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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Open Letter to the President Barack Obama

Mr. President

Today, there are families who question the direction of the nation. There are fathers and mothers trying to figure out how to pay the bills, to put children through college, to just get by everyday when wages have been depressed by overwhelming unemployment. I know it is at 7.8%, but that doesn't tell the whole story. Your economists understand what I am saying.

We are a nation saddled with many bills and deficits that are not realistically ever going to be repaid. For example, the treasury receives around 2.3 trillion dollars in revenue every year, but spends nearly 5 trillion, or 5,000 billion dollars. There are concerns that to continue to operate the federal government, social security, medicare, medicaid, etc., the government is going to have to devalue the dollar. QE 1&2 didn't do it. The Stimulus package went largely to government entities as grants and such. This is not a criticism, but it is a fact. That money did not filter down to small business.

I believe that at some point the government is going to have to crash the dollar to pay off some of the bonds already held in order to borrow more money to pay the bills. This is not radical, I think it is something you already know is necessary. I think you proved that by excercising Quantitative Easing 1& 2. It will be an accounting correction to you and the federal government, but it will destroy the lives of millions of Americans. I will cede that the damage was not done by you alone, far from it, but it will fall to you to make that fateful decision.

Under your predecessor, George W. Bush, at a time of national crisis, we ceded some of our rights to the federal government believing that the only way to keep terrorists from attacking our homeland was to give a little when it came to privacy. But, even though it was Bush who got us into it, you have done nothing to restore liberty now that Al Qaeda, in your words is "on the run." When will these temporary violations of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments going to be restored and what is your plan to restore them and in what degrees?

It might have gone unnoticed in the pomp and circumstance of inauguration that there is an oath tied to the admitting of one to office. It asks if the office holder is willing to affirm that they will abide by the Constitution, to "protect and defend the Constititution against all enemies foreign and domestic" without coercion or intent to deceive. With everything aside, I mean the fact that so many voted for you; that popularity and media adoration are a given to someone of your background who has attained such high office and the support of African Americans, who are hungry for representation; that Hollywood is in your corner; that labor unions and a lot of people who have not found their place in American society as you have done look to you for inspiration; given all of that, are you willing to swear on your honor that you will protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic without coercion or deception? I ask this, because you have not done so in the first four years of your presidency.

Despite what you have been taught and what the legacies of other administrations have been shown, the Constitution is not a document to be further defined. Even in legal language terms such as "shall not be infringed" and "Congress shall make no law" are pretty definitive, even if they are legalistically worked around. For citizens like me, the words of the Constitution are all they need, they don't need legal scholars to explain "shall not" or "make no law."

Which brings us to the point. I am a Second Amendment advocate, I make no apologies for that, but I am also a First Amendment advocate and down the line. I believe that the Bill of Rights were that, a bill from the government to the people of certain rights, not privileges, not exceptions, not waivers, hard and fast rights, inalienable to us all on birth in the United States of America. So, when I say I am a Second Amendment advocate, I don't hold that right any greater than any other, except to say that it is the last refuge to maintain other rights that may have already been alienated by clever lawyers and Supreme Court Justices.

On this issue let me be blunt: after the many abuses of our rights through the decades, not just your administration, but others even more egregious, we have come to a point where we have had enough. We have let your agents grope our children and grandmothers, steal from our luggage, laugh at our naked images on X-ray machines that deliver who knows how much radiation, all in order to get on an airplane and not disappoint family and friends; not lose business our employers expect; not be late for weddings and funerals; not infuriate others in line at security checkpoints in airports and etc. These practical allowances have not been taken in the spirit which they were meant, i.e. as an accommodation to a nation suddenly under attack by violent and hateful terrorists willing to put our children on the front lines of a deadly and persistent war against the West.

Sandy Hook Elementary was a devastating blow to America; it broke our hearts to think that children would be targeted in such a vile and vicious way. But, instead of handling this incident with the mind of a president eager to quell the fears of a nation, your response was to launch an attack against gun owners of all stripes, from the hunters, to sportsmen to the families forced by economics to live in violent neighborhoods where break-ins, rapes and murders are not as uncommon as they should be, whose only viable defense against the violence is self-defense in the form of a firearm. Yes, some of those threatened have needed five, six, or twenty bullets to defend themselves. There is no certain number that will do the trick, just as there is no certain number of assailants who will enter one's home.

In an attempt to be brief, I will get to the point. Your intent to do as much as you can to disarm the American public is apparent, either as legislation you support or Executive Orders you have signed. Your emotional appeal to the American public via surrounding yourself with children does not ring logical to the American family, because the defense of one's own children is often the sole purpose to own firearms. I can point you to innumerable instances where this has been the case and the total swamps by millions the twenty children you claim to represent with these orders.

Here's the fact of the matter: we have had enough.

We will resist at all costs your efforts, because we know the result. The result is Washington D.C. and its murder rate; Chicago  and its murder rate versus Wyoming and its murder rate and I mean by per capita, not totals.

The bigger point, however, is that without the Second Amendment none of the others can be enforced by the people themselves. Now, I understand that you have armies; you have federal officers. I do not underestimate the power of the federal government, or its agents. I do not mean to call them out, but neither shall we yield to that raw force that you represent with guns and tanks.

We do not believe that you have the law on your side. As is typical, you are likely to attack me on legalities and what the Constitution says or doesn't say as defined by Stare Decisis and such, or what some Supreme Court Justice wrote once in a big book. What I am telling you is that there is a breaking point, a point at which we will go no further and will die to prove it.

I know the response from your spokesperson might be that we are suggesting going to war with the federal government, with law enforcement. That is not the case. In fact, we expect most of them to be on our side when you finally overplay your hand as you have so recently proven you are willing to do. Some people, yourself excluded, care about the oaths they take and the promises they make and I believe there will be a lot of soul-searching in the hearts of those you expect to carry out your orders against their neighbors, relatives and acquaintances.

You are welcome to ask me how many I am willing to kill to retain my rights as soon as you are willing to answer my question: How many are you willing to kill to get them?


  1. Hi T.L.
    You wrote the letter but you can add my name to it!!!!

    1. Same here. It can speak for me as well.

    2. Very well said. I would be happy if you added my name on that list.

    3. I am proud of who I am and have no need to hide my name, and I, Wally Dow am proud to add my name as a co-signature to this letter. It says openly what I am carrying in my heart.

    4. I am not afraid of illegitimate tyrants and their illegal diktats. I am not afraid of treason, in the form of persons who are going to attempt to impose illegal power over me, my property, my Republic. How can I be afraid of something so outrageously phony, constructed on a foundation of lies and subterfuge? What is there to fear in tyrants who will avoid at every turn to get their hands dirty in their cause of tyranny, who will have others suffer, bleed and die enforcing their illegal dictates and powers?
      What is there to fear in men and woman, so lurid in their hubris, so accustomed to ill gotten wealth power and privilege, they have become illegal aliens to this Republic?

      Can you hear me!?

      You want my arms? You want my Liberty?
      You can not have them.
      Simple as that.

      The only fashion in which you can have my arms is if you kill me. Because that, is the only way you will be able to take them from me.

      Are you minions of this tyranny reading my words here?
      I hope you are.

      I too put my name to this letter TL Davis has penned to Barrack Obama, or what ever his birth name is.

      I too, Doug Cook, put my name to this plea of Liberty.

      With this I pronounce my fortune, my blood, my life as stake in the cause of Liberty.

      It is so, because I have been left no choice but to submit or stand my ground. It is so because I have been tested, a man, who will live in Liberty, a Man who has been tested by tyrants. My dignity as a man, as a free man, I have been pushed into a tyrants corner, and accused of the crime of Freedom and Liberty.
      So be it.
      If I am to be declared an enemy of a dictator and his tyranny, I am to be a happy content enemy. I accept this crown of legitimacy, because it is a rightful claim, I am an enemy, the worst enemy imaginable, I am the stuff of tyrants nightmares, I wear this badge of honorable resistance and rebellion with pride, I wave my flag hi and wide, I am a mighty warrior, born into Liberty, suckled on the teat of freedom and prosperity, for I know my place, I know what I am about, I know I am a man who will never give in, I will never supplicate my existence before this tyranny. This gives me caveat greater than any, I am legitimate. I am a legitimate enemy of tyrants and their diktat!
      I am a legitimate son of Liberty.
      My pedigree is flawless.

      I declare Barrack Hussein Obama,(or what ever is his birth name), his minions, his handlers, his corrupt associates, his evil associations null and void.
      I declare them illegal entities. I declare their edicts and diktats illegitimate. I declare this, and more, that there is nothing to fear from them and their tyranny.

      Do you hear me?

      I am not afraid.

      I think, you all best be afraid of me.

      Come and get my arms. Better yet send an army.

      Respectfully so, Kiss my bitter clinging God fearing gun toting Liberty loving Arse!

    5. I applaud you. Awesome. Direct and from the heart.

  2. You did the work here, but I'm hoping you will allow multiple signatures. I wish I had written this.
    Chuck Myhre

  3. THANK YOU BO for giving us (Americans) the opportunity to show our love and commitment to the United States and the Constitution of the United States. Bring it on ... you are only making your minions weaker and your enemies (us) stronger.

    1. A couple weeks ago I was arguing off-air with a progressive radio talk show host, and he could not understand when I said, "I do not recognize my country anymore, and that at the very best we are two different cultures living in the same land."

      This debate and your comment has given me hope. There is a small remnant, a burning ember left in the heart of American men, who will not allow this tyranny to stand.

    2. And Women, my friend!

  4. Great letter. I have been enjoying your blog for about 2 weeks now. I feel it is mandatory reading for any patriot who wishes to understand what our nation is about to be forced to endure. I feel any armed violence will be small unit affairs. It will be reported in the press as right wing protests whether it is or not. I feel that because when the dollar crashes and EBT cards blink empty and all those "disenfranchised inner city youth" take to their streets with their illegally bought weapons, we will take the blame for their actions. I think one of the best ways to determine who was responsible will be to look at the outcome. If the government mowed over the citizens, it was untrained gangbangers using their 90 degree sight systems. If the government lost or was fought to a stalemate, it was patriots who may have spent a bit of time down in Benning or Bragg and know those weapons and tactics as well as the Federales. I hope it never comes to this but if Obama keeps pushing, he may not like the pushback he sees.

  5. "You are welcome to ask me how many I am willing to kill to retain my rights as soon as you are willing to answer my question: How many are you willing to kill to get them?"

    Strong words from "David" to "Goliath" and we all know how that event concluded. No bombs, armies, strategies or tactics will overcome righteousness of the sword of God.

    The puppet master has murdered and plundered far more than his predecessor tyrant consorts were able to manage throughout history. Now they have tuned their sites to the grandest of all prizes. Trying to slay her in the most cowardly way, by bankrupting and perverting her laws and principles.

    TL his rebuttal to your letter will come from the depths of hell. The arrogance of the diktator and his controllers will not subside but only give us a false sense of security as we pleasure in our awakened numbers.

    We have witnessed through cable and satellite the vengeance of Both Bushes through their shock and awe and the stealth of their video death with drones. This gives rise to the oppressor. They believe in their invincibility. While we believe it is not worth living if we are not free!

    Just for posterity sake, I read were some blogger said the 23 EO's had no teeth. Try this Constitutional lawyers take at this link:

  6. Article 2, Section 1, United States Constitution:"No person except a natural born citizen....shall be eligible to the office of president".

    Paragraph 3, Naturalization Act of 1790 defined "natural born" as the child of American parents, regardless of where the child was born. Notice the plural...."parents".

    While Mr. Davis beseeches the criminal in the West Wing to adhere to the Constitution and it's Bill of Rights, particularly the Second Amendment, no reference is made by the essay writer, to soetoro-obama's illegal and criminal usurption of the office of president. soetoro-obama's usurption of this office is no less than "high crimes". Article 2, Section 1 trumps every plea and argument made by Mr. Davis in his "letter" to soetoro-obama. If Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner along with every member of Congress and the nine .gov lawyers of SCOTUS had defended the Constitution, Mr. Davis would not be penning such essay as he did. For the illegal and unconstitutional soetoro-obama would not have been on the ballot to begin with.

    Mr. Davis....have you refused to address soetoro-obama's legitimacy under USC, Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 because it is inconvenient for you ? Or do you ignore that part of the Constitution because you are unaware of it ? Or do you simply believe that soetoro-obama complies with Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 and thus is legitimate to be POTUS ?

    Myself I will not disrespect the office of President of the United States by addressing the illegal scoundrel soetoro-obama with the title "president".

    There is no part of the Constitution that means anything to our ruling elite. Begging soetoro-obama to comply with anything constitutionally legal is fruitless. One may as well urinate in the wind for all that is worth....writing, calling, e-mailing, signing worthless online petitions, beseeching, begging, imploring, asking, demanding of any one of our elected scoundrels to comply with the law and their oath is simply a waste of time.

    soetoro-obama didn't have to comply with the Constitution to be nominated twice and elected twice. What makes any of you folks believe he will now ?


    1. Dan, if you noticed the tone of the letter was designed specifically not to raise any hot-button issues. Whether you like it or not, the people I hoped would read it don't care about his eligibility. Sad, but true.

      The less radical I sounded the more resonating the last paragraph.

      What you have taken as weakness in me since our conversation in Mercer is not weakness at all, it is calculated for effect on the public.

      Sometimes posts are just for us, most are not.

      The truth is there is hardly a single judge, justice, representative, senator, president, federal agent, who is not a traitor to some degree. But they don't see it that way and nothing comes of making a bunch of noise, but a racket.

      It doesn't get me any closer to my goal and so it doesn't get much attention at all.

      While I might write this blog, I am taking action elsewhere. One does not have to destory the other, that gets me nowhere and brings a lot more attention on me than I want right now.

      So please if you truly consider me a coward, don't be afraid to say it. You will not get me to reveal what I am doing behind the scenes just to prove to you that I am not.

      And, while I am at it, consider this. And, I am not saying this is true by any means, but we all know what is afoot here, so I'll just say it so you might read between the lines of some of my blog posts.

      Your comments often come off to me as something a federal agent would write to get a rise out of me and try to get me to get all Alpha male and admit things that may or may not be illegal, just to prove to you that I am not a sissy.

      So, while that assessment is the furthest from my honest assessment of you, it doesn't matter. Had I ever responded to you in the way that would meet with your expectations, I would have provided any lurker federal agents with grounds to visit me in a very violent way.

      Excuse me if I remain silent. I'm smarter than that.

    2. Mr. Davis....never implied you were a coward, traitor or sissy. However, what I do believe is that the reference to soetoro-obama as "president" continues to lend credibilitiy, legitimacy and respect to the usurper's illegitimate occupation of the West Wing.

      When one fails to meet the prerequisites or follow the rules it is my belief that one is not deserving of respect. soetoro-obama was never qualified to be POTUS. Thru deception, lies, conspiracy and media compliance he sits in power and subjugates the nation.

      Myself, I will not lend further legitimacy to an illegitimate by addressing him/her by a title they don't deserve. Nor will I ignore preceding events/circumstances/wrongdoings as so much water over the dam. Then beg, plead, cajole, attempt to reason, make argument with/for/against, an illegitimate scoundrel in the hopes he respect
      ones G-d given rights, enumerated in a document he has used to wipe his ass with.

      Mr. Davis, I find your refusal to censor comments on your blog quite refreshing and freedom-like. But I find it odd you now harken me to that of a federal agent infiltrating your blog. Why ? Simply because I have challenged some aspects of your commentary ?

      Perhaps I'm the badboy of your blog as I'm now a Federal agent AND an anti-semite. Nevertheless, while you and others embrace and
      "defend" Israel, I will not. As you and others beseech elected scoundrels and soetoro-obama hoping he will not further trample on what little is left of ours rights, I will not.

      It appears to me that many of your readers/followers and perhaps yourself, justify yourselves by ignoring the past, history. The Israelis murdered and maimed hundreds of Americans on 8 JUN 67, but that was then, this is now. They are our "friends". In January 2009 soetoro-obama allegedly took the oath of office of POTUS. He violated the United States Constitution and ascended to be, although illegitimate, the most powerful man in the world. His contempt for the Constitution and violation thereof is acceptable as "what is done is done", "it's water over the dam", "there is nothing we can do about it", "that was then, this is now". He is the "president". soetoro-obama's preceding events, his history of violating Art 1, Section 2 means nothing.

      History. Odd how it is ignored.

      In the meantime along with being an anti-semite I am now a Federal agent looking to entrap Mr. Davis. So be it.

      Thanks for letting me comment.

      DAN III

    3. Danny boy, It is a long train of grievances we all have against this administration. You may assume TL didn't raise hell over over the BO44's eligibility. Myself, I raised plenty of hell. You know as well as I that it got all of us nowhere. Just as this well written letter will likely get us nowhere, but it more than suffices as "THE" warning, more than any of us shall get during a no-knock raid.
      If your resolve is so great as to critique TL, grab your gear, give me a holla and let's roll. If not, what we need in this community is more co-operation and less petty bickering.


  7. Because Dan, you have to deal with the "what is". You can't un-elect this guy as much as we would love to. No one in the press and no one in COngress has the balls to step to this guy. So therefore we have to now deal with the what is and what is, is that the current occupant (usurper) of 1600 Pennsylvania is attempting an end around the Constitution. It is now up to us as Patriots to figure out a way to stop it.
    Worrying about the legalities of his presidency are at this moment a hindrance to the real mission. In fact, I believe Barry Soetero would LOVE you to focus on his eligibility for office as he shits on the Constitution and works to make law abiding weapons owners criminals.

    1. That was well said Robk. We as Patriots also must go down a path of psychological reckoning within ourselves as what actions are necessary to avoid knee jerk which could be detrimental to ones well being. It is pointless as you say Dan, to contact our ir-representatives to waste time but also as far as eligibility is concerned we already have been ignored there as well. Yeah we have been usurped at all levels of gov.

    2. Mr. make my point. While you folks want to ignore the usurper's eligibility and the destruction of the Constitution by those in .gov, you want to believe you can get adherence to another part of the Constitution ?

      Where were the cries of "usurper", "fraud", "ineligible", "fake"....more than four years ago ? To quote Mr. Mullenax...."CHIRP".

      DAN III

    3. I would also add some thoughts as Dan certainly makes a valid point but also by that raises others.

      We're up in arms right now about the 2nd Amendment and rightly so.

      However, over the last half century we have ALLOWED countless other of our Creator given rights to be degraded to the point that has brought us to where we currently are.

      Had we stopped it at any point along the path we would not be here today.

      Yes, we must deal with the here and now but in that, we must also concentrate on reversing the damage done before now and stopping any future damage to ANY of our Creator given rights.

      Be vigilant and watchful over ALL our rights.

      You can bet that while they are attacking the 2nd Amendment right now on one hand, on the other hand they are attacking something else.

    4. EY Mr. Dan, No doubt about the' that's another story, is' that's another story too, and a multitude of his cohorts and congress has fractured eligibility laws coupled with voting fraud and probably is not who was even elected. The question always has been IMO what can you do about it when almost every magistrate in our courts is bought off, threatened, or just plain old violates his oath. The most urgent dereliction are these edicts violating the 2nd. Without guns and ammo nothing else will matter.

      I'm not saying latitude should be given until latter date because an onslaught of continuous bombardment of legal interdiction will take its toll.

      Dan we wouldn't be at this juncture ,"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations" ...You are right but now we must choose our fight!

    5. LordChamp and 33 P....your comments and thoughts are appreciated and quite applicable.

      Thanks men,

      DAN III

    6. You must pick and choose your fights wisely. While our Constitution is under attack on multiple fronts, we must choose the fight that gains us the most support thus giving the greatest chance for success.
      Right now, the one Amendment that protects all others is under attack. We need to defend that one so that the one we will use to throw the Usurper in Chief out of office will still exist.
      This past Thursday was my 28th anniversary of earning my blue infantry cord at Fort Benning. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution and as far as I can tell, no one told me I was relieved of that oath so defend it, I continue.
      Without the 2nd Amendment, no other Amendment means anything because there will be no way to defend against or prevent assaults on those very basic rights.
      No sir, I agree with you in principle that the man is illegitimately holding the office but right now, we have bigger fish to fry.

  8. Great letter TL, I however would not have been so respectful.

    However, in paragraph seven of your letter addressing the (Bill or Rights) you say that our inalienable rights were defined by Government. That is incorrect and CRITICAL that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are a continuation of The Declaration of Independence and that our Unalienable rights are endowed to us by our CREATOR (God or Nature) not government. Because that which the Government gives it can also take away.


    1. Victor, you are incorrect. I said that the Bill of Rights were just that, a bill from our government of rights. The meaning is that the government has already recognized these rights as rights, not privileges, or accommodations.

      I understand how you read that and I admit I should have been more clear, but my intention was to point out that a right is not just some allowance to its citizens, it is inalienable, it cannot be taken away by government when they get a majority to overrule it. I have made this point numerous times.

      That these rights came from God has been hammered on by me time and time again on this blog. The government was designed to guarantee these rights and is not a legitimate government when it seeks to restrict or rescind these God-given rights.

      The reason I did not go into that is that this was not a post, it was a letter to Barack Obama, a federal officer bent on the destruction of rights, a thing the government is not allowed to do, not by any president or justice. And that having done so they have finally raised the ire of the people who are free and capable of resisting that tyranny.

      Pleading God to Obama would only raise his jealousy as he thinks he is God.

    2. TL, I had this same conversation with a fellow that explained to me that "inalienable" did not mean the same as "unalienable". I looked at some links he sent me and there is a pretty good argument for this assertion. I believe this to be what Victor is referring to.

      Inalienable evidently meant that something could be given away voluntarily but could not be taken away and was granted by man. Unalienable was the term that meant "granted by God" and could not be renounced or taken.

      While I see that in modern times the two are interchangeable I will use the latter from now on. Jefferson used "inalienable" in his rough draft of the Constitution but it was changed in the final version.

      As a willing student of such things, I was glad to be shown that some folks draw a distinction. It is a good thing to know.


    3. "The government was designed to guarantee these rights..."

      Exactly! So let's not overthink it, eh? If you design tool T to accomplish job J and it NEVER EVER does the job, what do you do?

      Please don't retort, "Well, sometimes it does the job," because that's false. Sometimes the job gets done in spite of tool T failing, but never because tool T worked. We have all of recorded history, including our own, to demonstrate this unequivocally.

      Indeed, one might notice that job J gets done particularly well when tool T has the least influence. The only people who would deny this are those who don't accept responsibility for their own lives, and of course the job J that they seek to get done, is rather different from the rest of us.

    4. Thanks for that link Liberty. I knew that but had not actually seen all that information.

      That actually is an extremely important point of reference.

      That is one of the main things we are fighting now...misinformation and outright lies.

      The more truth and facts we have the more people we can inform and move back to belief in and support of our founding documents.

      That is extremely important in our war to keep our Country free and in the rebuilding of it as a true Constitutional Republic.

    5. I had always thought that inalienable was more concrete than unalienable. My mistake, it will not be repeated. Unalienable equals God-given and I will use it repeatedly henceforth.

    6. TL, My Brother... Then I stand corrected, that was my only concern.
      Add my name to the letter. Or I will print it and mail it myself.


  9. Please add my name as well.

    -Mike Roberts

  10. Well said Mr Davis!! Please add my name also!!

  11. I´m in germany but i think you can add my name too- Giuseppe Cavaleri

  12. In freezing temps where I live, the winds with fronts will blow gustily in excess of 75 mph. The tree that lives the longest is the giant that will bend even while frozen for months on end. It is that way as well for the Patriot hardened by his anguish. If he cannot flex in times of peace he surely will snap as the wind stiffens against him.

  13. Fantastic letter, TL, my family and I would like to endorse your letter. The comments are, for the most part, insightful and correct. However, concerning Dan III's remarks, I would have to say that he is correct in that we should have, and our spineless representatives should have, done more back in 2008 to vet the media star, but I would also say that every since the beginning of the FDR administration we and our representatives have looked to the federal government (thereby granting them powers that the constitution does not give them) for more sustenance and security. If we draw a line in the sand now, we can stop any further infringements of our rights and hopefully win back our country. Then, and only then, can we right the wrongs that have put this great Country in the predicament that it is in today. We have to start somewhere and unfortunately we can't go back to 2008 or 1930. We have to go all the way back to the beginning eventually, but We the People must decide, at some point, what our duties and obligations are. We were AWOL and therefore lost several battles in the past. We must unite now and win this and all future battles if we are to preserve our great Country and it's sacred Constitution. The fact that we have spineless representatives and an usurper in the White House should only fuel the fire in our bellies. Thank you for exercising our 1st Amendment rights so eloquently. Stand together and keep the faith. unclescott

  14. >> I believe that the Bill of Rights were that, a bill from the government to the people of certain rights, not privileges, not exceptions, not waivers, hard and fast rights, <<

    I disagree. It is the codification that these rights are
    inherent and the government cannot grant or remove them
    without aconvention of all the states. The preamble and first paragraph explains why:

    Bill of Rights [extracted]:
    THE Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.

    This is significant as it makes the Amendments a significant guarantee of what are rights vs privileges granted.


    1. I agree. Only so much can be done in a letter the length of an average attention span and in America, that is getting shorter and shorter by the day.

  15. Hit the button too soon.

    In short I like what you have to say over all.

    I only make clear, we the people grant power to the government not the other way around.


  16. Sounds like a misunderstanding, not sure where you might have gotten the idea that anyone here believed otherwise as I have not seen it.

    I believe we are all in agreement that our rights are from our Creator and not from government.

    We believe in freedom and if anyone were to believe their rights come from government, then that automatically means you are no longer a free man as they could be taken away at the whim of another human. You would then be a slave.

    Oh the beautiful wisdom and logic of our Founders.

  17. Wonderful..
    Need one big LIKE button for this.
    Also please add me Kevin Budig to the list....

  18. T.L. that was tastfully done and over the top true.was a pleasure meeting you at the liberty summit and look forward to meet up with you again soon

  19. You can also add my name: Lon Monroe although I ususally sign these posts as 'Worker'. Looking back at history, it is easy to desern and make critical judgements but living in the middle of history is (way) more difficult - to that end, as people living inside living history, the reference points appear to be clear (at least to me) and to that end, I for one (a small minority for sure) am willing to take the necessary stand.
    Keep up the good work - you help clarify liberty and first principals.

  20. You can add my name to this also Dustin Merrell

  21. "Under your predecessor, George W. Bush, at a time of national crisis, we ceded some of our rights to the federal government "

    Not this part of "we"! Rights can never be ceded; they can be ignored and unexercised, but they still exist just as firmly as ever.

    "I know the response from your spokesperson might be that we are suggesting going to war with the federal government, with law enforcement. That is not the case. In fact, we expect most of them to be on our side when you finally overplay your hand as you have so recently proven you are willing to do."

    Wishful thinking. They have already proved, in droves, that there is no unconstitutional or unethical "law" they won't enforce to get their paycheck. Otherwise no one would ever get kidnapped and caged for owning an "unregistered machine gun" or marijuana, or for carrying a gun in public- with or without a "permit".

    Good luck, but you are talking to a "man" so far gone down the collectivist rat hole that your words don't even register to his "brain".

  22. TL, Good piece.

    Once again we devolve into blah blah.."rights"...blah, blah... inalienable/unalienable..blah...blah...protest/petition, liberty is better than yours, blah,blah...

    The readers and commentators here need to pluck their heads out of ass and get ready to fight. Get real, get prepped, get tribe, get your local shit well grouped because while you all 'debate' our "Enemies" (yes I call them that openly) are prepping to kick our asses and burn our homesteads. They will turn urban mobs loose on your women and children, they will confiscate what poor wealth you have left and leave you naked, bound and dead in a ditch.

    *THAT* is whats coming, all this other fancy sounding shit you all spend so much time jaw-jacking about is fucking POINTLESS.

    Get together face to face, make plans, write nothing down, TRAIN and prep. Otherwise you are dead weight. Get over yourselves smart-guys!

    TL, apologies for the rant, but I am tired of listening to these know it all libertarian/librarians. I just spent 6 hours in the mud with ten riflemen, doing SUT drills. I am sore, hungry, dirty and pissed.

    I really believe most of these guys are dead men walking. See you at the III Congress.

    1. Sandman...LMFAO! You took the time to spew this hypocritical ignorance? Maybe some of us ranked "Librarian", if some folks would have picked up on that in elementary, we wouldn't be in this predicament to begin with.

      Furthermore, please don't insult, pretending to understand who I am, where I have been or where I am going.

    2. "Furthermore, please don't insult, pretending to understand who I am, where I have been or where I am going.

      Nope, don't know you or claim to. Never heard of you before today. If the boot fits, wear it. If not, then throw it away. If you took it as a personal hit then that's your problem. Deal with it.

      "Hypocritical ignorance" is in the eye of the beholder.

    3. Sandman, Take a shower, eat some good food, have a glass of wine, and take a few moments to chill, let the soreness dissipate and be grateful that you are here now to address these incredible issues with the rest of us.

  23. You can add my signature to the letter as well.

  24. Wordy. Just say: I have no repect for the rule of law. No one's taking any guns, you know that, but you don't get to have a machine gun because you "feel" you need one to defend your family. You'll end up killing members of someone else's.

    News for you: people in those rough neighborhoods don't own a lot of guns. Don't try to pretend this is not related to your displeasure at having an African-American president by suggesting your real concerns is people in cities like Washington, Chicago and Newark. It ain't.

    Fortunately, people like you are so incapable, which is really what this is about, feelings of impotence and resentment. You are to be pitied, not feared.

    1. Hi Battchief,

      Project much? You come on a site defending the 2nd Amendment and hand us the usual liberal mindless word drool and think we are going to take you serious? Not a chance. We may snicker and laugh at you but take you serious? No way.
      Now as to your "points", I am sure the citizens in Chicago will be glad to hear there aren't that many guns as their murder rate was higher than the KIA rate in Afghanistan last year. I am also pretty sure the good folks in Washington DC with their borderline unConstitutional gun ban are glad to hear that all of those murders were committed by those evil "Arms Are For Hugging" bumper stickers.
      You are right we don't specifically care about those places you mentioned. No sir, we care about ALL places where the Constitution is being trampled upon. Those cities you mention are ground zero for all the proof you need to verify the mantra "when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns".
      I am not sure why you are afraid of guns. Maybe it was all the time you played tea party and dollie dress up as a kid. Whatever...but don't bring your insecurities in here.

    2. Not sure why you feel the need to spew your racist garbage all over but that is your RIGHT and I support.

      See, that is the difference here that you evidently are not used to or even accept.

      We actually SUPPORT and BELIEVE IN the Constitution as it is written, which, by the way, is the LAW OF THE LAND!

      So we are only wanting all involved, especially the government to do the same. Not twist it, not trample it, not break it, abide by it.

      If you oppose that, then I assume you are willing to accept the term criminal to be applied to you. Correct?

    3. Nice job, "Battchief." Did you know you didn't lay one accurate charge? Not one; that's no easy chore.

      Here's your "rule of law," at least American-style and at least in theory. I get my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness any way I see fit, as long as I allow the same for the next guy. Everything else is just your wild imagination and cowardice.

      Not feared, eh? That must explain why you spew these falsehoods, all without your name. You needn't worry about anyone here. Your shame alone will get you in the end, sure as the sun rises. That's what eats away at you and creates all that fear.

      Pretty funny, in a way. You fantasize a fear about others "killing members of someone else's" family, while you endorse that which actually does it.

  25. Add My name to the list! This say's it perfectly !

  26. I'd be proud to have my name, Derald Yancey, added to the list of co-signers. If nothing else, it'll save the DHS clerks some time connecting it to my "handle."

  27. Alison Madsen-GibsonJanuary 20, 2013 at 3:46 PM

    I would love for my name to be added here as well!

  28. Well said Mr Davis.

  29. I am going to share this over and over...

  30. The second amendment was not written to protect children at schools, or any specific individuals from criminals. It was written to protect the republic- a free state. The government has been prohibited from "infringement" on this right. They know this, so their only hope is to, in the words of Eric Holder, "brainwash" the American people. We owe it to the free state and ourselves to deny any attempt to "brainwash" us with respect to arms or any other of our rights as a free people. Think of those words that so many fought and died for. Free people.

  31. Note to ButtChief, I need my AR15 like Rosa Parks needed to sit in the front of the bus. Now, go DIAF.

  32. Do you think he cares what anyone thinks? Does anyone think that he gives a shit?

    1. Do you people really not understand this? The letter to Obama had nothing to do with convincing him of anything. Are you kidding me? It was to help people, our people respond to him, to give reasonable talking points to our side.

      Holy Moly, do you think I am stupid enough to think this letter will change anything in his mind? Really?

      It's for YOU.

  33. James R. Richardson Sr.January 27, 2013 at 7:27 AM

    Mr Davis, extremely well said. I and all able bodied AMERICANS applaud and stand with you.Thank you so much SIR. Please add my name and support proudly to your list.

  34. Well said, and you can add my formal signature
    Andrew Patrick Howard
    Sergeant, United States Army, Retired

  35. The writer of the article (T.L. Davis) is on point throughout his letter. Apparently the readers in the comment section agree also. Add me to the list in agreement. The nation must stand against the tyranny proposed by the current administration. My sincere hope is the stand will be through the political process and exercising the rights guaranteed by the first amendment. However, the fourth, fifth, sixth and tenth amendments must be staunchly defended also. If all else fails, the founding fathers gave us the second amendment to ensure our freedom and God given right to self preservation. Death is inevitable. That fact aside, everyone deep down longs for a reason to die rather than dying in vain. I can think of none better than in defense of the U.S. Constitution. How better to honor those who previously sacrificed so much building and defending the rights of the nation? To sit idly by and watch the Bill of Rights be vanquished at the hands tyrants is a cowardly act, and the antithesis of the American spirit…

  36. I will proudly add my name, Jonathan Cornelison, Usmc! We the people need to ban together. His plan to destroy America is already in motion. It will be soon when he tries to implement martial law and its then that we need our numbers and our courage to keep this country free and great. I will proudly stand and fight once again for this country that I love

  37. My husband and I applaud this expression of your frustration as it echoes our own. We would be honored to have our names added to this letter. Ron and Lori Pate

  38. Oh! Amazing employment with the editorial relating to President Barack Obama. I locate few helps over here related by this post to accomplish my task nicely. I highly recommend this. Thanks a lot………

  39. It's so pity for us to question the president for the direction of our nation. Well, what can he do with the climate change? Anyways, my heart goes out for Sandy Hook Elementary School. I pray for your fast recovery.

  40. Good letter TL but your desire to trust most LEO's and others like them who are consistently breaking the law and violating our rights all around America is nothing short of foolish. Alot of patriots are like that though, unfortunately. You guys will not be saying that anymore once you witness these same LEO's going around more massively killing more people, stealing our weapons and property, all in the name of the law of course. One of the smartest things we can do is not trust anyone in govt which includes the police and federal agents & stop pussy footing around the ballpark hoping that the ball won't land on our feet. Sometimes, to get things done, you gotta ruffle feathers and get some folks pissed at you.


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