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Saturday, February 2, 2013

One Of Us?

Keith Pantaleon was arrested and is currently being held on $75,000 bail for possession of an illegal weapon, a Bushmaster XM15-E2S. Is he a vet, or has he done time in a foreign country on our behalf? No, but that doesn't mean he does not deserve our support.

Part of his legal troubles might be linked to this video he and a friend made in Jersey City. In an e-mail conversation with a friend of his, the cause for searching his apartment was probably due to a landlord who persistently entered his apartment unannounced. Keith never knew if the man was in the house while he was gone, but he often came in ostensibly to fix things, or to check on the status of the apartment. The police did not disclose the reason they entered the apartment, but it is suspected that the landlord informed them of the weapons in Keith's apartment.

Through the conversation and having watched the video it is clear that I might not agree with Keith 100% on his views, but one thing cannot be disputed, he is dedicated to standing his ground and standing up for his (our) rights.

At present I do not know if there is a way to contribute to his legal defense, I am waiting to find out, but this man is still in jail. It is not hard to conclude that some of the things in his video might have led to his arrest and attitude of the liberals in Jersey City.

While Nathan Haddad has asked us not to intervene, or act on his behalf while he works out his issues with the State of New York, I would think that Keith does not feel the same way.

If there are patriots in the New Jersey area who are interested in finding out as much about this case as they can and let us know what is happening.  I would appreciate any information.

Is he one of us? He must be.


  1. I would say by watching his video he is one of us. More BOLD though. At least he is out in his AO not just banging on his keyboard. He deserves our support as much as any. We are never going to agree 100% with someone else and we will always come up with excuses why not to help our fellow brothers.

    Mike M.

  2. TL, let me know when and what. -55six


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