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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Anonymous: You Should Be Flash-Banged And Killed

In the comment section of "A Line In The Sand?" I received this comment:
My response to each charge is below the italics, it was not a conversation.

And you nutjobs wonder why the Department of Justice and our military are now considering right wing "patriot" groups and militia members as potential domestic terrorists?

Do we wonder why the Department of Justice and our military are now considering us potential domestic terrorists, or was it the other way round? Didn't they first identify us as domestic terrorists several years ago? Haven't they acted as terrorists themselves? The DHS purchased over a billion rounds of hollow point bullets illegal for use in war against a foreign power, but apparently acceptable for domestic use? What should we conclude from that?

This thread gives them all the reasons necessary for such a claim.

Some comments might have been overblown or excessive, but only in reaction to a disabled veteran of Iraq being arrested for having empty 30 round magazines. Nathan Haddad had no police record and had been heralded in the local paper as an inspiration to the community. People were angry and rightfully so. Good people are being arrested because they happened to still have a few magazines they brought back from a deployment that they were not required to turn in?.

"Sending flowers" to threaten a law enforcement officer's family? Deciding that law enforcement officers who enforce laws with which you disagree are "oath breakers" and need to be assaulted?

They are not laws with which we disagree they are clearly unconstitutional. There is no provision whatsoever in the Second Amendment for infringement of any kind. That these laws are in place and are being prosecuted already proves that the officers are Oathbreakers. It doesn't have to do with this law, it has to do with the fact that they have never stood up when the first round of gun laws were passed. I don't recall anyone suggesting that the officers be assaulted. The worst I heard was that they should be encouraged to rethink their oath and whether they were abiding by it. At worst, however, those were empty threats in an online forum not something to be considered a valid, palpable threat.

When the flash-bang comes through your window, you'll have about 2 seconds to prepare yourself for eternity. That will be a good day.

So, for a few empty threats and hyperbole it is the conclusion of "Anonymous" that we should be flash-banged and killed. Killed. For writing words in the heat of emotion at the excesses and abuses of the government. Because we feel angry about a veteran getting a raw deal by police officers, we should be killed. By whom? The police. The commenter suggests that if the police were to come into our homes without any warning, set off a flash bang and summarily shoot us for writing these words, it would be a just killing. A just killing because we spoke out, because we expressed our horror at what? Police abuses and excess.

Irony, don't you love it?

But, this only illustrates the issues on a larger scale. We, in the patriot/liberty community, believe that police powers have been granted in way too many ways in our lives; that police powers have been extended to federal officials who do not have the training or sensitivity of a local police department responsible to the people. We believe that the Constitutional rights we have are inalienable and that any law restricting a right is illegal. Otherwise one must argue that slavery is allowable by certain local jurisdictions. We believe that we have a right to due process, not summary execution. We believe that to enter a home one must produce a warrant.

Anonymous does not. By this comment Anonymous believes that the police should have the power to flash bang and kill anyone who speaks out against police or an unjust law. The last I heard in order for a threat of any kind to violate the law it has to be made out against a particular individual and the person making the threat has to have motive and opportunity to do so. Even then, even if any of that were true, which it is not, it is a charge worthy of bringing against an individual, not a group and certainly not cause to use a flash bang to disorient the suspect and to summarily execute him.

If this is indeed the attitude of police officers across the nation; if it is seen by them as a justifiable action to take against bloggers and those who comment on their blogs, then we are already much too far behind the curve, because we live in a complete and total police state and there is just cause and reason to rebel.

The sad part is, there are many in the law enforcement community who feel exactly as Anonymous does. It is what makes this struggle important. It is why we cannot ever let up. I read where the NY SAFE Act was going to be challenged. Nathan Haddad is one reason, this commenter is another.


  1. Who wouldn't be anonymous with thinking like that?

    "Deciding that law enforcement officers who enforce laws with which you disagree are 'oath breakers' and need to be assaulted?"

    Why, no. It should be politicians and judges who decide who gets assaulted by the law enforcement officers. Or we could do it "civilly" and have a mob decide. Or both, and have a mob have the politicians decide.

    Or hell, let's go all decide.

  2. The CDM in this country are a very violent people. They don't abhor violence... they love it. They rely on it.

    What we see as tyranny, they see as freedom. Freedom from choice. Freedom from responsibility. They want most of their choices made for them.

    They won't ever admit it, of course. It's a very, very dark state of mind. They ignore that truth by convincing themselves they are free, mostly by exercising petty control over others.

    They have envisioned a brilliant utopia.. for all of us.. and are more than happy to use violence to try and make it happen.

    There's no debating with these people. They view everything in a lens where any time freedom is taken from the people, and given to the State, that is a good thing.

    We aren't going to change their ways. They aren't going to stop. Eventually, there are only two was this can end:

    1) Separation, as in secession
    2) Death, for both of us, victor uncertain

    Time's running out, but I do believe we still have time to peacefully secede. Or try to anyway. We know how it worked out last time.

    But at least with secession there is a chance at peace.

    1. "What we see as tyranny, they see as freedom. Freedom from choice. Freedom from responsibility."

      Damn, that's good. That's the whole thing, isn't it? Freedom from human life.

  3. I'll say this RIGHT NOW. The moment they start SWAT teaming and killing citizens because we don't want to live under the yoke of tyranny patriots should go visit these criminal LEO's who ALL live in the community. On their way to church, while at the doughnut shop, grocery store, or in the dark of night. I'm saying it right now...Citizens in their own communities should take them out right off the bat and could easily be done. I foresee it. I foresee police, judge and politicians houses burning. This is all it would take for the raids to CEASE FAST. The Military will be split and we will win. TL, their side means to win and will kill us and our families without batting an eye. They will send drones with Hellfire Missiles to blow our houses up while we are sound asleep with our children. IF it does start we need to end it HARD and fast and even more ruthlessly. This is how you win a fight. I've been in a LOT of them. This is what must be done if we want to win because the other side is arrogant and committed. They think they can win easily. I'll say to the LEO's right now This scenario is exactly what is planned for you and you will all be taken out very quickly. IF you think people aren't planning and if you think they don't know their own AO, you are wrong. If ordered to stack, GO HOME and TURN IN YOUR BADGES if you want to live. I'm serious and this is a warning because the math doesn't work out well for you if you side with the system. They know this and want you dead as well. Yes, I have to post this anonymously because these are the days of retribution, not because I'm a coward. We all have to be alive for what's coming down.

    1. "Yes, I have to post this anonymously because these are the days of retribution, not because I'm a coward."


      You don't think the powers that be can figure out who you are.

      Are you the same person who defended Storm Clouds Gathering?

      Are you the same person who asked me what I HAVE DONE?

      If that is you, I will dignify a RESPONSE to you this time.

      Otherwise, come out from the dark there sonny and sack up. Quite hiding behind your keyboard.

    2. No that wasn't me on any account. I don't normally hide but I have things to do and I want to be able to wreak much more havoc that maybe taking a couple storm troopers out with me. No no no..I've got much bigger and better plans for them should they attack us:) I suspect many do.

  4. They talk and talk of grand ideas and these magnificient fix-alls to societies woes. Any incredulity on your part, even the slightest of eyebrow raises, crossed arms or other expressions of disbelief and they turn the whole WRATH loose on you.

    Except that it's some one else administering that wrath. Just like it's always someone else's money that is funding their great social works. And someone else's labor, laying the bricks, framing the walls...

    Mediocre, timid little people. The sooner we get this whole mess drug out into the sunlight, the quicker they will all dry up and blow away. This collapse thing cannot happen soon enough for me.

  5. look into irs raid on small business let me hear your opinion

  6. Here you go, my comment:

  7. THERES A six year old little girl who will never see a normal life again in glendale arizona,because when the police gang hit the wrong house they knew it before hand,in so doing they raveged the family and just to show the family who was in control they BASHED in that little girls face,when they took her to the hospital her eye was hanging on her cheek,her jaw was broken in several places and she had a brain damage and her teeth were knocked out,not to mention the cuts all the way through her cheek,ALL FROM A POLICE GANG RIFLE BUTT.........the mother,father and 12 year old son didn't fare well either...........SO why don't all you bleeding hearts,explain the reason this was needed to be done, I think most of you will wind up in a fema camp anyway,so lets hear all the support for the terrorists in blue.......cause your turn is coming..................

    1. Crickets....We Are A Nation of Cowards......

  8. If the police did that to a little girl and nothing has been done about it then its over no one in this country will make a stand for anything.

  9. Like ann barnhardt said we deserve what we are going to get.

  10. Alright, there's like 5 different "anonymouses" (anonymi?). Six now, including me.
    I'm so confused.
    Am I the good guy, or the bad guy. So hard to tell.


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