district attorney when enforcing illegal laws, be they drug laws, gun laws, violating the Fourth Amendment to search homes and cars illegally, taking "evidence" and destroying property in the search deserves some penalty. Without penalty, then what is to stop them from further abusing the people?

Being a functionary in a corrupt system, willing to violate their oaths to defend the Constitution, is no different from being a conspirator to a crime.

These are harsh words, I know. A good number of police officers both current and former read this blog and I know they don't like this equation with common criminals because they are good people. But, it is starting to get serious out there and I don't see police in general supporting the Constitution. They might support the Second Amendment with gusto, but not so the First, Fourth or Fifth Amendments.

The Constitution is not a buffet.

Of the few major gun arrests featured on this blog, two of them involved the police violating the Fourth Amendment to gather their evidence. One of them included an officer lying to the suspect. I have never been able to respect those in law enforcement who feel that it is okay to lie to a suspect to gain some confession or entrap them into a conviction. If it is illegal to lie to a police officer to avoid prosecution, it should be illegal to lie to a suspect to further a prosecution.

Double standards.

When any government official, cop, D.A., judge enforces laws that are clearly unconstitutional, even if not declared unconstitutional by some judge in Washington D.C., they are in violation of their oath and cease to deserve our respect.

Has the resistance begun? I don't know, but this is how it will look when we, as a people, finally get tired of the double standard and start enforcing the Constitution ourselves.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Iraq War Vet Arrested By Manipulative Liar

I was done with this blog. I had compiled all of the posts in one place. I had decided that I would offer a book of the compilation to those interested and would pack it away.

I have intellectually moved on. Whatever comment I could make on the current political situation of our nation has been made time and time again. Repeating myself would not make the bad guys stop or make the good guys move, so I decided to just stop talking and start moving myself.

Then, in the eleventh hour a message come over the transom (for those old enough to know what a transom is). It is another story of a veteran targeted by the system as was Nathan Haddad. This time, however, it is the NY SAFE Act that has been violated. This is a test case. Benjamin Wassell is the first to be charged under the NY SAFE Act.

I will contribute as before with Keith Pantaleon and with Nathan Haddad. I hope that you will do the same. None of us have any money, I know that. If we did, I would have used it to do much more than I have to date. I am constrained by life choices. I have taken some chances and incurred debts that have to be repaid. But, you know, there is always an extra hundred dollars somewhere that I can rob from collectivists to pay for special causes.

The government is apparently pushing hard on those closest to our hearts to see what we are made of. If we will abandon those servicemen, how will we ever stand up for each other? They want to test the most popular cases. If you understand Barack Obama and his ilk, you understand that they go for the strongest to discourage the rest of us. If they can put Nathan Haddad, a decorated solider, in prison doesn't that send a message to all of us who do not have such a compelling story?

So, now they have targeted Benjamin Wassell. Injured in the Iraq War: OIF. From independent research, Wassell was arrested for selling an AR-15 and an AR-10 to an undercover police officer who lied to him about what he wanted the weapons for and who he was. He did not sell the weapons to someone who was a felon, he sold them to someone who lied about being a felon. He did not sell the weapons to a drug dealer as the Department of Justice did during the Fast and Furious/Gunwalker Scandal, for which no one has gone to prison. He did not sell them to someone who would use them to commit criminal acts approved of by this sham of a government as gun stores do every day when selling to police officers. Let me follow one cop and I will detail the several felonies they commit as routine duty.

I will contribute $100 to Benjamin Wassell's defense. I will do it, because we cannot support these men enough to compensate for the work they have done in defense of this nation, but I would make one plea to those currently serving in the military: this is the future of the nation if you side with the government instead of the people. One day it will be you.

It is time to choose sides. With us or against us. With your government bosses, or with the people who deserve your loyalty. The people will never forget the servicemen who place themselves between the despots of other nations, but the oath comes with a greater obligation than just that. "All enemies, foreign and domestic." Why do you think they chose those words? Why not just foreign enemies? It was because they knew there would be some domestic enemies that would have to be dealt with.

Benjamin Wassell is one reason I believe any restriction on gun purchases is a violation of the Constitution. If one recalls the time accurately, it was a time of duels, of men acting in defense of themselves and their property and sometimes that went beyond the strictly legal constraints, but each man knew of what the other encountered and was not held to a strict reading of the law, but rather the natural law, i.e. the law of common sense.

Regardless, all we have for information is that of the police officer who charged Wassell and to be honest, I think he is a liar as are most when they write reports.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Once Great Nation

A lawless government breeds a lawless public.

I don't know when the apple turns, it has for me already. I feel bound by no laws the federal government has passed through its sham of a legislature. I regard them as laws passed in commission of a fraud. To whatever extent I obey a federal law it is within my understanding of rightful liberty.

Civility is not a legal thing, it is a social thing. One might pass all the hate-speech laws they wish, it does not change the heart wherein lies the hate. The speech one uses is a reflection of the inner self and to pass laws against speech is to pass laws against emotion, against expression, against the privacy of one's skull.

To pass laws against possession of guns will not stop violence, it will not stop possession, it will only escalate the encounter between police and otherwise law-abiding citizens. It will indeed make outlaws of those who possess guns.

These laws are laws passed by a government estranged from the people; a government peering down at the masses concerned mostly with control of those masses, not working in conjunction with the people to find that elusive, necessary balance between liberty and security.

These laws show a disrespect for the people; a contempt for them and rightfully so. The people have lacked any significant education over the past several decades where social engineering has replaced the purpose of educators and indoctrination the purpose of the schools. Why should the government view the people as capable of anything other than following orders?

But for the rebels.

There are those who recall a once great nation. One in which the government feared abridging liberty for the backlash it would cause. There has been an unhealthy lack of fear in these recent decades.

Whenever the collectivists wish to abolish certain rights they claim that the founders could not have conceived of a society wherein there were cars, or school shootings, etc. What they never address is that the founders could not have conceived of a nation of children afraid to arise against the power of the government, fearful of the methods of oppression the government has developed. They could not have conceived of citizens fearful of speaking out, fearful of the IRS, fearful of rogue agencies denying rights as if they were mere suggestions.

It is time to start taking our rights seriously. It is past time. We risk the destruction of all rights if we do not fight back now. There is no future time when it will be "okay" to fight back against this Goliath.

I confess I am losing interest in this blog. I know there are a number of people who consider these words, these points of view valuable and I thank them for that, but really, it is useless.

It is time to respect the laws of this nation with the same regard the government officials have for the Constitution. It is time to honor this society with the reverence those in public service have for their oaths of office.

This is not America.

Whatever patriotism one feels for the United States is misplaced. To fight for America is to fight against those who have entered office under false testimony; those who have sworn to defend something they seek to destroy. There is no talk of going back to the Constitution, only to alter it through judicial ruling and illegal laws.

There is talk of imprisoning citizens for having committed no act. The mere possession of something previously legal is illegal and failure to relinquish it is a crime. This is not America. This is not liberty. This is not justice. There is not one single thing the government has done since the passage of the Patriot Act that is legal, that is right, that is American.

We have been overthrown, a quiet coup, but a coup nonetheless.

We must become counter-revolutionaries and the struggle must begin immediately. We must identify with the counter-revolution and take what comes.

Our nation is sick. It will not heal itself. Standing aside as a concerned relative will not heal the wounds inflicted by the aggressor. It is time to reach our hands into the gore and work to save the nation so many of our troops have died to protect.

That, or turn away, throw up your hands and give it to them freely.

This may be my last post. Anything else I might write will only be fodder for the Goliath.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dying Time

It is dying time.

For the better part of a month I have been deliberating on this fact; coming to grips with the implications of it. The powers who exercise control will ultimately come to kill us. The longer we object to their domination, the more surely they will devise a way to eliminate those who recognize them as the enemy.

The wave of gun legislation moving through the legislatures of the states is not without complicity with the federal government. What the federal government cannot expect the whole House or Senate to agree to, they have encouraged individually through the states with some success. The result is simply citizen disarmament through any means, which is an act of war against the rights of the people. Those who see their rights being violated and have the nerve to resist have become the enemy of the politician.

It is a long list now, that of rights being violated by the federal government. There is no right left in the Bill of Rights that have not come under attack by governments the nation wide. Governments at best are a tolerable evil, but when they focus their police powers against the people and their rights, they have crossed the line from tolerable evil to intolerable evil.

The soldier knows when it is time to die. It is determined by men who do not have to suffer the consequences. It is determined by circumstances created by those who gain from it. Politicians do not fear war as the people do. They are safe. They make the policies; they create the conditions. It is left to the people to decide when they have gone too far.

They have gone too far.

Those entrusted with the finances of this great nation have squandered it and bankrupted the treasury. Those entrusted with the rights of the people have violated them. Those entrusted with the security of the state have forsaken it.

They are traitors.

The proof of this fact lies with the states themselves, many of whom have rejected violations of the Second Amendment with declarative statements, recognizing the violations of the Constitution being proposed elsewhere. Individual sheriffs have openly disavowed these laws and have sworn to ignore them.

It is logical to me that when faced with overwhelming odds by militarized police forces; with means of infiltration and observation never before encountered by a free people, there is only one means of resistance: the development of squads.

This is sheer tactical hypothesis, mind you.

When thinking over the necessary resistance, given the constraints achieved by over-zealous government agencies increasingly violating the rights of citizens to privacy and effects; breaking down doors without warrants; tazing and shooting citizens without cause simply because they have secured permission from corrupt judges and manipulated courts, squads are the only effective maneuver left to the citizen who understands the stakes of the game.

A squad would consist, theoretically, of perhaps four people. It is necessarily intimate to limit exposure and limit the extent of conspiracy should any of the three or four be arrested. Of the three or four, there would be a medic to treat wounds suffered during any action. There would be a qualified marksman, a spotter and a driver. Any of the four might be combined if only three were in agreement.

The squad would pick a target, not necessarily human, that would impact the effect of government abuse, either in a physical way, or to make a political statement.

Since this communication is for education alone, it is open for suggestion as to a better mix of personnel, qualifications, responsibilities or size.

I await your responses.