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Sunday, February 10, 2013

If The Target Fits, Wear It

The Christopher Dorner saga exposes the weakness of the law enforcement community. It gives law enforcement something to think about when threatening Second Amendment advocates. The idea that they can descend upon us with flashbangs and SWAT raids day after day, house after house is a farce. Something they should seriously consider before engaging in war on the patriotic and law-abiding people of this nation is this: what if we decide to fight back?

It is easy for the politicians to sit up in their offices and issue dictates down to the police to enforce, but ultimately the battle comes between the people who refuse to obey those laws and the police required to enforce them. It is for this reason that I have always expected the police to be on the front lines of defending the rights of the people. If for no other reason than to avoid being put into the unenviable position of having to defend themselves against the people.

At worst, this is the scenario set up by our founders. It relies on a citizen police force, a citizen military, a citizen legislature to guard against this conflict. But, when the government is allowed to see itself as outside of the citizenry, this conflict is inevitable. The question they need to answer is: Are you a citizen, or an enforcer for the government? Are you a defender of the Constitution or simply a trooper of the regime? There are enough right-thinking military personnel to make that decision have some serious consequences. If law enforcement personnel think that Christopher Dorner is a challenge, they might consider pitting their skills against talented, trained recently discharged sniper.

Lately the president has decided to apply pressure on websites such as this which inspire patriotism, that Obama terms as "radicalization of the population." I will pledge to you that the day this website goes off air, the game is on. The day the author of this website has to submit to a TSA highway checkpoint, the game is on.

Is there anything else to really understand about the situation we are in? The President of the United States considers pro-Constitution, advocates for liberty and our God-given rights as detrimental to the U.S. Government. Isn't that enough for you to see which side you are on?

I know there are a lot of police agencies and sheriff's departments who claim to stand behind the people and the Constitution, but this is a time to go farther than that, to recognize that the abuses already implemented are a step too far. That restrictions on the Second and Fourth Amendments are the actions which have led to this moment in time. From the first restriction on firearms the nation has not gotten more safe, but less safe and every reasonable compromise has led to the further infringement of rights. As the latest decades have proved, any compromise on rights is a loss of those rights.

As in any war, targets are identified. Intelligence is gathered considering those targets and a plan is developed to eliminate those targets. The only question left to be answered is what are those targets going to be? Those who refuse to recognize the rights of the citizens of this nation, who would destroy those rights, who would violate the Constitution and ultimately, through one process or another enslave the citizens, is a justifiable target.

Whether this blog gets shut down or not; whether I am targeted by the government or not is irrelevant, because I do not decide targets. I do not lead a squad or a band of brothers willing to lay down their lives. I do not run anything other than this blog, so the government might do what they want to to me. The fact remains, even after I am shut down, those targets will be identified, intelligence gathered and they will be eliminated.

The question everyone in government willing to enslave the American people should ask themselves is if they are willing to be that target. Does the retirement mean that much to them? I mean, the government of every locality is going to default on those retirement funds. They have to know that, don't they? When the payments stop coming, where do they think they will start the cutbacks? What are the first funds the government will default on? Do they think they will be active, line officers salaries, or pension payments?


  1. That's very civil of you, TL, to point out the consequences of the decisions that every person in uniform--nay, every employee of every State--makes with regard to this stuff. Heavy consequences indeed, as they are for all of us.

    I'm still waiting for the current count. How many innocent people have been hurt or killed by those working and fighting for the respect of each individual--that is, the Constitutionalists or the Restorationists or the voluntarists? And how many have been hurt or killed by those fighting against the respect of individuals (not to mention in violation of oaths) and on behalf of the States?

    I'd like to think that all civil people would want to keep casualty counts as low as possible, especially considering that everyone involved is an American. I think those of us not currently in uniform have done a decent job of it so far; we'll have to see what those on the "other side" decide.

    They say a word to the wise is sufficient. Nice job saying the word. Great title, too.

  2. Other departments may differ, but LAPD has drawn together when attacked and civilians are just inconsequential collateral damage.

  3. Yes, the LAPD and the POS Mayor have decided to include my daughters and every citizen in the country as targets for dorner. The million dollar reward means ANYONE who even casually glances at dorner passing by is now a million dollar threat to dorner... Thanks skumbags for redistributing the threat to all citizens beyond those paid to "serve and protect"

    And of course out here in the Peoples Republik of California we are not trained enough, trusted enough, smart enough, and worth enough to defend our lives in the eyes of the "Protectors"

    40+ rounds pumped into a pick up truck from less than 15 yards from the rear (yes in the back)and nobody dead... The LAPD needs the "Gigazine" with that kind of marksmanship... Maybe a few towed 88mm recoiless rifles would help them save rounds expended...

    Then to hear that Torrance PD pumped three rounds into a truck windsheild they rammed and when asked about the man they shot at, they said it was a mistaken identity when they could not tell if it WAS NOT DORNER because the airbag deployed preventing a look at the suspect... so shoot first and verify later...

    I see no evidence that the police are more trained and safer with weapons than the citizens meant to protect themselves... Fucking homeland security better get them billions of bullets in the hands of these officers that cant shoot straight...

    Come a "No-Knockin" on my door and kiss those knee caps good-bye...

    Kind of scarey being a bald 6 foot black guy here in Torrance California when having a visual confirmation of the identity of the person you are about to kill is not required..

    We better ban the civilian use of guns... ONLY THE COPS ARE TRAINED ENOUGH..

    Holy shit we are screwed...

    Thanks for making me a target for Dorner with this damned million dollars of my own money

    Hope you are reading this Capt. Kreiger...

  4. "Lately the president has decided to apply pressure on websites such as this which inspire patriotism, that Obama terms as "radicalization of the population."

    Exactly how has obama been applying pressure to websites such as this?

    1. It is doctrine right now, in the DHS-funded state fusion cells, as well as at the Fed DHS level, and within DoD. All sites such as this are easily lumped into the "promoting violent domestic extremism" category. The DHS chain & puppets are about shaping their story for their fusion center customers, and the DoD is about checking content to make sure they include such websites in the prohibited category of their web-filters so Soldiers and other patriotic civilians can't access them from work. Many of those same civilians are have already made Big Sis' list (at least we're in good company).
      Sending from the belly of the beast.

    2. Not only this, but websites such as "Those who can See" and "The Big Lie on Parade" ahve already been taken down.

      Very close now.

      Biden spoken this afternoon and in the comments section this little tidbit sprang up. "If a liberal Court reversed the Heller decision and ruled that there’s no individual right to bear arms, such that the feds could go ahead and ban private gun ownership outright, it’d be a banner day for left-wing America."

    3. "’d be a banner day for left-wing America."

      No doubt, but happily reality is as it is and not as these dimwits imagine it to be. They painted the banner red, when it should've been white.

      I hope I'm around to see The Awakening.

  5. I cannot speak for anyone except myself, but my website has been messed with. I could not log on for 2 days last week and when I got control back, my stat counter showed DOD had been all over it. It freaked me out enough that I contacted Brock Townsend from Free North Carolina and told him to contact me regularly for the next few days to make sure I wasn't scooped up or something. They are going to make a move on PatBlogs soon and shut them down one way or another. I say the same thing as TL, when Liberty and Lead goes dark you can assume I have gone hot.

    1. This is alarming news. Should be made public but the media wouldn't report it.

    2. Well, I just logged in to post something and WordPress has locked me out. The message says I violated the terms of use. I contacted them to see if it was a mistake. Coincidence? I think not. My open ID is not working either, this is Liberty and Lead (55six)

    3. I've two sites that have been messed with- one I still can't get into after three months. One was totally deleted and took me a month to get it back. And I'm a 'radical light' type of blogger. Except for that POS pretender in the White House, I seldom say anything bad about gov't (tongue in cheek there!).
      Still, haven't got back 'into' blogging, though. Don't see where it's doing (me) any good: keep saying the same things and nothing changes, so just waiting for the program to advance to a pogrom.

    4. As of 5:06 PM Pacific DS Time, Libertyandlead is suspended by Wordpress for "violation of [their] terms of service".

    5. One motivated man alone in CA has wreaked havoc on the LAPD.

      Imagine what 20 or 100 could do.

      Semper Fi... to the CONSTITUTION! (you gov't fucks reading this, I don't expect you to understand.)

    6. Exactly... people really don't know how truly powerful they are...

    7. Locked and cocked and ready to rock.

  6. Dorner is now classified as a domestic terrorist so obama can now order a drone strike to kill an American citizen without due process.

    Independent blog sites are now being pressured and intimidated to stop questioning the governments overreach.

    No public discussion is being allowed on closing HSA and TSA and rescinding the Patriot Act. Media won't cover it to press the issue and our elected officials in D.C. are terrified to bring it up.

    No need to be alarmed citizen. Nothing to see here.

  7. I also heard the term 'domistic terrorist' used for Mr. Dorner. Seems that anyone now, for any reason can be considered in this catagory and to end, I think it really is 'game on' at this point in time. Just like Germany and Russia in the past, these things rolled out slowly at first and began to pick up speed at the end. Seems (to me) that we are in the 'picking up speed' point of the end game.
    Best of luck all ............

  8. To answer the question posed in the last paragraph - "they have to know that, don't they?" - Well, they DON'T know. That's the whole point. And when they find out they will get screwed in their pensions, sit back with a cold one and watch the fireworks!



  10. It's a bit early to open fire. A better alternative right now is to destroy the public perception that the government is all powerful.
    Deface ALL federal branding. Riddle it with Nazi emblems. Think of it as a warm up for the times when you'll be carrying a gun rather than a spray can!

  11. Joe Sixpack,
    Seems that Dorner is doing ok all by himself (for now) destroying the myth of the all-powerful gubbment.
    I won't cheer Dorner on and call him a good guy, but if I saw him on the street, I wouldn't turn him in either.

    B Woodman

    1. I wouldn't turn turn him in for the mil $ reward either.

    2. I'd turn the murdering loon in for a half a bag of cheetos for the ducks. You have a morally deficient readership here.

    3. Nice to see individuals mattering for a change. Extrapolate.

    4. I believe in Ïnocent til proven guilty. As far as I am aware they haven't caught him yet, much less given him a trial. I don't care if they claim he has written a manifesto. When the media is involved to this degree, be very careful what you believe. Smoke n mirrors.

      Mike M.

    5. Obviously MM the law is not as you say. Dead men need no defense or trial.

      As we allow LEA to prescribe law, there is none. So we must continue to respect their final street judgement?


    LA's finest... Yall need to move.

    1. Read the article you posted...said Dorner "AMBUSHED" the officers.

      LAPD would never do that to anyone with their Swat goons.

  13. I'm surprised people aren't already taking out the eyes and ears...cameras and such

  14. Could you provide a link for the Obama quote about "radicalization of the population". I tried to Google it with no luck.

    An important article. Thanks for publishing it. You have stones, my friend.


    This where I believe the news story came from. Initially I read it from a Drudge headline, but I don't recall the publication.

    1. Also, the very liberal Democracy Now! had this on their website.

  16. "You have a morally deficient readership here."

    Never mind that. Finish the statement with the only thing you have control over: "Therefore, I'm gonna ____________ ."

  17. Ain't it the truth Jimmy K! Turn your father, mother, brother in for the 30 pcs. of silver. They say Dorner is one of their own.

  18. It's getting hotter out there.

    Not even hiding it anymore, just in your face and daring us it seems.

  19. I have some very sincere questions I would like answered with no BS answers or comments.

    If we start getting shut down how are we going to know and how will we still get info about what is going on? TRUE information.

    Is there anything in place to handle this? Has anyone thought through this? REALLY thought through it?

    I think we may only have a few weeks to at most a few months to get things setup. Can it be done? How? Ideas?

    Is this out there somewhere and I've just missed it?

    maybe an encrypted email list would be a start with someone being the central depository of sorts. Similar to the old BBS lists if you can remember that far back.

    Surely everyone has GPG of something similar for encryption of email/text.

    I can suggest some ways to do this if anyone is willing to be the main contact.

    If no one else is willing but if there is interest I will start something.

    1. The "how will we know" issue is a big one. I think it starts locally. People you know should know how to put out the word that you have been taken down. LibertyandLead had such an issue with Wordpress and made sure that after he was cut off from his website that he let others know about it. I was one, Brock was another.

      I personally have ways to get the word out if something happens to me, not my website, me. Then, we can let the internet do its work.

      My AO is North Dakota. If there are those in my AO that want me to be a contact point, I will do it. But, reach out in your own area, contact people, have names and numbers and e-mail addresses for people to contact.

      They will probably not take all the sites down at once, that would signal a bigger move against individuals and a real reason to go big.

      You should have the physical addresses of a few people you can trust and operate from there.

    2. I'd recommend getting the CryptoCat browser pluggin. That way if a website gets taken down but you still have internet access you can still chat with like-minded souls. Just be sure that everyone has an agreed upon chatroom ID and have some sort of system in place to properly vet any strangers who happen into the chatroom.

    3. I think we will keep internet unless we suffer and EMP or something else that can cause a grid down situation. They don't want to take a chance of alienating THEIR base least not at first.

      Yes, there are many encrypted chat options. I'm familiar with most of them.

      My main thoughts are the organizational part. I think it is prudent to have some lines of communication established and fast.

      Locally is a given but having something nationwide could really boost morale of the local groups to hear of things going on else where if it gets as bad as I expect.

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