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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Honest Truth of Bold Tyranny

The future is now. We are being asked a very serious question by Governor Cuomo and Barack Obama: "What are you going to do about it?"

I contend that there has been only one thing that has gotten through the heads of the tryannical collectivists in our government, that the people will do absolutely nothing to preserve their rights. It was a lesson taught to them by George W. Bush when he created the Department of Homeland Security, when we were asked to sacrifice certain rights for our security. We should not have, it has only emboldened the Marxists in government of every level to make this final play.

We are there now. We have sought to tend our own business too long. We have sought peace. Our desire to somehow save the nation from within the system has failed. We don't want to have to move away from what is familiar and relatively safe. We look around us and we have jobs; we have incomes; we have families; we have homes; we have lives that we have worked hard to preserve.

Now, we are being asked to abandon all of that to demand our rights. We ask for our rights to be respected, knowing that over the past several decades and administrations our pleas have been ridiculed, because the government has all the power, all the machines of war that they need to deny those rights and see no reason to negotiate with us at all.

We are the soldiers and sailors of the wars they have fought. We are the ones who built the tools they use to threaten us. We have created the wealth that they have used to erect our prisons. We supply the funds they use to build armies against us.

We have asked only that in return our rights be respected and our constitution be obeyed.

They laugh when we make our demands from our dinner tables and porches, because they know we don't have the will to destroy all that we have built, all the memories of the lives given in defense of what we have built.

To them, we are nothing and they have finally decided to let us know exactly where we stand. They are not trying to placate us by listening to our demands. They laugh full in our faces for making them. They want this fight. They are pushing as hard as they can on the last shreds of restraint we have, to make us leap. I know the tactic. I have used it when I knew I could win. When I wanted domination. I recognize it.

They are strong now and we are weak. We have given them every other weapon in our arsenal to keep the peace, except one and now they want it, too.

It begins in New York. Cuomo has been summoned to start the confiscation to show us all that we are helpless, that nothing will happen, that we will all give up our arms willingly to breathe for one more day. Cuomo has taken the theory into practice and now waits to see what will happen with a demonic gleam in his eye, because he knows they will win.

I have been there.

The world waits to see what will happen in New York.

Beyond today, there are only three possible outcomes: 1) that the law will go into effect and the lie to Second Amendment resistance will be exposed, opening the door to absolute despotism; 2) that some resistance will be put up against the immoral laws passed by the New York government that will serve to justify police state actions to demonstrate to the rest of us that resistance is futile and deadly; 3) that resistance will begin, grow and start to gain momentum, drawing in some members of the government or military to the resistance and the war for restoration will begin in earnest.

None of these possibilities are good. None of them are safe. None of them are civil. All of them are bloody either at the beginning, the middle or the end.

Let it be known then, that we stayed peaceful as long as we could; that we took the insults and abuses as long as they were tolerable; that we clung to that last hope of restoration with the cooperation of the government until it was obliterated by the ultimate honest truth of bold tyranny.

We have been summoned to the field of battle by our own representatives and legislators. We have been called out as cowards. We have been ridiculed as harmless mice.

Taking history at its word, I see the fate of the nation and of patriots. Once the issue of gun ownership has been dealt with, one might only choose to stand before them and die, or kneel at the edge of a shallow grave and die. Death being death, I prefer to stand.


  1. Mr. Davis....NY state citizens will not lynch Cuomo. 53% of American voters supported the unconstitutional soetoro-obama TWICE. There are statists and collectivists and snitches everywhere supporting .gov. Take note of your private e-mails naming my remarks as anti-semitic because I identified a fact. These are the same folks who will not support measures to maintain individual liberty and freedom.

    Your efforts here are commendable. Look back on Mercer. What came of that ? Much effort on your part with few results. As I've commented here and elsewhere....the efforts required to reverse decades of marxist and collectivist indoctination are nearly impossible. We are both too old for this shit. What was the average age at Mercer....42 perhaps ? Where are America's youth ? Certainly not in a factory producing American-made goods.

    My point to my comments is that you may stand. But you'll stand ALONE or with only a few men of conviction. You'll be painted a disgruntled, lone-wolf redneck with cowboy boots and a bad attitude.

    I certainly hope I am wrong. But I don't see the level of citizen involvement needed to to return us to the values of 19 April 1775.

    PS: I'm not anti-semite. I just call it as I see it and it is so obvious even Stevie Wonder can see it ! ( I'm a racist).

  2. I don't think I characterized you as an anti-semite, because I don't believe that. I know where your point of view comes from, but what you have written comes off as anti-semitic to semites.

    Please do not start that same conversation here, on this new post, take it to private e-mails. It is a distraction from what needs to be discussed here and now.

  3. TL, would you have us go and fight for NY when it is the very heart of Marxism in America? The vast majority of folks there WANT weapons to be confiscated. I know there are some patriots up there, but honestly they are behind enemy lines and need to move. What are your thoughts? Pick some high level daisys?

    1. Mr. Liberty&Lead....your question of fighting for Liberty in the bastion of progressive NYS is the crux of the matter. Just where does one determine to fight ? And with whom ?

      As I addressed above, Mr. Davis has made intensive effort to organize a collective effort, to confront the tyranny that is New York State, the regime of soetoro-obama, and the multitude of state governors attacking Freedom & Liberty. He is but one man separated, as most of us are, by
      hundreds of miles.

      Before we can begin to oppose the tyranny always referred to in the inanimate as "the government", folks must be organized. Oddly in today's world of instant communication we are less communicative, and consequently less organized then ever.

      Ask oneself...."What can I do and how do I do it"? More than likely one will have to admit he/she is alone in their beliefs. At best one may have an organized fire team but not much more.

      How the hell did the people of the American Revolution ever organize themselves to oppose the Crown ? If they did it in the 18th century why can't we in the 21st century organize as they did ?

      Rhetorically, does anyone have the answer ?

      DAN III

      Mr. L& you question the thought of

    2. Quote: "The vast majority of folks there WANT weapons to be confiscated."

      A simple logical question to you, Sir. Should we not abolish slavery just because some slaves wish to remain so? Or do we declare before God and the People that Slavery is wrong and Must be abolished?

      I do not care one wit if the Majority want "gun control". It is evil and it is wrong and it must be abolished. New Yorkers who are willing to make a stand deserve the support of Free Men and Patriots from every part of the country.

  4. "If they did it in the 18th century why can't we in the 21st century organize as they did ?"

    Simple...they knew what they were fighting for, their own lives as free men, to create, produce, raise their families, pray as they wish and just generally live the lives that THEY chose.

    Today, everyone wants everyone else to live the lives that they choose for them...up to and including where they should be allowed to shop, ahem.

    I know you didn't mean to, Dan, but you bought into it. Almost everyone did; that's why it rested on the educational system. You wanna force me to live as you deem correct. Don't get me wrong---your idea of "correct" is a ton more sensible than the others. It just doesn't matter, that's all.

    Plus, it ain't gonna happen. "I own myself."

  5. i vote #1. 2013 ain't 1775. for the first time in history,most Americans are dependent on the federal govt. section 8, food stamps, veterans have pensions and the va they can't leave behind, medicare and social security retirement and ss disability lock in the rest. and we cant forget farmers and their federal subsidies

    there wont be a resistance unless a state secedes. govt will win by incremental banning and by the time confiscation comes, there wont be anyone to care

    1. Anon @ 0748....I believe you may be correct in your conclusions. In 1775 we were farmers and self-sufficient. Today we are .gov pensioners and without meaningful, private enterprise employment.

      Again....I ask how the American Revolution was organized in the 18th Century but we can't organize for freedom in the 21st ? Is it truly an indifference due to .gov dependence ?

      DAN III

    2. dan iii

      when i'm at a computer ill find the site, but someone was pointing out the 1775 patriots were an organized opposition based on a goal of literal regime change, but today there is no organization and cetainly no group seeking a new govt, its a blog called militia history or something like that.

      as long as people see the feds as a source of nourishment, they will have no desire to make a literal change in the govt and govt will keep doing these little by little bans


    3. Anon748....thanks for your reply to me.

      As I understand it those who stood at Lexingto Green and Concord Bridge were part of the colonial shadow government. Are we at the point in USA history where we need to establish the same in prep for ridding ourselves of this blasphemy the USA .gov has become ? I believe we may be, as our Constitution has been defiled and every branch of government is corrupt.

      DAN III

  6. "The world waits to see what will happen in New York."
    The world and New Yorker Commies or Collectivist will do nothing! Appendages(Constitution) were torn from their bodies years ago. This action by NY legislators and their governor is only another slap but a strategic one directed at us. The gun owners of NY will do nothing since it is a status quot. Obama knew they would not defend themselves and he has misjudged the rest of us ...shame! Confident that he has not misjudged, the next shoe is about to drop. He understands the momentum he fabricated for the regime and it is a false positive, it will bite the ass of the commie. Our sitting on and wringing of the hands is patience. That tempered, tautly wound spring called virtue is about to unwind. The Foreigners and traitors of his tribe at the White house don't understand the fury of the born free rebel. It is embedded in our genes. We will stand or we will die.

    1. Mr. is difficult to believe any push-back against Cuomo by New Yorkers will happen. They've allowed the 2A rights to be decimated for decades. Hell, they've allowed the NY .gov to tax the livin' crap out of them and there too, New Yorkers have done nothing. What makes one believe they will stand up against the traitor Cuomo and his fellow scoundrels in the NY legislature ?

      DAN III

  7. Dan, Grab your boot straps and pull! Now is your moment and if you fail there will not be another. Your capabilities are immense. Your understanding of the issues are credible. The Fathers are beckoning. Continue barking at the cars and eating rocks.
    Don't tell us how we can't, but in your educated words how we CAN... brother! Nothing was ever won in negativity and it only telegraphs defeat. Please don't disappoint our Patriots waiting in the wings.

  8. Let's put all this in context.

    No matter 2013 or 1776, humans are humans and human nature does not and will not change. Only situations change. We're the same today as we were then.

    In accepting that you can better know what to expect and how to plan.

    No more than 3% of the population participated in the 1st American Revolution. THREE PERCENT!! That is so small a portion of the population so as to be easily ignored. Except for the fact that they refused to be ignored.

    Do not expect an overwhelming majority to support you. That should not even be considered as it will never happen.

    Human nature shows that most will do nothing until something directly and strongly affects them. Even then many will respond weakly.

    This will not start and will not be for quite some time, if ever any kind of centralized, large scale event. It will be in small groups spread all over the Country, spreading out government resources and stretching them to the max.

    Comparing us to 1776, in reality I believe there are currently more than 3% that are on the edge and ready to act if needed. Either way, let's assume it's only 1% of gun owners. 1% of ~100 million is a very large number. What would happen if thousands of small groups of that 1% did something? Really? You think that wouldn't have an affect and that it would in any way be controllable by the government?

    Again, I personally believe that there are well more than 1% ready to act once they see things start happening.

    As to do we go to NY? There should be no reason. We're not marching out to large battles as happened in 1776. There are more than enough Patriots in NY to cause the government to reverse what they have done and are doing.

    Bob Owens points that out here:

    Use logic folks, not emotion.

    I'm in no way minimizing the situation or think this will be easy but it is relatively simple.

    No I don't believe we should go to NY but I do believe that people in NY need to stand up and take whatever action they see fit for their situation. It is their duty to the Constitution as it ours when something happens in our respective areas.

    This, by it's nature, will mostly initially be at the State level. Each State's citizens must respond independently.

    This accomplishes the goal of building a strong local community structure also. It's easier to support someone within a few miles of you than it is to support someone a few hundred miles from you. Even if you believe in what they are doing.

    It's here. If you are not prepared, it will become more and more difficult to do so.

    Anyone got a good source for wheel weights?

  9. Two points:
    First, NY is a Shaping operation. Intelligent preparation of the battlefield.
    They met in secret committees and did not allow public comment and open input and debate.
    They crafted this legislation to be as close to an outright ban as they could get it.
    They require registration and confiscation if you cannot sell items to out of state buyers before the deadline.
    All to gauge the reaction and prepare you for what is coming.

    Second, now is the time for us to conduct our own shaping and logistics operations.
    Those of you in PA, VT and other states close to NY need to reach out.
    Particularly if you’re in more rural areas you will be the base of operations for your NY brothers and Sisters.
    Now is the time to ask yourselves the hard questions.

    “What can I realistically do in a combat situation”
    Maybe the answer is “a lot” but it may be “not much”.
    Ask yourself this REALISTICALLY!
    If your answer is not much then you still have importance and value to the coming troubles.
    Your priorities need to change.
    You need to focus on logistics and close in security for that base of operations.
    Maybe you have a farm with a big barn in the middle of nowhere PA.
    Sounds like a good place for a safe house for wounded to recover.
    Get to setting that up.
    Putting yet another AR in your safe is not as important as getting $1000.00 in medical supplies.

    Those of you in NY need to reach out to the out of state guys and let them know you are there.
    You need to arrange meet ups and face to face training. Build those relationships before you get going.
    Then you need to begin covert efforts to send the message to the state that you will not comply with these new rules.
    Saturday you were not a criminal and everything you owned was perfectly legal….today? You are potentially a felon.
    What changed? Was it you? Was it your property? No THEY moved the line and made you a criminal.
    If they think you are a criminal then start acting like one. I will not go into details but there are lots of options for you that will send the message.
    These options are low risk and can potentially result in large gains. Don’t waste your efforts on the first opportunity. Think, gather intel and really weigh the outcomes.
    Remember we are not yet in a dynamic situation so some things are off the table but feel free to break things.


  10. Please sign it folks!


    1. can take those online petitions and shove them where the sun don't shine. soetoro-obama just quadrupled the required petition signatures.

      Yeah....these online petitions are bull crap. Better you buy lead and arms than waste your time with begging soetoro-obama.

      DAN III

  11. Honestly, I think the war began in 191 Lake Road, Webster, NY when Spengler ambushed firefighters. Granted the guy who resisted may not have been the kind that anyone would follow, or aspire to be. He has however shown us all what this war will look like.

    Tactically speaking, and not making any moral judgements, he executed a one man ambush almost as well as he could have. His ambush was on a narrow, one way in-one way out dead end road. Lake to the north and the south. It would have been very difficult to flank him at this location. He could have done way more damage if he let more police and fire arrive on scene if he held back his fire, and cut off their only route of escape. Police and fire were lucky.

    We know what has been reported about Spengler. He was a felon on release, he lived quietly for years, and that he left a note saying that he wanted to go out and kill. What we haven't heard is why he did what he did. The why question is either suppressed or went to the grave.

    Spengler did illustrate what it will look like if the day comes though, we cannot deny that.


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