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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clinging To A Broken Paradigm

State by state the collectivists are racking up victories on gun control while the majority cling to a broken paradigm. Too many still believe that elections will solve something; that Republicans are champions of liberty. They are not. This is no longer about the GOP vs the Democrats. Our representatives have already sold us out, whether the Senate holds the line on the Assault Weapons Ban, or not, they will cave on something, sometime.

We are witnessing the implosion of liberty and rights. We have been for a long time. We have waited for the Republicans to do something to express our thoughts and demands to the government at large, but they have not. They have not taken their oaths seriously enough to bring impeachment charges against Barack Obama for abuse of power, even when the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Obama had done just that by making recess appointments when the Senate was not at recess. They have not because they are cowards terrified of the media.

In a previous post that I removed because my thoughts had not clearly been conveyed called "Vote Democrat" I tried to explain, that if one is still a Republican, they do not understand the dynamic. One is either willing to fight for their rights, or they are willing to abdicate your rights along with theirs. 

It is not about politics, or power in the political system. It is a broken system. It is a broken nation. It is a broken government that has disconnected itself from its authority. It is rogue. To even participate in elections at this point is like choosing sides between two criminals guilty of the same crime. To choose one criminal because they vote Republican is insane.

With a system in this state of disarray, it needs to be destroyed, not modified. Voting, at this point in time, can only be used as a means to that end. The idea to vote Democrat, throwing all of the power in the hands of the collectivists does what we have been unable to do on our own, which is to create a government so vile that it draws the line clear between enemies and allies.

Think past the concept of citizenship. If the government is beyond its authority it is not a government at all, but a gang. The citizens are then merely victims, no matter which way they vote. Democrats are not safe because they want to join the gang; because they want to be inked, they are not wanted. Even they are only valuable to the gang as victims, they just don't know it, yet. They still identify themselves with the gang. That will change.

The point of the post was to take a positive step to absolutely destroy the Republican Party, to remove any hope that the Republicans will do something they have not done and will not do. What they will not do is step away from the government and declare that it is illegal. Without that, they are complicit in the actions being taken.

It is no longer about governance. A rogue government cannot govern, it can only rule. When the elected officials refuse to abide by oaths and the source of their legitimacy, i.e. the Constitution, they have only two choices: 1) to go along and appeal to the people to go along (voting); 2) step away from the government and denounce it.

Calls to Republican representatives and senators should not be in favor or in opposition to this law or that, but to demand that they acknowledge the abuses of government against the rights of citizens and to denounce the government. Continuing to play this game of governance under the authority of the Constitution is an insult. The longer it continues the more the government will be able to act under the guise of legitimacy with Republican support by mere participation.

The idea to vote Democrat was a subversive way of destroying the belief that there is a way to bring the government back under the authority of the people.  


  1. So basically we are at the point of either becoming complete slaves or taking back our Country if we agree with what you say.

    Political means have failed, the ballot box.

    Talking has failed, the soap box.

    The rule of law has failed, the jury box.

    So all that is left is the ammo box it seems.

    1. I came to this conclusion when they shoved that video maker in jail, trying to blame him for the Benghazi mess. He is still rotting in jail.

    2. Check the background and record of the video maker. He is a convicted con man banned from using a computer or an alias as well as soliciting financial transactions. He broke pretty much all the conditions of his parole in making that movie. The violence that the movie was used as a scapegoat for just got him on the radar, but the arrest was legit.

      Now weather or not he was nudged to do it or set up in advance is another topic....

    3. Research John Brennan & his company Analysis Corp if you really want to go down a rabbit hole regarding the true origin of the video

  2. Yes anyone that would vote Repub in a national election has not awakened fully. To believe one can infiltrate that establishment is fooling himself. It is too late in the game for a comeback politically.

    The people will realize the state of economy is propped up by Fed support of the stock market only after the gov. pulls the plug.

    The stars are aligned. As the bankster siphons the final wealth from the global economy the people will finally decide they have been sucker punched and mauled beyond recovery.

    You will realize you have been played for years. Someone tell me how to recover peacefully. Shiiit, you will not fools!!!!!!! Vote, WTF....Call or write your congressman, FUUUUCCCKKK!!! They are removing your rights every day....there is no peaceful recourse. The Commies are going to slaughter your dumb ass after disarming you. Sorry about the rant, my patience is gone!

    1. Anon,
      Not sure I agree with this, and I'm more of the "shoot them now and pray there might good ones among the dead" variety...

      But a judicious use fo firepower could work, with a Trojen Horse / Manchurian Candidate. The poblems would be, "selling out" to the interests of TPTB, while not showing true colors, AND not getting corrupted. I don't believe that's possible, but it's fun to speculate...

      And bear in mind, it would STILL involve the same evil principles: selected murders, frame-ups, "disappearing" people, even Senators / Representatives / SCOTUS Judges...
      Seems more honest to just go to war. The other way just feels... dirty in a way I'd rather not contemplate.

  3. Amen T.L.

    It's this simple.

    Either you believe in freedom and liberty or you do not...

  4. The deceit euphemistically labeled gun control is a ruling class tactic based upon the statists stratagem of creating a crime through the application of imposing lawless diktat upon innocent subjects for the purpose of turning ones future enemies into criminals. In this fashion of totalitarianism, one can then choose who to imprison, who to sanction, and ultimately who to kill. So yes, it is gun control: controlling who gets to have guns, who controls those guns, who is allowed not to be controlled by them, and ultimately who gets to control everyone because only they have guns. In this manner, in America, the elites strategy is to make criminals out of their potential enemies first.

    Adolph Hitler and his ilk knew this well was their path to power in an affluent society with an educated middle class. It is the middle class whom posses the smarts and experience in life to understand that life was better, that it can be better, that you do not belong to anybody, you are not a serf or a subject. So boiling the frog slowly so it does not notice it's goose is cooked is a time honored tyrants method of eliminating ones enemies before they realize they are enemies. Something Hitler utilized to exterminate any and all with ease who stood in his way:
    "It is convenient to have a system of laws where everyone is a criminal."

    With no reservation, with no doubt, I believe this is where we are headed.

    It is the elites ruling America whom have aptly labeled through incessant agitprop, social engineering, crisis's as means and foisting huge lies through a complicit press, the AR-15, and other civilian rifles, an "Assault Weapon" It is well to understand, as the elite tyrants and criminals running our governments understand, it is these arms labeled assault weapons, which our founding fathers foresaw essential to the preservation of our Liberty, and left us the lawful and moral tools of redress for our use, who wished for us to posses, and use, to assault, and replace, the inevitable creation of the class of criminal tyrants within our system of representative government, harassing and eating out our existence today.

    It is our arms that is all that stands in the way of this tyranny.

    To put it succinctly, because of what they have done to us they are afraid of what we will do to them.

    They should be.
    They got it coming to them.

    Remember always to be very jealous of your liberty, and that you can not shrink from defending it.
    Never, ever, give up your guns.

  5. "The longer it continues the more the government will be able to act under the guise of legitimacy with Republican support by mere participation."

    Right, and there's an even more critical issue implied here. Specifically, what it means for each of us individually. A "rogue government" is a rogue government, so "working within the system" implies a likewise acknowledgement of its legitimacy by mere participation.

    A huge mistake is the belief that the only two choices are "peaceful within the system" or "violent outside of the system." That's not so at all. In fact, it's the false premise that our Rulers WANT us to believe. It's a trick, a scam---THEY are the violent ones, and by forwarding the false belief that "peaceful" equates to "within the system," they have zillions of otherwise peaceful people offering their implicit support for the violence of our "rogue government." That's what got us here, duh...Democracy.

    Here's the truth. Peaceable men are peaceable. They will not turn to arms or violence except in the case of self-defense. That's all there is to it, except that peaceable men need to stop deluding themselves that buying into an inherently non-peaceable process, is somehow being peaceable.

  6. Well I said my piece before so I won't repeat it all.

    But we're not nearly as broken as we have been in the past at times and we've made huge strides over the past decade in "gun freedom".

    And, if you're so obsessed with Republican leadership go get a party leadership position and change it. But, I just see the party responding to what their constituents are asking for mostly.

    Fix the people and the politics will take care of itself. This system is freaking awesome compared to most of the alternatives, and if you simply destroy it (good luck with that) then you'll have a more than even chance at something much worse.

    f*k giving up.

    1. "But we're not nearly as broken as we have been in the past..."

      Out of curiosity, what do you have in mind? There were the Civil War years, but even then there wasn't the wanton abuse of private citizens' freedom to live as they wish and not be under the thumb of assorted rights-violators at every level of government.

      I think these are historic and unprecedented times in that respect, but I'll consider whatever you've got in mind.

    2. And, I now see why didn't get the first post. You cling to a broken paradigm.

    3. Sparrow,
      And, if you're so obsessed with Republican leadership go get a party leadership position and change it. But, I just see the party responding to what their constituents are asking for mostly.

      This has been made mostly illegal, and financially impossible, under the laws of our country. That's why there is no third party: The big Two get matching funds for campaigns; "unimportant" parties (IE, Constitution, Communist) do not. The game is rigged from the get-go.

      And if you are remotely successful, well - look at the TEA Party, co-opted by the Republic*nt GOP. Re-absorbed into the body of "the faithful."

      And if you want to "fix" these people, the best method is through "retirement."
      Though Americans have been known to even vote for a corpse...

  7. I don't think we are giving up! Continuing to work with in a broken, beyond repair system is giving up.

  8. So then what are your suggestions TL?

    If the system is broken, I agree, and anything we do within it won't work or accomplish anything, again I agree.

    What's left other than taking up arms?

    There's really nothing else that can be done if what you say is true and I think it is.

    1. Voting is the quick solution; speaking out is good, but only effective via votes counted; and jury nullification has all but been declared illegal (and in some cases, it has been set aside anyway.)

      Voting is only effective when the people counting the votes are in fact honest. AND, it is predicated on having an actual choice. Right now, we get to shoose between the dog shit on our lawn on the Right, and the dogshit on our lawn on the Left. No matter who we vote for, no matter who wins, we end up shovelling shit.

      Which is why we are now debating shooting the dog, and calling it a day.

  9. TL brother I am certain that if up to you and I we would agree to fix the federal code with a giant bonfire.

    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your point. If you're advocating a coup of the Republican party in order to fix it, this I can listen to. I threw money at R.Paul's campaign for this very reason. Not because I thought he would win but because I wanted to scare the shit out of the party leadership and move the needle.

    I was also an active party to unseating one of my RINO's with a tea party type and we ultimately lost the seat to a Dem. But, I don't care; the RINO is gone and we'll play a better candidate next time. I don't see the party getting split at all, I see us successfully MOVING it. But, it takes time.

    What I can't agree with is destroying the "system". The reason is I don't think we have a snowflake's chance in hell of getting something better as an outcome. Regardless of everything, at least we still have a constitution worth fighting for even if it is abused.

    So, attaining our mutual goals is best achieved by continuing to fight to fix what we've got. I agree there is a chance this is not possible, not for the right to bear arms, but for financial reasons. But, while I can I will fight to fix what we've got because the odds are infinitely better than destruction.

    Yes we lose battles, but it is simply not true that there is no progress. The gun laws where I live have been dramatically repealed over the last decade and the same is true for several States. The 1994 AWB is gone. Hell, if something doesn't happen soon even Illinois will be forced to revert to constitutional carry. New York has implemented some draconian law however it's just as likely that they've set themselves up for a Supreme Court slapdown just as Chicago and Illinois have been dealt.

    Jim asks if I refer to the Civil War (of course the sterling example) and states that private citizens during that time could better live how they wish. Well yes I guess so, unless you happened to be a black private citizen or worked in a small community with no mobility and a local tyrant.

    We're also not confiscating gold. We're not removing entire races of citizens from their homes and moving them into camps as in WWII. There are no shortage of examples.

    I don't know about all the folks here but I've had the option to live in any of several countries and I've always refused. Life in the US rocks and we're the most "fixable" of any country. But we have 312 million people and virtually none of them agree on EVERYTHING.

    So, I don't know what better option you are contemplating, but I don't see any better outcome by "destroying" our system. Instead I will sharpen my leadership skills, influence people and work to fix what we've got and build on the successes we can find. We have people in our camp who are just as goddamn smart as the Libs and RINO's and we're going to have to fight on that field.

    It's probably anathema to quote a communist sympathizer here, but:

    We all want to change the world
    But when you talk about destruction
    Don't you know you can count me out?

    If you're successful at destroying the system, which you won't be, all you'll get is a hell-hole followed by a national socialist and the people will be thrilled to throw out our constitution in a heartbeat. Even John Lennon could see that's how it goes.

    Thank you for your blog and your leadership.

    1. "...unless you happened to be a black private citizen or worked in a small community with no mobility and a local tyrant."

      This is another thing I think you've got wrong. Your implication is clearly that it was because of Govco (or "the system") that these things ended.

      I don't see the least reason to suspect that's true. Correlation is not causation and there are plenty of reasons to suspect that government(s) furthered those sort of institutions.

      That's why I don't see the logic of institutionalizing them!

  10. Hmm, food for thought Sparo, I know you were throwing your last post @ TL. If I may, I feel the Repub. party has already Experienced the coup. Globalist banksters have given us the illusion of choice how many times?

    The Fore Fathers set us up with a fantastic experiment and We don't intend to destroy the Constitution or the BOR. The revolution is taking place under our noses. Being the counter revolutionary demands we reclaim what is ours from the start.

    You say "it takes time". Time at the speed the Commies are moving is not a luxury we can afford.

    "I don't see any better outcome by "destroying" our system".
    Again destroying our system is being accomplished from enemies within...there is no negotiation when it comes to giving up liberty. These elected and appointed officials are excessively corrupt in all bodies. Their agenda is obvious. If we took the time it takes to move these two like parties this administration will have collapsed us economically before then. I doubt the spending will cease or that it is even possible to about face our deficits. It is going to implode as either side is the same and is complicit. It is not our idea to destroy but to RESET.

  11. "If you're successful at destroying the system..."

    I've never seen TL argue for destroying the system. You're falling for precisely the scam I mentioned in my comment. According to this false alternative, it's either "the system" or "destruction."

    Take a look---the system IS destruction. No, it wasn't meant to be. I'm talking about what it IS, not what it was meant to be. How many more lives must be snuffed out, how many more businesses laid to waste, how many more millions caged...till this is understood?

    Your retort is that you imagine something even worse, some national socialist if we're not going down that exact road anyway. How about imagining something BETTER...creation instead of destruction, production instead of bankruptcy? FREEDOM INSTEAD OF STATISM, INDIVIDUALISM INSTEAD OF COLLECTIVISM???

    There's not a reader here who doesn't understand the ideals under which this nation was founded. So live 'em or don't, but stop pretending that the choice rests with a bunch of looters in Washington and a bunch of moochers across the land. It's a damn scam, meant to paralyze every decent person in this country. And so it has.

    These days, "the system" implies that the choice IS NOT up to each of us, that someone else's decisions are responsible for how we live. That's a crock...we each live how we wish to live until and unless someone tries to physically stop us from doing that. Then it's a physical battle, and systems and arguments don't matter. So be it. Deal with it.

    Everything else is about fear, lack of responsibility and far-fetched fortune telling. "Live free or die." That's the motto, not, "Live as a slave, or die." That's just what those who comprise the system WANT you to believe. Stop playing their game and if they won't let you stop playing their game...well, rational men will figure out what to do.

  12. 33P the topic of bankers is an interesting one. I don't think it's just the GOP that is begotten, it is the Dems also, and the people.

    But, the bankers didn't create this situation alone, the people demanded it.

    Personally, I think the financial system will inevitably collapse in one form or another. It appears to be a mathematical certainty. The bankers might even get hung. What is most likely IMHO (assuming a fast collapse) is the US will use use it's military hegemony to come out on top at the expense of everyone else. We will "renegotiate" all externally held debt.

    Consider: given enough pain our population will have zero problem demanding we make Saudi Arabia the 51st State.

    You say we cannot afford time. Well, I haven't seen any other realistic options. TL says I'm caught in a paradigm. No, I'm not. No one knows the future. I think there's still opportunities to move the needle in our direction and despite our challenges life here DOES NOT SUCK.

    Further I don't think "refreshing the tree" is going to result in a favorable outcome at this time. Especially if you can't engender reasonable support because life here DOES NOT SUCK.

    But, lets say we get a financial collapse. We still have a constitution. Life SUCKS for many and they're seeking a change. Just like for the commies, we don't have to let a good crisis go to waste.

    Frankly I get sick of the concept that the commies will win because our ideas and leadership isn't strong enough. So instead we just have to default to bloody revolution?

    f*k that. We have excellent leaders. We have excellent ideas. We have excellent venues to educate. We haven't begun to exhaust our opportunities.

    1. "Frankly I get sick of the concept that the commies will win because our ideas and leadership isn't strong enough. So instead we just have to default to bloody revolution?"

      If you don't mind sharing, why do you keep offering the same false alternative that I've pointed out twice now, in this very thread?

    2. Sparo, I don't recall any Patriot on this blog implying that "So instead we just have to default to bloody revolution?" I have only ever spoken of Counter Revolution! The parties of Identical interest in larger government are destroying the Constitution and are in the midst of internal treasonous revolution, not us.

      As far as "DOES NOT SUCK", that depends on what part of oppression befalls each individual. I am sure the horror stories are around. Some of my own I will not discuss here.

    3. When the inevitable collapse takes place it would be the opportune time to think about dividing this country in half. The people are very nearly split 50/50 anyway, I say let the half that wants to live under our constitution take the western half & the other half that wants to live under this abomination they created take the eastern half.There is no way short of a civil war that we are going to come togeather again as a nation of one people.Even after the first one there is still bitter resentment. We are so diluted as a nation that immigrants don't bother to assimilate.They just live as they have been taught and vote for whoever promises them the most free shit,& they don't give a damn about our constitution.There's millions of them & hundreds more each day and our Gov. helps them attain everything they need to vote democrat.So gents take your pick, a bloody civil war or a new nation under GOD ,for the Constitution' by the Constitution' I would pledge my life to be FREE.

  13. Jim,

    I quote from TL: "With a system in this state of disarray, it needs to be destroyed, not modified."

    Now you have seen TL argue for destroying the system.

    I can rationalize your argument if you believe we have no other reasonably possible outcome than the national socialist hell-hole that I describe given our current path.

    I simply believe that there are still plenty of possibilities to prevent or divert that outcome. Furthermore I don't see revolution at this point producing a better outcome.

    I also guarantee that whatever we get in the medium term, it won't look like our vision of libertarian utopia. It doesn't work that way and never will; human nature being what it is.

    1. Well, okay. TL can speak for himself, but I've still never seen him argue against "the system" as it's usually meant in the USA. Personally I don't think his call for the destruction of "a system in this state of disarray," qualifies. I mean, he's pretty big on the Constitution and all that. But your point is noted.

      More importantly, you got it backwards about what "human nature" is. Most people just want to live their lives, earn their way, be with their family and friends and have a blast every so often. Most people don't want to steal or rape or pillage. can ask around if you don't believe me. That's why most of them don't do those things. The only way to get such a large amount of that sort of thuggery is to do it the way we did it---institutionalize it.

      Lastly, I wouldn't know the first thing about any utopia. I care only about the facts.

    2. Jim my reference to human nature is the inclination to want to try and control the behavior of others. I also think that most people people DO want to steal and pillage, but only as long as the can maintain some form of plausible separation and deniability (let government do it for them).

      Conservatives do it. Liberals do it. Frankly I don't really get it myself, but then I don't choose to live in close quarters with other people.

      I'm just making the observation. I might see a different set of "most people" than you of course.

    3. Sorry Jim I overlooked your dismissal of a violence option. I think I'm still thinking of something in TL's original post but of course its gone now.

      But, the reason I keep offering the "false alternative" is historically that is the only way to "destroy the system".

      I understand TL's idea of "give it to the Dems" and let people chafe. I just don't think it would work.

      This is because I don't think people follow politicians, but rather politicians follow people.

      What I think would in fact happen is the political powers would assume the population moved left and they would follow and reinforce.

      Then we're screwed until we get a collapse and/or have to shoot a tyrant (back to the "false alternative" again).

    4. "...human nature is the inclination to want to try and control the behavior of others."

      I don't think that's right at all, which is why you're not like that, nor most of us, nor our friends nor family nor...

      And even to the degree it's the case, that's learned (and then chosen) behavior designed to self-fool the actor that he doesn't have control over his own life. Someone else must, he pretends. IOW it's a roundabout way to avoid responsibility.

      That we each control our own life, and that we have the attendant responsibility for it, are both facts.

      At least you answer the questions, so thanks for that.

      Historically violent, you say? Well yeah, for at least 5,000 years anyway. Still, aren't we lucky that men like Eli Whitney or Henry Ford didn't feel constrained by what everyone before them thought and did.

    5. My interpretation of what TL means about destroying the system is as Jim said, the system as it exist now which is corrupt and evil. It is NOT Constitutional, nor what the Founders intended for it to be.

      So by "destroying it" we're actually meaning to "restore it" to what it is meant to be, a Constitution Republic.

      Whatever it takes to do that, it is our duty to do.

  14. Repubs are doomed to fail largely because their underlying philosophy is very similar to the Dems, only the Dems are more consistent in their implementation. They both want Big Government, with all that entails.

    In the end, people get the government they deserve. Politics is a reflection of our values, not the other way around. If we want real change, the way to approach it is to change the philosophy that people live by; politics will then follow as matter of course.

    Fighting politics first is like fighting a forest fire by spraying water at the tree tops. If you want to put the fire out, you have to aim at the base, at the root of the problem: philosophy.

    There's a new book, "Free Market Revolution" that has some good ideas about how to start.

  15. The comments always tend to talk in circles

  16. What is the Problem with some of you so called MEN?
    Does anyone KNOW what this means and what it Entails?

    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    , it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    1. "Institute new Government."

      Where would that new Government come from?
      Who would decide what goes into it, how it works?
      If your answer is "the victors," would you impose that system on an unwilling and unaccepting majority? With force?
      If your answer is "The Constitution" -- we already have that, and look where we are. What would prevent things from going back to they way they are now?

      Imagine a Constitutional Convention today. It would be a disaster!

      Given the philosophical foundation of society today, all I can say is, be careful what you wish for; you might just get it.

    2. Ok let us all do nothing and just wait for the cattle cars or body bags. Who cares if we had a republic we would take care of ourselves and we would help those who needed it not our govt.

      Plus the churches are not as bad as we think well some of them are not.

      I am Catholic and I know there are a shit load of decent Catholic programs , The problem is the Commie Priests.

      I know what to offer them though.

    3. COTUS, BOR, DOI.

      That's all I got to say about that.

  17. For those interested, destroying the "system" is the system that has been created to administer the government, which is much different from the Constitution. The Constitution told the government how it would run, what the federal, state and individual responsibilities were, their limitations and their powers.

    It is as if the Ninth Amendment doesn't even exist, this is because of the "system" which doesn't recognize the role of the people in the Constitution, which is to do the things that are likely to lead to their ultimate happiness and the Constitution provided that as long as they agreed to certain costs and rules of civil behavior, they were free to do as they pleased.

    The "system" is one of a media hype about a bad thing and the government takes one or more rights away to stop the bad thing from happening. But, it never does stop happening so one more media blitz and more rigths are stripped away. Meanwhile, the politicians take campaign funds from people, who they then repay with much greater amounts out of the tax dollars we all pay.

    Never have I heard of the government coming up with a law that would give more liberty to stop bad things from happening, except in the states and only where guns are concerned.

    But the object of the post was to single out the Republicans who have bartered away our rights to gain some future concession from the Democrats who would like to take them all. My rights are stores to be bartered by any political party.

    Where Sparo gets it wrong, still in my mind, is he believes there is a political solution, somewhere, somehow if we just get the right people into office. My point is that it cannot happen and will not happen, because the good people become bad people when they have drunk the water of Washington D.C.

    So he suggests violent revolution as my only option. I reject that. But, when the government is rogue, it should be treated as a rogue government. If it uses the military we provide to hunt us down, I believe there is every right of the individual to fight back. Now, that military might just be a bunch of hyped up TSA agents in the near future, who knows.

    A restoration of the Constitution would require the death penalty for violation of the oath of office, not just to straighten the mess out now, but in the future as well. There is not a politician alive who has abided by that oath, not in any state in any county.

    There absolutely needs to be penalties on the politicians who violate the oath of office, of police who violate rights while making an arrest. Are those things present now? Just throwing out a case because of a violation of the Fourth Amendment is not really a penalty, is it? Especially when most people can't afford an attorney with the intelligence to make the correct arguments in the court and the courts themselves turn black into white, if it suits their political agendas.

    So yeah, we need to destroy the "system" which has allowed the looting of our bank accounts, the money laundering schemes that are elections and the actions of cops, judges and politicians who do not act in accordance with the Constitution, violate rights and suffer no penalties for it.

    1. By the way, I missed a word, "my rights are NOT stores to be bartered away"

    2. So I agree with everything you said, except I'm not understanding one point.

      You say that I am mistaken in pursuing a political solution. You also reject a violent revolution which I agree with.

      Is there a third option or are you limiting the definition of "political solution" to simply voting? I am not. I see a lot of us complain about the GOP candidates. But then, not only aren't voting, but aren't getting involved in running liberty candidates or getting involved in primaries.

      It really doesn't take a tremendous amount of people to move a primary. It does take some money and that's where things tend to get sideways. People are always seeking a return on their investment and government control is an excellent means to produce a targeted return. We need some change in this regard.

      My original post pointed out that winning/educating the people is the solution. Then you use that influence to take control of the political system. It's more than just "voting" but it is a political solution. It's also extremely difficult.

      While we're all collecting guns, our opponents are staffing the schools. Think about it.

      Until the people in our country are rabidly advocating for liberty, there really IS nothing that can be accomplished politically.

      This is why blogs like yours are the most important thing. The internet/social media is a game changing opportunity to affect some generational attitude change. This is a long game.

      In the meantime I think we're better off influencing and supporting the political structures best aligned to our objectives if for no other reason than to throw obstacles in front of them.

      There are a lot of progressive hell-holes a lot farther along than ours, and I don't see their people uprising for liberty. Instead they ask for more. For that reason I don't think your idea, while creative, will work.

      Now there might be historical exceptions, but I'm struggling to think of one. At best the people once accustomed to dependency throw off oppressive socialism for less oppressive socialism.

    3. You forget that in almost any situation where "change" occurs, it is generally not the "majority" that causes the change.

      We will NEVER get the majority to be involved with whatever happens no matter what it is. It's human nature. Most are complacent and apathetic unless it happens to directly hit them in the face.

      Only roughly 3% of the population were involved in the American Revolution.

      So while I agree that we must keep trying in all areas we also must not fool ourselves into thinking that we will accomplish some huge majority to support what is good and right and needs to be done.

      Bottom line is that history has already shown us where this is headed. It's just a matter of when.

      History does not lie and it always repeats because of human nature which does not change.

      It will either be some flavor of tyranny and slavery or freedom but both will require violence from this point forward.

      Just the hard, cold truth.

      The struggle never ends. The only thing that changes is the position you are fighting from whether slave or free man.

    4. Don't forget Killed 50 million future american babies all for the convenience of a broad.

    5. Mr. Davis T.L. I have read many of these comments and I have to say that you sir are exactly correct .Your thoughts and comments are correct and true.I salute you.God bless you Sir...

  18. After a night of pondering this, it is clear there is no political solution. For there to be a political solution, there needs to be electoral victory and for there to be electoral victory you have to convince nearly 47% of the population on some form of federal assistance that they don't want or need that assistance anymore. Where is this sudden rush of patriotism gonna come from in this dependent class of citizens? Nope, if there is an easy path to electoral victory some hack politician will take it and then hide behind the cloak of electoral legitimacy.
    No, we need to run them out of town with their sole command being that "keep running, if you slow down or turn around, you are going to be made an example of".

  19. Thank you, TL. This is quite a thread, especially for those of us who saw the first post. I'm sure your regular readers understood you completely; I know I did. It's probably a good thing that Sparo didn't. I'm gonna make what I believe to be the most critical point, then I'll shut my yap for the thread, unless someone makes some gross misrepresentation of what I mean.

    I wanted to reply to Sandman; he's always concise. He's right here of course, cuz he's a doer and not a talker. This is all about thuggery. Not much point in talking or discussing with a thug, right? Still, 3% are not going to change the mightiest power in history unless they have a clear view of what they're fighting for. Squawking "freedom" or even "God and Country" just ain't gonna cut it.

    Quick side note---this is why the underlying ETHICAL identification is so important. We are living organisms trying to do what living organisms, duh. As long as people continue to fool themselves that there's something intrinsically greater than their own life, they'll never WIN a battle such as this. Yes, of course they can value what they wish, as highly as they wish. That's what this is all about, that they CAN and that nobody else will stop them.

    Bloodyspartan gave us the whole thing, right from the DofI. Simple and clear, with no ambiguity. That's what STARTED this great culture, as it saved the rest of the world one century after the next. Yes, with plenty of hitches to the bad (ALL collectivist, it's worth noting), but the GOOD was overpowering. Men and women producing for THEMSELVES, what THEY wanted, as THEY chose. And all with the knowledge that they were protected from the greatest evil known to mankind---tyranny.

    Alright, here's my point. Read that section again, one last time after reading my point. Almost everyone has committed the most simple error---we have switched the means for the ends. The Founders knew it; that's why they worded it the way they did. But we've lost it, mostly because we've all had so much "education."

    The government that we institute consensually is the MEANS. They give us the END twice. First, at the beginning, "that to secure these Rights..."

    IOW, in order to accomplish X, we do Y. Y is the institution of COSENSUAL GOVERNANCE; X is "to secure these Rights."

    And to make it wholly concrete, they explicitly give us the ends...fittingly at the end of this cite. Please, read it carefully. I gotta put it in caps, it's so good. "...AS TO THEM SHALL SEEM MOST LIKELY TO EFFECT THEIR SAFETY AND HAPPINESS."

    There's the END; there's the goal; there's what we're doing. Those who fight against that end are fighting against everything that's important, THE highest values. And there's only one way they can do that; ask Sandman.

    Egoism doesn't mean not working with others. It means working and dealing with others to the GOOD. What's the good for you? Simple...whatever to you shall seem most likely to effect your safety and happiness. THAT'S the end and nobody's gonna win nuthin' unless they come to understand what they're trying to win.

    The battle has ALWAYS been individualism versus collectivism. Anyone doesn't get it yet, ask me somewhere else.

    1. Yes, individualism is the goal but the question is and has been how do we get there from where we are now?

      Most of us know and realize it's individualism vs collectivism.

      How do we win that battle moving forward is the concern.

    2. So what is your proposed solution Jim? How do we get there from here?

      Knowing the problem is only part of the issue. Now we have to fix it.

    3. "individualism vs. collectivism"

      What people on this Earth were "autonomous and sovereign," as described exactly the same by both of the following anthropological text and evolutionary biological text?

      • Service, Elman. (1975) Origins of the State and Civilization: The Process of Cultural Evolution. New York, NY: Norton.

      • Christopher Boehm (1999) Hierarchy in the Forest: The Evolution of Egalitarian Behavior. Harvard University Press.

      Answer: Egalitarian Non-State society. Primitives (first people) and savages (dwellers of the silva, or forest).

      How does State society (civilization) act?

      Answer: "Civilization originates in conquest abroad and repression at home." ~Stanley Diamond, In Search of the Primitive: A Critique of Civilization, p. 1, first sentence

      So it's Non-State society (individualistic) vs. State society (civilization, which is always collectivist in character.)

      But Non-State lost 100 years ago at Wounded Knee.

      Only the last vestige of Non-State society that the first European settlers observed, the Egalitarian Power Sharing found in the Second Amendment, makes city-Statism (civilization) tolerable.

      But as this continent becomes more citified, it becomes less free.

      When they get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe." ~Thomas Jefferson 1790

  20. Destroy the Communist, Lawyers Evil Dishonorable folks in Power.
    Executive ,Legislative and Judicial
    70% done.

    Then we build honor and religion, not ISLAM and follow the Blueprint with some adjustments.

    The Simplest is No infringements on the Second ever again.
    That is one big deal and No Central banking.

    Need anymore advice make me emperor.

    At least I give every one a Full auto weapon if he is man enough.

  21. There is one proven tactic I have not seen discussed at all here.

    When no one obeys the rules, no one rules.

    It will take a spark to light it, it will take a leadership ready to guide it. It will take resolve of men to say ENOUGH! It will mean a shutdown of the supply system that runs Santa Obama's gravy train. It means stop paying taxes, bills, payments. It means stepping up to your neighbors aid when the repo man tries to take his car. or his house. Countering the IRS stack that shows up at 3 am to the other resisters house. Turn your street into a hive of Mass action by minute men of valor.

    Arm yourselves and have the means at hand. Don't fire first, but if they mean to have a war, let it start there.

    Stop feeding the beast. Band together to keep what is yours. These are proven methods. Out think, out Alinsky, out Sun Tzu the enemy.

    Ask the Poles, the Czechs, the Russians, the Romanians, the Ukrainians. Strong resolve and bit of omlet making consigned their tyrants to the ash heap of history. And we have one important advantage above and beyond what they had.

    We the People are armed to the teeth.

    Organize local. Be ready to take the field when the opportunity presents itself. Hold the moral high ground and don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes. Why? because a band of armed men will be able to see the fear in the taxeaters eyes. Think Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. If you truly believe that armed "victims" reduce the chance of violence, here is this principle in action.

    Direct mass action and mass civil disobedience by those that pay the bills will win the day. Our force of arms will limit the damage, if we are willing to comport ourselves in a manner that says we the people mean business, that we are free men and not slaves, and that if they attack one American, they attack us all.

    Learn to carry yourself in a manner that says "ENOUGH" if you do not know how to already.



    1. Some words from another time that speaks to us today. Freedom is ours for the taking. We simply have to live free. To be willing to risk all for freedom. To be willing to face the grave for our children's freedom...

      "Montis Viridis semper liberi homines" (Green mountain people are always free)

      "Now let's set the record straight. There's no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there's only one guaranteed way you can have peace—and you can have it in the next second—surrender.

      Admittedly, there's a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson of history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face—that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight or surrender. If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand—the ultimatum. And what then—when Nikita Khrushchev has told his people he knows what our answer will be? He has told them that we're retreating under the pressure of the Cold War, and someday when the time comes to deliver the final ultimatum, our surrender will be voluntary, because by that time we will have been weakened from within spiritually, morally, and economically. He believes this because from our side he's heard voices pleading for "peace at any price" or "better Red than dead," or as one commentator put it, he'd rather "live on his knees than die on his feet." And therein lies the road to war, because those voices don't speak for the rest of us.

      You and I know and do not believe that life is so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. If nothing in life is worth dying for, when did this begin—just in the face of this enemy? Or should Moses have told the children of Israel to live in slavery under the pharaohs? Should Christ have refused the cross? Should the patriots at Concord Bridge have thrown down their guns and refused to fire the shot heard 'round the world? The martyrs of history were not fools, and our honored dead who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Nazis didn't die in vain. Where, then, is the road to peace? Well it's a simple answer after all.

      You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, "There is a price we will not pay." "There is a point beyond which they must not advance." Winston Churchill said, "The destiny of man is not measured by material computations. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we're spirits—not animals." And he said, "There's something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty."

      You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.

      We'll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we'll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.

      Ronald Reagan, A time for choosing. 1964

    2. Toaster I posted this on 2/2/13:

      "It is a matter where we truly are. "Patriots" avoid this topic as a line or a point of no return. Frankly it places hippocracy where it the mirror. Until Americans square themselves with all issues concerning the Constitution and Bill of Rights instead of only the 2A there will be no counter revolution.
      To the heart TL. The Globalist Commies understand millions of remittance signatures as verified contractual agreement to the capitulation of the status quot. Murder of the unborn, financial support and arming of Islamist(treason), NDAA, gun running to Mexico,drone murder, etc. with Patriot finance is agreement thereof.

      There is no, "I will not comply", as we already are. I agree the 2A is maybe the last straw, but all amendments support each other.

      I haven't addressed the most fundamental truth about this funding. That is the Christian perspective. I will spare you the directives of God, but he will not!"

      I agree 100%. You cannot fund the revolutionist Commies and expect victory!

  22. Why not draw a line in the sand with the current push for more gun laws and the Rino's going along to get along. Perhaps we can get the GOA to help by constructing a letter along the lines of promising every rino that if they support ANY infringement on guns that we will not only refuse to support them but we will vote to support his opponent and also lobby family, friends, and neighbors to do the same. I have the right to use guns because it is a natural right, a God given right that is to be protected by government. If the bastards will not protect that right there is no point to providing them with any additional paychecks. I suspect the Bush, Rove, Dole, Gingrich, Boehner, McConnell, and all around spineless rino ruling elite will piss themselves but we have to start somewhere in the process of thinning the diseased herd. Is it too late to try this? Otherwise about the only course is what we are already doing...beans, bullets and bandaids.

  23. Gentlemen,

    There is a third option that removes the Federal Government but also allows it to continue.


    Allow portions of the States to go their separate ways in peace. The Mexicans are hungry to take California, AZ and New Mexico. Let them because in a decade or two it will happen by birth default anyway.

    The North West will probably go its own way as well, set up as a kind of Switzerland.

    The rest can stay under the sway of Washington. Or break up under different lines.

    All I can say is that we cannot go on like this. Tension like this is a terrible trigger and the whole country is roiling in it. Things can get out of hand quickly, too quickly for people to damp down once the fuze is lit.

  24. Only a very few unthinking, uneducated and simple minded low level politicians believe that disarming innocent civilians will make the "populace" safer.

    ALL of the rest KNOW that this is merely a "crisis" they can use to disarm Americans so they can be more easily controlled.

    None of them give a shit about the "safety" of OUR children.


  25. I never cease to be amazed by the people who still cling to their mythical ideology and expect some kind of change to occur. WTF folks, you're the ones still keeping us in the middle ages by not allowing any modernization of your brain housing group. You're still working with the same brain cells your grandpa had. Keep voting Dem or Repub, you've earned whatever befalls you.

  26. The government isn't broken; it's functioning as it has for the last 8000 or so years.

    "Civilization originates in conquest abroad and repression at home." ~Stanley Diamond, In Search of the Primitive: A Critique of Civilization, p. 1

    Conquest and repression remain in full effect.

  27. The solution to voting is not more voting.

    The solution is to just stop cooperating as Toaster 802 has said.

    All government operates on the voluntary cooperation of the populace. Bad things happen to gov'ts that lose that cooperation.

    Good things happen to uncooperative citizens.


  28. Forget this succession crap, this is my home and YOURS.
    Temporarily we may have to make adjustments, but no way am I letting Jackals and Hyenas feed off us and OUR national resources, no matter we have not been allowed to use them.

    So we make do , Doing Right aint' got no end.
    (Missouri Red Legs) Granny laughs. Josey metes out the Justice!

    This is our home nobody craps at my table and gets away with it for Long.
    TOO many men and women paid in BLOOD for this land.

    It is ours, it was ours and IT WILL BE AGAIN.

    3% changed the WORLD,
    6% will change the UNIVERSE, that is why HE gave it to us.

  29. This is precisely how Obama was able to win re-election. A sizable percentage of Republican voters realized the GOP would NEVER stand up to the Democrats' routine illegality and subversion of the Constitution. Why vote for the GOP when they will only betray the country & its history & its founders & its values as a constitutional republic?

    Many GOP voters had come to believe a vote for the Republicans was a wasted vote. So they practiced the civil disobedience of refusing to vote. That is the real message of Obama's re-election. Even little Barry thought he'd lost the election, and when his 'victory' occurred, he assumed he had a mandate for all his Marxist fundamental changes.

    It was that hubris that led him to launch the gun-owners' demonization drive. Voting in any future elections will likely see a 50% + dropoff in conservative voters. The country already crossed the Rubicon, the gun confiscation drive is just the objective proof for those who will see.

  30. Exactly, so we've already basically done what TL suggested to the tune of several million or so voters.

    My biggest concern about it is how much more ground is ceded that will have to then be reclaimed.

    Also, how much more time is allowed for the propaganda to sink in and affect some that might have been leaning to our side. People are easily swayed unfortunately.

    So what now?

  31. These jackals out to destroy this beautiful place called America, our home, can never destroy the essential thing about us.
    We believe in something better, larger, than ourselves.
    It is the linchpin of our essence as men of principles, of our moral compass, our Liberty, that we care about more than ourselves, that we believe that there is indeed the truth we can through the freedom of our primal rights, make this world better as we live, and leave this world a better place than we found it.
    The proof is all around us. From the truth this Republic of People has been under attack from it's founding for being free, prosperous and the shining light to all who seek the same. To the fact that today those forces of darkness believe they are on the cusp of ridding God's green earth of what they see as an abomination.
    The truth the fulcrum of tyranny is being levered with ferocity only as those who harbor evil intent to undo the light that Liberty has brought to this world can.

    But there is something indomitable about us and our Liberty. Something so hard to define, but so very profound for that very reason.

    It is the greatest paradigm of man. The idea we are free men no matter what. An idea that changed the world.
    That our Liberty is the linchpin of our being free.

    We can never loose our perspective of such things in the face of such evil. No arms, no laws, no power can ever have the force of the idea we are free men. We must never loose sight of this truth, this beautiful truth. The evil upon us rages against this crux of Liberty. It abhors the very idea that you and you and I and we can even think such a thing.

    Yes never give up your guns.

    But never ever give up the idea Liberty is yours. Never think it! Embrace this fundamental truth as nothing else you cherish. We out it we are lost. Without this integral component of your spirit you are lost. And no arms in the world can ever protect you from the evil that fills the void the loss of your inherent Liberty provides. Look upon the world around us! All those millions upon millions of lost souls. Souls who have lost their way. Souls without the dignity of Liberty, without the vision and moral compass the gospel of Liberty provides the soul. The faith of Liberty. This thing Liberty, it belongs to you as your soul and spirit belongs to you. It is as much a piece of who and what you are as the heart that beats within your chest.

    Before we take up and wield the might of the pen, or the wrath of our arms, remember well there is a far greater weapon. The very might that we are always, and always will be, free men.
    Never for a moment doubt, that it is both the source of our greatest strength as men, as a people.
    Never forget.

    This very idea is the existential threat to tyranny.
    It is the greatest most feared assault weapon in the arsenal of Liberty.

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