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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Barrel Will Be Hot

Evidence mounts that the federal government is corrupt and is operating outside the Constitution. I might write about it. Others might write about it. But when Sheriffs across the land increasingly vocalize their resistance to unconstitutional laws; when states pass legislation to refuse to comply with federal restrictions on guns, we are not just a bunch of nuts whining about gun laws.

The federal government, particularly Barack Obama and Eric Holder might want to pay attention here. They are losing the PR battle when it comes to the Second Amendment. Instead of making the supporters of the Second Amendment look like nuts who just want to kill people, they are convincing the other half of the nation that the government is full of nuts who just want to kill people.

It wasn't so long ago when those of us in the patriot/liberty community spoke about resistance we were shrugged off. When we spoke of unconstitutional laws we were ignored. When we called out the President and the Attorney General as Marxists who wanted to disarm the American people to force their collectivist policies on people we were shouted down as unreasonable and delusional.

That isn't happening now. People are reading stories of excessive laws like those which have ensnared Nathan Haddad and Keith Pantaleon and recognize that something is wrong. When Chicago produces a higher body count than Afghanistan day in and day out with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, the charge that more gun restrictions will lead to safety fall on ever more deaf ears.

The traitorous media refuses to print the daily instances where guns have saved lives and it rises to the millions in a given year. In Atlanta a student shot a 14-year-old at a middle school before an armed volunteer overpowered him. Not the police, somebody at the scene. A Sandy Hook was averted by the presence of a gun in a school and it just slipped by unnoticed except on the Drudge Report and The Blaze.

The equal division of the nation's people is being forged by the Obama Administration and I would like to think it was an error in judgment on the part of the President, but I have seen too many instances where division and strife were exactly what he wanted to achieve. So he has his divided society between "rednecks" and sycophantic liberals. He has driven a wedge between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement.

If it is the President's intent to create a white-hot issue with people preparing themselves to die to defend the Constitution just to see how much they believe in this nation; what it stands for; what our military men have died for, he's about to see it.

It will get out of control. Until now these men, Haddad and Pantaleon have acquiesced to law enforcement when they knocked, but there will come a time, a person, who will not and that is when the whole issue will put people between a rock and a hard place. Good LEO's might have to obey the laws of their states and force a confrontation with the feds. People might come to the aid of a person sticking to their statements and refusing to let themselves be arrested. Reinforcements might arrive instead of the traitorous media.

What then? Do you know what side you will be on? There comes a time to stand up and many readers of this blog are there. Many Americans are there.

This is not just about guns. This issue arises after the Patriot Act has been signed producing DHS and TSA and all of the abuses of those organizations. It comes after the federal government has listened in on innocent phone conversations; after labeling veterans like Haddad as domestic terrorists; it comes after NDAA; it comes after "hate speech"; after hundreds of other freedoms have been obliterated by Obamacare.

Other gun laws have been passed before without this sort of outrage. Why? Because of the previous paragraph, because after a long train of abuses it comes down to the Second Amendment, the one that can restore the others. The federal government has felt that if it can get past the initial resistance that these abuses will just sort of work their way into the American experience. What they don't understand is that they don't, not for all of us. Instead they pile one abuse on top of another, none are forgotten or forgiven, they are stacked like a deck of cards until the weight is unbearable and something snaps.

We are there and we are ready to fight, because we are ready to die. The people know deep down that these threats to regulate, register and confiscate our weapons is the last item on the agenda leading to absolute despotism. They are the prelude to everything our fighting men have died to oppose over the past centuries. There is something just un-American about it and they can't stomach it.

The harder they push, the stronger we get. As one commenter wrote: "Be careful when you pry my gun from my cold dead hand, the barrel will be hot."


  1. Outstanding, as usual. I'm sorry that I haven't commented before. Ive been reading your articles for quite a while and pass them on to my brothers and sister (my parents are a lost cause). I'm so fed up with the local politicians that I'm very close to taking matters into my own hands. I'm checking into the local sheriff right now, the prosecutors office in my (and the surrounding) county is beyond salvaging. Keep up the good work. You are more effective than you know. You have the ability to put into words what many of us have been feeling for a long time. Do not let the naysayers discourage you. You are the voice of many very angry Americans!
    An old, very pissed off, sailor
    PS yes, my list is getting more refined and longer almost every week

    1. Man, I feel for you when you say "my parents are a lost cause". I am right there with you.

    2. My parents aren't a "lost cause" thank god, and have moved out mountain west to deprive this state (New England coastal state) of any more tax. I'll be out there shortly to deprive the state of even more tax. There are so few idiots out there but they're thick as flies here on the east coast!

  2. I have long said that there's no way that any government agent is going to get my gun unless it is considerably warmer than my body at the time. Also, they might wish to be careful not to slip on the brass surrounding my body.

    The more people I talk to, the more the thesis of this article bears out - that average, ordinary people who usually aren't paying attention to the actions of the government now are doing so, and they're coming to the conclusion that the government is becoming more and more illigitimate.

    Obama thinks that in the coming shitstorm the fecal matter will be going all in one direction. Let's just say that storms have a way of doing unpredictable things. Lists exist on more than just one side.

  3. "He has driven a wedge between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement."

    Yes, keep deluding yourself, to your own peril.

    There is no wedge, you are being pwned in the cheapest way possible.

    You have been trained to see a wedge.
    But it is a bond.

    That bond is stolen money.

    Do you really believe these genetic misfits with massive emotional disabilities are going to trade their paychecks for your rights when they have ignored your rights and abused you all of your life?

    What am I missing here?

    1. Ghostsniper,
      We are not delusional enough to think they would trade their paychecks for our rights. BUT, will you not defend your rights WTSHTF in your direction. The real question is will they risk their lives to take your rights? When we start defending ourselves to the point the juice is not worth the squeeze, we will turn this thing on its head.

      Mike M.

    2. "The real question is will they risk their lives to take your rights?"

      Nice thought, Mike, but it's a form of projection. For automatons, "life" doesn't mean the same as it does for the rest of us. It means doing what you've been programmed to do, so you don't have to face anything else. Like a rat.

      The rest of us just want our lives, and all that means. Our lives are either ours, or someone else's. That's's an either-or.

      The shit has already hit the fan in all relevant ways, since everyone's made up their mind on that particular point. Those of us who've decided that our lives are ours to live...well, we're just going to have to earn that.

      Nothing complicated---we either do it or die.

    3. > genetic misfits with massive emotional disabilities

      Sorry gs, I must disagree with you. Ordinary government employees are not genetic misfits, they do not have massive emotional disabilities. These enforcers are within the ordinary range of the human condition.

      Hitler/Stalin/Mao/Lincoln/Wilson/FDR may have been exceptional, but the millions of voters who supported them were not.

      Behavior by ordinary humans that supports the actions of genocidal politicians is normal. Please get used to the idea that the average normal homo sapiens sapiens has genocidal instincts. It is difficult to separate "them" from "us" because so much of "us" is already "them". Nevertheless, if you are to survive you must succeed at this separation.

  4. "....people preparing themselves to die to defend the Constitution...."

    I'll never spend my life in defense of the indefensible.

    I will however spend my life defending my natural rights, regardless of some parchment under glass.

    That constitution has nothing to do with me.
    My rights are inviolate.

  5. Ghost, some of what you say is true. Our rights are from the Creator but the Constitution does affirm and support those same rights.

    What you do with your mindset is what the Founders were seeking to avoid. Division. If you, continue with your mindset, then are you not really throwing away your life? As a loner, you cannot possibly have any major impact.

    Is it not better to support something that supports your thoughts and feelings but is also supported by many others wanting the exact same things you do? That seems logical to me.

    The Constitution, in that respect, becomes more defensible than your individual natural rights.

    When we state we're ready to die for the Constitution do you really believe we don't understand what it stands for and where it comes from? WE of all people understand that.

    We're fighting for the same things here.

  6. "The Constitution, in that respect, becomes more defensible than your individual natural rights."

    Forgive the wording, but that's collectivist claptrap. The rights are the thing; the Constitution is the conceptualization of the thing. The usurpation of the object for its conceptualization is the most fundamental mistake there is, and technically what got us into this mess. Meanwhile, ghostsniper had this...

    "That bond is stolen money."

    Only since ancient Greece. Fantasizers are imagining that it might be different tomorrow, anbother epistemological error.

    1. Yes, we realize the obvious, the Constitution is merely a representation. The point was that together we can support the natural rights it affirms better than separately.

      Though some might be better off alone it seems.

    2. Also, merely stating that together we can better support the Constitution and thereby our natural rights is in no way shape or form collectivist. So nope, not forgiving that one.

      Sometimes it's best just to not nitpick every single word and accept the meaning is it stands.

      Some call that the paralysis of analysis.


      it was our FOREFATHERS THAT GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR WE SHALL HAVE FREEDOMS with our children,and we live in a GOD FEARING COUNTRY NOT A DAMN MUSLIM TRIBE,we have and will never put up with these damn liars,cheats,theifs,in this federal goverment,we for one will never give our GOD given rights up for no being,NOT EVEN FOR A DEMOCRATE PROGRESSIVE COMMUNIST,
      what in the world do you people don't understand??

    4. [Sorry; I somehow missed this.]

      "The Constitution, in that respect, becomes more defensible than your individual natural rights."

      and then...

      "Sometimes it's best just to not nitpick every single word and accept the meaning is it stands.

      "Some call that the paralysis of analysis."

      Agreed with this last; the relevant word in the first is "more." The plain "meaning as it stands" is that something is "more defensible than your individual natural rights." THAT STATEMENT IS FALSE. For ANY x that is defensible, NONE is more defensible than your natural rights.

      That's the POINT of the consent of the governed; it's the POINT of the Bill of Rights; it's the POINT of the 2nd Amendment.

      No insult intended---I was just pointing out that the assertion that ANYTHING "is more defensible than your natural rights," which begins of course with your right to live, is collectivist claptrap. And it is. Sorry.

  7. TL, I think it's important to talk some of your commenters off the ledge. There are several people calling for direct action now. That is a serious and huge mistake. Though the recent and ongoing injustices are infuriating, provocative and a clear violation of natural rights and the constitution, it's still too early.

    We need the populace to increasingly come over to our side. Our side is growing at a rapid pace, but not fast enough. Every time the regime beats up a victim, kills people, we gain supporters. However, if some asshole goes and takes some serious direct action, that will be giving the regime exactly what they want right now.

    They're trying, provoking, and kicking people to initiate violence, because once someone does, it will give them the perfect excuse to slam into place active implementation of the NDAA, and the full force of everything they can bring to bear. Also, the population will support it. It's too early right now, bite your tongue, practice and be patient.

    Most importantly, watch this:

    1. While I appreciate your thoughts and watched the video, I disagree. My next post will address this video in detail.

  8. In 1861 no one had any idea how ugly things were going to get. There's a tsunami of raw sewage coming, and it will be more terrible than we can envision. God help us.

  9. TL, this comment by (yet another) Anonymous is just too important, so I hope you'll allow some leeway.

    "TL, I think it's important to talk some of your commenters off the ledge. There are several people calling for direct action now. That is a serious and huge mistake"

    An early facts. Not one person in this comment thread is "calling for direct action now." Not one. The closest is Ghostsniper's, "My rights are inviolate." That's no call for action, and it's especially not a call for action by anyone else.

    "We need the populace to increasingly come over to our side."

    Besides the fact that the population just voted, what could that possibly have to do with anything? I'll keep yapping it until people hear---"The battle has ALWAYS been individualism versus collectivism." If you're just trying to get a mob to believe as you do, then forget about it already. Collectivism is collectivism is collectivism. Either the individual has a right to live, or he does not. In the US, at least as the Constitution was intended, as long as an individual doesn't abridge the right of another to do the same, HE DOES. End of story. This is the legality of it and far more importantly, it's the morality of it. What ANYONE else has to say about it, or believes, has NOTHING to do with the PRINCIPLE.

    "Our side is growing at a rapid pace, but not fast enough."

    Uh, duh. So what? Is the point that until it does, one man's rights are not inviolate?

    But really, it was this line that nearly knocked me off my chair...

    "Every time the regime beats up a victim, kills people, we gain supporters."

    Get it? A guy gets beat up and that's something good, since "we gain supporters," which was the goal already noted.

    Am I the only one who sees how sick this is? This IS what it means to say, "The battle has ALWAYS been individualism versus collectivism." Now we've got some sacrificial victim who, by being beaten up, is doing "the cause" some good.

    BUT THE CAUSE WAS THAT HE NOT GET BEAT UP! How tough is this to understand? I mean, sheesh, talk about losing sight of the goal.

    "Also, the population will support it."

    The population hasn't supported it in over 5,000 years mostly, thanks to shoddy philosophy and logic like this. The PART of the population that has supported individual freedom are those souls who merely wish to live...nether wanting anyone to have a claim on their lives, nor seeking any claim over any others.

    I haven't the stomach to look at the vid right now, but I've said my peace. This may yet prove to be the first war in all of history where both sides are fighting for exactly the same thing. I refuse to accept that possibility, at least not yet, so I thank you TL for helping to make the principles clear.

    1. You missed my point almost entirely. I actually agree with you almost completely. It is about individual freedom, and natural rights. It always has been since Magna Carta.

      If your rights are being violated, it's none of my business how you decide to defend them. However, it would be counter productive for somebody to go hot on the regime at this point. If you want to drive your tractor over a bunch of empty cop cars because they violated you, I've got no problem with that.

      Non-violence has worked in the past. That's all I'm saying. Those girls that got spray painted with pepper spray, and those kids linking hands on the sidewalk caused the regime to lose more credibility than some douche throwing a brick through a bank window. That's all I'm saying. In this phase of conflict, non-violence is the most effective tactic the people have period.

      I said the population would support a crackdown on active resistance fighters at this time by almost any tactics the regime decides is necessary. If you want to win this shit, the public perception damn fucking well matters. It's actually all that matters in an insurgency whether it be non-violent like Ghandi, or hot, like Pol pot's. That's basic US Army public affairs and military textbook shit. Ever hear of COIN?

      Again, I really don't know why you're arguing with me, because we actually agree. Just think through your strategy.

    2. What will you do when they come after you? If what they're doing is going after people individually, I believe it is up to each everyone how to respond. Hopefully when your turn comes someone will come to your aid. Remember Waco they responded but no one went to help them.

    3. I'm not arguing with you. I just don't like the implication that there's some good in some innocent guy being beat up or killed because it'll help gain public sentiment for the cause. I was pointing out that there's NO good in it, and that it IS the cause.

      I saw the vid and I strongly agree that "Ideas matter." The thing is, they gotta be the right ideas. You wrote...

      "Non-violence has worked in the past."

      I've been wanting to ask Mark Levin this; I'll ask you instead. When has it ever been the case that tyranny was stopped through non-violent means? I've never heard of such a case, but I'm no history expert. Do you know of any?

      I'm a big fan of non-violence myself, and I ALWAYS oppose it when INITIATED against an individual. OTOH rationality consists of identifying reality as it is. So maybe if you could spell out how tyranny can be stopped by non-violent means, or perhaps cite an instance where it was, that would help.

    4. Read about Ghandi. He was not a perfect man. Though he overturned some elements of tyranny in South Africa against Indians, then he caused the British to leave the sub-continent without firing a shot. The British committed violent acts against civilians and lost all legitimacy. He was not however against violence in totality, and believed in self defense, and detested that the British disarmed India in his quote:
      "Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest."

      He also stated to his son that he had a duty to defend and kill anyone who would assassinate him.

      Watch the video again. You missed the most important point, the point that conflict goes through transitions, from an information war, to a war of civil disobedience, and lastly a violent conflict. Pick up a book and read about him... or shit, watch the movie!

      Violence has a place and time, but not yet.

      “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
      ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    5. Anonymous @ February 1, 2013 at 10:26 PM:
      “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
      ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      You mean, as the collectivists have done to us over the last century or so, with law after law, case after case, tax increase after tax increase, until we can no longer afford to eat and keep a roof over our head?

      THE F*CK.

      I wonder how people survive on less than I earn, I really do. And in salary, I'm NOT hurting. (OTOH, no other income, and contract-based.) But if the average income is in the $56K range? Even on two incomes, $112K - 2-3K/mo mortgage; Car payment(s), $300+; food: $100-$500, depending on location and quality. Gas is through the roof, dairy too, beef will follow soon, wheat's been hit by a drought (US and Russia), And we're looking at more "Quantitative Easing" - INFLATION / CURRENCY DEVALUATION...

      And you want us to wait out a government that's gone berserk? That will kill us, to maintain the facade? Shall we just calmly walk into the gas chambers, with you hanging at the back, in the hopes they'll be sated before it's your turn?

      Sun Tzu didn't mean you never use force of arms. He meant make it impossible for the enemy to fight. Burn his fields, demolish his mines, outmaneuver him. Face him in the dark, blend in to the populace by day. Ambush him. Assassinate the general. Make "common sense" laws that cripple his movements. (For example, no armed soldiers on the trains, to limit mobility. Or, no arms permitted to {class X}. So the KKK doesn't need to worry 'bout no armed niggers ... Wait, did we just warp through history? GROW. UP. The enemy intends to kill you. You can fall to your knees and fellate them in the hopes they'll forget about you, or you can fight back.

      At this point, I'd suggest you stand up... For starters.

  10. TL my Brother,

    Again, you are spot on!

    We all recognize that they are trying to provoke action. This will go down on our terms, not theirs. I love it when the enemy underestimates us.

    Once we take the initiative, we will not stop, there will be no mercy, our enemies will be eliminated or we will be.


  11. I wish it were going to be non-violent, but it isn't. Once the snipers and the bombers get going the real question will be "where will it end?". Federal Agents will start to quit, checkpoints will be established, agents will start trading minor offenses for information on who is doing what, all the Political elite will get body guards and support reprisals, etc., just as in other Countries where insurgencies have started. As a famous Author said, "After the first, the rest are free!" meaning once you start your own body count, you might as well go whole hog and WIN it, because the alternative is prison, regardless.

    I hope they back off, I really do. This Country has not had a serious non-economic underground since the 60's (unless you count Disco, which I am convinced was a Soviet Plot) and I don't think the FedGov has any idea what would happen. They are sure that their nice shiny toys will rule the day, God damn them.

  12. What the Progressive Liberals don't comprehend is that "We The People" ARE the United States Constitution! Some Americans have no idea what the piece of paper with the words on it means to them and their family and those people for the most part, voted for Democrats and they live in a state of Obama-delirium!
    Those of us who understand the value written into the paper by the Founders; many of whom, if not MOST all have served to defend the notion of Freedom and Liberty, will not be broken by this or any other tyrannical government. We are FREE men! Tyranny may set in bondage, a people who have only known bondage; but the knowledge of FREEDOM will have to be completely wiped out before it is relinquished by a people who hold it in their hearts and souls!

  13. TL;
    You've nailed it cold to the last detail.. the tension is palpable everywhere not just on the internet.. people are edgy and this attack on gun owners is so over the top they created their own trouble.
    One thing I have taken note of from these commie bastards is that they always have multiple irons in the fire and never focus on any one alone. When one comes into too much focus they run the others full bore and keep switching off.. I sometimes feel like they want this to happen but dont understand the snake pit they will jump into.. too bad soo sad.. Fuck'em with a pipe.

    Yank lll

  14. Had to respond to this short essay even though it is older and I doubt anyone will read this short post.
    I hate my father (kind of a joke): a WWII vet, hard worker and all around good man before his passing. He instilled in me a belief system to honor those who came before me and to do the right thing no matter what - in the USMC over 40 years ago, I came to the point in the killing fields that I was alread dead and that one 'belief' made everything easy after that even to this day. Every day is a blessing however, my belief system, committments to our country and willingness to 'do the right thing' will propel me to stand my ground and face down those who would enslave me and mine. After all, I'm alread dead and my life to date has been good. Just saying ................

  15. Look, I know this is messed up, but it's simply too early to say anything. The majority of the people don't get it yet. Just put your name on this list, and we'll stand up when we get enough support.

    Look, I know this is messed up, but it's simply too early to say anything. The majority of the people don't get it yet. Just surrender your guns, and we'll stand up when we get enough support.

    Look, I know this is messed up, but it's simply too early to say anything. The majority of the people don't get it yet. Just sweep up the glass, repair the damage to your storefront, and we'll stand up when we get enough support.

    Look, I know this is messed up, but it's simply too early to say anything. The majority of the people don't get it yet. Just sew the yellow star on your coat, and we'll stand up when we get enough support.

    Look, I know this is messed up, but it's simply too early to say anything. The majority of the people don't get it yet. Just get in the boxcar, and we'll stand up when we get enough support.

    I used to wonder how the 3rd Reich happened.

    I wonder no more.

  16. Fantastic article, many great comments. Outstanding.

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  18. I'm not interested in dying in defense of my rights. Death kind of nullifies rights. However, I'm willing to kill in defense of my rights, and if necessary risk my life in the process.

    Get organized. Don't let them pick you off one by one, or isolate you as they did at Waco or Ruby Ridge.


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