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Monday, February 4, 2013

Update on Keith Pantaleon

An email was sent to me tonight. From Keith:
"The charges are unlawful possession of my 2 handguns, unlawful possession of my rifle, unlawful possession of my ammo and felony possession of an assault rifle. The cops claimed the third floor tenant called because he did not have heat in his apt, and the boiler just happened to be in my apartment.
I don't know what the landlord told him.They had no warrant nor did they have my consent.They did not Mirandize me until after 15 hours of no sleep, no food and no water."

This man is not a felon, there is no reason he should be in jail on any of these charges. They were in his house, not his car, not on his shoulder. Please take a look at the donate page. He is being held on $75,000 bail and has never been arrested. I believe some of this has to do with his work as an activist for the Second Amendment and other issues.


  1. Any chance of getting some comments from his lawyer? To me, this smells like maybe a Declaration of War, but I wouldn't want to jump to any conclusions about something like that. These days, too many people refuse to say what they mean, especially when they work for the government.

    Hey, it's just one lone guy. The point I've been trying to make for years, is that there's nothing BUT individuals out there. That people can work together, doesn't change this basic fact.

    The battle has ALWAYS been FOR individualism.

  2. I can't believe there's not a lawyer slavering to jump on this one...

    He needs to get in touch with these people: - I'm sure they can recommend someone who'd be happy to work with him.

  3. How can he be in unlawful possession of his own guns in his own apartment? This is like the Brian Aitken case, except worse.

    What dreck passes for rational thought in the PDRNJ?

  4. Just goes to demonstrate that the DHS Gestapo's desire to have neighbors snitch on neighbors is working, and any tactics, including violating his civil rights are fair game to protect the regime. Besides providing much needed support for both Keith and Nathan, let the fact that this could happen to any of use be burned in your minds. The regime acknowledges no rules, no laws to maintain and expand their power over the civilian population...the ends justify the means according to both mafia and Alinsky rules.

  5. Where is Marvin Heemeyer when you need him?

    Ask yourself this... when they come for you, how many people do you know who are willing to come and get you back?

  6. Keith, you and your family are in my prayers. I wish I could donate to your fund, but right now, my son, Nathan Haddad is facing similar difficulties in NY. IF/When we get our case resolved, I will gladly support you as many have support us. We are in this together.

  7. You in ma prayers homebwoy, we believe in you! Much love from your New Yawk sistren, T-Gurl :-)

  8. This story sounds fishy. I don't think I am naive enough to buy it at face value. Don't believe everything that is thrown up on the internet. Maybe my comment will be censored now.

    1. What sounds fishy about unlawful search and seizure in New Jersey? What sounds fishy about a man's rights being violated by the local government that thinks they are above the law themselves? Things like this take place all over America everyday, unfortunately. Usually not so obviously, but anytime there is power there will be abuses of that power.


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