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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Art of Tyranny

There are those who are trying to make a difference, to put up some resistance to the inevitable gun control legislation worming its way through legislatures across the nation and through the U.S. Congress. This information was relayed to me through the blog Virginia Freedom.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) will be holding their annual lobby day rally on January 21st, taking up the issue of gun control at the state capitol.

The West Virginia Citizens Defense League will be holding a rally on January 19th, with supporters from several surrounding states in attendance to remind Joe Manchin of his responsibilities.

If you are in the area and can lend a hand, then do.

The bigger issue, though, is not to temper to gun control legislation the way it appears the NRA is willing to do. At this point we should be demanding that all illegal gun control legislation be repealed, not amended, not adjusted.

I have been outraged as I have watched liberties fall one by one, rights treated as if they are not rights at all, but the privileges of a benevolent government. I hold all rights jealously.

I know that for hundreds of millions of Americans rights are inconsequential and even obstructive to their desires. To them, the government is a source of income and a partner in their survival. They feel victimized to some degree and look to the government to punish someone for their lot in life. They want what they want and they expect the government to use the power of the courts and law enforcement to give it to them. They don't care where it comes from or who gets hurt by it. They just want it and there are willing traitors in government to give it to them to retain power.

We are at a point in American evolution where voters who pay no federal taxes, who demand subsidies from the government are in greater number and better organized than those who pay those federal taxes and demand nothing from the federal government except adherence to the Constitution.

The Constitutional Republic is dead, we have metamorphosed into a democracy with all the dangers inherent to a democracy revealed in every broadcast of the news. America cannot long survive the demands of a democracy, it is not suited to it. So, there must be war.

With so many millions of Americans contemptuous of our rights, because they feel threatened by freedom rather than understanding the responsibility that comes with it, there can be no unifying moment. There will be only more heated demands to take from us the rights which protect us from them, which protect our property from them, which protects our liberty from them. They want it and they have the votes to get it.

I wish it were a more complicated equation than that, that somehow it could be shown that after passing through this historical epoch, that greater liberty and universal freedom would be won. But, history teaches another lesson: one of depression and economic collapse, of a re-ordering of the political system that leads to the deaths of millions of citizens on the losing side of politics.

What I have come to understand in recent days is that with debts far greater than we can ever repay; with no willingness of the general public to deny themselves the largess they have come to expect from the federal government spending cannot be reduced for fear of offending the hordes that now support it; that with no will of our representatives to address the truly critical financial status of the nation, there is only one way to move forward: state-sponsored economic collapse of the dollar.

The chaos that will ensue as they inflate the dollar to nothingness and repay their debts with worthless paper, cannot be managed with millions of rifles and pistols in the hands of those who have lost everything and so, those weapons must be retrieved from their possession in one way or another, or maybe three different ways. One of these ways will appeal to the law-abiding and they will surrender their weapons, perhaps with some sort of cash exchange. Others will have theirs taken away after laws are passed that restrict them from owning a weapon. It will all be part of their "healing" to turn in such weapons. Another way will be for the police to use any means to gain access to ones home, in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Perhaps some violation of the First Amendment will be offered up as cause by holding what might have been said or written by an individual as justification to violate the Fourth Amendment and the search will yield the illegal weapon and since an arrest will be made no one will investigate the manner, only the result.

Nowhere in these scenarios is there room for outright rebellion. It is as they want it. The only point that rebellion against this unjust and illegal government that occupies the seats of power through intrigue and corruption is now. Today.

Waiting for legislation as a cause to rebel is pointless, the narrative has been set, the justification for finding us all criminal will have been written. They will pass it in the dead of night, violating rules of the Senate and the House. They will do it however they have to to put it into place before any resistance can be made. All of this has been done before to pass unconstitutional laws and violations of rights. It has been done in state houses and the federal government. They are practiced in the art of tyranny.

While it might be too late for marches and rallies to have much effect, they could encourage some who have not come to the same conclusions; they might educate those who refuse to believe it could ever happen here; they might put one in touch with others who understand the real and dangerous game being played with our lives.

But make no mistake, they have declared war on us when they declared their intent to disarm us. It is not your fault your government seeks your annihilation.   


  1. In the fictional book, "Unintended Consequences" someone posted the names and addresses of enemies of the Constitutional Republic. So far I have not seen any attempt to do that. In the book there was lots of intelligence gathering done.

    1. Plenty of folks are making lists, and checking them twice. They just are not posting them publicly. But rest assured S2 is not being idle. Get a copy of FM 34-8-2. Better hurry.

  2. The only thing I have ever asked of the government is to leave me the hell alone. Nothing more, nothing less, and they can't even do that.
    Great post, TL.

    1. No----They cannot rest until you are totally under the control of the NWO, Marxist, despots that wish to subjugate all citizens.
      We are almost to the tipping point of uncontrolled rebellion.

  3. To put what TL and others are warning us about in perspective, it turns out governments are the greatest killers of people in the 20th century. Wars, mass murders, terrorism and other acts of violence are not even close. It is tyranny and those with power behind that tyranny that time and time again, until our Founders created this Constitutional Republic, that have gotten away with genocide because they had ALL the guns.

    Here's a short list of government mass murder carried out throughout history, almost always immediately following the disarmament of the public, (usually involving staged false flag events to justify the disarmament, these are very conservative numbers, as tyrannical regimes are not prone to revealing how bloody they truly are, when you kill millions, there's not many remaining to tell the truth):

    50+ million dead: Mao Ze-Dong (China, 1958-61 and 1966-69, Tibet 1949-50)
    12+ million dead: Adolf Hitler (Germany, 1939-1945) - concentration camps, civilian deaths and dead Russian POWs
    8+ million dead: Leopold II of Belgium (Congo, 1886-1908)
    6+ million dead: Jozef Stalin (USSR, 1932-39)
    5+ million dead: Hideki Tojo (Japan, 1941-44)
    2+ million dead: Ismail Enver (Turkey, 1915-22)
    1.7 million dead: Pol Pot (Cambodia, 1975-79)
    1.6 million dead: Kim Il Sung (North Korea, 1948-94)
    1.5 million dead: Menghistu (Ethiopia, 1975-78)
    1 million dead: Yakubu Gowon (Biafra, 1967-1970)
    900,000 dead: Leonid Brezhnev (Afghanistan, 1979-1982)
    800,000 dead: Jean Kambanda (Rwanda, 1994)

    See more at:

    A "monopoly of force" in government is far more dangerous than a crazed lone shooter
    So yes, crazed shooters kill a number of people each year in random acts of violence. It's horrifying and wrong, but it's nothing compared to the millions of lives that governments tend to destroy when they gain total power over the populace.

    The most dangerous thing in the world, it turns out, is not a crazy person with a rifle; it's a government with a "monopoly of force" over the entire population. And that's exactly what the gun disarmament afoot is all about: Stripping all power from individual citizens and handing "monopolies of force" to the government, shoring up their positions as the only "legitimate" power.

    See more at:

    Also read
    Resistance to Tyranny: A Primer [Paperback]
    Joseph P. Martino (Author)
    By at

    Great book, 1st half deals with just causes, why of Liberty, and reason to resist tyranny. A must read Highly recommend.

    1. I'll second that recommendation on the book. Excellent read.

    2. Yes, a most excellent read. Enlightening and empowering. I think the first part of the book explaining what tyranny is in the context of the times we live in is very well done. Why and how our founders where successful, the reasons for resistance and just causes is a revealing insight into how if you do not understand your primal rights and Liberty, what they are in the true sense, how so many useful dupes could be led by the nose willingly into tyranny.

      It's the nuts and bolts of resistance in an easy to grasp format, an essay condensed into the most basic premise.

      I think TL's book "The Constitutionalist" is equally indispensable. In fact it may be that to get the most out of either you have to read both.

  4. We are so comfortable. We are in the matrix whether we like to admit it or not. We must be willing to take the red pill and lose our place in the very thing we hate if we are to have a chance. "I wish the ring had never come to do all who live to see such times." -55six

  5. 55 million dead and counting..United States Roe vs Wade. The US will ultimately go down as the worst communist regime unless the Patriots of today can somehow manage to restore our liberty and our constitution.

    Mike M.

    1. There you go Mike, a most appropriate truth of the real entitlement class, the class who believes it is entitled to rule over us, meddling in affairs rightfully theirs to decide what is good for us.

      Abortion is genocide, government sponsored, of course, so there is the lie of legitimacy placed over the sanctioned death of millions. Yet there is another very sinister aspect to this bloodletting. Under the cloak of diktat of judicial tyranny, aka the black robbed Nasgal's of the SCOTUS, you get to cheapen life, the sanctity of the lives of children, through government sanction, (sound familiar? School and city dis-armament zones come to mind? How about Fast and Furious?).
      How may you ask?
      It works like this. You are a woman, (and a man, takes both to conceive life), you are pregnant, you have an abortion, the state sanctions and promotes it through false narrative of "free choice", you have this little American inside you killed. How can you value life if you do this? But even more evil, if that is possible, how can you believe in something, like lets say, Liberty, or God, or have respect for others lives, if you are a murderer? I mean really. You just murdered a tiny living person. No matter what the elites have arraigned in terms of socially justifying through "legal" channels such a thing, murder of an unborn human, how can you believe in anything better than you, anything larger than you, like lets say the moral imperative our founders created, the social contract of the idea of rule of law? The United States of America? Instead essentially you become part of a system where rule over your most intimate aspects of your life you have surrendered to the rule of elites in every facet of the sphere of your life.
      Instead of Liberty.
      Roe verses Wade slowly and surely created generations of murderers. Please, what else do you call those who chose to kill the little babies inside them?
      So here we are today, with Newtown and Colorado, and what not convenient event, perfect straw events, ready for prime time crisis as a means, to implement another social engineering tool, this time fear, again initiated and led by the real entitlement class, to mold all those murders into useful sheep, who by God can't have children murdered!
      How fucking crazy is that?

      And now it is our most basic concept of free men, our most personal source of our security, the only bulwark that keeps these psychopaths at bay, our arms, that they are determined no matter the means and consequences, to take from us.

      Pretty easy to understand there is a bloodbath in the making here. These things never end any other way.
      It's the entitlement class again, who believes it is entitled to exact its right to spill millions of gallons of blood, the ultimate means by which it justifies it's ends.
      What do they care if millions of American's become instant overnight criminals. They have already murdered millions. What's a little old thing like the rule of law to these scum of the earth?

      And folks are worried about the consequences if they have arms that these monsters say are illegal?

      It should be the other way around.
      They need to know the wrath of us.
      They need to find protection from us.
      They need to die for their beliefs, not us die for theirs.

    2. Have any of you ever read Roe v. Wade? I ask that because the topic of abortion does not come up at all in the case. Roe v. Wade is about the privacy of the communication between doctor and patient. I happen to be anti-abortion but I am even more strongly anti-government interference in my health care. Overturn Roe v. Wade at the risk of having your own medical records on public view. Restrict on-demand abortion some other way lest the law of unintended consequences bites you on your rear end.


  6. ....not to mention the various wars, conflicts and incursions the USA has made since the end of WWII and the lives lost (both theirs and ours); the US is not above seeking power both past our shores and within our own borders (there always seems to be a logical pretext). Given that the scales have already tipped in our country, the only question (seems to me) at this point is when and how 'it' will come about.
    I beleive TL is right (as ususal) in his assessment of where we stand today - it is not that hard times are coming; hard times are here now - the only question is what do we (those who believe in the orginal intent) do?

  7. Well, their motto "¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido!" appears to be working.

    What are we missing? We can only blame ourselves for being divided ... and, I guess lazy sans purchasing tons of ARs, AKs and ammo. The tyrants are merely doing what tyrant do best.

    Ever tried to post a comment on a gun forums or certain "patriot" blogs? Bam, banned. (flame suit on)

    Freaking sad.


    1. That never happens here, Tino.

    2. I know, T.L.; thank you being an honorable man.

      But you know also what I meant: we (Americans) are way too divided at the present.

      The time will tell.

      Keep up the great composing and do not let pessimism into your thoughts - ever. You're doing just fine refining our thoughts. We need you here very much.

      In the mean time my tribe prepares for whatever monster is going arise. I took an oath; I'm going to keep it.

      I've seen the camps of Europe. I've seen the numbers on my friend's father's arm. I do not need any convincing.

      Ein Brera, my brother.

      Stay safe.


  8. Maybe with winter rising there might be several large cities that suddenly lost power for an extended time. Chicago, New york, Washinton DC are all subject to big winter storms. The ensuing mayhem would certainly divert their attention from the 2nd Amendment attack.

    I sure don't wish for the lose of life though but sometimes bad things happen.

  9. OK. I agree with what you've written in the last few weeks.
    What do we do now?
    We cannot let this crap be put in place, right? But we don't want to be the ones who shoot first. So, what do we DO?

    1. Any number of things have been proposed: marches, rallies, protests, you name it. Crickets. We in the III% community have proposed a Congress wherein delegates from different states gather to agree on an a political agenda and submit that statement to congress, kicking off the official resistance. Crickets, oh a few, but you know what I mean. We have proposed a closer relationship to the militias across the nation, they bucked, except for a few key militias in the NorthEast.

      So, the question becomes, what will you do?

  10. All of us who read these Blogs know what the problems are. Now what?

    1. Any number of things have been proposed: marches, rallies, protests, you name it. Crickets. We in the III% community have proposed a Congress wherein delegates from different states gather to agree on an a political agenda and submit that statement to congress, kicking off the official resistance. Crickets, oh a few, but you know what I mean. We have proposed a closer relationship to the militias across the nation, they bucked, except for a few key militias in the NorthEast.

      So, the question becomes, what will you do?

    2. The sound of crickets you hear is the realization of millions of gun owners (and other liberty minded folks) that marches, appeals to our CONgresscritters, rallies, protests or even a III% congress will be met with the same indifference or outright vilification that the Tea Party and other such efforts has been met with.

      It is the realization that there is simply NO POSSIBLE PEACEFUL way to change the direction of the country or at this time, period.

      Hence, folks are stocking up, staying off the radar and getting ready to go, well, I'm not sure where exactly, but the gun/ammo sales would suggest that people are not going to be following laws seemingly designed to disarm them.

      It's time to Embrace The Doom, TL. Somewhere between an economic collapse and a direct abrogation of the 2A lies an America in a hot civil war sometime this year, sorry. It will be a 3 way deal: the (and the Free Stuff Army that depends on them) versus the gangs versus the rest of us.

      Sorry, but that's the truth of it.

    3. The fact that I understand that is evident in the attempts to bring some people together, to get a plan before the action starts so we do know where we are going to go and what we are going to do when we get there. But, if there can be no congregation, there can be no concerted effort. A bunch of people running around with guns undirected and ineffectual will yield nothing.

    4. That's where the Embrace the Doom part comes in. The other side knows the "divide and conquer" game very very well - and certain defeat will come without a concerted effort, I totally agree.

      We need perhaps a virtual congregation rather than a physical one. Why can't we use the social media to better effect, for example? There are tens of thousands of people reading this, and other sites. There has to be some one place to get them all together.

      As much as I hate it, perhaps Facebook is that place. Pick some name, start going to all the like-minded sites to get folks to join the page. As long as folks don't openly advocate the violent overthrow of the US, everything else is fair game. Sheesh, Sonic Ice has its own facebook for the love of Pete.

      I grew up when Pong was a big deal and most of the electronic world is a mystery to
      me but I will gladly follow and support someone that would take the lead in this.

    5. "A bunch of people running around with guns undirected and ineffectual will yield nothing"


      Nor will the rural slugs assuming they will be able to hold out on their 5 acres be effectual.

      Likewise the individualists with their disdain for leaders will be ineffectual.

      And the pontificators with their incessent jabber of anecdotes, quotes, and statistics, they will be ineffectual as well.

      Excuses for confrontation and engagement. All of it.

    6. Leaders are only worth any salt if they're true to the cause & who decides who leads and who doesn't? If it's a whole bunch of old men and I use that term lightly, determining crap, as usual, then we got a problem yet again for a fight in this country. No, quite frankly alot of you guys may discount a loner over a group and all of us including myself plan to be in a group but one person by himself can do alot of damage and make alot of things happen. But I doubt it'd be one person all over anyways. Also, we're looking at roughly 10% of the total population actually being able and willing to fight, literally. Out of that 10% which is a realistic number for us, there are those who will be masters of the pen/paper as well as with their rifles and swords. Without our arms though, there can be no restoration made again. There maybe another 20-30% who will support us, morally, but not participate for obvious reasons. The rest are just dead sheep, they know nothing, will never be nothing and their votes that have helped contribute to the downfall of our country over the past several decades will mean nothing because their gods they worship from the police to the politician will be taken down and destroyed. Those that survive better hide, or lie about who they're/were, because men like me will not spare them.

  11. If people don't protest soon, the government will have started the relentless confsication process, which will progress in stages, as the poster explained. The minority who don't acquiesce will be blamed for the deaths that occurred early on, and be compared to the Sandy Hook and Columbine killers. The government doesn't want everyone surrendering their guns immediately, simultaneously. It works better for them if it happens gradually ... What's needed is a groundswell of resistance to the very principle of being unarmed.

  12. 10's of thousands showed up with the Tea Party and Beck's peaceful march. They showed up at the Capitol when they voted on Obamacare. Tell me who in the hell listened then. How many letters have you written to only get the same ole shit canned letters. How many petitions have you signed? They don't give a damn who you people are.


    Don't believe that? Ask the Jews about that! OHHH, can't happen in America? We already have the largest prison population in the world, with the smallest crime rates.

    Mr. Carter It's nice to have you wake up now, but that ship has sailed and torpedoed!

    I find This Administration in a state of urgency to raise taxes. If people had the stones to morally quit paying government to murder the unborn...there's your peaceful protest. BUT IF LE DECIDES TO UNCONSTITUTIONALLY DISARM US AND THEY ARE WILLING TO DIE REVOKING THE 2ND AMENDMENT...MOLON LABE

    1. Mr. last letter to my traitorous fed Rep, Mike Kelly, R-PA 3, was written and sent via snail mail, to his 5 district offices and the DC office, 6 SEP 12. The letters were identical. No response. Spoke with his chief-of-staff and he claimed ignorance. Bullshit.

      Yes Mr. can write letters and be civil. It gets one nowhere.

      DAN III

    2. Exactly my point Mr. Dan III !

    3. ...and Mr. Dan III, being from the South I use "Mr." respectfully as in good manners.

    4. Ditto Mr. River....and I'm not from the south. I was taught good manners. On the other hand Billy Beck is blogging that the time for civility is over. I agree.

      DAN III

  13. OK here's a start. Contact your local sheriff and see where they stand on the issue of unconstitutional gun laws. The SHERIFF is the most powerful law enforcement officer in the nation.

    They literally can tell the feds to shove it and run them off.

    I will be contacting mine this week although I already know where he stands.

    If you find yours does not stand with the Constitution then begin building local support to get him/her to change their mind or be replaced.

    I believe this is going to be a local war initially. Communities that pull together will have a much better chance to survive it.

    How I see this playing out

    I believe that most local police at the officer level will not be willing to come get our guns for fear of not going home afterwards. Mainly the big city police forces will be the ones that have been brainwashed into trying but after a few of them don't go home that will stop quickly.

    Then martial law will be declared and the guard/military called in to replace the local police that will not enforce the confiscation.

    Same things will happen to them. Many will refuse to do what they are told and the ones that do will stop after a few don't go home to their families.

    Next it will be the U.N. forces and when that happens it's katie bar the door. Most military will turn to fight them also and at that point all hell will break loose with widespread battles and bloodshed.

    I think the most important things will happen in the next couple of weeks. This all depends on how "froggy" the libs are feeling right now. It appears they are ready for the final push but there may still be some cooler head that will prevail and point out that it's not going to work. I don't think that will happen.

    I think they believe now is their time and it all or nothing. I believe they think that we will back down because that is what they would do. Not gonna happen this time I don't think.

    I've never felt this much underlying anger at government in all my life. Even in the 60's and 70's. That was a very small minority of people. This is different and much, much deeper.

    Yes, I'm scared, but as a veteran, I have an oath to uphold...and I will.

    1. It is about numbers. There are 1.5 million active duty, only about 1/3 are front line combat, all of them are exhausted and half are overseas.

      There are approx 500k Guardsman and 700k LEOs.

      There were at least 100 MILLION known gun owners in the US.

      You have to assume that 100% of the military, guard and LEOs will participate in active gun confiscation to even have a ratio of 150 (bad) guys to 1 of us (good) guys, on our own turf and mad as hell, with shorter and more secure supply lines.

      They must be planning something other then direct face to face confiscation.

    2. Again, words of wisdom, LC.

      We need to stay patient. We took the oath, and we'll do what needs to be done. Let's not be angry; let's focus instead. Let's continue to do the practical preparations.

      It's tough to wait, to be out of the loop. We can do it, I'm sure, when the time comes. This is a great country, and I believe most of us will defend the Constitution and America as we knew it.

      You (or we) are not alone.

      God Bless,


    3. Yes, it is a matter of numbers. We should be very numerically superior. However, I believe that will not totally be the case because of human nature. Most are lazy and apathetic and will only react when things directly affect them. Not because it's the "right thing to do".

      As is well known, only around 3% of the population participated in the first American Revolution. Granted, even 3% now would be a huge number for them to be up against.

      The real point of my post was as Tino said, we need to do what we can but mostly prepare for what comes our way. At the same time, we need to build our community around us to prepare for the war that is surely coming.

      We need friends and family that we can trust. REALLY TRUST! That's the key. I do not trust readily and neither should you. As Reagan said, trust but verify and I will add check and double check and then verify some more.

      Human nature says that many will sell us out for a quick "fix". Be careful. OPSEC is important and will become even more important in the coming days. Get in the habit now when lives aren't necessarily depending on it. In the future I fear they will.

    4. I think they're going to goof up food distribution, and use that to confiscate guns.

      1. Food stops coming to the stores.
      2. Riots start over no food
      3. .Gov/UN/FEMA shows up with trucks of MREs
      4. Registered gun owner? You need to turn in that gun before we can give you MREs, just until the current crisis is over, you understand.

      Prepare, and try to cover all your bases, not just guns n ammo.

      And if they try the more direct route, and start going door to door, how hard would it be to find out where the HQ of the agency running confiscations is located? For a "peaceful protest", of course.

  14. I have written the answer in a book, "After America: Rebuilding." We will have to go through the collapse and the attempts at reviving the country but that will no longer be successful. I believe we must begin to create new sovereigns, styled by people who want certain things (not succession of states). My book is available on Amazon Kindle. I think it is the ultimate answer.

  15. As always TL another great article filled with thought provoking questions for us to consider. Since our CO needs to be kept out of the light at this stage, or S2 efforts can mainly be gleaned from the daily MSM. Each unit command should be already doing this in each AO.
    I ran across an interesting piece on a recent little war in Thailand covered by an SF friend which didn't even make the MSM radar. Oddly these are some of the most peaceful people I have ever served with, even they can be raised to righteous wrath. Even though it was mainly about his appearance of involvement, interesting story, might have some useful points for future use.

  16. What will I do? Are you serious? Look, I hate the government. I am not personally afraid of death. And I will never register or surrender my guns.

    But I am a family man. I have small children. We are having a baby tomorrow. A BABY. A TINY, HELPLESS BABY. That baby, my other child, and their mother need me. What is it that you expect me to do, put on a tricornered hat, pick up my Mossberg (I can't afford an AR-15 -- I have a BABY to feed) and go stand in front of the Post Office or something? What the f--k good is that going to do?

    The problem is lack of leadership. Local leadership. Local leadership by warriors who know what the hell they are doing and are willing to stick their necks out. I'll tell you what. If some retired Army or Marine Corps colonel in my area were to put up flyers saying "Patriots meet up at City Park on Sunday. Bring your gun", I'd do it in a heartbeat. But no retired Army or Marine Corps colonel in my area is doing that. They're all on the Internet posting "Molon Labe" to each other.

    So what am I supposed to do -- post my own little flyer? No one would come to my freedom rally -- because I'm not a retired Army or Marine Corps colonel. I'm a Navy man. You want me to help you man a ship? Can do. You want me to organize an infantry company? Can't help you. I don't know a damned thing about the infantry.

    I am just an ordinary citizen. I am not a commando, a special ops warrior, or even an ordinary grunt. I'm a middle-aged, out-of-shape Navy man with two young children, a wife, and a family business that the federal government is doing its damndest to destroy. I CAN'T DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

    So until someone in my area who knows what the hell they are doing steps up to organize a brigade here in my home town, I'm going to hide here with my wife and kids and prepare myself for a lonely death on my own front porch.

    Okay, all you military geniuses. Step on up! this is your chance. When I see you guys drilling on the lawn outside City Hall, I'll believe your "Molon Labe" and join in. But if you guys expect me to dump my wife and kids and singlehandedly charge the New World Order with my 12 gauge, think again. I'll just sit here until they come for me, then I'll die.

    1. Norman....the point of your listed responsibilities is well taken. That is what soetoro-obama and the American-Jewish cabal is counting on. My bone of contention with you is your belief that leadership only comes from field grade, and higher rank, military officers. I've known many O-5s & 6s who couldn't lead ants to a picnic. Leadership is not about rank or military affiliation. It is the ability of one to get others to do.

      DAN III

    2. Another non-answer to my question. Why aren't the III-percent Molon Labe types out drilling at City Park? Why isn't there a flyer calling all patriots in my area to form ranks and batallions?

      My guess: because most of the people calling for Lexington and Concord are chickenshit.

      I wish I was wrong. But I don't think I am.

      I am not chickenshit when it comes to myself. I didn't expect to live as long as I have, frankly, and I've achieved my childhood dreams and then some. But I am chickenshit when it comes to my wife and kids. And until I see some leadership -- real-world leadership, not Internet Commando posturing -- I'm going to lay low and wait for the Bad Guys to come finish me off.

      No one can beat free men when they stand up and join forces. But no one is forming any "forces". They're all just talking about how tough they are on the Internet. Which tells me that when the Crackdown comes, nobody is going to do a goddamned thing.

      Which means I'm on my own. And if I'm on my own, I choose to hide with my family as long as possible.

      Look, I don't care if the local leader is a buck private or Admiral of the Fleet. I don't care of he's the Commandant of the Salvation Army. But until I see somebody who knows what he is doing and who is not a wacko standing up, I'm staying seated. My children need me for as long as I am alive, and I intend to stay alive until the Black Van pulls up in front of my house.

      "Molon labe?" I'll believe the "molon labe" when I see the Free Militia of My Town meeting up in front of City Hall. Until then, it's all talk.

    3. I think your point is well made. Until SHTF in our individual AOs, nothing will be done. Right now it is pretty much a personal battle. TL has come up with some good ideas that would at least deliver a message to the government but his goal is to wake people up in general so that, maybe, something will happen later.
      I think he is frustrated in both arenas.
      We need to not make the same mistake Hitler made. He wanted to see his vision of world dominance in his lifetime and decided to invade the Soviet Union prematurely. Had he not done that he might have lived to see part of his dream unfold, the complete dominance of western Europe.
      We need to do exactly what our current enemies have been doing for 50 years and adopt the Long War view.
      Short of having standing armies with skilled leadership and a Second American Revolution, we are all just lone wolves howling in the dark.

    4. Well Mr. House rather than whine and snivel about how nobody else is doing enough to satisfy you, why don't you get off your dead ass and start doing what you want others to do ? Don't use the excuse of an infant child to make excuses for yourself. You are simply a loud-mouthed coward. In the spirit of Billy Beck let me proclaim FUCK YOU ! I wouldn't urinate down your sorry-ass throat if your lungs were on fire

      And T.L., I moved troops for more than 20 years. There is a time to be civil and a nice guy. And there is a time to tell it like it deserves. One doesn't get troops motivated or scolded by singing Kumbaya and slurping herbal tea with them.

      DAN III

    5. Dan, to the degree which others move does not hinder or stall my own movements. I am not counting on anyone else. In the end, if I am alone, I am alone.

      I serve as much as possible as a motivator, here, on this blog. What I do away from it, or on my own time is no one's business, not yours, not the feds and I would not announce it anywhere.

    6. Whoa! Dan, you animal!

      You bust my chops for vulgarity?


    7. Well Mr. House rather than whine and snivel about how nobody else is doing enough to satisfy you, why don't you get off your dead ass and start doing what you want others to do?

      Gosh, General Halftrack, didn't Miss Buxley read my post to you? Because I have no idea how to do it. Call me when you need someone to manage a Westinghouse S5W nuclear reactor. That I know how to do. Digging foxholes? That I don't know how to do. Leading an infantry platoon, also no can do. Sorry I'm not a gung-ho super-soldier such as you. That's why I came here -- in the hope that someone who knows what they are doing would have some kind of practical advice for guys like me. My mistake.

      Don't use the excuse of an infant child to make excuses for yourself. You are simply a loud-mouthed coward.

      Your leadership qualities are evident. I can see why you're commanding the 13th Keyboard Commando Unit. I'm sure with your unique combination of inspirational online rhetoric and excellent typing skills the Internet Tough Guys under your command will follow you to heck and back. Hoo-rah!

      In the spirit of Billy Beck let me proclaim FUCK YOU ! I wouldn't urinate down your sorry-ass throat if your lungs were on fire

      That's the kind of leadership that's going to beat the Feds: snide condescension to people on your own side.

      In the spirit of George Patton, I slap you across your ignorant puss with my white glove. With HTTP Heroes like you in command, the fight for liberty is sure to go our way.

      I look forward to dying alone in my own front yard instead of on the firing line with you.

    8. Mr. Mullenax.....guess you didn't care to read Mr. House's whining that I replied to. Do you too need an O-5, 6, 7, 8+ to show you the way ?

      I scolded you not for vulgarity but for your asinine attack on the poster called 10mm Auto. Your vulgarity against him was spouted without substance. 10mm Auto wrote much sense while your only remark to him was "Fuck You". Better whip out your Websters for the definition of "hypocrite".

      I see you still haven't apologized for your unjustified attack on 10mm Auto.

      DAN III

    9. Mr. House @ 7 JAN 13, 212: You sniveled about how no one is doing anything. You complained about someone failing to start the fray so you could attach yourself to the coattails of the folks doing the work and organizing the resistance.

      You venture to this blog to look for and/or develop some intel. You did get a stooge (Mr. Mullenax) to make a half-ass comment to me regarding my uncivil comments toward your remarks. Congrats. think your bosses at DHS are pleased with your performance here ? As for me my uncivil remarks, but applicable remarks, toward your provacative challenges for "leadership", still stand.

      Look at the bright side Mr. House, it's just another week before the Eagle shits again. Then you can pay off some of those Christmas expenses you charged up. Just remember to thank Janet and the US taxpayers.


      DAN III

    10. Do yourself and the rest of us a favor, Norman. Stay locked in your home or your taxpayer funded office.
      You're obviously nothing more than an agent provocateur so you tell your bull dike boss we'll be seeing her you pos...

  17. Well, every word posted today, yesterday, and two days prior has been read and catalogued, even those of you posting anonymously are known by your ISP, unless you're encrypted and they've still probably got you; they've used your/our money/credit to fund it. They've probably overflown you with à drone if you're are already in it, buckaroos. Might as well ride that horse now.

    1. So? Even with encryption and cloud IPs they know who we are.

  18. That's my point, SFMEDIC. WE'RE PAINTED, so might as well dance

    1. We already are a target.
      What do you suppose this tyranny against our inherent Liberty to self defense is all about to begin with?

      We must be dis-armed.
      We must be marginalized.
      We must be eliminated.

      It is that simple.

      It is these arms, the potential, the people who will use them to destroy tyranny, which pose the only existential threat to those behind this tyranny, that must, by any means, eliminated.

      This intolerable act against our existence is not open to negotiation.
      The people behind it can not be reasoned with.
      They recognize no authority, power, or will, other than their own.
      That is the nature, the art of tyranny.

    2. Y'know MTP, I've been touting your rousing comment from Christmas Eve, but I think this may top even that one.

      Nothing rousing here, no rhetoric, no advice, no plans. Just plain simple FACTS, and I'm skeptical that many people understand them.

      Epistemology being my thing, I think most people read this like the other comment...inspirational maybe, but not a lot of direct guidance. That's their error and a critical one it is. It's the failure to understand that concepts mean things, that words have referents. You have captured the essence of the situation--not the words of it, but the actuality of it--perfectly IMO.

      People are wondering what to do because they don't understand how things are. My advice? They should read this comment of yours over and over until they get the FACTS of the matter. THEN what to do about it, regardless of what situation actually ends up happening, will be a piece of cake.

      Identify, judge, decide. First things first---your comment here is an IDENTIFICATION of where things stand, and I think a lot of folk have trouble taking it literally, which is the only way it should be taken. Another classic IMO.

  19. To Norman, what can you do? What can any of use do?

    Leadership is only someone who takes the first step. Each of us can do that in their own area. Begin by talking to trusted friends, people of the same mindset. Ask questions of each other, what will I do if this or that happens. Think about situations, discuss situations and plan for situations.

    The exact situation you plan for might not happen but the point is that you have established connection with others and you at least have you minds working and preparing.

    Just take the first step as many of us have already done. It's really that simple.

    Many of the folks in the first American Revolution were just as you and I, normal everyday people with families. They made the decision that they had to do something to provide they families the best opportunity for a future that they could.

    We each have to individually make that decision as we see best for our families.

    Once you have that group of friends established and discussion has be begun then you can move forward with more focused things.

    This will not initially be a large group situation, it will be many, many small groups nationwide that will eventually come together to form larger groups.

    Just be alert, informed, read, read, read, and prepare as best you can.

    Finding someone to watch your back and you watch theirs is most important.

    1. LordChamp,

      Thank you for your thoughtful advice. I'll certainly take it.

      I'm glad there's one sane, knowledgeable person in this forum. I was afraid it was going to be nothing but 'roided-out nutjobs.

    2. That Sir was not a fair assessment and your scorn has only bought more anguish to what is already an unfortunate situation levied by tyranny and oppression and cannot possibly help your cause or ours.

  20. Yup, like I posted, freaking divided ...

    I'm with T.L., doing my own business and staying away from the generals (and 'judges') of all kinds. They appear to be traitors or imbecils. Pog mo thoin.


    P.S. Timothy, we need your role as a motivator. Keep up the good work.

    P.P.S. Good for you LC.

  21. I would not put any trust into LEO's at all. Unless you know one who actually tosses that piece of crap badge into a lake, and sides with you/us, he is not to be trusted. I don't care what you think you know about him, don't trust them....

  22. the amazing case of gun control and tyranny.


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