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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Push Back

The situation is critical. We have been asked for our rights, to give them up freely, without resistance. We have been asked to fall in line willingly, to get on the train, if you please.

It is a time to define our goals, to seek out allies and identify enemies. Our goal is the restoration of Constitutional protections of our God-given rights. Our allies should be law enforcement and military personnel who have sworn oaths to the Constitution. Our enemies are anyone who has supported the concept of banning guns or Constitutional rights of any kind and those who would issue propaganda to coerce the public to agree.

Constitutionally, the way this is supposed to work is for representatives and senators to stand up to the tyranny proposed by any individual or branch of government who seeks to undermine the Constitution and especially the people's rights under its protections. It is apparent that, but for a few, there is not the will of our representatives and senators to do so.  Our representatives are not there simply to bargain on the behalf of special interest groups, that is what they normally do, but their only honest purpose is to stand up in our stead as defenders and protectors of the people's rights.

Cops are not infallible. They think they know the bad guys and have an obligation to put them into custody at any cost, even the open violation of the Constitution to which they have sworn their fidelity. But, there are those who have the understanding and the backbone to resist the dictates of a dictator reliant on public adoration for his power. This is not a democracy, it is not a case of rights being issued and revoked by a majority vote. It is not within the power of politicians to decide which rights I might keep or forfeit for their ends.

There are sheriffs in Georgia, in Colorado and in Minnesota who have openly declared that they will not enforce these executive orders. They have done their duty and we should support them with calls and if they happen to be in one's AO, they should be given the assurance that if the federal government seeks to visit coercion upon them, that we stand with them and can be counted on to assist their office if necessary.  

Our fight is against oppression. It is for the restoration of our rights. It is for the rule of law. It is for the Constitution. Many will come against us, so we must embrace those who have come forward to stand with us.

I recently wrote a post called The Good Cops Need To Declare Themselves and a few have. We should not turn our backs on them, or let them hang there alone.

I suggest to you that we are in the early stages of the Marxist revolution on American soil. Bravery is on our side, but the last thing we need to do is alienate those who rightfully have exposed themselves to take up our cause.

It is time to push back in a variety of ways. I have been asked if we should try to help defend those in New York who have been issued decrees by a tin-star governor. No. It is the right and the obligation of those in New York to defend their rights, to ask their sheriffs to stand with those who have refused to enforce the new executive orders from Barack Obama. While it is all of our rights, it is their duty. We all have duties identical to those in New York. We should prepare to defend our rights in our AO.

There will be time to nationalize the effort, but that time is not now. Now is the time for dedicated action to thwart or defend the actors in our own AO. We need to discover the positions of our politicians, of our sheriffs, of our law enforcement. Done right, we can forge long-lasting relationships that will help us to restore other rights in the future.

I am not a leader. I do not have all the answers. I don't pretend to tell anyone what to do, but I do make obvious suggestions that I hope will be considered. Please consider.


  1. Always like the way you think.


  2. TL
    First of all, your comment about making "obvious suggestions that I hope will be considered" is quite an understatement. You sir have not only provided much "food for thought" that I am sure all of us in the Patriot community are grateful for.

    On a personal note, you have also assisted greatly in allowing me see more clearly the "forest" instead of just the individual "trees", and more importantly, helped to strengthen my resolve to RESIST at all costs.

    Although I agree with you, at least for the moment, that we should let Patriots in NY, if there are really any left, handle the NY issues themselves. However, my fear is that .gov is going to continue to take the "frog in a pot" approach. At some point in time, before the water actually begins to boil, we as a cohesive community, are going to be forced to act before it is truly too late.

    God help us.

    Alan S. Pedersen
    Fort Mill, SC

  3. Well said TL.

    The NY situation will take up to a year to fully develop so we do have to time to see what happens. The thing we can't do is allow people to go back to sleep when/if this quietens down some. How we accomplish that without major media coverage will be a challenge.

    As ASNM said above, we need to watch for that gradual taking of our rights to continue. We've said not one more inch but yet we're giving more if we do nothing.

    It's a delicate balance we must maintain and many things could upset that balance easily.

    We also have to watch closely in other areas of our rights. We know well their tactics. Look over here while we are taking more from over here behind your backs.

    More vigilance is needed in all areas, not just the 2nd Amendment.

    Another thing to watch that really concerns me is our supply system. I think they are behind the scenes blocking stores resupplying arms and ammo. Walmart is a good example. I have been told personally by a friend that works for Walmart that they are blocked from reordering ammo in their system with no reason given. Something to watch and plan for.

  4. How many of us in the midst of Civil War will be remitting tax checks to the beast? If no one would morally feed the wolf at the door at such a time as war. Then why is it moral to feed him now, while he salivates to consume you? Where is the line? Give Ceasar his paper work, but I will not surrender my treasure to lawlessness.I will not pay him to shackle me or my family or give him hard earned money to buy ammunition to murder my children. It is sickening to hear the SOS ... what do we do? Why don't we have a leader? You who claim to be Patriots and declared criminals by corrupt, usurpers of our Constitution and Bill of rights, YOU are sovereign and the leader. Stop cowering, STOP feeding the BEAST! It is the only peaceful discourse remaining.

    I have to say Mr. President, your evil knows no bounds. To hide amongst our children of whom you have stolen their futures and have made them your subjects is Putrid. To you people that call yourselves parents that would allow this lawless scum to use them as cover while he abuses their innocence, your day of judgement will come...shame upon you!


  5. TL contrary to your opinion, you are a leader who is respected.
    You are one of the voices who will make a difference in the end. I can foresee that if this thing comes to a head your words will be repeated along the lines.
    In NC we are doing exactly as you advise by becoming vigilant and involved with our local officials. We had a first meet with our local Sheriff last night, over 600 attended along with four TV channels, local radio hosts and the usual leftist rags to keep watch on us. We have some PR and educating to do but we think now the powers that be realize, we ain't going to be mollified and go back to sleep.
    You are one of our modern Thomas Paines.


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