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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

From Our Friends in the Militia

Take a moment to read the text of the letter sent out by a militia unit.

An open letter concerning the “Gun Control” threats made by public figures and Legislators.

If some drunk runs over a bunch of preschoolers at a bus stop, that does not give you, society or the
government the right/authority to take MY car or restrict what kind of car I can own.
If some meth head goes on a rampage at the local day care with a chainsaw,that does not give you,
society or the government the right/authority to take MY chainsaw or restrict what kind of chainsaw I
can own.

If some insane boy-man guns down a bunch of school kids with any kind of firearm,that does not give
you, society or the government the right/authority to take MY firearm or restrict what kind of firearm I
can own.

The US has over 300 Federal and major State Firearms laws on the books.(a very conservative figure)
Every one of which is unconstitutional. No law will save you from the insane or criminally inclined.
The only thing that will suffice to defend your family is the ownership of a weapon and the will to use

The 2nd Amendment was never about hunting, or even self defense. It is all about the Citizen's ability
to defend themselves against tyranny by the government or the majority. What part of "...Shall not be
infringed" do the Marxists not understand?

In reality I think they understand perfectly, that as long as 'we the people' are armed they cannot run
roughshod over the Constitution. That is why they have moved slowly and discreetly to usurp our
rights on a daily basis for decades. They fear us, they fear discovery and openness. They fear the
removal of their masks as liberals or “progressives”. We know their true face, history has shown us
many times. The Collectivist Central Governments of Russia, China, Cambodia and North Korea killed
more than 200 MILLION people during the last decades of the 20
th Century.

We will NOT allow them to repeat their Socialist nightmare here. We will resist, we will not comply.
We will not permit the confiscation of our property. We will not allow cries of “Save us!”, “Protect us!” or “It's for the Children!” to be used as justifications for the majority to deny us our natural rights.
Let me state clearly and publicly for the record and for posterity's sake. We will not comply with any
further infringements. We will resist. If attacked, we will fight. If accosted at our homes we will shoot
back. God have mercy on those in Government, Media or “Law Enforcement” who threaten our
families, because we will show none.

We make this statement not in anger or fear, but with sound minds and firm resolve.
Let our servants in the public sector and the intellectual, media, and academic elitists who
support them take note and understand the very personal results of their actions. If our families suffer,
so shall yours. We know where you live, we know where you work, we know where you dine and shop.

Your bodyguards and contractors cannot protect you from determined men with nothing left to lose.
Stay away from our families, homes and property, you have been warned.

From One unit of the United States Militia
Molon Labe


  1. Right on !! and just for the record most citizens not just Militia feel the same way,just in case you NWO types want to ban Militias! In fact more people everyday!


    1. Those silly wabbits infiltrate and fabricate. It has a tendency to drive Pats below, scattered, and wiser thus harder to track.

      squeeze one vent 1

      E Fudd

  2. Hello, TL,

    Great columns lately, as always. However (and there is usually at least one), in this age of NSA record keeping in the great Utah data center; emails, phone conversations, blog posts, et al, it is not wise or prudent to advertise one's beliefs and plans of action that stem from those beliefs. Rather, take a lesson from the Mafia and its M.O. of Omerta. Whether an individual or member of a militia, don't post such things on the internet at all. Why should the enemy be given a heads up, a blow-by-blow account of steps to be taken, or for God's sake, a "warning" regarding consequences of steps the enemy is pondering? The time of warning is long past; they are no longer deserving of any warning. Resistance movements do not advertise what they are thinking or planning; instead, they act at a time and in a manner of their choosing. Without a doubt, there are many such movements and militias that are deep underground as we speak, as well as many in law enforcement and in the military with beliefs and plans that should not be divulged beforehand. It is one thing to try to rally the troops, so to speak, in an attempt to garner more support. It is quite another to give away the store beforehand.

    1. The "great Utah Data Center" ain't in service yet. Unless of course it's one of those "fully operational Death Star" traps.

  3. "Why should the enemy be given a heads up...? The time of warning is long past; they are no longer deserving of any warning."

    That's right; they're not deserving. They never were, nor does it matter. "Deserving" is a concept for the Good Guys.

    There's plenty to be said for keeping a low profile and obviously in a physical battle, one doesn't inform the enemy of his plans. Still, there are (at least) 3 answers to this question.

    1. Tradition. The Second Continental Congress passed TWO major declarations. Everyone knows about the one on July 4, 1776 but a lot of people don't know about the one on July 6, 1775. Check it out. Lots and lots of Americans believe those men did the right thing, with the right result.

    2. There are no secrets. Phone calls, emails, blog comments---all of it is subject to eavesdropping by people with virtually unlimited resources and technology. This is reality and there's no point in denying it; there's never any point in denying reality. Plus, that particular knife cuts both ways---just as an armed society tends toward a polite society, so a transparent society will tend toward a civil society. Besides, even in meatspace nobody knows who are the moles, provocateurs and so on. Unlimited resources, again.

    3. But mainly, it's about what a man of honor, a decent man, does and how he does it. Good men and women might be sneaky when sneakiness is necessary, but they're not sneaks. Sneaks are the people who passed Obamacare in the manner they did; sneaks are the people who are running hundreds of millions of Americans into bankruptcy. Righteous people aren't sneaks, nor are they looters.

    Lower in this blog is a post titled, "The March to Liberty" and in the comment section, written 12/24 at 1426, is a comment by Mt Top Patriot. That'll explain this point much better than I ever could.

    I agree that some things are better left unsaid, but it should also be noted that some things just need sayin'. My life is mine to live and hence to protect, along with anyone and anything else that I choose. If it comes to pass that someone chooses to threaten me or mine physically, then I'll damn well engage whatever defense I deem appropriate. Period. This is basic and can't possibly change because of the clothing the other person chooses to wear.

  4. Okay lets try this...

    "Let me state clearly and publicly for the record and for posterity's sake."

    By giving clear warning you have provided for justified self defense and met any reasonable conditions concerning the rules of warfare. You have also left a footprint on history's page about how we came to be here.

    Nothing in that letter appears to violate comsec, opsec or persec. Nothing there that is not being said on a thousand websites as we speak.

    In reality it may be a way to assuage our own conscience when the shooting starts. We can say honestly and with honor that we tried.

  5. As I am not nearly as eloquent as others, all I can say is that I agree 100% with those who would "state clearly and publicly for the record, and for posterity's sake" their intentions to resist tyranny. I am a mere mortal, I am no Superman. I have no formal training in the art of warfare. But God commands me as a father and a husband to protect my family at all cost, and I shall do so unto my last breath.

    "Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming upon you… You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. You have condemned and murdered innocent men, who were not opposing you."
    James 5:1, 6

    Alan S. Pedersen
    Proud Christian Patriot and
    III Congress Delegate
    Fort Mill, SC

    1. Yay, another fellow SC patriot. Also upstate SC here. Di not know if there was a delegate from SC so I've been contemplating if I should put my name into the hat.

      Very well said, everyone.

    2. LordChamp

      Please contact me at Would love to speak to you.

      Alan S. Pedersen

    3. Government, the people who run it, and the media have gone too far.

      There is no turning back from the transgressions upon us. The differences from the threats of diktat and their implementation are moot.

      Making my Liberty a criminal offense in order to disarm me is unacceptable. There is not any other way about it.
      I find my government, but really the people within it abhorrent to my very life.

      In no uncertain terms I have no respect for this authority, authority that does not exist. To me the legitimacy of government in it's present mutation contradicts every moral and legal concept of government of the people. It is government of dictatorship. It is not my government. The people who preside within this system of diktat are blood suckers in human form. Vermin. They have crossed a boundary of no return. Broken the sacred trust between servants of the people and stewards of the rule of law that defines and protects that sacred trust.

      And it is not only that the destruction of that trust is so heinous, but that it is I who through confiscatory taxation upon the fruits of my labors these traitors to that sacred trust gorge themselves. It is enraging beyond any experience I have ever known to understand I not only am expected, but am demanded, by these people, I must bow and grovel before their omnipotence, but I am to pay an extortion from my labor for this foul privilege of serfdom, my wealth, MY WEALTH, to this elitist class and it's machine of producing tyranny, that considers me so low I am to be classified as a criminal for believing I have natural unalienable rights.

      This is slavery.

      I denounce with every fiber of my life and Liberty this intolerable system of the ruling elite. It bears no resemblance, is anathema to every idea, principle and concept of Liberty as founded in these united states.

      An comeuppance is enthusiastically due for the transgressions and volition of this tyranny. It is time to purge our Liberty of this pandemic of omnipotence now upon ourselves...

    4. ...It is time to revolt against this grotesque imposition against our bodies and freedom by any means, any form, tiny or grand. It is time to steel our hearts and resolve, to look inward within ourselves, decide for each of ourselves to either bow to the inevitable or do ones duty to their own Liberty.
      The truth of things is it is time to come to terms and embrace your sovereign being as it exists. Not before, nor in the future, but in the here and now.
      This is the answer to the question so many seek. What to do.
      Ask thyself what does it require of oneself to resist this tyranny. Ask thyself which is proper for oneself, submitting to this intolerable oppression of your Liberty and Primal Rights, or, an act of fealty to ones freedom.

      This has to happen. It has to come from each of us if each of us is to become a force of Liberty, to bind with others in this war that is waged upon every facet of our natural unalienable Liberty.

      The loop has closed around our necks. This intolerable act of treason and tyranny in the form of criminalizing our natural primal private personal right to defense completes the sphere of intrusion upon all aspects of our lives. There is no other aspect of tyranny of a higher order than for we to be defenseless and prostrate in weakness before the ruling class. All their omnipotence and power hinges upon you not grasping they are powerless if you understand that with the gun they can not control. Their slowly but carefully crafted false legitimacy, and the power of this tyranny, is predicated upon the ultimate in all their agenda.

      Disarm we of the people.

      There is nothing remaining for them to rob steal and confiscate from us.

      Our arms represent everything. Upon the power of those arms we keep and bare rides everything. This contest upon the righteous will of ours of defense of our means of defense is the paradigm upon which our existence as free men hinges.

      And it has to come from you.

      From deep down in your heart and within your spirit.

      This idea of Liberty is not ink on a piece of parchment.

      Liberty is and always has been an idea that resides within your very being. This is why it is unalienable. As long as you live and breath that shining light exists.

      It is the Gospel of Liberty.


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