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Monday, February 4, 2013

That One Unifying Moment

Max Velocity broached the subject of when, how and where do we act at this post, stop at the humorous interlude site as well.

I agree with him. We are all parents of someone, children of someone, spouses of someone, girl and boyfriends of someone. We all have interpersonal relationships that deserve our attention and presence and all of this stuff about rights is secondary. It has to be. Our jobs, our income, does not just go to ourselves and our causes, it goes to schools and day care workers; it goes to keep a roof over our heads and food in the fridge.

These facts are what have kept us on the sidelines through all of the abuses handed down so far. The need to get on the flight allows the abuses of the TSA to grope and fondle children. In a rational world that could not happen, but the state has set up the scenario and you and your rights are disregarded because it doesn't hurt them to enforce the abuses. They will just call the police.

The fact that we have no chance in a confrontation with the police also keeps us mum about the rights violated against us. Yes, they have no right to enter my home, or search my car. Work it out in the courts.

The fact that we have no chance in the courtroom, because we do not have enough money to put up a proper legal defense and even if we did, we do not have lawyers that will argue the merits of our rights. They know it is pointless, because the judges don't want to hear it, they want to process the guilty through the system, nothing more.

They have already determined we are guilty because the police officer says so. He entered our home legally, because he says so. He legally confiscated our illegal weapons which are illegal, because some judge said so.

It is not that we have not tried to work this out in a legal, peaceful way, it is because we have that strengthens our backbone and hardens our resolve.

No, I don't want to do it, either. I don't want to tell my daughter that she won't be going to college next year because I quit my job to run with a rag tag bunch of angry dogs over the abuses of the government. I don't want to tell her that I will not be coming back, she can visit me in prison or the cemetery. Who on earth would want to tell their child that? Who wants to tell their mother that, or their wife that?

I don't. No one does. So, ask yourself, how is it that it could ever have happened? How is it that so many men went off to Europe or Asia to fight a war? How is it that so many went off to Lexington to stand before the mighty British? Because they were either drafted by the government to do the fighting, or they felt it was their duty to do the fighting for all of those mothers, wives and daughters.

The difference now is that it is not our government that is asking and willing to train all of us to go together to fight a foe. It is much harder now. It is a matter of individual conscience, with wavering starting times. It is not defined. It is not coordinated.

See, I think that is the strength we have, not the weakness, because they don't know our start time, either. They don't know who, because we are not organized in a way they recognize: here are the troops they will move out on this signal.

The military has for a long time fought wars under these conditions, but not domestically. They had the advantage of knowing that they did not know the people they were expected to kill.

The police are used to it, because they know how to let a little resistance turn into a reason to kill a citizen. They have militarized their policing duties, but they are not prepared to deal with issue after issue, time after time, their methods getting more and more scrutiny and their protections getting ever more unreliable as would happen in a dynamic, modern society in that the further they strain to counter resistance, the closer they get to their own families and friends.

Our targets, should we choose them, are disparate as well.

Who is the most to blame for our condition? Is it the media that has propagandized this threat, demonized us, marginalized our support, refused to hold politicians accountable for their fraud and mistreatment of us and our rights?

Is it congress that has refused to rein in the abuses of the federal government, who has allowed the oppression, even encouraged it as a way to win re-election? Is it our state governments that have ceded their responsibilities to defend us from an out-of-control federal bureaucracy?

Is it the cop in the squad car anxious to test out the new powers he has due to court cases and a wholesale disregard for the Constitution?

The problem is not that we don't want to die. The problem for the government is that we do. We are willing to lay down our lives to restore the Constitution and the rights it is supposed to protect. Where we are silent and idle is we don't want to do it for nothing. If we ask our families to bear the burden alone, without us for one reason or another, we don't want to achieve nothing, we don't want to do it alone. We want to know that when we are arrested or killed that the movement toward a restoration of the Constitution will go on without us, perhaps because we have made the commitment with our lives to fight for it.

I think the only thing we need to free us to action is a common signal, a sign, a tattoo even signaling others that we died in their cause, not just as a nut that the cops had to put down before we did an evil thing. A unified identity. So that when Joe goes out and acts to restore the Constitution we know why he did it despite the inevitable media spin and we would free the couches of our idle masses.

That one unifying moment when we all know what we are fighting for and whom, is what the corrupt government has to fear. The sad part is, they will probably kill a few million of us before the rest get it.


  1. I have wondered if one or a few could get it going by some act of defiance. Would this force rise to keep it going, or shout from their porches that it was too early?

    1. And to Max's post, that is a brilliant idea.

  2. Thank you, TL. One of your best ever IMO, and that's a pretty high standard. It's the true "State of the Union" message.

    "That one unifying moment when we all know what we are fighting for and whom..."

    Yep. It's all math: 1 > 0 > -1

  3. The harder they squeeze, the more of us will slip through their fingers. -one of your friends from Mercer.

  4. The fact the the wealth of the entire nation has all ready been stolen by .gov is the catalyst to unite the peasants. There is nothing more powerfull than an American Patriot with nothing else to loose.

    1. Please, I know it seems a small thing but the word is

      "lose" not loose. I see this so much all over the blogs. It makes us look illiterate.

  5. I agree we are waiting for a sign and a step over the line en-masse by the system to where we no longer have a choice. No insurgency in their right mind would try to strike the system first! They wait until they absolutely have to strike. Here's what I think.

    At this point, we need guys like Mosby, Max Velocity and other operators to start training patriots on a large scale basically for costs covered. Most of us are broke or very tight in this economic reality we live in and fact is while many would love to train they can't afford it. If guys..Hundreds of trained patriots would hold training regionally and patriots could chip in, take care of their flights, expenses, food, lodging etc and give them some cash for their time but not what they would normally, get, I think we can get a lot more patriots trained. I think this is a great idea for those that want to be trained and the many former high level patriot operators who would like to train them. What do you think?..This thing IS going to go hot and there WILL be some vicious vicious revenge exacted on the tyrants, and sadly innocents will be caught in the crossfire. It's going to get ugly on a level NEVER seen before because this isn't about going over to a foreign land..This is about OUR country, OUR blood, OUR Family's futures and US.

  6. I am old & in not very good health & I am many years past running. There is not much I can contribute except that I have my own long range tool & I can be successful out to 4-5 hundred yards. I would be the loner waiting for the proper time & target. If it's a suicide mission then so be it. I have been in a lot of chronic pain for years and getting tired of it. Living is not anywhere near as much fun as it used to be.
    The fight, if it happens, has to be taken to those that passed the laws & those at the top that issued the orders. I agree that hangers on (staffers)should be afraid. Some of their neighbors ought to have addresses & their comings & goings. I don't think you can make war against kids, good cops, & service men & innocent women or the populace would turn against us. We need lots of intelligence and access to lots of that stuff that moves heavy things & causes lots of destruction in an instant.
    What ever action or strategy to be used, keep in mind that it needs to be done & over in 3-7 days. In a troubled spot the feebies will cut the eletricity off. Most pantry shelves & grocery shelves will be empty in 3 days. Most trucks hold 3-7 days of fuel & without electricity they can't get fuel. The whole nation would come to a skreeching halt in a few short days. The average resident that we would be counting on for food & toilet paper might not be so willing to help if they are trapped in a cold,dark house without anything to eat.
    Those, that over the years & have been strongly involved in violating our rights should be rounded up & given quick military trials and be dealt with.

  7. It seems that the latest diplomatic immunity/ operations outside the 4th Amendment, future of INTERPOL in the US is the final death of the Constitution. Surely now is the time to remedy this evil while we are still able. I wonder if making some sort of "Long Train of Abuses" would aid in the consolidation of Patriots to one common thought process. Perhaps you and other respected authors such as Bane, Mosby, M.V., and those in WRSA could put something together? I would add that with the advent of mini drones and near total merging of corporate/Federal intelligence agencies this day is our last glimpse of Liberty. The Constitution as a law seems to be dead, though we revere it, and with every terrible arrest it is apparent our time as an peaceful People draw to an end. I am a 30yr and when I hear how my father lived compared to life now, it seems a fairy tale.
    Many people know something is amiss-see current arms market.
    We need more direction from the older and wiser crowd, not just vague comments.
    A well mapped out list of how to attain Liberty aside from simply sticking to our Constitution which as great as it is, allowed this to happen. Is this possible with out violence? The voting box didnt work, the jury box is a joke, and the soapbox is teetering. What is left ?
    Your blog is the the most respectable out there. TY

  8. Our mark or our battle cry is very simply
    "Verberabat non Frangitur" - Beaten not broken - They have beat on us spiritually, economically, and for some physically. They have beat on our core beliefs, our values, they have beaten at our history and they have tried to destroy our heroes. What they have done is beat us but never have they nor will they break us.

    "Beaten not Broken" >>Insert cool symbol Eagle Flying with a hammer and sickle in its claws>>

    Hey if it is to lame, we find another slogan.


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