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Monday, January 21, 2013

Dear Cop

The battlespace is starting to firm up. Yes, I hear the law enforcement personnel who say that they might be 10% of their comrades who will stand. I hear Oathkeepers staying true to their sentiments about the Assault Weapons Ban. Maybe 10% of the Oathkeepers will keep their oath. There are two things that need to happen: 1) Good Cops Need To Declare Themselves Now, as a recent post suggested; 2) we need to start forming connections to each other, the gun community and those willing to stand for their oaths and defend them.

I know law enforcement is used to standing alone, relying on brothers in arms for their defense and the defense of the laws. Forget it, that day is over. Today, right now, there are only two different individuals in the nation: those who will support the Constitution and those who will try to destroy it. Pick a side already and start forming up with those in the militia, those in the gun community who will be reliable to you when you have to face the other 90% of your precinct.

Here is the other side to that, so be ready: we intend to restore the entire Constitution, which is to say that all of those little caveats that let cops violate the other amendments to the United States Constitution have to go along with all laws associated with restricting gun use. I know that sounds radical, but hear me out.

They took domestic violence and used it to restrict our rights to own weapons; they took prohibition, an amendment so stupid it could not stand the test of a few years before being repealed, to restrict weapons; I know you want to believe there is a law that will stop the murdering, but there is none. Murderers will use hammers, drugs, plastic bags and garrotes to get what they want. The only protection from murderers are weapons used to put them in the ground before they can do the damage they foresee.

As police, you know all the ways one person can kill another. The restriction of weapons does not stop murder. You, the law enforcement officer, comes into the picture after there is a cold, dead person lying on the floor that you could not protect. That is a bit too late for me, sorry.

I heartily support the Sheriff's Association in Utah. It is time to get serious, to see through the media hype about destroying the Second Amendment to somehow protect people. Anyone with half a brain can see who Barack Obama is, all they have to do is look at a picture of Joeseph Stalin.

The problem is, law enforcement can no longer just count on law enforcement to protect them and their children. They are going to have to broaden their view. The Patriot Community will protect you if you let us, if you take your hackles down and start looking at people who carry weapons on their shoulders as bad, dangerous things and start looking at them as you would have them look at you, as defenders of your rights, as defenders of your person. Reveal yourself to us, accept us and we will wade through the fires of hell for you.

Despite rhetoric, the Patriot Community wants nothing more than to bond with "real" law enforcement, who defend and protect us against violations of the Constitution and are willing and able to stand with them when the chips are down.

Here are a few numbers for those in law enforcement to consider: 1) depending on the source, there are roughly a million law enforcement personnel in the nation; 2) there are over 60 million deer hunters alone, not counting the strong Second Amendment advocates who do nothing other than own weapons, respect their use and rely on them to protect their families. My suggestion is that you should start looking around. These are serious times. They are dangerous times. You do not want to put yourself in cahoots with those willing to enslave the people and destroy the Constitution knowing that while you feel invincible now, the truth is you are painting a target on your chest and some of these boys have spectacular optics.

The last part of that paragraph was not a threat it was a threat assessment. Consider it. Have you ever been sent on a call to a dangerous part of town and just had that gnawing in the back of your mind that it might be a set up? Get on the wrong side of this and you might have to worry about that in the nice neighborhoods.

I know these sound like threats. I apologize for that, I am trying to make you see where your loyalties always should have remained: with the people, the law-abiders, the do-gooders who believe in America and believe in it so stridently that the dynamics I have described are in play.

We want you with us, but only if you understand that the games are over. The games with the Constitution which you have played in order to get promoted, to support your government employers and make everyone happy cannot continue. That sort of thinking is exactly why we are in this situation. If you had ever stood up for us against your bosses, we would not need to have this conflict at all. Had you stood strong for the Second Amendment and refused to enforce the stupid laws of government, we would not be here.

There is a greater obligation here, more than to your job, or your pride, but to your families, because if you get this wrong any good you might want to do later will get you killed outright, like some low-level mobster who steps out of line. You might be interrogated later why you have cooperated with the domestic terrorists. The trouble is, there is a Rubicon to be crossed here. You need to know it and do the right thing, not because of some previous perceived threat, but because the nation is counting on you more than any other time in history. You, like the firefighters during 9/11, are the heroes we need to maintain this nation as a guiding light of freedom shining out to the world to emulate. If you are past this sort of persuasion, you are probably one of the enemy.

Take heart, your brethren are falling into line. They understand the consequences of their abdication of responsibility in the past. It is time to own up. The nation relies on your response to this crisis of rights. You need to be the heroes you have always been considered.

I will make one serious request. If there is only one law being violated and that law is possession of a firearm, I don't care who owns it, walk away. That is the only way to validate your oath. Obviously, if a secondary crime has been threatened, or committed, it should be heartily prosecuted. We are not pro-criminal, we are pro law enforcement, but if you read the Constitution, it doesn't make exceptions for the right which "shall not be infringed."


  1. It is really going to be an unexpected shock as a partner witnessed the atrocities you cops perped, disagrees with that behavior, and has switched sides for fear of his own demise without your knowledge. Cops understand betrayal deserved or not.

  2. Very well said TL.

    Absolutely correct you are.

    A cautionary essay, an essay worthy of our time, our principles, the rule of law, our honor, and our Liberty.


  3. I'll just say it right here and now that I don't believe only 10% of cops will support the constitution and stand down. I believe it more along the lines of 50%. However whatever percent, if it does all start coming down to raids and blood, expect every local cop to be killed very quickly in blood feuds on a level not seen since the Civil War. Local cops start raiding with Feds and family members of slain patriots WILL exact their revenge on them, their families and others aiding and abetting.

    I would urge ALL local LEO's to go home, defend your family and get ready to support the Rightful law..The Constitution, if you want to survive. Seriously..They might be able to get some of us, maybe even a lot but God forbid if it ever went hot, NONE OF YOU WOULD SURVIVE. Make the right choice and get right with it NOW.

  4. Very well said, as usual, TL speaks truth.

  5. First off, the thing cops most value is their pension. This is why 90% of people become public employees-job security. They will do nothing to jeopardize that. NOTHING!! Second, Barry has the power via E/O to federalize or cross-designate state,county, and city LEOS as Deputy US Marshals, bringing them under federal authority. So, when you say 10%, 20%, 50%, etc, think long and hard about the LEOS and where their loyalties lie. Even Peter denied Christ after he swore he would not.

  6. TL,

    I have said the same thing recently, several times. I do not believe that more than 10% are Oathkeepers. I believe most are opportunists and will make their decision when they see (1) where most of their brethren are standing or (2) they decide which side they think is going to win. They will mouth the words just like the Ferryman in The Outlaw Josey Wales. Very few in the Law Imposement profession are speaking up now, because they ALL have a vested interest in wielding power over their fellow citizens. Most will not give up that privileged position willingly.

    Having said that, the time is now. Say it now and say it publicly.

  7. And for those of us who already do this? Do you know who we are? Or are you just going to throw your threats out? We've heard all of this before and we're still trying to do what is right and all we get are veiled threats. I think it's time for a lot of people to step up and be counted.

    1. Anonymous at 835am. No, we don't know who you are. That is what TL is trying to establish. If you are a LEO and you side with the citizens you must state so. It is like he said, you are either for defending the constitution or you are against it.
      So if this is you step up and be counted Anonymous.

      Mike Montgomery

    2. I agree with the premise of this article,and I would like to throw out a couple of things. I think there are a lot more LEOs that are pro-2nd than people realize. One thing cops can do is screw something up, especially if they disagree with it. A lot of cops are talking about gun rights and confisdation among themselves, and plenty are against it and thinking of ways to sabotage ( screw something up )efforts to disarm citizens, as wll as give citizens intelligence as to what is about to happen. Most officers really can't speak out their personal beliefs without violating some form of policy-they should be able to in a perfect world, I know. I believe we might see some selected raids coming, and local LEO's will be initally duped on them, sadly, but that will wake up more LEO's eyes.

      Bottom line, I think there are more LEOs that support gun rights than people think.Plenty realize that gun control is worthless as a crime fighting tool. There are those that would refuse outright to disarm citizens, and those you might not think about that are going to be "agents in place". If it does go "hot" none want to be targets.

    3. This is exactly what I have been saying all along that some of my fellow patriots do not appear to want to believe. So Anonymous, I will paraphrase what you just said. Fellow patriots; Yes bad times are coming and yes the left is soon going to go all out to disarm us. The recent shootings and gun incidents are increasing in frequency and that is orchestrated by them to prep the battle-space. There are thousands of active military and police officers who are just as concerned as you are. When the time comes I have no doubt whose side they will be on. At this point in time we need them to keep quiet and keep their jobs. Once they are terminated or turn in their badges they become just another citizen. They are not staying on the job simply because they "only care about their pensions". Most feel their pensions are already forfeit and they will never live to see them. They know that the only thing that will insure their children's future is a clean sweep and starting over with a new Republic. They know the time for talking is over and what it will take to change the course of the future. They may be government employees but they risk their lives daily to help people who have never given anything back to society.

    4. Wow. A bunch of haters here. Cops are people just like everyone else. What may or may not happen is to come. I dont think all the good police are going to stand up and front out the brass, just so you can feel good. Lets see you get on television and make your threats like James Yeager. Most police I know cannot stand this administration and would not think about taking peoples guns. Oh might be some would, just like some of you people would turn others in. And they say cops are arrogant.

    5. I guess criticism doesn't sit well with you Anonymous 5:53. These are not normal times, it is not just the Second Amendment, we have been allowing the police to violate the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments regularly and making big names for themselves in the process.

      We take the Constitution seriously, but the cops only seem to be involved in the Second Amendment issue, because it could put them on the wrong side for once, then what? How do you react by being made the bad guy just for trying to run your life?

      That's how we feel when we are arrrested through violations of the First, when we speak ill of you at a traffic stop, the Second when you comply with already illegal laws against gun ownership; when the Fourth Amendment is broken so you can get a quick resolution to the case; when the Fifth is broken when you interrogate witnesses with lies and fabrications all so you can coerce a self-incrimination through intimidation tactics.

      How does it feel to be on the wrong side for doing what you believe is right? Kind of like an average citizen, I bet.

  8. I have. Who are you? When they start confiscation, my name is already at the top of the list. Too many times i have refused unlawful or unethical orders, i refuse to go along to get along. In my ao I am known by some, but i am well known to the system. If you are going to tell us to take sides and make ourselves known, just exactly how?

    1. Then this is a good thing refusing unlawful and unethical orders. The citizens need LEO's who respond this way, and they need these same LEO's to educate the ones who don't see their job as to protect and serve the citizens first.
      Like any effort in this community it must be a bottom up approach. It only takes one man willing to stand and defy any situation and then educate and inform others around him/her as to way they respond/feel this way. I say bravo to you then sir.

      Mike Montgomery

    2. Anonymous LEO. It seems you are a Law Enforcement Officer, some who now have badges are not. They are men without honor who will follow whoever, and whatever is ordered.
      The fact there are men and women such as yourself is encouraging to those of us who have decided to stand no matter what.
      If you can contact me, and I will attempt to put you in contact with people in your area, who will stand. I am using my Google Account, and adding my email, so you will be able to contact me.
      Semper Fi, always stay faithful.
      Hillard Edward Foster Jr

    3. I applaud you and your stances. Make no mistake, we want to know those who will champion the cause of liberty. Please, take some time and get to know those in your local milita. I know that seems like a bad word to you, but everyone I have known in militias do so with all of the bad press and demonization that comes with it.

      You might find you have a lot more in common with them than you do your own squad.

      If you really want to help, help us identify the infiltrators and agents sent to investigate and build a case against us. Help us to know what we are up against. Let us know when DHS or TSA ask unusual things from you that smell like the time is growing near.

      E-mail me directly and I will help put the word out in your AO. It is time for choosing sides, you need to look at the traitors in your midst and help us understand what is coming down the pike, or what odd things you are privy to that we would not. That's all I or anyone can ask.

  9. Work at Mickey D's if you have to. Above all your God, Constitution and BOR, then Family take priority. Screw the pension. It is likely to go away in an economic collapse anyway.

  10. It's human nature folks and TL realizes that as most of us do. When only 3% fought in the American Revolution that should speak volumes.

    Most people will not stand up and be counted until directly confronted with it and absolutely FORCED to do so. They will not do it willingly for fear of personal loss or what they perceive as personal loss.

    What they don't realize is that by that time they may have already lost the opportunity for that stand to mean anything to anyone. That still does not change human nature though.

    Most will wait until it is too late. Many also will be persuaded or allow themselves to be forced to do the things they disagree with for the sake of temporary "safety".

    It's the way things have always been. We have to accept now that we will most likely be on our own.

    Plan for the worst and hope for the best. I dare say though that I don't hold a lot of hope, when it really hits, that many LEO will stand up.

    Please prove me wrong. I sincerely hope I am wrong but as a "watcher" of history and human nature, the odds aren't good.

  11. As I have posted elsewhere: I have not found any LE who say they will go along with this. I personally consider myself a peace officer, as do my colleagues. I'm not a deputy in the county in which I reside, but I know my sheriff wants no part of this. I spend every shift straining my calls through the Constitution before I make a decision, as do my colleagues. I was a strict constructionist of the Constitution from the beginning and my administration know where I stand. I, like a lot of other LE, am waiting to see the final decision of our power-drunk overlords and have already begun my exit process from LE. I'm really disturbed by what seems a good excuse to attack LE. Be warned: I will defend myself from a black-clad storm trooper or a misinformed patriot.

    1. And you have every right to defend yourself from any threat. It is good to see you and a good percentage of our LEO brothers weigh in on this issue. Some of our patriot brethren do not understand that LEOs have souls they cherish too.

    2. Thank you, Dave. We discuss the current situation continually. I nor my colleagues even consider our pensions. We still have to be prudent because, unlike Joe-citizen, we can be attacked from a zealous admin puke and have our oaths shoved down our throats in some very perverse ways. Think of it like this: LE's that are Constitutionalists are submarines who must first navigate a shallow harbor filled with nets and mines before reaching the open sea to perform their missions. In other words OPSEC. I will make myself known when necessary and I already know what lists I'm on. I will not be drawn out by brow beating and shame.

    3. That was never the purpose, Anonymous 6:39, but someone had to start the dialog and I chose to do it. We have to find someway to communicate between the good cops and the bad, between the good patriots and the bad.

      I just needed to get the ball rolling with some honest truths from our side and needed to get some honest truths from your side. Please, work as a submarine and learn those patriots in your AO who you can relay information to, who need to know when they are being targeted, all very clandestine of course, but do it.,

    4. If you choose wisely, you won't have to defend yourself from any Patriots. They will all know you stand firmly with them.

  12. Wanting no part and actually not taking part are two completely different things. Many times we as humans make decisions by not actually make decisions. We just "allow" things to happen because it's hard to make that final decision.

    When that happens, we then find ourselves in a situation we can't find a way to get out of, so we end up going along saying we'll put an end to it later. Later never comes many times.

    We have no desire to attack ANY LEO but we also must be prudent and know who our true friends are. Not only sunny day friends either.

    That's the reason we need to know up front who our friends are and who are not. So there can be no "misinformed patriots".

  13. Utah Sheriffs association letter to Chairman Zero. They have some cojones. The last line is the clincher. Makes me want to move to Utah.

  14. I dont say much as I firmly beleive that we have gone past the point of no return. Its just a matter of time that our ass catches up with our mouth. As for me my line was drawn years ago as I knew where we as a nation was headed. I have kept my nose clean and tried to help others as best that I could. raised my kids and am now enjoying my grandkids. Most all LEO in my county and area know me. We get along just fine and have a good ammount of respect for each other. I have eaten and had coffee went to church with a lot of them. I have only talked to one that told me that he were issued an order to collect that he would. I have passed that word along and I figure that he now is on a different list. We all have our own list but there is quickly coming a time to share.

  15. Amen Anon @3:30

    That's the idea. Community and relationships. We need to know who we can and can't trust. We won't make it long alone. We will all need support at some time or another.

    Build that support now.

    As another of TL's excellent articles said. Those quiet conversations.

  16. Other than the typo, spon on. Would read better if corrected.

    The Patriot Community will protect you if you let us, if you take your hackles down and start(stop) looking at people who carry weapons on their shoulders as bad, dangerous things and start looking at them as you would have them look at you, as defenders of your rights, as defenders of your person.

  17. And then I go and make a typo myself...

    Spot on.

  18. Excellent article! I totally agree with you and get your point. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas about this issue. Keep posting!

  19. if this is true , the statement he maid on television about saving one childs life by passing laws,,,,,,,,,,, kinda weird ,,,, open assults on the american people will defenaitly kill many ,, men women and children,,,,,,,,,, just wondering ....but i guess the band of brothers will stand on the sire of right,,,,,,,,,,,not on the side of dictator

  20. How can anyone in Amerika trust LE with their lives at this point. How many of you folks cringe when one drives up on your ass as you are trying to just get home to your family after an evening shift. I guess you don't trust them either. If I have to go to war with my enemy LE, you are not my friend. You have forced illegal laws upon us your entire careers and now because you feel threatened for it or they want your gun as well, I should welcome you with open arms? If you walk off your job now...good, but you cannot be trusted. You failed your oath and not one of you is Not GUILTY! This is not just about gun laws. It's about corrupt judges, politicians, and their minions as well. You ass holes pillaged this land and LE facilitated it.
    Sure some may think I'm unfair but the truth is, after bad experiences and fabrications and not even remotely guilty of what I was accused of, there will be no sympathy here. I will always be a Christian but that doesn't mean I must trust you. What is to come could be yours and my final judgement. Choose!

  21. Most LE will obey Regime orders so long as they get paychecks that buy stuff. But even where I live, in deep enemy territory - SoCal - there is considerable friction between the city police and County Sheriff Dept personnel. Some of the latter will be with us from the beginning and, when the economy implodes - an automatic consequence of Civil War - most of the LE's will go feral, go home, or switch sides. The Central Regime knows this, which is why the late, desperate gun-grab now ongoing. So expect another Holder-arranged public massacre just before Feindstein's Bill comes up for Congressional vote.

  22. TL has done a great job of getting us a few more LE to speak up and reassure us that we won't be going downrange alone. To me thats a given. I know too many present and former Marines who talk just like TL and many of you.
    Please read Lt. Gen John Kelly's speech given four days after his son was killed by an IED and then tell me what you think of our warriors.
    Folks here is who the real threat is,
    Daniel Greenfield outlines what and who is holding us back and working against us and will turn on us like a pack of rabid dogs as soon as it seems needed. The military and LEO world know this too and are just as concerned as you are, they just don't have the luxury of talking about it so openly.

  23. "Cops are people just like everyone else."

    Yes and no. Sure, they're individuals like anyone else, with their own values and goals. Those are just like most people...raise a family maybe, make some money, have some fun. And mostly, they're the same because they CHOOSE their actions, each and every one.

    But that's the difference too. You don't need a degree to know that it's wrong to physically impede others when they haven't bothered anyone else. It doesn't take a genius to know the difference between accepting responsibility and the consequences of one's choices, and laying them off to something or someone else.

    That's the difference. Most cops might have started wanting to stop the ne'er-do-wells and help keep people safe from intrusion and injury. But that's not what they're DOING. We can say, "It's no fault of their own; they didn't create the System," but what sort of excuse is THAT? That's no different than a rapist saying he was justified because of some childhood trauma. Other people cannot release us from self-ownership because that is a FACT and we do each choose to do what we do, regardless of the rationalizations behind it.

    "We are what we do, not what we say we do." Another important post, TL; nice job.

  24. Good splainin Jimmy Klein.

  25. Instead of being pro Law Enforcement, how about we be pro Peace Officer?

  26. It is not enough to put this on LE. What is really needed is getting local elected officials on board. Small town mayors, judges, aldermen, etc. are needed to show people that we are not just renegades. Elected officials need to get out front with LE and present a unified front. Alex

    1. That's a lovely sentiment, Alex, and I know it's nothing but decency that drives it, but your comment shows an extreme naivete. I hate to be the one to break the news, but almost all of the readers here are just renegades, and the elected officials and LE do have a unified front.

      I mean sure, as a matter of Law, they are the renegades. But Law is just a theory meant to make you feel good about going along. It's a "civilized" form of slavery, as long as the next guy gets the whip. You didn't care about that junkie or bookie, right?

      You might notice how well the strategy works. Hundreds of millions slaughtered in its name, and still everyone clamors for it. Sorta remarkable if you think about it, which is why it took the finest intellectuals to pull it off. It's not easy to distract from the obvious clarity of it all. It takes a ton of convoluted rationalizations, which is why I personally blame the philosophers.

      Since ancient Greece at least, it's always been about the money. That's the reality of it and if you don't believe it, just go check out the contracts closely. Here's how one fine lawyer puts it---"It's the rackets, plain and simple." That's right; that's all it is and all it ever was. Why do you suppose the Articles didn't even last a decade? Because it's the rackets, plain and simple. It never was about Law or liberty, except for the grunts actually spilling the blood.

      When you read of my untimely death, it'll be clearer. You can yap about guns, argue about freedom, discuss the finer points of Law...but don't ever EVER mess with the money.

      Go follow the money...village, county, state, drain, school, water, parks, roads, federal, international...and tell me that ain't right.

  27. Patriots must watch!


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