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Monday, January 7, 2013

Advice From The Founders

For the record, I am not a member of any organization, not the NRA, not GOA, not Tea Party, not militia, nothing other than a delegate to the III% Congress, which is to say that I am a freelance advocate for the Constitution. Whatever liberty-based organization to which I have temporarily become a member has only been in an attempt to understand their philosophy and goals, nothing more.

I control no group of individuals or have influence with anyone. Whatever I say, I say in encouragement to patriots of the Constitution to hold its values above the laws passed by a corrupt government operated by officials in violation of their oaths to defend the Constitution.

A government unlimited by the constitution has no authority to pass laws of any kind.

In each case of corruption, be it at the local, state or federal level it has started by violating the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. The ultimate decision as to whether something is constitutional or not does NOT lie with the Supreme Court, a highly political body, but with the people themselves. The Supreme Court might only rule something Constitutional which clearly is not and thereby expose itself as in violation of its charter and corrupt.

The people themselves have got to decide, through plain language, (not a mishmash of Stare Decisis rulings) whether something is obviously unconstitutional or not. It is not difficult. The Constitution was written with clear language meant to be interpreted by the people with no additional filter necessary. When the language suggests that these rights "shall not be infringed" or are "inalienable" it means exactly that, not by legislatures and not by politically obedient courts. Any reading of such phrases or words by an oath-abiding official would have to find every law passed limiting such rights as unconstitutional and where that is not the case, where exceptions have been made, it is unconstitutional and the oath violated and the charter revoked.

The American citizen is bound by no loyalty to a government, but to the document which created the government. Where the government has strayed from its purpose and obedience to the document, to which the American citizen is loyal, it has become disloyal to the citizen. In other words, it has chosen to become the enemy of the people by violating its oath and using the political power granted by the people against the people.

When a government uses the power of its public offices designed to ensure the liberty of the people, to secure their rights and their property as a means to alienate the people from their liberty, their rights and their property, it is unjust, illegal and traitorous.

While I am no leader, belong to no organization, pay dues to no entity and act in no official capacity for any group or organization, I say to you that your leaders are those who led the first American Revolution against the exact same tyranny and oppression of a government acting on the dictates of a king, with no seeming responsibility to the citizens of the colonies despite demands for payments and threats of force to comply.

I have been asked what we should do now that such actions have been taken against us. From the advice of the founders: form into squads, identify targets and work to undermine and/or destroy those targets.


  1. We're all discussing this because of what is going an about the 2nd Amendment, but why?

    Why are we just not discussing this at length?

    Should these discussions have been going on for years now? Why is it that just now, because it's the 2nd amendment do we get involved?

    I ask these questions because, just in case this blows over, however unlikely that is, what then?

    Do we all crawl back into our holes and wait for them to assault the 2nd Amendment again?

    If we do we are truly fools and certainly do not deserve the wonderful Constitution we have been given.

    This should continue until we achieve total reversal of all unconstitutional laws that have enslaved us to this point.

    As always TL, you hit the nail on the head.

  2. Godspeed everyone. -55six

  3. Very well put, TL.

    It sure gives the phrase "Enemy of the People" a whole new context.

  4. Thank you, TL.

  5. Payback Time.

  6. I'm not a founder. But I am in every sense just like them. Because I have something very much in common with them. It is their legacy of Liberty.
    Here is my advice:

    Every believer in Liberty must grasp the truth, our sovereignty and our sovereign lawful will exists ultimately through the barrel of our guns. Our principle is if the Liberty to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our property, is prohibited, if peaceful redress is prohibited, then violent redress becomes a matter of fact, and the very question of our survival as free men becomes the question of the day.
    It is through the power of our guns that our politics becomes the legitimate form of Liberty.

    As TL put it so utterly correct:

    "It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them.

    Let them restore it to find refuge from us."

    Rightfully so.

  7. LordChamp,
    A vast amount of us have been discussing this for many years, studying it and contemplating. But, you are exactly right, "if" this were to blow over we cannot drop the ball again, as our fathers and grandfathers have (the silent majority). They were distracted by the foreign enemies with WWII, Korea an Vietnam. In good faith they believed political leaders were working for them... Now the burden of knowledge and responsibility is ours, to pick up the ball and dash to the end zone, a 100 yd. return or one down at a time.


  8. Remember well, what is happening is Fast and Furious, obamacare, and Waco on PCP.

    1. I wonder how many people there are, who well remember Waco and have been wishing for revenge ever since. They say it's a dish best served cold, right? I wonder what "payback" for that might look like.

      I'm not big on vengeance's self-destructive and I try to stay away from self-destructive choices.

      As I said elsewhere, this is all fantasy anyway. Those cowards don't have the nerve to leave themselves so vulnerable. The Good Guys get a win this trip---either the Bad Guys give up in Congress or they don't give up, in which case the Good Guys win anyway. As always, it's only a question of how much blood those sadistic assholes want to see spilt.

    2. Jim,
      I wish I could agree with you, but I think you may be mistaken here. Obama and the rest of the Marxists he surrounds himself with are too insulated from reality to understand that what they plan to do could come back to bite them. They believe there is no way we could reach them, that only their minions - FLEOs and LEOs, and perhaps some units of the military - would be at risk of harm.

      "Knowing" this, as they assume they do in their total arrogance and conceit, they will not hesitate to push their agenda. The thought of violence resulting from gun bans and registration does not worry them in the least. I feel certain they consider it a necessary step in achieving their goal. As Marxists, they understand that complete control requires disarming the populace.

      I hope I am wrong, but I truly believe they will do this, and are unconcerned with how many would die on both sides of the issue. If we are unable to demonstrate to them that they _personally_ are at risk - which will require that hostilities commence first, I'm afraid - then they will push this issue until all those who would resist are dead or incarcerated.

    3. I think you may be right about Obama and the Marxist gang, Reg, but probably wrong about Congress. Not that any principle or legality would stop them, but they're not the toughest peeps around. They know damn well what will happen--to them, I mean--if they do the dirty deed. Like I said, that's not my thing myself, but there are lots of people for whom it is.

      Obama? He's barely on Earth, so there's no telling where his madness might lead him. Personally I'm more concerned about the "conservatives" and the "freedom" folk, who still just take it for granted that one man's life is up to a bunch of others to decide, and that all we need to do is figure out the right way to force everyone to behave.

      In the end, it'll be that which kills us all off, not the ranting and wishing of a bunch of two-bit looters who couldn't do a drop of work if their lives depended on it.

      The US always was different, and it remains so. The tyranny wasn't snuck in or crept in. It was begged--by nearly everyone on all ideological sides--to come in.

      Welcome to the Endarkenment.

  9. Speaking of the Constitution made me think of a phrase Joe Stalin said after being questioned about the Vatican. He replied, "what about the Vatican, how many divisions does the Vatican have". That made me think of what the Constititution doesn't have. Without the loyal holding dear to it, it has no divisions, it has no artillery, no ammunition, no ships,& no troops. That is why Obunga is using it for toilet paper. Without fearless men & women willing to hold it dear it will be swept up with the trash & burned.

  10. The "people" have decided, they voted Dumbass in for a second term.
    The Constitution is a relic of the past, the Supreme Court decided that when they ruled Obamacare constitutional.
    So where does that leave us, the ones who served their fellow man in the misguided belief our country and our government had our backs?
    In exactly the same place that Stevens, Doherty, Woods and Smith found themselves on the night of 9/11/12.
    Still fighting with anything we have, hoping for relief and praying we get out of this alive.
    Our present predicament is not as grim but it may be headed there, some say soon.
    None of us think we will become the next David Koresh or Timothy McVeigh but many of us know it only takes the right federal buttons being pushed to make it happen.
    We live in fear of our government. They are supposed to fear and respect us. Where is our voice on the Hill to make that happen? Do we need to deliver the message ourselves as many have suggested?

  11. Vince Flynn's book "Term Limits"


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