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Friday, February 1, 2013

You Will Not Blunt My Sword

First, watch this video.

This was submitted to me via a comment on "The Barrel Will Be Hot" that I will quote here, so we all know what is being discussed before I offer my rebuttal below. This is an important time in the movement, but there is some confusion as to what we are about.

The comment follows:

TL, I think it's important to talk some of your commenters off the ledge. There are several people calling for direct action now. That is a serious and huge mistake. Though the recent and ongoing injustices are infuriating, provocative and a clear violation of natural rights and the constitution, it's still too early.

We need the populace to increasingly come over to our side. Our side is growing at a rapid pace, but not fast enough. Every time the regime beats up a victim, kills people, we gain supporters. However, if some asshole goes and takes some serious direct action, that will be giving the regime exactly what they want right now.

They're trying, provoking, and kicking people to initiate violence, because once someone does, it will give them the perfect excuse to slam into place active implementation of the NDAA, and the full force of everything they can bring to bear. Also, the population will support it. It's too early right now, bite your tongue, practice and be patient.


The video consistently terms our resistance as a revolution. It is not a revolution. We do not seek to overthrow the government. We do not seek to overthrow the Constitution. We are attempting to demand that our form of government be upheld, not overthrown. To whatever degree a revolution is planned, it is a counter-revolution.

From the video's incorrect premise that we seek revolution, it also incorrectly assumes that we plan to replace the Constitution with something else. This then becomes the justification to tell us that we are not on the same page, or even reading from the same book, so how could we possibly come to cohesion on what it is that we want after we destroy the government.

This wrong on every single count. Every single one. We are on the same page which reads: We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union....

We don't have to come up with some ideological document, the founders already supplied it. We are not attempting to destroy the government, we are attempting to hold it to account for its abuses and the passage of illegal laws and get it to recount those laws and bolster the rights of the American citizens.

I do agree that this might not be the right time to start the festivities, but it is not far off. As we have seen with every abuse thus far, from the Patriot Act, DHS and TSA time is not a friend. The time that passes between abuses and resistance only lead to more abuses and a numbing of the sensitivities of those abuses.

The video suggests that we need most of the population to be with us. Most of the population is watching Dancing With The Stars and couldn't give a damn what we do, or what happens to the government, or who wields power at any given time. Read an account of the Bolshevik Revolution sometime and see how many it took. Read a little bit about how Hitler came to power. The population of any given nation is largely lost in their own worlds and when they wake up and a new government has been instituted among them they shrug and do what they have always done, go along to get along.

The first famous act of sabotage against the British was the Boston Tea Party which took place in December of 1773, two and a half years before the Declaration of Independence. Whatever small inconveniences someone might cause the federal government today would be appropriate given the timeline.

I do agree with the video that the government wants us to act so it can implement NDAA and other laws, which I tend to think will go over like a lead balloon and drive the population we need to our side, not theirs. The enemy watches the evening news, not our allies, so how the government portrays our actions in that venue is irrelevant, it is how they preach to their choir. I will not be fooled or deterred by the government's pronouncements that "domestic terrorists" have done a horrible thing, because their response will have to be horrible itself and prove the "domestic terrorists" points.

All in all, however, I do not think this is exactly the time to act. It is time to put pressure on the DA's in the Haddad case and the Pantaleon case. It is time to have some serious conversations with the officers involved. It is time to heighten awareness of the abuses of these laws and the destruction they wreak for no societal gain whatsoever. It is time to highlight wherever possible the instances where the possession of firearms protected a family, or a school, or a business.

This is already a war, if a cold one, but we need to start acting like warriors; prepare our families for the day we don't come home; minimize expenses and bring the family into a place that can be sustained without our presence, because even if we are not killed by a government out of control, we will be on the march somewhere distant from our homes.

You will not blunt my sword with disinformation.

For another good take on the same video: NC Renegade has a great point of view.


  1. The guy who did that video completely misses the point..Doesn't get it..Will never get it.

  2. TL, I sent you the original comment. I agree with you on the goal being to restore the constitution. I think the most general audience in the US, especially libertarians and what have historically been conservatives also heartily agree. The author of the video, who is a libertarian, was trying to open this dialogue to people on the left as well, including Occupy and the Chris Hedges crowd, that's all. They see things in similar but different ways.

    There are plenty of people that came from the left who are moving to our side, such as Naomi Wolfe in her criticism of the NSA and militant fascist tendencies that are growing in the government. Many are still at least partially deluded and trapped in their old paradigm, but they are slowly waking up. Just don't count them all out.

    We are certainly not pre-nazi germany. 90% of Germans welcomed Hitler with open arms, a far cry from the support Obama has. They saw Hitler as a strong man that would fix the old corrupt system, and they fully embraced the ideas of concentrated "efficient" power in a dictator. Hitler was as much a reflection of the German people as he was a psychopathic opportunist.

    There is a clear and tangible wave of civil disobedience rising, from the sheriffs to local and state legislatures. That is a very good outcome from the recent gun control mania. The would-be totalitarians who initiated this clearly miscalculated and the results show how disconnected from reality that they really are. This civil disobedience needs to be nurtured and developed. It needs to grow and become strong. That requires time. Civil disobedience is our last stop before a real bloody conflict will develop. We need to use our time the most effective way possible. The more non-violent protests and civil disobedience that can be deployed, the less likely or less extreme the later potential violence may be.

    Anyone who has seen a war zone, understands that conflict is not something any sane person willingly enters into unless out of utter necessity. EVERY other potential avenue of peaceful action must be completely exhausted first.

    War is hell. Nobody wins in war. Don't start one unless you have absolutely no other option. That is the message I was hoping to get across. We still have a few options.

    Watch some of the other videos on that site as well. There's some worthwhile content there.

    1. "We are certainly not pre-nazi germany. 90% of Germans welcomed Hitler with open arms, a far cry from the support Obama has."

      That's misleading too, insofar as it implies Obama is the problem. Obama is the SYMBOL of the problem, but the problem is ubiquitous at all levels. ALL levels.

      Hell, Obama probably couldn't even build a shed, let alone lead a country into tyranny. He didn't do this...all the looters did it, with the support of all the moochers. That's why it DOES compare rightfully with historic Germany.

      Never mind the comparison, though. Why are you trying to convince people that the most obvious facts, aren't true?

      "We need to use our time the most effective way possible."

      Hmm...I'll hope that's not the answer.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I understand your concerns about war and life in a war zone. I spent many years living and doing just that. Both sides are convinced they are in the right and only a definitive victory can truly end such a conflict; otherwise the "losing side" just retreats temporarily to lick their wounds and regroup for a new assault. Also, in war man's true inhumanity to man is showcased in unbelievable living horror.

      As much as I do not want to see that type of strife occur in my own country, neither do I want to live -- and especially not have my kids and grandkids live -- on knees under the yoke of tyranny. For now I am "content" with screaming from the roof top about the abuses accumulating over the last decade or so (I know it's been longer, but it has grown almost exponentially over the last 10 or 12 years) trying to awaken people that they won't always be able to go along in order to get along. And I have also been preparing for the worst.

      To paraphrase Thomas Paine, if there must be violence let it be in my and my son's time so my grankids can life in peace and liberty.

      Nous Defions

    4. Jim,

      I don't have any idea why you are trying to provoke me into a pissing contest seeming that AGAIN, I agree with you. Obama is a tool for other monied interests, but I thought that was an understood assumption by all in such a venue.

      I'm not trying to convince anybody of anything other than it is not the time for violence. That day may come, but not today.

      Anyone who has seen the ravages of war would not walk so casually, and cheerily into it. I wonder if you've ever seen it with your own eyes? Have you ever seen a child bleed out at your feet because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time? Have you seen orphans crying over their dead parent's bodies? War is hell. It's not an overstatement. If you have any shred of humanity, and sense of reality and perspective, you would not wish to live through one. Or perhaps you are an agent' provocateur?

      Oh, and on the Nazis:

      I agree with Trinity. If war must happen, let it be for me. Spare my children and my grandchildren.

    5. Again I ask, "Why are you trying to convince people that the most obvious facts, aren't true?" You pretend that I'm trying to provoke you, yet you write,"Or perhaps you are an agent' provocateur?" No big deal...hypocrisy runs rampant across the net, especially among anonymous writers.

      Of course no decent person wants violence, let alone widespread violence. Why do you think TL writes? Why do you think I comment? What the hell do you think virtually everyone here is trying to avoid?

      Yet you write, without saying it directly, that people here--including me, amazingly--are trying to instigate violence. That's total bullshit and I caught you in that in the previous thread. Y'know, right after you told TL that he ought to get his commenters in line.

      You wrote, "There are several people calling for direct action now," even though there weren't. I pointed that out to you, and you STILL haven't come back with a single example. No wonder...none exist. But still you keep implying that it's so.

      I argue for nothing but identification and rationality...ALWAYS. I notice you say, "it is not the time for violence." So why are you writing that HERE, and not to those COMMITTING the violence? Name a person--a single one--who was hurt or killed by some "freedom fighter" or some "Constitutionalist."

      Now how many hundreds (thousands, millions) would you like me to list on the other side, killed or maimed by "authorities," and all done legally? But you're telling THE PEOPLE HERE to stand down, as if they stood up in the first place. How about some cites where you scolded the ACTUAL violence-users likewise? You got any of those?

      Answer the damn questions. Why are you lecturing THESE PEOPLE that it's not time for violence, with nary a word to those who are actually committing the violence? Why are you pretending that I'm some kind of violence freak, or trying to instigate violence, when the EXACT OPPOSITE is true?


    6. "I'm not trying to convince anybody of anything other than it is not the time for violence. That day may come, but not today."

      You pass that along to Mrs. Guerena; I'm sure she'll find great comfort in it. And don't forget to tell her when that day should be, in your opinion.

      Whatever you do, please don't forget to answer my questions. You got an audience now, and I'm sure everyone here is interested in why you believe they should not use violence, no matter what challenge they may face today. I know I am...very interested, that is.

    7. I didn't say you were specifically trying to instigate violence, or TL. But there sure as hell are people suggesting it, OUTSIDE OF DEFENSE, especially on the Haddad thread, and all over the fucking internet.

      Look if you feel you need to DEFEND yourself against criminals of any type breaking into your home or on the street, I say godspeed. However, offensive actions at this point are counterproductive.

    8. Anon, the only reason we're not closer to being Germany right now is that our economic systems has not collapsed to the point theirs had.

      They were looking for a savior and Hitler appeared and present the right lies for the time.

      It's human nature.

      I'm sure someone will find something wrong with this comment but none the less it's what history shows.

    9. LordChamp, look to the Golden Dawn in Greece to see how things can get rolling. There are occasional fights, but no shooting, yet. They are in the parliament and gaining ground. They are open about stopping illegal immigration. Marching in the streets by the thousands almost daily. Helping and feeding people who lost everything in the crash of 08. Helping to stop them from being gouged by utility companies. They are putting the blame on the bankers and communists who run Europe and the U.S. They are organized and out in public daily. As much as I would like to see a return to the constitution I think it is impossible. That document and its various interpretations has got us in this fix. "Commerce Clause" anyone? Supreme Court? We need elected officials, governors, senators, etc. to get actively involved. We need people who can pick up the pieces when it all goes down. Intelligent people willing to pull together and start over. One more major blow to the economy and that will do it. We can start over, with specific improvements to the Constitution. Alex

  3. TL, I watched the video. I think the confusion stems from the fact that Mr Storm Clouds Gathering addresses the Occupy crowd as much as the Liberty Movement. From that point of view, he's right, because the two places from which violence might come (other than government) are the hardline collectivists who like smashing windows at G8 summits and the hard core of the Liberty Movement, who are thinking about Lexington, Concord, Trenton, Sumter, and Appomattox. These two sides really don't have anything in common. We and they are not, in fact, speaking the same language. They're all speaking Marxian (a pidgin of Russian and German) in pronounced American accents while we're quoting Jefferson and his fellow travelers.

    I imagine if things went hot, these two sides would run smack into each other. What's worse, the Leftists would begin fighting each other for control of their revolution as they always do once they reach a certain degree of success. As far as that goes, I say let them kill each other, and good riddance. The problem is, innocents would get caught in their crossfire.

    1. You are exactly right. Well said. That was the point of the comment.

  4. Knee jerk rendered this ole boy deserved ass whoopin in better times. This regime in DC and NY would love a response Now!

    The anti gov. Bolsheviks live in the Whitehouse and operate in the three branches of this corrupted establishment and very well explained TL, we are Counter Rebs.

    There are no other options except a miracle these Tyrants will back off. They may slow progression but IMO the trap is set. Timing with the coming dollar and economic collapse to coincide with disarmament is critical to their strategy. The blame for all the corruption and disintegration of the Republic and the subsequent blood to be on their hands did not go well for other Tyrants as long as the populace remained armed. They will create a crisis to enable their destruction of an already weakened 2A.

    Both enemies find themselves facing one another pounding their shields. The Goliath has no shame nor morals. He is not worried about public perception. His mask is lowered. Be prepared for the sucker punch.

  5. Remember people, it was the "reasonable" people who got us into this goddamn mess. Reasonable, compromising, reaching across the aisle, consensus building.

    Selling it one piece at a time.

    As to "no one wins in war". Horse shit. Another cliche, talking about how violence is BAD.

    War can be Just, and deserved. War can be won. That's our job, to see that it is both. What other choice is there now? You want to back off, wait for them to creep in another door? We should end this mess, and end it soon. By any means fair, unfair, I don't care. Just win.

    1. Well, initiatory (not pre-emptive, but initiatory) force is bad, but defensive force is necessary and therefore good...or at least less bad than any alternative. Necessary is necessary, after all.

      I hate to say it LFM, but I think you got the situation pegged right. I wish it weren't so, but I've always been about the facts and I ain't gonna stop now.

  6. Amen TL.

    I believe "Storm Clouds Gathering" now lives in France. I could be wrong, but I swear that this guy moved to France.

    Disinformation indeed.

    1. Well Mr. Ben,

      Mr. Storm Clouds Gathering, stopped paying taxes, started a youtube channel and was going to be arrested and locked in a cage, so he left the country, to keep spreading the message.

      What have you done?

    2. I've heard all the horse shit excuses before...they print the money anyway! But the fact is YOU chicken shits are funding your own demise and whinning about it.
      But you are ready to war, I doubt it!

    3. It's treachery to fund the enemy. Hell the regime is funding the Muslim Brotherhood and you would call that treachery.
      Sorry to run w/your post TL but isn't this what it all boils down to?

    4. When everyone is Anonymous, I don't know who they are talking to or even who is talking. But, if the person who doubts we are ready to go to war is addressing us,I will inform you that I have been restraining action all week over the Haddad business because he has asked me to. Were I not, trust me, things would have happened.

    5. Oh no,no,no TL It is not a question of ones willingness to use Haddad or anyone else as a shot fired across ones bow or to initiate anything.

      It is a matter where we truly are. "Patriots" avoid this topic as a line or a point of no return. Frankly it places hippocracy where it the mirror. Until Americans square themselves with all issues concerning the Constitution and Bill of Rights instead of only the 2A there will be no counter revolution.
      To the heart TL. The Globalist Commies understand millions of remittance signatures as verified contractual agreement to the capitulation of the status quot. Murder of the unborn, financial support and arming of Islamist(treason), NDAA, gun running to Mexico,drone murder, etc. with Patriot finance is agreement thereof.

      There is no, "I will not comply", as we already are. I agree the 2A is maybe the last straw, but all amendments support each other.

      I haven't addressed the most fundamental truth about this funding. That is the Christian perspective. I will spare you the directives of God, but he will not!

    6. I think what it is TL, is people just don't want to be picked off one at a time before we can even get a chance to get into this fight. Because we all know after a handful of patriots being SWAT teamed, it will be on. That's why all the low profile anonymous stuff. I'm a live to fight another day type soldier myself and hypothetically speaking would rather take out as many of the enemy as I can if I'm at war. VERY asymmetrical-centric. Going out in a BLAZE of glory against a SWAT team is counter-productive to what a person like me would do. But ya know, we're all just war gaming here right :)

    7. I forgot to mention "But you are ready to war, I doubt it!"
      Saying this was not intended to be an insult, but if one cannot engage in something peaceful to prevent all out war then I doubt one is ready to commit to counter revolution.

    8. I think it is different. We are not the OWS crowd, we do not protest, we do not gather in great mobs, that would be the only way to do anything peacefully, but that is not our way.

      What we do do is quietly discuss serious issues together, privately because what we are discussing could get us put in prison or killed. Those OWS types are not considering that for themselves, they have the media on their side, we do not.

      They have liberal politicians on their side, we do not have the full-throated support of conservative politicians, because they are cowards or this president would have been impeached over Obamacare.

      We can identify a million different acts of treason, but we cannot focus on a million different issues. At best, any group can focus on one issue and from that grows the ultimate rectification of others, but focus is vital.

      So yes, while there are constant acts of treason, the 2A issues are the only ones that get us the focus that is needed to pull the other issues along.

      Of course, no one wants to be that flame to be snuffed out by the government with no consequence, but just as Haddad and Pantaleon are being thrust forth now, one act somewhere along the line, one identifiable act of resistance will galvanize those who take these issues seriously and I am one.

    9. "I think it is different. We are not the OWS crowd, we do not protest, we do not gather in great mobs, that would be the only way to do anything peacefully, but that is not our way."

      I think I may have not made myself clear. I'm just saying if you pay taxes, you fund your own demise while ignoring the consequences. Never mind 50 million unborn babies. I know we want to defend our inalienable rights but how do you have your cake and eat it too! I say if you must do the inevitable do it for all moral reasons and all out moral war including defunding the enemies of God and the Republic.

  7. It is too late for the Tyrants to back off, if they slow the progression or appear to back off, it will only be to strengthen their trap.

    a). When this cold war goes HOT there will be no turning back, a judge has already ruled the 2012 NDAA as unconstitutional and the White House along with the Justice Dept. overruled that judge, so NDAA stands. When it goes HOT Martial Law will be implemented.

    b). There will always be those who will do anything to anybody if the price is right (Mercenaries). Black water or "X" who have plenty of hands on experience from Iraq. The Mexican cartels. Union bosses, members and thugs. Occupy wall St. And your local media will instigate and inspire them all.

    Our enemies are many. Just like in the Revolution many will not wake up and join our cause until the fighting starts. I believe our U.S. Military is waiting for our initiative to stage their 'Coup' against D.C.


  8. Victor, I hadn't heard that about the NDAA. Was the judge overruled yet, by a higher judge I mean?

    TL, to me the second's different than the others. So obvious--that the defense of me and mine is up to me--that it hardly needs mention. After all, it doesn't rest on what anyone says or believes, right? But if it's gonna be said, nice to have it so clear and tight, as in the Constitution.

    With an explanatory clause, to boot! To me, everything else was supposed to be about my freedom (my "right") to choose those things I've so family, my chattel, my speech, my religion, my papers and effects, whatever.

    And not only aren't those others that are listed in the amendments--those actions that are fully mine to choose--not an exhaustive list, IT'S SPECIFICALLY NOTED THAT THEY ARE /NOT/ AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST! The 9th and 10th, of course.

    In the end, the literal translation is, "You--which means EVERY individual--have the right [better put, the right is noted] to everything that we mention in this Bill of Rights PLUS everything else." Maybe my logic fails me, but that seems to leave nothing in my life, rights-wise, that belongs to anyone else.

    Not that you'll ever catch me pointing to a paper that something is how it is; I try to always point to the thing itself.

    Lastly, it seems kinda silly to pretend that "everything else" in my life, let alone everything else in everyone's lives, somehow "belongs" to the government. What's that, public property?

    Here's for the naysayers. I own myself. Who owns you?

    1. Jim,

      Yeah, flying by the seat of my pants here. NDAA has been before two judges, the last one a female Federal judge, around early August to Sept. I believe, can't remember her name (maybe in Illinois)? She ruled unconstitutional, White House and Justice Dept. took over and re-instated NDAA.
      That's the last I've heard of it.


    2. Thanks, it matters anyway, huh? The only interesting question is who's kin will be the next to rule on the matter. I guess that explains why TMZ and all those shows are so popular.

      RULE on the matter. Hey, honesty in government!

  9. I see it this way.

    The Founders stated over and over the we should exhaust all our options before using arms.

    The problem with US is that we have come late to the party. Yes, the Founders would have already been using arms but that does not mean WE are ready to. They would not have let things get as bad as we have. We slept too long.

    We for too many years allowed our freedoms to be taken. That's our fault and we all accept that responsibility I'm sure.

    However, that still does not absolve us of the responsibility to follow through with what the Founders instructed us to do.

    Even getting started late, we still MUST exhaust all possibilities before raising arms.

    What we "should have done" matters not now. We can't go back. All we can do is move forward from this point and do it correctly. This is important historically for our Country of the future.

    The current attack is on the 2nd Amendment. That is now the focus. Fortunately it is also something that many are very passionate about so that favors us in many ways.

    We need to concentrate on a multi-pronged attack.

    We must educate. Awaken those that are passionate about 2A to the truths of the Founders. Show them what they have already lost that is just as important as 2A. Hopefully to build some passion there also.

    We must be watchful for EVERY incidence of the enemy attacking the 2A and respond in non-violent ways to each and every one. Don't let them gain one single inch which will make them push all the harder.

    We know beyond doubt that they will not stop. So we know where this will ultimately end. We can use this time to continue preparing and building teams and support systems.

    If we do not follow the Founders wisdom, I fear we will find ourselves on the wrong side of history when we reach the time of rebuilding.

    If we don't begin to consider and plan now for rebuilding, once we get to that point there will be an unfilled vacuum and we will fail.

    If we do this right, we will make the Founder proud.

    1. "If we don't begin to consider and plan now for rebuilding..."

      Uh-oh. What did you have in mind?

      And worse...what does the plan say if I don't want to rebuild that way?

      I notice that a lot of people wanna do a lot of planning these days. I mean, I'm a huge fan of planning and building--what business person isn't?--but in our social interaction, I think there are enough things that need to be corrected now, before we start planning for long down the road.

      Just getting down the road is enough for me; I'll be satisfied if there's any road at all to be gotten down.

    2. Do you find anything "right" with anything?

      It must be really a burden to bear to have all the knowledge to correct everything everyone else does and says so wrongly.

      What I have in mind is the Founders, pure and simple.

      Their wisdom is plenty sufficient for me and what I stated is what they have recommended.

      If we are not prepared to return to the Constitution, the law of the land when that time comes, others will step into the vacuum and the outcome will not be our desired results. Mere common sense as shown in history.

    3. Do I find anything right? Yeah, human life and all the Splendor and Happiness it can have.

      Your message is simple: "I know what your life should be sacrificed for." It's the same basic message as the commie-libs, with only a difference in details.

      My message is simple: "Your life is your own and it should be lived as you choose." THAT'S the message of the Founders and it's what they fought to have.

      None of this is rocket science and I just don't believe in pulling the wool over other people's eyes. That's all. So you keep pounding about why everyone should sacrifice their lives for your imaginations of what society ought to look like, and I'll keep pounding that people are good enough to live their lives as they see fit.

    4. And when you're done with the ad hominem, could you please get around to answering the two questions?

      "Uh-oh. What did you have in mind?"

      "And worse...what does the plan say if I don't want to rebuild that way?"

    5. You are so anxious to find fault you never read the words.

      I said, my suggestion is to follow the Founders wisdom of the Constitution. Pretty plain to me and no one else has questioned the meaning.

      Please feel free to offer your own plan, go crawl in a cave and hide, or whatever you feel you need to do. No one is suggesting you do anything you don't want to do.

      I have never attempted to force my ideas on anyone. Sharing opinions and thoughts is just that, sharing. You can like it or not, accept it or not, Your choice.

      You criticize constantly but yet I see you providing no solutions or suggestions. You talk in circles but never come to an end. It appears you merely like to hear yourself talk or read your own words as no other can measure up.

      So please enlighten us mere mortals oh wise one.

    6. I'll enlighten you if you ever say anything. You could start with answering the questions. Maybe I should've written "if" you get done with the ad hominem, not "when."

      So what did you have in mind? And what happens to those who don't wish to rebuild the way you plan it to be?

      Hey, you're the one saying a plan is necessary. So let's hear it. "Follow the Founders wisdom" doesn't say very much. Is that the whole of your plan? Besides, we already know what a country guided by the Constitution looks like 223 years down the road.

      It doesn't look at all like the "Founders wisdom," does it? So how do you propose to make it different the next time around? You're telling the people here that they should take no action because they need a plan. SO WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?

    7. My apologies T.L for allowing this to get our of hand. I should have known better based on previous posts I had read.

      It is evident he has no desire to truly discuss anything but merely to find fault with everyone else and their thoughts and ideas and then not provide any realistic alternatives.

    8. No apologies here, TL. Ever hear Roy Buchanan? "That's What I Am Here For"

      Blogger says you're the same "LordChamp" who wrote this in the Do Not Compy thread...

      "We MUST NOT give one more inch in ANY area."

      It was while you were preaching about how all the rights are so important, "ANY area." So maybe you can jibe that rousing call to action, with what you wrote here. Y'know, the ol' "don't take action until [ahem, who?] has a plan."

      1. So what do you have in mind?

      2. What happens to those who don't wish to rebuild the way you plan it to be?

      3. What the hell does, "not give one more inch" MEAN?

      I know that's 3 questions for you now. It's pretty rude to imply that TL might fall for, "It is evident he has no desire to truly discuss anything..." Maybe nobody here has ever heard that one before, eh?

      Discuss. You've spent several comments saying nothing except your judgment of me. Now let's hear something about you, or at least something that you believe.

  10. So with all that's been happening in our 2A being violated and all the keyboard warriors that have been ranting with promises to do something about our 2A rights being torn from us, what is being done? Nothing. And it is expected. We have three seperate incidents that have occured in the last month. ( you forgot to mention the New Mexico gun collector) Where are the promises and boasts of action against the Feds? Nothing, we have turned to the cowardly site of the arguement. We need to be ashamed.
    If anyone has read the book "Brigade" I think by H.A. Covington , this is whats need to be done. Now!
    Papa Mike

    1. I'm sorry Papa Mike, but I think something has been done. When I first mentioned Nathan Haddad's case there was $5,000 in his legal defense fund, now there is $28,000. While agree that is not much in the overall scheme of things, it is something and it was done by the 2A community.

      I am currently working on a post for Keith Pantaleon, because I waited to get more information.

      The group in New Mexico have been highlighted by David Codrea of the Examiner site and others he runs. They were recently given a new trial after the feds botched it. That is something.

      As for direct action, let me know when and where and I will be there, brother.

      I think Keith is worthy of our support and I don't think he will be as concerned for his legal situation as Nathan Haddad's family is.

  11. If we do this right we'll make the founders proud... Indeed.

    This administration "think" they know, but they have no idea who they're fucking with. When this ball starts rolling, and the patriots step from behind every blade of grass...

    All they see is our typing, infighting and bickering. They see us as no threat, and laugh and mock. Good, our ruse is working, they will be sobered for a brief moment when they see us standing shoulder to shoulder... briefly, before we fertilize the soil with their blood!


    1. Victor,
      Might I suggest, despite the patriotic fervor of your comment, and the pleasant dramatic effect, that it's more effective to snipe from half a mile than to stand shoulder to shoulder?

      I mean this as tactics only, since if we stand shoulder to shoulder literally, we are asking to be killed en masse. ;-) We want THEM to die for THEIR country, even if it's never existed...


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