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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Corrupt System Denies Liberty

There are two stories in the news lately that need to be highlighted and confronted. There is the Nathan Haddad story, which I have highlighted in a previous post, then there is the Keith Pantaleon story out of New Jersey. Each deal with arrests over banned weapons and/or magazines, clear violations of the Second Amendment.

A right, as in the right to keep and bear arms, is a right of all of the people of the United States and that right is absolute, it cannot be infringed by any government, not just the federal government, because it is an individual right and goes with a person in whichever state they might reside. Localities might attempt to infringe this right through legislation, but in a nation where the Constitution was upheld and not redefined by every Supreme Court of every age to fit some social engineering concepts, there would be no such laws.

We have seen the degradation of every right that might lead to greater liberty of the people and a validation of every legislation that might reduce the liberty of the people. This is tyranny. This is failing to make laws with the intent of the Constitution which, at every turn, at every phrase screams that it stands for limiting government and therefore its ability to oppress. It is a document that demands that the liberty of the people be respected and championed.

It is for this reason, this systematic denial of rights; of legislators acting outside the parameters set by the Constitution that we find ourselves, the people of the United States, at such a point as to recognize that the government no longer abides by its mandate, that our representatives no longer abide by their oaths to defend the Constitution. This fact is made clear to the people through many violations of rights, not just the Second Amendment, but it is the Second Amendment that give the people the pathway, having been caught in such circumstances, toward rectification of each and every right that has been denied by a corrupt system.

A Supreme Court that is complicit with the denial of rights, rather than validating these rights before the government is a court compromised and unworthy of respect or obedience. It is the sole purpose of the Supreme Court to be the last resort of the people whose rights have been violated. It is the people's last attempt to correct the injustice before resorting to the Second Amendment. But, when all avenues to justice are denied, the people still have the rights given to them by God and guaranteed by the Constitution. The words of the founders of this nation instruct the people then to act in a way that will restore their rights and rectify the role of government in their lives.

It is not the right of one generation to give away the rights of another generation. Each generation has a right to expect their lives to be as free and unencumbered by intrusive government as another. For many generations now that has not been the case. The powerlust of government continues unabated while each individual is born and must wade through the obfuscation of government finally to arrive at the conclusion that our government is corrupt at a later stage in life, having had to learn and discover the truth of the matter through information more obscured and perverted over the centuries.

But today we can see the clear brand of government the officials intend to offer: tyranny and oppression. They offer bankruptcy and mismanagement of funds. They disrespect our votes and work to disenfranchise us by allowing unregistered voters and aliens to vote against the better judgment of citizens. They encourage dependency on the government to secure votes to continue the plunder of the private sector. They diminish all of our rights with the aid of those who do not understand them and refuse to learn their value.

So, the lines are drawn.

It is for these reasons that I fear people such as Nathan Haddad and Keith Pantaleon might get caught in the crossfire of a government out of control and the people who desperately need to bring it back. Their cases are test cases for the patriot/liberty community, for the Second Amendment, for the rights of all citizens to be free from oppression of illegal laws.

While laws are made in capitols and issued out to law enforcement they are enforced or denied on the local level, between individuals. Oathkeepers and good cops should ignore them citing their Constitutional obligations. Individuals who are arrested for violating illegal laws should resist them in court with all their might. The rest of us, those who are affected by bad cops, corrupt judges, illegitimate representatives, senators and executives, must decide whether these laws are legal or not and take action to disrupt the chain of abuse one way or the other. It probably won't be legal, but in a corrupt system, what is?


  1. Another strand of small but significant fuse lit...

  2. TL , A patriot if ever there was one! My brother these two cases in another time would be test cases. There are many cases already come and gone in NY. All three Branches of this government have shown their contempt for the Constitution and BOR. The true test is for American Patriots NOW!

    The Regime pushing this upon the People want our demise they know it will be the final nail in the coffin of Liberty.

    These pukes will not stop even if it went all the way to SCOTUS again. In the time wasted there how many more liberties will they take. Are there any left at all?

    There is only one recourse, and since I am a criminal the same as Haddad and Pantaleon then I should deserve it.

    Also know in the Civil War approx. 600,000 Americans lost there lives to politicians who never fired a shot. This time will be no different. The sacrifice always falls on the people and this time it will be millions. But know you corrupt bastards you better kill every last one of us!

    1. "Also know in the Civil War approx. 600,000 Americans lost there lives to politicians who never fired a shot"

      I would add, "and we know how surrender played out last time.

  3. I keep saying that the 'rule of law' is for the most part dead in our country from our local LEO's, tax collectors to the highest relms of the Federal Government. 'They' keep taking, pushing and in the end, spin the media outlets to convince the majority of the population what a great society we live in: Linclon I think was wrong in the fact that you can fool most of the people all of the time (or maybe they just don't care) and would rather not be bothered as long as any of the fore mentioned infringments do not impact there personal life.
    Surprisingly, many of my neighbors are beginning to believe that I am right about this travisity but (sadly) I doubt (with the exception of a few hard cases) any will take a stand and do anything about what is happening to us as a country.
    I have said it before, thank you for what you do ........

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  5. Thank you for mentioning the case of Keith Pantaleon. He is a friend of mine who is a law abiding citizen who works as an IT professional. He has no priors and have never been to jail. His only crime is being an activist for gun rights, the 2nd amendment, and speaking out openly against government tyranny with the We Are Change organization.If anyone is interested showing support please email me at He will need all the support he can get to fight this battle.

  6. Let's face it, right now we're waiting for the the first shots to be fired. We all know that's coming.

  7. "ach generation has a right to expect their lives to be as free and unencumbered by intrusive government as another."

    As you mentioned, this is clearly not the case. My grandfathers could have (and regrettably didn't) walk into Sears or the local hardware store and bought a full auto, no questions asked. My father couldn't do that. My father could've mail-ordered all kinds of guns, or bought guns in other states, no questions asked (regrettably, he never did). I've never been able to do that. I could've bought a brand-new full auto, after going through the required background checks, but regrettably never did so. Now neither my kids nor I can do so. You see, we always thought that we'd be able to do so, that if the need or desire ever arose, you just go into a gunshop and get what you want to. Sadly, that is not true. Now, the m'fing tyrants are trying to take away ALL of our rights...and I will not yield another inch. It is time for us to stop being on the defensive, to go on offense and to regain our rights, even if slowly. Maybe we can get rid of "gun-free zones" to actually reduce the chance of a madman killing a boatload of people in a few seconds or minutes? Maybe we can get state restrictions on so-called "high capacity" magazines overturned in the courts. We'll never know if we don't try, and the good news is that a lot of people are completely fed up and, like me, unwilling to compromise any further.

    1. "Maybe we can get rid of "gun-free zones" to actually reduce the chance of a madman killing a boatload of people in a few seconds or minutes? Maybe we can get state restrictions on so-called "high capacity" magazines overturned in the courts."

      The problem is this can never happen because the court is part of the system and the same tyrants are running it.

  8. "Individuals who are arrested for violating illegal laws should resist them in court with all their might."

    This is just it being arrested and going to jail while waiting for court and spending your hard earned money while your family starve. This is exactly what the government is doing trying to bankrupt those who doesn't resist violently until all who witness losses there will to fight.

  9. These two names and this event should go down in History creating a cry like "Remember the Alamo" or "Give me Liberty or give me Death". Jury nullification and the Jurists rights need to be explained to the masses and we need to financially push this travesty to the highest levels possible. Public and peaceful protesting at the start in front of the courts and continue as required by elevated responses until the people succeed. This action does not have my consent, the federal government exists at my consent via a marriage of the states. The federal government's entire existance is contingent upon the Constitutional agreement between the states, this consent of the people and agreement between the states is gone and nullified since the purpose of the Fed Government is to protect these very rights

    We cannot allow this, I will noy allow this

    Molon Labe

    The Allegory

  10. OK cowboys LOL you've been playing too many video games. Get some sleep.

    1. This might be a game to you, I don't know, since you are anonymous,but I use my real name. If the government is too powerful to stand up to it and demand that operate within the law, that only reinforces the purpose of these words.

      If you are one who would not stand for anything, would not die for any cause, then move along and let the men talk. We don't need you.


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