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Friday, February 8, 2013

The War For Restoration

We are at a critical time in American history that will either be recorded as the Great Evolution or the Great Restoration, because it cannot long stay in the present state of limbo.

It is ours to decide. We can either accept that America has evolved past the idea of state's rights and individual rights, or we can seek to restore those rights, but the question is being asked of us today. Perhaps it is not a ballot measure that one is able to vote for or against, but if one has been awake in the past few years, it is obvious that there is a question to be answered.

While one might argue that the evolution has been taking place since the Civil War, it is from the passage of the Patriot Act that the scales have been tipped toward the power of the federal government and the abandonment of individual rights. The Patriot Act brought us the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA, the coordination of federal agencies and the militarization of our police forces.

The great George Bushism of the economic collapse was the idea of violating the free market to save the free market. It is this logic that was first unveiled as the Patriot Act, which sought to violate individual rights in order to save individual rights. Neither approach has worked.

We are saddled now with a hostile and abusive federal government able to look into all of our actions and decide if we are a "domestic terrorist" without due process, without proof, concluding this status through words on a computer screen and a desire to retain individual rights. It is especially clear where the "domestic terrorists" have made plans to survive the coming economic/political unrest caused by federal policies by laying in supplies of food and building a defensible shelter.

The idea of being a "domestic terrorist" at this stage is synonymous with claiming your individual rights. If one is a Second Amendment activist they are a domestic terrorist. The equation is no more complex than that in the federal lexicon. In this way the lines have been drawn and one is either a lackey for the federal government, or a domestic terrorist.

Subsequently they have created an army of "domestic terrorists" who are in possession of weapons. This cannot stand, so they have begun the arduous journey of disarming the army they created. With the aid of liberal states which can accomplish through state law the objectives of the federal government toward disarmament quicker than the federal government can act, the feds proceed along this path. It is their intent to as fully disarm the American citizen as possible before abandoning any pretense of following the Constitution and perhaps even replacing it when the time is right.

The problem is, the opposition army, the "domestic terrorists" do not see themselves as such. They identify with their cause as abiding by the Constitution, of seeking only the original contract and legally demanding a redress of grievances from the federal government which has abused its power. Despite out numbering the collective police forces and military, despite their ability to rise up with weapons and quickly set the nation on a path toward restoration of the Constitution, they would prefer a cessation of the hostilities and compliance with the Constitution. They won't get it.

The modern federal government recognizes only force. It is not bound by the acquiescence of the people. It has enough collectivists and dependents in the population to support its policies against the rest of the people who believe they have actual rights inalienable by the actions of the majority. With clever slogans, they can mobilize their population to vote against the Constitution when the time comes to replace it. They know this as a fact. It was demonstrated in the last presidential election with clarity. It is why they have acted now with such arrogance.

Our resistance has so far been political. Lately, it has taken on a bit of a militant flare as Second Amendment activists have openly declared their refusal to obey confiscation laws. The Army of the Restoration has begun to stir beyond mere political clout. This is generally where the federal government will back off a little, let it appear as if something has been accomplished politically. This is where the Tea Party ran out of steam, by continuing to believe that political solutions were at hand. Meanwhile liberal states will continue to violate the Second Amendment through state legislation, piece by piece, state by state they will accomplish disarmament while we wait for the political solution.

Right now in New Jersey there is a reason to stand up. In New York there is a cause to fight for. The Army of the Restoration must awaken and recognize its role in the future of the nation, or it is lost. If you are in this army, i.e. a gun owner, Second Amendment activists, a believer in the Constitution, you should embrace it and act accordingly.


  1. I will stand.

    This never got the press it deserved. 175,000,000 rounds of .223 ammo. RFP in May 2012.

    MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM THRESHOLDS: The contract or contracts for .223 Remington Caliber SD and .223 Remington Caliber EP Ammunition awarded under this solicitation will have a base period of one year, plus four one-year options. The maximum threshold throughout the 5-year duration of this requirement is 175,000,000 rounds. However, in the event of multiple awards of both requirements are made, the contract maximum will be evenly divided amongst awardees based on the type of ammunition provided. In the event that multiple awards for either the EP or the SD are made the maximum threshold will be evenly divided by the 10 million rounds of EP required over the next 5 years or the 165,000,000 rounds of SD required over the next 5 years whichever is applicable. The guaranteed minimum of any contract awarded is 10,000 rounds of ammunition and is applicable to the base year only.

    1. Wonder where all that ammo is kept. Should be some info known by someone out there. Might be useful at some point in the future.

  2. The People know the USA is no more and has been victimized by a Globalist, Communist coup. Their President has assumed a dictatorial position by bastardizing the Constitution, murdering its citizens without due process and is going intentionally down the economical road of ruin. We wait.

    The only static restriction between cattle cars and citizens is the 2A. Soon the food stamp states will accept disarmament or starve. All by design. What zero aptitude they possess. Like rats in a maze so willing to deliver themselves to slaughter. We wait.

    Cities are war zones where the police don't respond out of fear. Or they respond out of retribution for the loss of their own with disregard for the rights or safety of the public with rapid fire on innocents. A police state and UN-announced martial law is in affect. We wait.

    Are there so many of us that slow human sacrifice is acceptable loss? When they come for you will you squirm in anguish as they separate you and family? We wait.

    Because individually the tyrants will eradicate and marginalize if we act alone. This ex LAPD LEO is portrayed as a liberal, but may be one of us, and is being regarded as a psyc. No matter who he is, that is their MO. We wait.

    While WE WAIT what is the trigger?

    1. No war need be fought. We need only SECEDE.

      Secession may itself lead to war, but at least with secession there is a chance at peace.

      In the upcoming crisis, I can foresee the Republic of Texas leaving the union. Anyone coming with us?

  3. Well done TL.

    Some would say the "War" started in Waco, or at Ruby Ridge or perhaps even OK City. So far our side (Traditionalists & Constitutionalists), have taken the majority of casualties.

    KIA, Imprisoned, Dispossessed, Impoverished by a Leviathan of our own creation. Many of us have fallen along the way and tens of thousands of others have lost heart or will and gone Galt, or gone dark.

    But while the enemies numbers grow, so do ours. More awaken daily. The "Arming of the Provos" has been completed in the last 30 days. The skills to grind the Leviathan to halt exist and are being taught coast to coast.

    Anyone who is not ready to fight, TODAY, right now, wherever you may be, is lost. Secession is a dream, petitions and protests are a losing proposition. Voting is participation in your own slavery. Thanks for helping people to understand the stark reality that rapidly approaches.

    Montani Semper Liberi

  4. The only language our government understands will be by force and a revolt of citizen's who treasure our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They will use force and so will we. Each battle will get nastier and uglier. But as they further on, the fire within the patriot's will steam roll ahead over the enemies of our Flag and we will triumph. To get there will require much sacrifice though. So to all men who are capable of fighting, younger, older, whatever, join us as we prepare for a future fight that is almost at our doorsteps. Some would say it already is but until the day comes where I can't buy a rifle/gun, then it hasn't just yet. We got some time to keep preparing and we shall but it's not that much time.

  5. I hope this thread is still open cuz I've got to say a few things. But it really doesn't matter if it's still open; I'll have my say, then hop off here.

    ALL my ancestors were amongst the original settlers of America...EVERY SINGLE ONE, including the Indians that our ancestors married. I am very proud of my family history, and you dam skippy I'm riding on their shirttails. It's called FREEDOM!!! I have been listening and reading, and researching over the course of 6 yrs. I've drawn my own conclusions, and I would like to share with you guys. Capitalism is taking us down; the Stock market is taking us down; it's going to collapse on itself because nobody (taxpayers and LEGAL citizens) can afford for this to go on any longer. These businesses and corporations are scamming us out of TRILLIONS of dollars. They pass 100% cost to the consumer, then THEY get the freakin TAX BREAKS!! Then they make gobs of profit,,,and what do they do?? They put it in the stock market,,,gotta make more money. Then they lose in the stock market,,they raise the prices again. It's ashame the way they have handed OUR Country to God knows who,,all for profit and GREED! The housing market is a joke...the only one's buying, are the cash investors. They're playing our necessities like a deck of playing poker. Makes me sick to think our ancestors fought, lived and died for their loyalty to OUR great Country...The United States of America..i like USA best though. I am West Virginia! Montani Semper Liberi "Mountaineers Are Always Free" One other thing...listen to how the Latinos are talking and acting. Especially the leaders and politicians. Somehow they think they rule the USA. Pay attention to the conversations and the things certain politicians support. It's obvious in Florida.

  6. Another thing we must do right away is; Make ENGLISH the official language of the USA. We can't afford for everything to be written in Spanish, besides, it's not fair to the other languages spoken here. It's disrespectful to our Early settlers of America, it's dishonoring our family soldiers, dating back pre-revolutionary war. Our family immigrants, including a majority of us, had to learn English. Nobody cut them any slack, and nobody made it easy for them. The Spanish speakers need to learn and speak English. Sorry if I've offended anyone, but it's the truth, and it's a lot less expensive.


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