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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Matt Bracken's "Democide"

Excellent article from Matt Bracken:

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  1. Here is a quote from this link on my blog, where I re-post Bracken; Democide. You may find it interesting:

    In simple terms, consider this: An unconstitutional law is no law, void, never having any power as a law. The right to bear arms "Shall not be infringed." Thus, any law infringing upon the free right to bear arms is no law.


    If an official, who has sworn to uphold the Constitution, is advocating laws that are an attack on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, then he/she is in contempt of the Constitution and their oath. I suggest that if a law abiding citizen is attending a meeting or assembly where such unconstitutional laws are being advocated, that said law abiding citizen simply carry out a citizens arrest of the guilty party, who is now a domestic enemy of the Constitution.

    By citizens arrest, do not mean a physical assault on the guilty party, because that could be construed as assault. Thus, do not arrest him with a tazer, pepper spray or by use of a baton as our beloved LEOs are fond of doing. Simply stand up and state that 'Sir/Ma'am, I am arresting you on charges of treason against the Constitution and your Oath."

    Do not lay hands on them or harm them in any way, simply state that they are now under arrest. Gain the attention of the Law Enforcement person(s) who will nor doubt be present (and probably on their way to arrest you instead) and hand over the arrested person, verbally, into their custody.

    I believe that is the procedure for a citizens arrest, where the arrested person(s) should be handed over to Law Enforcement at the earliest opportunity.

    Anyone anywhere near Feinstein in California, to effect such an arrest?


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