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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Your Bunk in the Work Camp

The Second Amendment serves no purpose other than the right of the people to rebel against a tyrannical and oppressive government. During the gun-control debate I have heard every argument under the sun both pro (gun control) and con. The most disturbing statements made during the debate is over hunting. The Second Amendment does not protect hunting. It does not even protect self-defense. It protects the people's right to bear arms against a government operating against the rights of the people. That we might use these weapons in our spare time to provide food for our tables, or defend ourselves against criminals, well, that's just the "well-regulated" part of the right to keep and bear arms.

Here we are at the mercy of a tyrannical government which has militarized our local police departments into standing armies amongst us. They are no longer our protectors, but the stick wielded by the tyrants in office. To what degree these forces refuse to follow orders and side with the people will be welcomed with a great sigh of relief, but being charged with protecting us against the abuses of government is no longer in their charter.

In any case our weapons of resistance to the injustices being inflicted upon us are now being sought by government officials of every station. They have compiled databases of our names and addresses through every means at their disposal. They understand the ways in which they might interdict efforts and intercept our communications. They know how to do what they want to do, they are just waiting to see which methods will be the most effective and least costly to them.

Your draft notice came with pronouncements of intent to disarm you by these legislators in open forums. They have declared their hostility to the one document that gives any of them an ounce of power or authority under our system: the Constitution of the United States of America. If you are a citizen thereof and seek the protections of the rights guaranteed within that document, you have been declared an enemy of the state.

Act like it.

There are only two roles to play: 1) one who gives aid and comfort to government corruption and abuse; or 2) one who gives aid and comfort to resistance to that corrupt and abusive government.

I don't know how more clearly to define the role of a patriot here. Will you watch as TSA becomes the new Gestapo? Will you cower before the police forces who have become the new SS troops?

In America there are somewhere close to 60 million deer hunters with high-powered rifles and optics.

It is suggested that somewhere around 6 million people have concealed carry permits.

These are millions and millions of people who have some dog in this fight. Let them bark.

In days before I have suggested a congress gather and lay out our grievances against the open violation of the Constitution, the violation of almost every personal right from the right to speak and write and the free exercise of religion; to the right to keep and bear arms; to the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures; to the right against self incrimination; to the right to fair trials, where any absolving evidence might be used; to the rights we all have that are not declared in the Bill of Rights (Ninth Amendment); to the right of any state to claim and exercise laws not specifically given to the federal government (Tenth Amendment). Is there anyone who can claim realistically, through reason, not through judicial review, that each and every right has been violated by federal law on a routine basis?

Now, the government is testing the waters for a wholesale violation of the Second Amendment, the last and only check on their abuses. It has been sworn by organization after organization that they will stand up to such efforts with the solemnity of vows to us and I see nothing happening.

They have organized no protests. They have remained their cool and seem willing to debate the issue when an absolute line needed to be drawn past which the federal government would not be wise to cross. We act as if we have already lost this last and greatest battle against the tyrants in public office.

This is not about membership in Oathkeepers, or the NRA or Gun Owners of America. This is about the ability of the people to be secure in any of their rights. Once the Second Amendment is abused to the point of all the others, the game is lost. While you might not know what that means, let me explain it to you.

They will come for your weapons and will treat you like a criminal to get them. They will make you criminals to get them. A federal government so far in debt as this one is going to need to make some drastic changes to society and they know how to do it. Consider the fact that it is now illegal to hold religious views against abortion and refuse to pay for abortions. There is no consideration to the "free exercise thereof."

The federal government cannot allow you to have weapons when they decide to do what I strongly believe they will do, which is to crash the dollar to pay the national debt. The agreements say that all of these debts must be repaid in U.S. Dollars, it doesn't say that the dollar has to be worth anything. When they do that and chaos ensues, there cannot be all of these weapons in the hands of people who have suddenly watched everything they ever owned or work for become worthless.

These are the finals acts of despotism rising to the surface. You see them, don't you? Or will you review the events of the past several months and shake your head at the many opportunities you had to stop it all, but were afraid to look like a nutcase? You can think back on all of that from your bunk in the work camp, separated from your wives and children who are in similar camps miles away.

The crime you will have committed that landed all of you there? You refused to turn over that rifle your grandfather gave you the day he took you deer hunting for the first time. So, you buried it and when they questioned your family, your child at school, they let it slip that you had buried one gun somewhere.

The trouble is, by not fighting for that one right, you lost all of them for yourself and your children forever.


  1. I have said it before and I will say it again.. WE just need to do the Declaration of Independence. Maybe petition it to the new Outhouse.

    This time with our signatures on it .
    If that is not enough, well then we do not need the weapons and might as well get on the cattle cars.

    Soylent Green here we come.

    Pretty much the same stuff still applies, Rights are rights and wrongs are still wrong.

    We just issue it again and let what will be be.

    1. A declaration of independence would suggest that we are stepping out of America, dividing from it. What I want is to divide the traitors and criminals from America, to oust them from power, but to retain the form of government we have now, that, with powers in hand they can be tried for treason and hung.

    2. If I may, I love our Constitution. If we manage to reinstate it, what will safeguard it from another assault and abuse just as it is experiencing now but only quicker since it already has a history of abuse?
      Oops... A good prosecution and hanging or two would probably be a good deterrent.

    3. Only the People can safeguard it. There is no document anywhere with the power to punish anyone or to prevent anyone from ignoring it.
      We need to restore our Constitution, because while it may be flawed, there is absolutely no other way to enforce it.
      Our Founders knew this day would come, even as they were writing the document. They warned us to remain vigilant (and they didn't expect us to last this long without serious internal bloodshed... and, well, we didn't really - see the War of Northern Aggression).
      Restore what worked, then warn the future to be ever vigilant. We can do no more than the original Founders did (at least, I can't figure out how, maybe someone smarter than me can).
      I could go on about why we can't do this or that to ensure this doesn't happen again, but the primary reason is that any enforcement arm put into place, other than the People themselves, will grow too sure of itself and will in time became the tyranny we despise.

  2. I was born here in the US, at 6 years old I, with my siblings were taken to Scotland and raised there through the majority of our school years. My point is!! How can the American born public not know or understand what the 2nd Ammendment is all about?? I can't believe they have become so blind that they can't see what is happening right in front of them!! I'm a little disgusted to say the least but I know I love my country and I understand what rights I have..............I will utilize them :)

  3. TL, are you saying we need to pick a few of these daisys?

  4. What part about 2.8 million new gun purchases in December do you traitor bastards in Washington not comprehend. These people didn't purchase expensive AR15's and AK's to give them to you buttstock first. They didn't purchase the remainder of the available ammo in the US to help you Commies with the 2A demise. Not no but fuck no!
    I hope I'm around to get a front row seat after the reset as you politicians are tried with the same justice you are purveying to veterans and We the People. I also pray and would give my last worthless dollar to watch you hang until the Ravens pick your bleached bones. I'm just a little pissed off and soon I'm gonna get real.

  5. All is not lost yet, TL, try to not let the inaction cause you to be discouraged. We're only in Act 3 Scene 2, if you'll allow the example. And I'll venture to say that your writings have influenced many that otherwise would have been indifferent, but are now resolute in standing up when it's time. Yes, I agree that this could have been averted several times over the past 20 odd years, but the near future is the focus, not what could have been.

  6. My favorite quote has recently become:

    "Our forefathers would have been shooting by now."

    I can only hope that I can be worthy of the legacy that my forefathers have left before me.

  7. The government goons will supply your next set of weapons. All you need is one round and a way to shoot it.

    See also: Liberator pistol.

  8. Bloodyspartan, Have you become such a pussy to believe that "WE just need to do the Declaration of Independence. Maybe petition it to the new Outhouse."???? Your silly. We are long past the "just" point. When the anti gun crowd is going after the leagle hunters and declaring them to be the problem -we have gone long past the "just" position. These anti's are very serious about what they want. Did you not notice what has happened in Austrailia and Britian?
    The time for action is very close on all sides. When they pass "the law" it will begin the leagle war. We gun owners will be more demonized than you can imagine. Remember they have FEMA camps, our gun purchace records, our emails, our military records, our everythings and our families to hold over our heads. What will you do when the SWAT team hits your neighborhood?
    The problem has to be stopped before that. A stand has to be taken but in a way that our supporters are behind us. We have to deminize the ones that want to get rid of our rights. Rights has to be the issue not guns. Guns make the populous nervous. If we begin to form in camps the cops will bust us. We are already prepared. We don't need the attention of the news media about some gun nuts forming in camps, shit we can assemble in a minute when it's required. Would any force in their right mind want to face a small or large group of well armed deer hunters? My .308 begins to bark at 700 yards if necessary. We know our terrain better than them. It is time for us to shout NO. If every one goes out and fires one shot at 9PM on a given night accross the country wouldn't that be a vote? TL your one of our mouth pieces we need the help of a honest leader. Got any more sugesstions?

    1. He he, 9PM ...past me bed time but a vote it would be!

  9. Since so many are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get the ball rolling, I would encourage a good reading of a military leader who is still being studied by tacticians. Here are but a couple of his tactics that have worked well for thousands of years. Pay close attention to what he says about numerically small forces.

    -If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.
    - Sun Tzu, the Art of War

    "The art of using troops is this:
    ......When ten to the enemy's one, surround him;
    ......When five times his strength, attack him;
    ......If double his strength, divide him;
    ......If equally matched you may engage him;
    ......If weaker numerically, be capable of withdrawing;
    ......And if in all respects unequal, be capable of eluding him,
    ..........for a small force is but booty for one more powerful."
    - Sun Tzu, the Art Of War

  10. Good news, bad news. Here's some very good news first. Millions of weapons and rounds and mags aren't flying off the shelves because a bunch of people suddenly yearn for deer meat. Nor are they selling because millions of Joe Does want to become criminals in a few months. They're flying off those shelves for the right reason--millions of people believe their lives are worth defending in any scenario, and they want to be prepared. This is wholly rational and wholly good.

    Here's the bad news. I smell a trap...not for those people, but for the people who are more in tune with what's actually going on, like most of the readers here. By pretending that "the issue" is the legality or illegality of personal defense, everything else is overlooked. [Plus, there's an implicit acknowledgement that this could be a matter of legality, a huge mistake in itself.]

    Intellectually, if nothing comes of a gun ban, you're left in the position of, "See? There was nothing to worry about. Rights are still very much intact in this country. So now we'll move forward and enslave you all just as we were."

    Please don't misunderstand. Of course it's all about guns and defense. They couldn't do their deeds without the power AND without everyone going along. Of course the 2nd Amendment is the ONLY thing that truly distinguished this country and made it what it was; it doesn't take a history scholar to understand that. The huge force in the hands of the people is what gave them power over tyranny, that and nothing else. That's the way it always was, and that's the way it figures to stay...AS LONG AS those armed citizens don't continue to yap, "Yeah, we endorse what you're doing. Please, give us more."

    THAT'S the issue and THAT'S the only thing that can change anything. And unfortunately, this can only change one mind at a time. You can't force it; you can't make it happen in others; you can't do anything but try and persuade and wake people up...which is what TL and a zillion others have been trying to do through the Internet.

    Sorry, but there's nothing else to do UNTIL an actual man with an actual weapon comes to YOU to try and take what's yours, whether your property or your life. We want the comfort and aid of others, but it doesn't matter. We can work with others--whether a protest or a Congress or a Citadel--but ultimately only one man can fire one weapon and only HE can decide if and when he's going to do it.

    I'm probably not being clear again. I'm just trying to make the point that this is a time for focus, and focus on the actual issues. As Anonymous at 8:26 put it, "Rights has to be the issue not guns." Right. Guns aren't an "issue." They are the means by which rational men defend themselves when thugs refuse to act like men and deal with others volitionally.

    You're being thrown into bankruptcy first, and then into outright slavery. The "issue," at least for the moment IMO, is to make it very clear to anyone who will listen, "Uh, no. That ain't gonna happen, at least not while I'm alive." That's all a single individual can do. When enough single individuals do it, then one lives in a free society again.

  11. As I watch the series about the Revolutionary War on the History channel I am stunned and reminded how WE got to this place. When we see the sacrifices made by these men that fought, sacrificed, froze, bled and died to creat this America I am humbeled. When I see how the government which consists of these politicians I am bitter with tears. How has this grand dream of freedom become so perverted to what we know of and call our government today I am brought to tears. I say tears because if I turn it to anger I have no plce to vent it, currently.
    Who can say they are for what the politicians have perverted the laws and policies of this countries. We have lost our freedom of speach. We have lost our freedom to assemble and protest. We have lost our freedom to vote. We have a two party system voted for, on and by the two parties thaat are in power. Our country has been stolen from us.
    We do not have a say on taxes, yet we had it as one of our foundations. No taxation without representation. Is any one for the 16.4 trillion owed by our government? Do we agree on how we got to owe it?
    Read the beginning of the Declaration of Indepenadance. Read all of it. Read the Bill of Rights. Can we say we are still in the same zone of thought that our Founding Fathers and citiczens had when the country was formed?
    What happened to our country? Where are we? Who will join the fight to take the country and our rights back when the call goes out? Gun controll isn't about guns, it's about controll.........
    (If it was about guns wouldn't something have happened about Chicago (o'bama and Emanuel's home town) before the death count rose to over 500 in 2012?)
    What shall our battle cry be? As for me give me Liberty or give me death?
    Just as a last thought, Could some one print up a deck of playing cards, possible more than 1 deck, like we had in Iraq with the top 52 worst Liberals, and repubs, that need recognition for their policies.

    1. A million bucks just waiting to be made..."Looter Collectibles."

      Now THAT'S how you build; nice!

    2. Dear ANON @ 4 JAN wonder how the USA has gotten to this point ? Simple. The citizens have welcomed it. When 97% of ALL politicians are REELECTED this is what we have. They do as they fucking want. From dogcatcher all the way up to the illegal piece of garbage sitting in the West Wing or vacationing across the globe on our backs. Blame your mother, your father, your sister your brother, your spouse, your neighbor, your co-workers, your friend and just about every other American that crosses your path. Hell....blame yourself as I bet, dollars to donuts, you've voted for incumbent scumbags. Haven't you.

      You, we, us, them....thats how we got to be on the FUSA Titanic.

      DAN III
      "There Are Enemies Amongst Us"

  12. Dan111, your right. WE elected them. WE weren't given much of a choice, only who THEY put in front of us to vote for mostly. I don't believe we can get enough support from the sheepel to change the system. If you have ever met a politician you will realize how plastic they are. I have worked with "stars" of all kinds and 99% of them are out of touch with reality also. The news media are phonies and the whole list of those that think they are famous are out of touch with reality. The office workers, the TV watchers and the general populous are out to lunch.
    Yes, "there are enemies amongst us" This is going to be a tough fight as all fights are. I think one of the best things we can hope for is to have a natural disaster assist us.
    So who's making the cards?

  13. There is as TL says a bunk, or a gulag, a bullet in the back of your head waiting for you, or the slavery of tyranny, whether you have a gun or not, whether you resist or comply.
    If you have difficulty wrapping your noodle around this, consider something quite evident but not discussed hardly at all.
    Where is the voices, or just the one voice needed of reason, I ask you?
    Where are the leaders who cry out for reason?
    It is reason that created this Republic. It is the gun that made it possible. To suppose taking that gun from us is for our safety is absurd. We are again come full circle to the beginning of this Republic. It is again the same fight.
    Where are the leaders who understand we are at the brink of a civil war of revolution for the very same things, leaders who understand once this line we as a people and nation are standing on is crossed, there is no turning back. If reason is applied, there is no going back to what we know and enjoy now either.
    About those leaders, well the president himself is instrumental in all of this turmoil, he himself is the one who with a simple few words would bring to heed cool minds and reason discourse. That is really the crux of his job. But he, like every single "representative" of the people are mum.

    This to me is a tragedy of our times, one of our own making, it is these instigators and enablers who are fanning the flames and pouring gasoline on them. It is these people who got to where they are with the blessing of a people who forgot the past. A real life example of the idiom that those who ignore the past take a dirt nap first, or end up in a bunk in a "re-education" camp.

    There is an anger coursing through the veins of this country, pent up and it's gourde is building. What is the match that lights this conflagration nobody knows, but it looks surely to come and you best be prepared because life you know is not going to be the life you will know.

    It a conflict of brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, a trial where the worst comes out in many, and tries the best of the rest of us.

    At the root of all this is the time old ages tested true strategy of divide and conquer of the dictator. Whether it is a class of dictators or one, there is no direct bearing on what looks ready to unfold with a vengeance upon us. This tyranny's been a long time coming. It is a juggernaut on a downhill course and it has no brakes. Even it it had, there is no one to put them on.
    That is why we are on our own here, it is the gulag for you Pal!

    It is well that we all if we are to survive with our Liberty intact we remember no matter what comes to us who the real enemy is. Who your real enemies are. And make lots of friends. Lots of them.
    We all got to stick together, aside from the gun, it is all we got going for us.
    And go after them enemies with a vengeance.
    No quarter.
    No mercy.

    See, there is something inherently unique in a people who have known Liberty. They are the most tolerant humans on earth. It is the nature of Liberty itself, that unconditional being of freedom to prosper and live as one see's fit, that this special ingredient also lends grace to ones respect and care for others, no matter how they digress or trespass. It is this grace that is saving us all, the good the bad and the ugly.
    But once that tolerance has been abused and taken for granted, once it has been used up, you end up unleashing something terrible in these same people of Liberty, something with a vengeance, a retribution, a resolve of comeuppance that has no equal in it's fury and might...

    1. ...Is it not the truth of things?
      Can you sense it?
      Something pent up?

      While we as a people can only be our own worst enemy in a Constitutional Republic, it takes some serious doing, a real hard core plan and people who are the most dastardly blood thirsty animals, (and I rightly can not call them humans, except as megalomaniacs and psychopaths), to subvert over a centuries time this paradise of Liberty and Prosperity into a tyrants dream of home sweet home tyranny and serfdom.

      Remember, right now, it's fear as a weapon and a tactic, and a strategy, all in one waged upon our arses. Get the people afraid, as Aristotle said - “Tyrants preserve themselves by eliminating men of spirit who might lead a revolution, by humbling the people, and making them incapable of decisive action.”
      And in our time, use a crisis as a means to make folks afraid, get the humble and the meek and the hateful to go along with your plans to eliminate those who are not afraid, the brave who will not abide by this madness and treason.

      This all of course boils down to the gun.
      And without doubt, personal Liberty and Freedoms, which these two wonderful all empowering things is what you will be fighting for. Because without these two treasures of unalienableness, you can't protect your woman or your meat our your castle from those who know better than you what you are going to do with your meat, your woman, your castle. And without the gun, well you can't protect any of those things, Including yourself, from those who know better.

      The irony of it all is this is all boiled down to a conflict over the gun, who gets to keep it and who gets to be ruled by it, who gets to rule by it, and, who gets to be free from rule because of it.

  14. MTP,

    Your words are ringing of tiring animosity and I feel it. We just want to be left alone to our ability and grace from God.

    This tyrant you speak of only has power at our digression. The greedy monsters at the wheel controlling this mouth piece in the Peoples House will never have satisfaction even if they manage our Liberty lost. But if I am to loose my freedom it won't be at the expense of my soul and I will meet my Lord with the blood of Satan's sons on my sword.

    I am glad we have each other for now. We have made Liberty of grave importance to us and all that love us. May we make them proud.

  15. Me too 33rd P, Bravo!

    Rightfully so you say.
    Only at our expense.
    The cost has become too much.
    It is payback time.
    It is a big bill.


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