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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

With Tomorrow In Doubt

Barack Obama has never acted like a president. At every juncture, he has acted as a king. Listen to his speeches. No matter how many people are involved in legislation, he always terms it: "I passed sweeping new legislation to...."

Is there any reason to doubt that he will deal with the gun issue any other way? What does history teach us, where Obama is concerned? I just ask you to look at the facts. He rammed the massively unpopular health care act down the throats of over 60% of the people in the dark of night with tricks, maneuvers and lies. When people initially balked at the health care overhaul, what did he do? He encouraged labor unions to get out and counter-protest the Obamacare protesters.

He showed the Catholics and other Christians where to get off by making them pay for abortions with tax dollars. It doesn't matter if the Catholic Church got a waiver, the people who fill the pews are paying for it.

Obama practices a hardcore, in-your-face type of Chicago politics and he means to have his way with gun control. The propagandists in the media are on his side to turn whatever protest there might be against gun control into a horror show for Mr & Mrs Go-Along-To-Get-Along sitting in front of their TVs.

It all works together in his world. The weakening of the Fourth Amendment in order to catch DUIs and terrorists is used to intimidate and corral those who would use the First Amendment against his policies. The weakening of the Fourth Amendment and the Fifth Amendment work to ensure that any executive order issued to confiscate guns will be successful in discovering weapons and forcing citizens to incriminate themselves in order to avoid jail time, after which they will never be allowed to own a sharp knife. Doing away with the Second Amendment will ensure that no other right will be invoked to derail his policies.

Is an Executive Order legal to alter an Amendment to the Constitution? No, but it will take months and months to work its way through the courts and by the time it gets to the Supreme Court it will be handled exactly the way Obamacare was handled. Having been in place and having done all the damage Obama needs for it to do, the Supreme Court can rule any way that it wants to no effect. Meanwhile, the supposed Second Amendment advocates will have sat on the sidelines, waiting to get their confiscated weapons back without a peep. Oh, yeah, maybe one or two weapons go off in the struggle, but it will not be significant.

That is unless we take a hard look at the realities of our position and realize that our fight is not just over the Second Amendment, but all of them. That if they force us to raise our weapons over this issue, we should not lay them down until all of the others have been resolved. Including a Supreme Court more accountable to their oaths.

Hunters, sportsmen and veterans of wars, I ask you to look out on Arlington Cemetery, at the rows and rows of headstones there and ask yourself if their lives were worth less than yours? If their time was more desperate than these? They had children, they had wives, they had mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. Each stone, and others elsewhere, represent a life cut short in service to the Constitution, which guarantees the rights you risk by your silence and your inaction.

It has been asked of me what I would have the readers of this blog do. Would I ask them to stand up against the police forces of the cities and the towns, of the militaries of the states and nation? Would I ask them to risk their lives by assembling with weapons to deter the dictates of a corrupt federal government bent on their enslavement?

No. I would not. It is not for me to ask anything of the brave men and women of the nation to do anything. If that question does not arise organically from within, who am I to ask it?

But, the question is being put to them from another quarter: from the politicians in Washington, from the President, from their children and grandchildren. What will they do? Will they go to work on the day of the signing of everyone's rights into oblivion? Will they guard their oppressors from the rightful wrath of the oppressed? Will they stand aside while the tyrants in government of all forms obliterate the last glimpse of liberty left on the planet?

I have prepared my family for the future. I have given instructions. I have looked into the eyes of my children and they know where I stand. I have explained to them what happens when any government is given absolute power over the people. It has happened many times in the history of the earth on many continents, throughout the ages. We are unique only in the fact that it has not, until now, occurred on this soil, to my people.

Yes, many of our citizens are on the other side, they see opportunity in the destruction of liberty for the sake of loot. They have been taught that ours is a society not worth defending, that our values are responsible for every malady of Mankind. They have been turned by the opposition. God help them, for they know not what they do.

Everything visible in the United States today is the product of the willingness of patriots to fight the forces of totalitarianism wherever it has presented a threat to individual freedom of the American people. That these freedoms have created wealth with which we have largely abolished poverty (at least the type of desperate poverty apparent in every other nation). That these freedoms and the amassing of capital has raised the lifestyle of the American people above all others (until our foolish and corrupt leadership abandoned that freedom in search of popular socialism). That these freedoms have created the best health care available (again, until our corrupt leadership abandoned those principles in favor of collectivism). It is only where our society has been touched by collectivism that it has begun to disintegrate.

Misery and desperate poverty can be the only outcomes of the systematic destruction of our society those in power now seek.

It has long begun and only now is the final test of power between those who would oppress and those who would shake off the yoke of collectivism to revitalize the freedoms which have brought us so much prosperity throughout the centuries; which have given us the leisure by which to enjoy every other thing; which have given us a system to air our grievances and to expect a redress of those grievances.

Tomorrow is in doubt.

My pledge, my oath, to those who would stand against the forces of oppression has been given many times. It has come to our generation to look inward at the oppression. It sickens us to do so, it tears at our loyalties to have to choose one course or another. The American people should never have been asked to be loyal to the Constitution or to the government. They should never be allowed to exist separately, but today they do and we must choose.

My choice was made long ago, when I read the words of our founding and understood them as a warning against such days as these. I ask only that I be allowed to stand in brotherhood with all who value freedom. That I might contribute my time here on earth to the eternal struggle against oppression. That I earn a place in the ground beside those who have gone before and done the work that has provided me with the knowledge of liberty I have known.


  1. John Jay has some good thoughts about the near future, sounds accurate to me.

  2. TL, I want to thank you for what you do. While I have no idea whether any sort of victory will be achieved, it will be the honor of my lifetime to fight, bleed and die among such honorable men as answer this call. I only await the announcement of this thug government on their plan to disarm us. It is my hope that in knowing others are resisting we each will draw courage and strength and face what fate is ours with all of the honor of our Fathers. Godspeed. -55six

  3. I guess the die has been cast. I (we) wait. I most probably can forget the camping with the grandkids this summer.

    Godspeed to all. Lets win this one honorably.

    De oppresso liber. Who dares, wins.

    Well then Goddammit, Rangers, lead the way!


    P.S. FBHO!

  4. If this is done and I believe it will be. Particularly by executive order. I consider it a direct call to the militia to assemble and take action.

    I very much agree with TL. No stopping until we are able to return completely to the Constitutional Republic that was originally established.

    That is our challenge. To not allow them to rise and be the "saviors" but to take hold of the transition and move the Country back to it's roots.

    I honestly have very little doubt in the outcome militarily. It might take time but we do have the numbers and more importantly, God.

    What I fear most is the transition period near the end of hostilities. When we are ready to move toward reforming the government. That process needs to be planned for NOW, in some way. We cannot allow there to be any vacuum to give a chance for the libs to slip back in.

    We're already essentially at war so discussing and setting strategy is appropriate.

  5. This will go viral: God protect this hero!

    This man is for real! Web site...

  6. Mr. Davis....I just re-read your 8 MAR 12 essay "They Will Come For You". That essay is more applicable 10 months later than even when you first penned it.

    One of your most enlightened and pertinent essays to today's situation. "They Will Come For You" helps to resolve some thoughts.


  7. Once again, I find myself at a loss for more eloquent words than others have already spoken, both here, as well as on many other liberty/patriot oriented blogs. Although I am a USAF "brat", I never actually had the distinct honor of serving. However, I may now finally have that chance, as "that question" has now arisen "organically from within" me. I pray, in the name of my savior Jesus Christ, that God grant strength to all those whom I may be called to proudly fight beside, and possibly die beside, in very near future.

    Alan S. Pedersen
    Fort Mill, SC

  8. This is a petition to impeach Obama. Sign it. It's probably our last option.


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