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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christian Mercenary

Those interested in a different conversation, one centered around faith and liberty can join me at the new blog Christian Mercenary. This blog will remain active for the excellent reading in the sidebar.

Monday, April 22, 2013

A System Adrift

The one thing more humiliating than being caught by the authorities in an attempt to fight back against a corrupt and illegal system of government is to be caught not making the attempt.

There is no doubt in my mind that every single law restricting ownership of firearms is an illegal law. I can argue that case by case if needed, with a few moments to check my notes. A great resource, however, can be found here. It is an exhaustive look at the Second Amendment as related to U.S. v Miller. Most notable are the arguments made in favor of the United States. The logic and references made there are convoluted and entirely void of references to the founders who made their sentiments known time and time again on where the right rested. It rests with the individual.

Oddly, an argument made during the whole process of Miller making its way up to the Supreme Court was the argument no liberal would want to be made in defense of their attacks on the Second Amendment. The government argued that the only legitimate use of weapons in the hands of the people is to throw off oppression and tyranny of authorities. Referenced as substantiating the government's point was Aymette v. State, supra, it was said (p. 158):

As the object for which the right to keep and bear arms is secured, is of general and public nature, to be exercised by the people in a body, for their common defense, so the arms, the right to keep which is secured, are such as are usually employed in civilized warfare, and that constitute the ordinary military equipment. If the citizens have these arms in their hands, they are prepared in the best possible manner to repel any encroachments upon their rights by those in authority. They need not, for such a purpose, the use of those weapons which are usually employed in private broils, and which are efficient only in the hands of the robber and assassin. These weapons would be useless in war.
This was the government's argument not the argument of the defendants. By then Miller was dead and Layton chose a deal for probation. They did not even have counsel to argue for them before the Supreme Court.

It is simple, the Supreme Court wanted to find a way to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and used every means possible to interpret the Constitution in a way that would allow them to do so, even calling back on the very British government's laws that led to the Revolutionary War.

This is why one cannot look to the Supreme Court, or any court to determine what rights a person has. No matter how clearly it is said, how eloquently it is put, they will find what they want to find and discard what does not serve their purpose of the day.

The only true arbiter of one's rights is oneself. Though many feel the sting of oppression, they will not act. Only those who understand that rights are inherent to freedom and paid for in blood will ever be willing to shed blood for them. It is not a group or an organization that is capable of fighting for your rights, it is yourself, or no one.

If one needs proof from a court that one has a right, they have already forfeited it. For too long the people of this nation have allowed the courts to determine for them what they are allowed to do, when the opposite should be true. If the Constitution were functioning properly, with honorable and obedient servants of the people behind it, the Supreme Court would rule over and over on behalf of the individual rights of the people. As it is always the nature of government to abuse these rights, the cases should only arise from the abuse and the government should be more specifically restricted from abusing them. Since this is not the case, we can assume that the Constitution is not functioning properly to secure the rights of the people and that the servants of the people are neither honorable, nor obedient.

Over the weekend the III% held a Congress. Hardly any of the III blog sites I go to, or Second Amendment forums mentioned it at all. The III Congress met and discussed action. I support them. They are in need of delegates from as many states as they can get. I hope that it will grow and become a powerful voice in restoring the Constitution. But, I did not attend.

I have come to the understanding, finally, that this is personal. I have rights that are not being honored by the governments created to secure them. It is my obligation to demand a redress of my grievances and since the government will not respond, except to punish my temerity, I am forced to act in a way that shall be most likely to effect my liberty and my security.

I can cite case after case if I choose, point out flaw after flaw in the logic used to arrive at whatever social engineering ruling might best please five out of nine justices, but it would not make a difference. I no longer look to anyone to prove to the "authorities" that I have rights. No one is listening. The warnings have all been made time and time again by citizens wronged by the injustice of a system adrift on shifting sands.

It is what it is and one person can make a difference.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Dorner Principle for American Jihadists

I had been trying to figure out what it was about the reaction of the "authorities" in Boston that bothered me so much until I read Karl Denniger's piece via WRSA.

Read it, then let me add this:

When I watched the local and federal reaction to a couple of Jihadists killing and wounding fewer people than are gunned down an average night in Chicago, I grew more and more upset without really knowing why. I read the Denniger piece while visiting WRSA and knew what it was. We look like idiots prime for more of the same.

When the Jihadists realize how little effort they have to put into stopping all commerce in a city the size of Boston, around 7 million, they will do everything they can to replicate the actions and reactions as many times as they can.

Obama's fawning media added to the frustration. The story was that Obama heard of the second suspect being captured while watching television. We are supposed to get an image of cool-headed Obama enjoying a cold one while watching Dancing With The Stars (no, I don't have single clue when that show might actually be on air) and like every other person in America getting the news on a news break. That is insulting. It is propaganda. It doesn't take much imagination to think of how that news would have gone down if it was Bush getting the news on a news break. It would go something like this:

"This just shows a president out of touch with the average American." "It was as if this were happening in a different country rather than his own nation." "Detached." "Uncaring, out of touch."

But, with Obama, the media frames it as in touch with America, just a dad being a dad until the urgency of the moment thrusts him into the limelight to quell any fears and calm the nation. Sickening.

Worse, however, was the way in which the feds and local cops entered almost every home searching for one guy. Also, with all the show that was put on: the flashing lights; the SWAT vans; the people escorted from their homes...they were looking for one guy and they never did find him. No, some neighbor looked in his boat to find a bloody suspect hiding in there, probably without any ammunition (yes, I know they said they exchanged fire, I doubt it) dying from his wounds of twelve or so hours earlier, and he calls the cops.

My God.

What a bunch of Keystone Kops. How many violations of rights did they commit in the bumbling search for one guy? ONE GUY.

I heard earlier in the day that they were looking for a dangerous suspect, one who had shown that he had no regard for human life, was armed and dangerous. He was capable and willing to take human life and I wondered who they were talking about, the suspect or those tracking him down. Is there a difference?

If this is how we react to terrorism, to shut down an entire city, trap people in their homes unarmed while these buffoons wander around town, kicking in doors, threatening citizens with their military-style tactics, unable to find the perpetrator of a bombing, a robbery, a carjacking and a high-speed chase, why shouldn't we all be armed? Who better than us to defend ourselves and our homes?

They found him in a boat, shot the boat all to hell and apparently didn't hit the bleeding suspect because he was taken into custody alive.

What it tells the world of Jihadists and anyone else taking notes that America is ripe for terrorism, that terrorist tactics work quite well. That just getting a few guys dedicated to ANY cause is enough to throw the whole nation into hysterics.

With any real organization capable of hiding this guy out for a week they would have been able to kill commerce along the entire Eastern Seaboard for as long as they could keep him under wraps.

Perhaps these guys learned the lesson of Christopher Dorner and understood what they could accomplish from that fiasco.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Senate Bill 716

Our masters don't like to be held accountable, or to disclose their financial information. Wonder why?
From NC Renegade:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Acts of Rebellion

I am not afraid to say that we are in an all out battle for the soul of the nation. It is a counter-revolution. No one in the sphere of the Patriot/Liberty Community is interested in overthrowing the American government, but rather re-establishing the documents of its founding. It is a re-assertment of the Constitution that we seek.

In order to brand any of us as revolutionaries, they must first admit that they have abandoned the Constitution. To do that would be to de-legitimize their own offices. They can't do it.

So, they try to squeak out a little latitude by calling us domestic insurgents, or domestic terrorists without defining what is that we are against, which would be tyranny. Are they in favor of it? We are against oppression. Are they in favor of it?

We are for the Constitution and for respecting the rights recognized by it. We can't be against the government if we are in favor of its charter. We can be against the government where it has distanced itself from its charter.

What ground have they chosen by making us their enemy? They have chosen the ground of a government estranged from its charter; disrespecting of the rights of the citizenry. They have chosen the ground of the Temple, Texas police department willing to arrest a veteran at the whim of mob rule.

The battle lines are drawn. We have to encourage them to correct their ways; to honor the Constitution. Their distance from legal action has caused the backlash they detest. They don't want to hear from the Tea Party, the Patriot/Liberty Movement or the militias, because we remind them that they are acting illegally; that their actions are illegitimate.

All of this has been written before, but today it is with a different heart.

Their revolution has taken place over the past one hundred and fifty years. Slowly they have crept in inch by coercive inch: taking a little bit of liberty here, adding a little bit of socialism there. Insinuating the state into our lives a morsel at a time. "It is for the best" they say as they do a little more evil.

The true nature of the republican state is to find a balance of liberty that provides the greatest liberty to all. This simple principle has been abused to mean all liberty is at the mercy of the comfort of the most. Those are two completely different principles.

Once the concept of "societal good" is enforced by the power of the state, there is no individual liberty that can tip that scale. It is only by holding individual liberty above the "societal good" that republicanism can exist.

We see this clearly in the Second Amendment issues. My right to protect myself with firearms is above anyone else's right to feel safe. Some people might not feel safe if they see me walking down the street with my pistol on my hip, but they are not in danger. I am not responsible for their mental state. If I wave that weapon around and threaten them with it, I have stepped over the line marking my right to protection and their right to free movement. I have hindered their right and my right to a weapon might be restricted by my actions, but not by their pathological fear of a weapon.

My cause is to the recognition of my rights as given to me by God and affirmed in the Constitution.

I have the right to free speech. I have the right to firearms. I have the right to due process of law. I have the right to religious expression. I have the right to my papers and effects. Without warrant or probable cause of a crime being committed or about to be committed, the government has no right to infringe these rights.

I also have the right to every other thing that does not infringe another person's freedom or exercise of their rights.

As such, I am within the Constitutional framework this nation was founded on and legally bound to protect.

If the government exceeds its authority and seeks to limit any or all of these rights, I have the legal right to seek redress and force it, one way or the other, to obey the Constitution and limit itself to the legal authority that it was issued under the Constitution. Where the government has become an entity of itself, drawing its authority from its own force of arms, it is a rogue government and deserving of disobedience and aggression.

It is not the United States of America as formed and given authority under the Constitution that has become hostile toward my liberty, but the government acting illegally and outside its charter abusing its citizens and authority that has caused my acts of rebellion.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Cold War Has Gone Hot

As most of you know, I have backed off from blogging as it is basically a tool for the establishment. My words are being collected and used as evidence as we speak. So, why don't I just shut up? Because that is what they want me to do.

I am engaged in this fight. This is a war. Things are beyond discussion.

The Department of Homeland Security (yes, I know they search for that in every blog) or DHS (another Internet keyword they search) is an abomination. It is the child of George W Bush, the same person who decided that the only way to save the free market was to violate it, the one who decided that he would save the auto industry by bailing it out with our money, without asking us. It was as Barack Obama wished.

Get it? They are against you. They are not against your neighbors, or your friends, or your relatives. It is personal.

The DHS has no authority whatsoever. It is unConstitutional in every aspect. It interferes with proper elected officials and comes into cities and towns, but it has no jurisidiction except that we allow it to happen. It is a fait acompli because we allowed it. Now it is the primary enemy to liberty.

If you want to know the target of your oppression, the flag-bearer of your lost liberty, it is with the DHS. From the TSA to the tracking of individuals to drones, you will find the DHS. They are, in effect, the Gestapo. If you want to see German totalitarian tactics you need to look no further.

Yes, I write this knowing the consequences.

The fact that you fear the government is in itself a reason to fight against its abuses and bring it back under Constitutional control.

Where was the DHS at the Boston Marathon bombing? Where have they been when it comes to protecting American lives? Nowhere. Why? Because with their billion rounds of Geneva Convention banned hollow point bullets, they are not targeting terrorists, but American citizens, domestic indigenous peoples, US. They do not have to comply with the Geneva Convention if they use the ammunition on us. Get it?

I am engaged, are you?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Counter Revolution

There is nothing left to wait for. The Feds have made their moves already and where federal legislation may not work, they have gone into the states, Missouri for example. They are coming every day in every state in different ways.

The revolution from individual freedom and personal responsibility has taken place. The ideals of liberty are gone. The concept of collectivism has permeated everything that was America and destroyed it.

The wiser of us will caution you against action toward the despostic forces of gun legislation, but keep in mind, the Second Amendment is not all that they are violating. Every single right is under siege. The only rights left are those we are willing to die to protect.

I am not one of the wise.

Therefore, I have given up on any sort of organized action. The community is targeted by infiltrators or should I say infiltraitors? We are being watched; our blogs monitored. In some cases individuals are under surveillance.

In every case it is possible that if we seek to acquire weapons with which to fight for our rights, our contacts will likely be federal government agents or conspirators with the federal government.

The tactics are simple: intrude on an individual, acquire evidence (real or fabricated) with which to leverage compliance and information against the rest. Set up a scenario where others will come under the same scrutiny and wait for one of them to be ready to act and then bust the lot of them with conspiracy to overthrow the government.

They do not need facts, they do not need evidence, they do not need to comply with the Constitution. All they need to do is bust a few of us and incriminate the rest.

Therefore, I have decided that the only action likely to achieve the end is personal and individual action, in conjunction with no one else, in contact with no one else. It is not through purchasing weapons of resistance, but by using the weapons they supply. It is by exploiting existing sources, not introducing sources.

The time to fight back is now. If you are dedicated to the cause of liberty, or just against despotism and oppression this is your fight and it must begin.

If you are not in the planning stage, you should be. If you are not in the implementation stage, you should be getting close.

This is the counter-revolution and you should be part of it.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

That Magical Moment

It is very simple: the resistance will not be organized. There is no way to get people together on anything at this stage and there aren't many more stages left.

Obama is "constrained" by the Constitution. He considers that wrong, but we know that constraining people like him is the whole purpose of the Constitution. Of course he feels constrained by it, he is supposed to and so is everyone else in a position of immense power. He is constrained by our rights and so has done everything he can to obliterate them.

We have sat around and moaned about it, planned, prepared and little else. I don't know about anyone else. All I know is that if something is going to get done, it will have to be done alone. One person doing a remarkable thing is how it must happen.

The rights they are bargaining with are mine and mine alone. If someone else's rights are violated, it doesn't bother me that much. Yet, when I fight for mine, I fight for everyone's.

This is not the last of it, it will only get worse and worse. They will take more and more individual rights until the only rights left will be those of the state.

That is where it stands right now. It will take some magical moment to the get the great wave of public sentiment on the side of individual rights again. I don't know what produces that magical moment. If I did, I would do it.

It is time to fight back. I am not a leader or I would lead others. All I have ever been able to do is lead myself and that is exactly what I am doing now.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Resistance?

Let me ask the readers of this blog: why is it that every time some patriot is gunned down by the police there is the question of what the patriot did to deserve it? And if that question is asked, why then, when this happens, when prosecutors and deputies are gunned down no one asks what they did to deserve it?

What is the penalty for enforcement of illegal laws? What is the penalty for committing treason? What is the penalty for the destruction of a once free people?

I am not suggesting that these people were gunned down by someone upset by their actions, but that the actions of every policeman, every judge, every district attorney when enforcing illegal laws, be they drug laws, gun laws, violating the Fourth Amendment to search homes and cars illegally, taking "evidence" and destroying property in the search deserves some penalty. Without penalty, then what is to stop them from further abusing the people?

Being a functionary in a corrupt system, willing to violate their oaths to defend the Constitution, is no different from being a conspirator to a crime.

These are harsh words, I know. A good number of police officers both current and former read this blog and I know they don't like this equation with common criminals because they are good people. But, it is starting to get serious out there and I don't see police in general supporting the Constitution. They might support the Second Amendment with gusto, but not so the First, Fourth or Fifth Amendments.

The Constitution is not a buffet.

Of the few major gun arrests featured on this blog, two of them involved the police violating the Fourth Amendment to gather their evidence. One of them included an officer lying to the suspect. I have never been able to respect those in law enforcement who feel that it is okay to lie to a suspect to gain some confession or entrap them into a conviction. If it is illegal to lie to a police officer to avoid prosecution, it should be illegal to lie to a suspect to further a prosecution.

Double standards.

When any government official, cop, D.A., judge enforces laws that are clearly unconstitutional, even if not declared unconstitutional by some judge in Washington D.C., they are in violation of their oath and cease to deserve our respect.

Has the resistance begun? I don't know, but this is how it will look when we, as a people, finally get tired of the double standard and start enforcing the Constitution ourselves.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Iraq War Vet Arrested By Manipulative Liar

I was done with this blog. I had compiled all of the posts in one place. I had decided that I would offer a book of the compilation to those interested and would pack it away.

I have intellectually moved on. Whatever comment I could make on the current political situation of our nation has been made time and time again. Repeating myself would not make the bad guys stop or make the good guys move, so I decided to just stop talking and start moving myself.

Then, in the eleventh hour a message come over the transom (for those old enough to know what a transom is). It is another story of a veteran targeted by the system as was Nathan Haddad. This time, however, it is the NY SAFE Act that has been violated. This is a test case. Benjamin Wassell is the first to be charged under the NY SAFE Act.

I will contribute as before with Keith Pantaleon and with Nathan Haddad. I hope that you will do the same. None of us have any money, I know that. If we did, I would have used it to do much more than I have to date. I am constrained by life choices. I have taken some chances and incurred debts that have to be repaid. But, you know, there is always an extra hundred dollars somewhere that I can rob from collectivists to pay for special causes.

The government is apparently pushing hard on those closest to our hearts to see what we are made of. If we will abandon those servicemen, how will we ever stand up for each other? They want to test the most popular cases. If you understand Barack Obama and his ilk, you understand that they go for the strongest to discourage the rest of us. If they can put Nathan Haddad, a decorated solider, in prison doesn't that send a message to all of us who do not have such a compelling story?

So, now they have targeted Benjamin Wassell. Injured in the Iraq War: OIF. From independent research, Wassell was arrested for selling an AR-15 and an AR-10 to an undercover police officer who lied to him about what he wanted the weapons for and who he was. He did not sell the weapons to someone who was a felon, he sold them to someone who lied about being a felon. He did not sell the weapons to a drug dealer as the Department of Justice did during the Fast and Furious/Gunwalker Scandal, for which no one has gone to prison. He did not sell them to someone who would use them to commit criminal acts approved of by this sham of a government as gun stores do every day when selling to police officers. Let me follow one cop and I will detail the several felonies they commit as routine duty.

I will contribute $100 to Benjamin Wassell's defense. I will do it, because we cannot support these men enough to compensate for the work they have done in defense of this nation, but I would make one plea to those currently serving in the military: this is the future of the nation if you side with the government instead of the people. One day it will be you.

It is time to choose sides. With us or against us. With your government bosses, or with the people who deserve your loyalty. The people will never forget the servicemen who place themselves between the despots of other nations, but the oath comes with a greater obligation than just that. "All enemies, foreign and domestic." Why do you think they chose those words? Why not just foreign enemies? It was because they knew there would be some domestic enemies that would have to be dealt with.

Benjamin Wassell is one reason I believe any restriction on gun purchases is a violation of the Constitution. If one recalls the time accurately, it was a time of duels, of men acting in defense of themselves and their property and sometimes that went beyond the strictly legal constraints, but each man knew of what the other encountered and was not held to a strict reading of the law, but rather the natural law, i.e. the law of common sense.

Regardless, all we have for information is that of the police officer who charged Wassell and to be honest, I think he is a liar as are most when they write reports.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Once Great Nation

A lawless government breeds a lawless public.

I don't know when the apple turns, it has for me already. I feel bound by no laws the federal government has passed through its sham of a legislature. I regard them as laws passed in commission of a fraud. To whatever extent I obey a federal law it is within my understanding of rightful liberty.

Civility is not a legal thing, it is a social thing. One might pass all the hate-speech laws they wish, it does not change the heart wherein lies the hate. The speech one uses is a reflection of the inner self and to pass laws against speech is to pass laws against emotion, against expression, against the privacy of one's skull.

To pass laws against possession of guns will not stop violence, it will not stop possession, it will only escalate the encounter between police and otherwise law-abiding citizens. It will indeed make outlaws of those who possess guns.

These laws are laws passed by a government estranged from the people; a government peering down at the masses concerned mostly with control of those masses, not working in conjunction with the people to find that elusive, necessary balance between liberty and security.

These laws show a disrespect for the people; a contempt for them and rightfully so. The people have lacked any significant education over the past several decades where social engineering has replaced the purpose of educators and indoctrination the purpose of the schools. Why should the government view the people as capable of anything other than following orders?

But for the rebels.

There are those who recall a once great nation. One in which the government feared abridging liberty for the backlash it would cause. There has been an unhealthy lack of fear in these recent decades.

Whenever the collectivists wish to abolish certain rights they claim that the founders could not have conceived of a society wherein there were cars, or school shootings, etc. What they never address is that the founders could not have conceived of a nation of children afraid to arise against the power of the government, fearful of the methods of oppression the government has developed. They could not have conceived of citizens fearful of speaking out, fearful of the IRS, fearful of rogue agencies denying rights as if they were mere suggestions.

It is time to start taking our rights seriously. It is past time. We risk the destruction of all rights if we do not fight back now. There is no future time when it will be "okay" to fight back against this Goliath.

I confess I am losing interest in this blog. I know there are a number of people who consider these words, these points of view valuable and I thank them for that, but really, it is useless.

It is time to respect the laws of this nation with the same regard the government officials have for the Constitution. It is time to honor this society with the reverence those in public service have for their oaths of office.

This is not America.

Whatever patriotism one feels for the United States is misplaced. To fight for America is to fight against those who have entered office under false testimony; those who have sworn to defend something they seek to destroy. There is no talk of going back to the Constitution, only to alter it through judicial ruling and illegal laws.

There is talk of imprisoning citizens for having committed no act. The mere possession of something previously legal is illegal and failure to relinquish it is a crime. This is not America. This is not liberty. This is not justice. There is not one single thing the government has done since the passage of the Patriot Act that is legal, that is right, that is American.

We have been overthrown, a quiet coup, but a coup nonetheless.

We must become counter-revolutionaries and the struggle must begin immediately. We must identify with the counter-revolution and take what comes.

Our nation is sick. It will not heal itself. Standing aside as a concerned relative will not heal the wounds inflicted by the aggressor. It is time to reach our hands into the gore and work to save the nation so many of our troops have died to protect.

That, or turn away, throw up your hands and give it to them freely.

This may be my last post. Anything else I might write will only be fodder for the Goliath.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dying Time

It is dying time.

For the better part of a month I have been deliberating on this fact; coming to grips with the implications of it. The powers who exercise control will ultimately come to kill us. The longer we object to their domination, the more surely they will devise a way to eliminate those who recognize them as the enemy.

The wave of gun legislation moving through the legislatures of the states is not without complicity with the federal government. What the federal government cannot expect the whole House or Senate to agree to, they have encouraged individually through the states with some success. The result is simply citizen disarmament through any means, which is an act of war against the rights of the people. Those who see their rights being violated and have the nerve to resist have become the enemy of the politician.

It is a long list now, that of rights being violated by the federal government. There is no right left in the Bill of Rights that have not come under attack by governments the nation wide. Governments at best are a tolerable evil, but when they focus their police powers against the people and their rights, they have crossed the line from tolerable evil to intolerable evil.

The soldier knows when it is time to die. It is determined by men who do not have to suffer the consequences. It is determined by circumstances created by those who gain from it. Politicians do not fear war as the people do. They are safe. They make the policies; they create the conditions. It is left to the people to decide when they have gone too far.

They have gone too far.

Those entrusted with the finances of this great nation have squandered it and bankrupted the treasury. Those entrusted with the rights of the people have violated them. Those entrusted with the security of the state have forsaken it.

They are traitors.

The proof of this fact lies with the states themselves, many of whom have rejected violations of the Second Amendment with declarative statements, recognizing the violations of the Constitution being proposed elsewhere. Individual sheriffs have openly disavowed these laws and have sworn to ignore them.

It is logical to me that when faced with overwhelming odds by militarized police forces; with means of infiltration and observation never before encountered by a free people, there is only one means of resistance: the development of squads.

This is sheer tactical hypothesis, mind you.

When thinking over the necessary resistance, given the constraints achieved by over-zealous government agencies increasingly violating the rights of citizens to privacy and effects; breaking down doors without warrants; tazing and shooting citizens without cause simply because they have secured permission from corrupt judges and manipulated courts, squads are the only effective maneuver left to the citizen who understands the stakes of the game.

A squad would consist, theoretically, of perhaps four people. It is necessarily intimate to limit exposure and limit the extent of conspiracy should any of the three or four be arrested. Of the three or four, there would be a medic to treat wounds suffered during any action. There would be a qualified marksman, a spotter and a driver. Any of the four might be combined if only three were in agreement.

The squad would pick a target, not necessarily human, that would impact the effect of government abuse, either in a physical way, or to make a political statement.

Since this communication is for education alone, it is open for suggestion as to a better mix of personnel, qualifications, responsibilities or size.

I await your responses.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Price Of Tyranny

Keith Pantaleon sits in jail, the victim of illegal police action. Further details of the case are as follows: the landlord where Keith lived explained that another tenant, one known for making numerous complaints called the police to make the landlord fix the heat in the apartment. The heat was regulated from Keith's apartment. The landlord was forced by the police to enter Keith's apartment without warrant or warning. The landlord explained it as if they gave him no choice, demanding he open the apartment immediately. When Keith heard them enter, he grabbed is pistol in a zipped gun case and headed to the door. Seeing the police, he pitched the case back onto his bed.

Without provocation, the police demanded to know what he had in his hand and was led back into the bedroom, where the police identified the gun case, confiscated it and searched his apartment for other weapons, confiscating them all and charging him with possession of illegal firearms and magazines.

In a Constitutional nation this would not be possible. The entrance of Keith's apartment was through no legal action by the police. If the tenant had an issue there are legal means of working those issues out without contacting the police. Even so, the entrance of the police into Keith's apartment was unassociated with Keith. Their demand to know what Keith had in his hand was an illegal demand since Keith was not a suspect, nor did the police have any reason to believe that Keith had or was about to commit a crime.

The problem with this nation is that violations of rights are not crimes in themselves. Passing an illegal law is not a crime in itself. Violations of oaths are not crimes in themselves. These actions result in the illegal imprisonment of millions of citizens across the nation. Keith Pantaleon is but one.

But, what price tyranny? Who pays for these actions of government officials? The police do not pay a penalty for having violated the rights of citizens. Politicians do not pay for their transgressions against the Constitution. Without penalty, there is no law, there is no rectification. The system ceases to function as intended.

Until there are consequences for these actions there will never be a Restoration.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Clinging To A Broken Paradigm

State by state the collectivists are racking up victories on gun control while the majority cling to a broken paradigm. Too many still believe that elections will solve something; that Republicans are champions of liberty. They are not. This is no longer about the GOP vs the Democrats. Our representatives have already sold us out, whether the Senate holds the line on the Assault Weapons Ban, or not, they will cave on something, sometime.

We are witnessing the implosion of liberty and rights. We have been for a long time. We have waited for the Republicans to do something to express our thoughts and demands to the government at large, but they have not. They have not taken their oaths seriously enough to bring impeachment charges against Barack Obama for abuse of power, even when the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Obama had done just that by making recess appointments when the Senate was not at recess. They have not because they are cowards terrified of the media.

In a previous post that I removed because my thoughts had not clearly been conveyed called "Vote Democrat" I tried to explain, that if one is still a Republican, they do not understand the dynamic. One is either willing to fight for their rights, or they are willing to abdicate your rights along with theirs. 

It is not about politics, or power in the political system. It is a broken system. It is a broken nation. It is a broken government that has disconnected itself from its authority. It is rogue. To even participate in elections at this point is like choosing sides between two criminals guilty of the same crime. To choose one criminal because they vote Republican is insane.

With a system in this state of disarray, it needs to be destroyed, not modified. Voting, at this point in time, can only be used as a means to that end. The idea to vote Democrat, throwing all of the power in the hands of the collectivists does what we have been unable to do on our own, which is to create a government so vile that it draws the line clear between enemies and allies.

Think past the concept of citizenship. If the government is beyond its authority it is not a government at all, but a gang. The citizens are then merely victims, no matter which way they vote. Democrats are not safe because they want to join the gang; because they want to be inked, they are not wanted. Even they are only valuable to the gang as victims, they just don't know it, yet. They still identify themselves with the gang. That will change.

The point of the post was to take a positive step to absolutely destroy the Republican Party, to remove any hope that the Republicans will do something they have not done and will not do. What they will not do is step away from the government and declare that it is illegal. Without that, they are complicit in the actions being taken.

It is no longer about governance. A rogue government cannot govern, it can only rule. When the elected officials refuse to abide by oaths and the source of their legitimacy, i.e. the Constitution, they have only two choices: 1) to go along and appeal to the people to go along (voting); 2) step away from the government and denounce it.

Calls to Republican representatives and senators should not be in favor or in opposition to this law or that, but to demand that they acknowledge the abuses of government against the rights of citizens and to denounce the government. Continuing to play this game of governance under the authority of the Constitution is an insult. The longer it continues the more the government will be able to act under the guise of legitimacy with Republican support by mere participation.

The idea to vote Democrat was a subversive way of destroying the belief that there is a way to bring the government back under the authority of the people.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Do Not Go Gentle

Our fates are inextricably tied together. The people who read this blog and others like it know that they are on the front lines of tyranny. When they come, they will come for those who inspire patriotism, who believe in the Constitution and who spread the word of liberty and the law, because it is all of these things that they, the government officials, find offensive and destructive of their intent to remake America.

There are no champions of the people's rights in government. Both political parties are guilty of violating those rights. Both are guilty of spending the nation into bankruptcy. The battles in congress that consume so much political thought are meaningless. It is designed to placate the opposition, no matter which side one is on. Each party appeals to one half of America against the other half and when some rights are taken from one, they are lost to both. The people lose every time and half of them feel better for having taken something from the other half.

Those of us who believe in God-given, or natural rights; rights that were endowed upon everyone at birth speak heresy to them. We speak of something greater than government. We speak of something beyond control. We speak of something of higher authority than a badge, a gun or a gavel. Heresy that they will punish with all the might of their officialdom. They will silence us, punish us, kill us rather than to have us speak of a greater power than government.

They call us terrorists and extremists to make the cleansing easier to the eye. They threaten our families with privation for what we might have said or written. They willingly destroy our futures with accusations and arrests for speaking the evil of liberty as if it were a disease long since dead in the rational world of government domination. Terrorists? We have not threatened their families. We have not made false allegations to destroy their futures. We have not approached them with limitless powers of coercion disguised as a badge or a gavel. We have spoken the truth and their guilt terrifies them.

They have cornered us with laws and definitions that give us no way to speak our minds and obtain a redress of our grievances. They have cornered us with no way to turn that is not taken as a threat. They have shoved us and slapped us for our belief in the words of our founders. We have taken it and swallowed our pride as the bettor part of valor, knowing that when we shove back it will tear the nation in two.

The truth is, they cannot "fix" America until they can claim that we, the patriots, the advocates of freedom and liberty, broke it. They are now on a path that takes them to that point. They have defined us as extremists, demonized us as radicals, used our thoughts and words as actions against them. All they need to do now is push a little harder, i.e, take down a few websites; arrest a few that can link them to others in this made-up conspiracy of theirs; make a few law-abiding citizens into criminal scapegoats (Keith Pantaleon and Nathan Haddad) to infuriate us.

To this I do not say: stay quiet, avoid conflict, hide and live. To the contrary, I say stand tall, speak loudly, let them come. If the price of safety and security is a denunciation of everything great and noble about the American experiment, I will not tell that lie.

But, do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

(Make plans, have e-mails, physical addresses of those who can relate your fate. Have places to go, people who can help. Help those who are first to go. Spread the word of your peril and rally to the aid of others)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

If The Target Fits, Wear It

The Christopher Dorner saga exposes the weakness of the law enforcement community. It gives law enforcement something to think about when threatening Second Amendment advocates. The idea that they can descend upon us with flashbangs and SWAT raids day after day, house after house is a farce. Something they should seriously consider before engaging in war on the patriotic and law-abiding people of this nation is this: what if we decide to fight back?

It is easy for the politicians to sit up in their offices and issue dictates down to the police to enforce, but ultimately the battle comes between the people who refuse to obey those laws and the police required to enforce them. It is for this reason that I have always expected the police to be on the front lines of defending the rights of the people. If for no other reason than to avoid being put into the unenviable position of having to defend themselves against the people.

At worst, this is the scenario set up by our founders. It relies on a citizen police force, a citizen military, a citizen legislature to guard against this conflict. But, when the government is allowed to see itself as outside of the citizenry, this conflict is inevitable. The question they need to answer is: Are you a citizen, or an enforcer for the government? Are you a defender of the Constitution or simply a trooper of the regime? There are enough right-thinking military personnel to make that decision have some serious consequences. If law enforcement personnel think that Christopher Dorner is a challenge, they might consider pitting their skills against talented, trained recently discharged sniper.

Lately the president has decided to apply pressure on websites such as this which inspire patriotism, that Obama terms as "radicalization of the population." I will pledge to you that the day this website goes off air, the game is on. The day the author of this website has to submit to a TSA highway checkpoint, the game is on.

Is there anything else to really understand about the situation we are in? The President of the United States considers pro-Constitution, advocates for liberty and our God-given rights as detrimental to the U.S. Government. Isn't that enough for you to see which side you are on?

I know there are a lot of police agencies and sheriff's departments who claim to stand behind the people and the Constitution, but this is a time to go farther than that, to recognize that the abuses already implemented are a step too far. That restrictions on the Second and Fourth Amendments are the actions which have led to this moment in time. From the first restriction on firearms the nation has not gotten more safe, but less safe and every reasonable compromise has led to the further infringement of rights. As the latest decades have proved, any compromise on rights is a loss of those rights.

As in any war, targets are identified. Intelligence is gathered considering those targets and a plan is developed to eliminate those targets. The only question left to be answered is what are those targets going to be? Those who refuse to recognize the rights of the citizens of this nation, who would destroy those rights, who would violate the Constitution and ultimately, through one process or another enslave the citizens, is a justifiable target.

Whether this blog gets shut down or not; whether I am targeted by the government or not is irrelevant, because I do not decide targets. I do not lead a squad or a band of brothers willing to lay down their lives. I do not run anything other than this blog, so the government might do what they want to to me. The fact remains, even after I am shut down, those targets will be identified, intelligence gathered and they will be eliminated.

The question everyone in government willing to enslave the American people should ask themselves is if they are willing to be that target. Does the retirement mean that much to them? I mean, the government of every locality is going to default on those retirement funds. They have to know that, don't they? When the payments stop coming, where do they think they will start the cutbacks? What are the first funds the government will default on? Do they think they will be active, line officers salaries, or pension payments?

Friday, February 8, 2013

The War For Restoration

We are at a critical time in American history that will either be recorded as the Great Evolution or the Great Restoration, because it cannot long stay in the present state of limbo.

It is ours to decide. We can either accept that America has evolved past the idea of state's rights and individual rights, or we can seek to restore those rights, but the question is being asked of us today. Perhaps it is not a ballot measure that one is able to vote for or against, but if one has been awake in the past few years, it is obvious that there is a question to be answered.

While one might argue that the evolution has been taking place since the Civil War, it is from the passage of the Patriot Act that the scales have been tipped toward the power of the federal government and the abandonment of individual rights. The Patriot Act brought us the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA, the coordination of federal agencies and the militarization of our police forces.

The great George Bushism of the economic collapse was the idea of violating the free market to save the free market. It is this logic that was first unveiled as the Patriot Act, which sought to violate individual rights in order to save individual rights. Neither approach has worked.

We are saddled now with a hostile and abusive federal government able to look into all of our actions and decide if we are a "domestic terrorist" without due process, without proof, concluding this status through words on a computer screen and a desire to retain individual rights. It is especially clear where the "domestic terrorists" have made plans to survive the coming economic/political unrest caused by federal policies by laying in supplies of food and building a defensible shelter.

The idea of being a "domestic terrorist" at this stage is synonymous with claiming your individual rights. If one is a Second Amendment activist they are a domestic terrorist. The equation is no more complex than that in the federal lexicon. In this way the lines have been drawn and one is either a lackey for the federal government, or a domestic terrorist.

Subsequently they have created an army of "domestic terrorists" who are in possession of weapons. This cannot stand, so they have begun the arduous journey of disarming the army they created. With the aid of liberal states which can accomplish through state law the objectives of the federal government toward disarmament quicker than the federal government can act, the feds proceed along this path. It is their intent to as fully disarm the American citizen as possible before abandoning any pretense of following the Constitution and perhaps even replacing it when the time is right.

The problem is, the opposition army, the "domestic terrorists" do not see themselves as such. They identify with their cause as abiding by the Constitution, of seeking only the original contract and legally demanding a redress of grievances from the federal government which has abused its power. Despite out numbering the collective police forces and military, despite their ability to rise up with weapons and quickly set the nation on a path toward restoration of the Constitution, they would prefer a cessation of the hostilities and compliance with the Constitution. They won't get it.

The modern federal government recognizes only force. It is not bound by the acquiescence of the people. It has enough collectivists and dependents in the population to support its policies against the rest of the people who believe they have actual rights inalienable by the actions of the majority. With clever slogans, they can mobilize their population to vote against the Constitution when the time comes to replace it. They know this as a fact. It was demonstrated in the last presidential election with clarity. It is why they have acted now with such arrogance.

Our resistance has so far been political. Lately, it has taken on a bit of a militant flare as Second Amendment activists have openly declared their refusal to obey confiscation laws. The Army of the Restoration has begun to stir beyond mere political clout. This is generally where the federal government will back off a little, let it appear as if something has been accomplished politically. This is where the Tea Party ran out of steam, by continuing to believe that political solutions were at hand. Meanwhile liberal states will continue to violate the Second Amendment through state legislation, piece by piece, state by state they will accomplish disarmament while we wait for the political solution.

Right now in New Jersey there is a reason to stand up. In New York there is a cause to fight for. The Army of the Restoration must awaken and recognize its role in the future of the nation, or it is lost. If you are in this army, i.e. a gun owner, Second Amendment activists, a believer in the Constitution, you should embrace it and act accordingly.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Anonymous: You Should Be Flash-Banged And Killed

In the comment section of "A Line In The Sand?" I received this comment:
My response to each charge is below the italics, it was not a conversation.

And you nutjobs wonder why the Department of Justice and our military are now considering right wing "patriot" groups and militia members as potential domestic terrorists?

Do we wonder why the Department of Justice and our military are now considering us potential domestic terrorists, or was it the other way round? Didn't they first identify us as domestic terrorists several years ago? Haven't they acted as terrorists themselves? The DHS purchased over a billion rounds of hollow point bullets illegal for use in war against a foreign power, but apparently acceptable for domestic use? What should we conclude from that?

This thread gives them all the reasons necessary for such a claim.

Some comments might have been overblown or excessive, but only in reaction to a disabled veteran of Iraq being arrested for having empty 30 round magazines. Nathan Haddad had no police record and had been heralded in the local paper as an inspiration to the community. People were angry and rightfully so. Good people are being arrested because they happened to still have a few magazines they brought back from a deployment that they were not required to turn in?.

"Sending flowers" to threaten a law enforcement officer's family? Deciding that law enforcement officers who enforce laws with which you disagree are "oath breakers" and need to be assaulted?

They are not laws with which we disagree they are clearly unconstitutional. There is no provision whatsoever in the Second Amendment for infringement of any kind. That these laws are in place and are being prosecuted already proves that the officers are Oathbreakers. It doesn't have to do with this law, it has to do with the fact that they have never stood up when the first round of gun laws were passed. I don't recall anyone suggesting that the officers be assaulted. The worst I heard was that they should be encouraged to rethink their oath and whether they were abiding by it. At worst, however, those were empty threats in an online forum not something to be considered a valid, palpable threat.

When the flash-bang comes through your window, you'll have about 2 seconds to prepare yourself for eternity. That will be a good day.

So, for a few empty threats and hyperbole it is the conclusion of "Anonymous" that we should be flash-banged and killed. Killed. For writing words in the heat of emotion at the excesses and abuses of the government. Because we feel angry about a veteran getting a raw deal by police officers, we should be killed. By whom? The police. The commenter suggests that if the police were to come into our homes without any warning, set off a flash bang and summarily shoot us for writing these words, it would be a just killing. A just killing because we spoke out, because we expressed our horror at what? Police abuses and excess.

Irony, don't you love it?

But, this only illustrates the issues on a larger scale. We, in the patriot/liberty community, believe that police powers have been granted in way too many ways in our lives; that police powers have been extended to federal officials who do not have the training or sensitivity of a local police department responsible to the people. We believe that the Constitutional rights we have are inalienable and that any law restricting a right is illegal. Otherwise one must argue that slavery is allowable by certain local jurisdictions. We believe that we have a right to due process, not summary execution. We believe that to enter a home one must produce a warrant.

Anonymous does not. By this comment Anonymous believes that the police should have the power to flash bang and kill anyone who speaks out against police or an unjust law. The last I heard in order for a threat of any kind to violate the law it has to be made out against a particular individual and the person making the threat has to have motive and opportunity to do so. Even then, even if any of that were true, which it is not, it is a charge worthy of bringing against an individual, not a group and certainly not cause to use a flash bang to disorient the suspect and to summarily execute him.

If this is indeed the attitude of police officers across the nation; if it is seen by them as a justifiable action to take against bloggers and those who comment on their blogs, then we are already much too far behind the curve, because we live in a complete and total police state and there is just cause and reason to rebel.

The sad part is, there are many in the law enforcement community who feel exactly as Anonymous does. It is what makes this struggle important. It is why we cannot ever let up. I read where the NY SAFE Act was going to be challenged. Nathan Haddad is one reason, this commenter is another.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Update on Keith Pantaleon

An email was sent to me tonight. From Keith:
"The charges are unlawful possession of my 2 handguns, unlawful possession of my rifle, unlawful possession of my ammo and felony possession of an assault rifle. The cops claimed the third floor tenant called because he did not have heat in his apt, and the boiler just happened to be in my apartment.
I don't know what the landlord told him.They had no warrant nor did they have my consent.They did not Mirandize me until after 15 hours of no sleep, no food and no water."

This man is not a felon, there is no reason he should be in jail on any of these charges. They were in his house, not his car, not on his shoulder. Please take a look at the donate page. He is being held on $75,000 bail and has never been arrested. I believe some of this has to do with his work as an activist for the Second Amendment and other issues.

That One Unifying Moment

Max Velocity broached the subject of when, how and where do we act at this post, stop at the humorous interlude site as well.

I agree with him. We are all parents of someone, children of someone, spouses of someone, girl and boyfriends of someone. We all have interpersonal relationships that deserve our attention and presence and all of this stuff about rights is secondary. It has to be. Our jobs, our income, does not just go to ourselves and our causes, it goes to schools and day care workers; it goes to keep a roof over our heads and food in the fridge.

These facts are what have kept us on the sidelines through all of the abuses handed down so far. The need to get on the flight allows the abuses of the TSA to grope and fondle children. In a rational world that could not happen, but the state has set up the scenario and you and your rights are disregarded because it doesn't hurt them to enforce the abuses. They will just call the police.

The fact that we have no chance in a confrontation with the police also keeps us mum about the rights violated against us. Yes, they have no right to enter my home, or search my car. Work it out in the courts.

The fact that we have no chance in the courtroom, because we do not have enough money to put up a proper legal defense and even if we did, we do not have lawyers that will argue the merits of our rights. They know it is pointless, because the judges don't want to hear it, they want to process the guilty through the system, nothing more.

They have already determined we are guilty because the police officer says so. He entered our home legally, because he says so. He legally confiscated our illegal weapons which are illegal, because some judge said so.

It is not that we have not tried to work this out in a legal, peaceful way, it is because we have that strengthens our backbone and hardens our resolve.

No, I don't want to do it, either. I don't want to tell my daughter that she won't be going to college next year because I quit my job to run with a rag tag bunch of angry dogs over the abuses of the government. I don't want to tell her that I will not be coming back, she can visit me in prison or the cemetery. Who on earth would want to tell their child that? Who wants to tell their mother that, or their wife that?

I don't. No one does. So, ask yourself, how is it that it could ever have happened? How is it that so many men went off to Europe or Asia to fight a war? How is it that so many went off to Lexington to stand before the mighty British? Because they were either drafted by the government to do the fighting, or they felt it was their duty to do the fighting for all of those mothers, wives and daughters.

The difference now is that it is not our government that is asking and willing to train all of us to go together to fight a foe. It is much harder now. It is a matter of individual conscience, with wavering starting times. It is not defined. It is not coordinated.

See, I think that is the strength we have, not the weakness, because they don't know our start time, either. They don't know who, because we are not organized in a way they recognize: here are the troops they will move out on this signal.

The military has for a long time fought wars under these conditions, but not domestically. They had the advantage of knowing that they did not know the people they were expected to kill.

The police are used to it, because they know how to let a little resistance turn into a reason to kill a citizen. They have militarized their policing duties, but they are not prepared to deal with issue after issue, time after time, their methods getting more and more scrutiny and their protections getting ever more unreliable as would happen in a dynamic, modern society in that the further they strain to counter resistance, the closer they get to their own families and friends.

Our targets, should we choose them, are disparate as well.

Who is the most to blame for our condition? Is it the media that has propagandized this threat, demonized us, marginalized our support, refused to hold politicians accountable for their fraud and mistreatment of us and our rights?

Is it congress that has refused to rein in the abuses of the federal government, who has allowed the oppression, even encouraged it as a way to win re-election? Is it our state governments that have ceded their responsibilities to defend us from an out-of-control federal bureaucracy?

Is it the cop in the squad car anxious to test out the new powers he has due to court cases and a wholesale disregard for the Constitution?

The problem is not that we don't want to die. The problem for the government is that we do. We are willing to lay down our lives to restore the Constitution and the rights it is supposed to protect. Where we are silent and idle is we don't want to do it for nothing. If we ask our families to bear the burden alone, without us for one reason or another, we don't want to achieve nothing, we don't want to do it alone. We want to know that when we are arrested or killed that the movement toward a restoration of the Constitution will go on without us, perhaps because we have made the commitment with our lives to fight for it.

I think the only thing we need to free us to action is a common signal, a sign, a tattoo even signaling others that we died in their cause, not just as a nut that the cops had to put down before we did an evil thing. A unified identity. So that when Joe goes out and acts to restore the Constitution we know why he did it despite the inevitable media spin and we would free the couches of our idle masses.

That one unifying moment when we all know what we are fighting for and whom, is what the corrupt government has to fear. The sad part is, they will probably kill a few million of us before the rest get it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

DHS Terrorists: Vets and Hunters

The term "Keyboard Commando" is being bandied about a lot lately. We are at a critical time. Those who work against us are starting to find ways to belittle us as they did the Tea Party. The American media is anxious to discredit us, to demonize us, anything to keep the truth of guns as the prevention of crime from being considered. They live on restriction; of limiting liberty. They are not about to concede this discussion without giving it their best effort to outlaw any gun they can anywhere they can. They want desperately to make us look like a bunch of fools who will not stand when it is obvious that we should.

Some in our community assist the liberals out of a good and decent place. They are afraid that now is not the time to act. Not all of us in the community agree on when and how. But, if one is intent on aiding the community in some way, there is always something one can do. If you are not ready to get off the couch, I suggest you get involved somehow. I would prefer you donate to a legal defense fund for those who are suffering from the illegal laws passed by New York, New Jersey, Illinois and the District of Columbia. Right now Keith Pantaleon needs your help. An illegal entry into his home, without being issued a warrant, apparently outed as a gun owner by his landlord. He arose to the sounds of police already in his living room, given access by his landlord's key. My finances are tight, but I will not let this opportunity to put some fight into his case go unaddressed.

I don't know what the heck the NRA does, but it does not provide a legal defense for people who have been placed in jail while unconstitutional laws are enforced by police. Where are the 100 million gun owners when funds are needed? There is more than just one way to act.

These laws are being passed and enforced and they are meant to disarm the American public. There is no way to get around that fact. The DHS is intent on buying up automatic weapons and hollow point bullets without explaining to the American people what they intend to do with them. Are there really that many terrorists in America? Only if you count discharged veterans and hunters.

The DHS has not explained why they need ammunition which is illegal for use in war. When you look at everything done since 9-11 it has been done against the American people, not for them. The passage of the Patriot Act has allowed the majority of the abuses being visited on the people. Where are the calls to repeal it? Why is the federal government of the few entities hiring in this economy?

We are up against a wall already. Yet, people say wait; it is not time to act.

Were gun-owners willing to protest, it would probably blunt this whole idea of disarmament. Imagine 100 million gun-owners descending upon capitals of every state. It would shake the very foundations of government. But, they won't. There are ways to avoid conflict peacefully, but that possibility is slowly being abandoned out of complacency or disbelief.

So, I encourage action at every opportunity. I have committed myself to act in whatever way will help, either protest, or march, or congress and there are few takers.

Those of us who will act are being pushed into a smaller and smaller space. Our options are being limited from peaceful to not so peaceful response. Yes, it is exactly what the Obama Administration wants, that does not change the equation. They also want us not to act at all. The options are simple: act and watch the NDAA come to fruition, or sit back and don't act and wait for the gulag train.

We need funds; we need action; we need protests; we need civil disobedience and we need to fight with anything and everything we have. If we are not doing that, we are abandoning the last defensible space we have for our rights. Ultimately, it will come down to the few who are willing to go to the last resort. If we will not act people like Keith Pantaleon (a video of what he was doing) will multiply by the thousands, just ordinary people relying on the Constitution to defend them against tyranny. With no help from the rest of us, we might as well reserve our cells in the closest penitentiary and wait our turn to be picked up for possession of illegal weapons like the average 1911.

I only have the defense fund for Keith and the Video on the second link, but I think you get an idea that this man was standing while others slept. It is the best explanation of who he is and what he is facing. If you think this is a scam or you are suspicious of websites that ask for money, God help you if you are next. I asked Roslyn to create the GoFundMe account so we had a way to stand up for him.

I might be called a Keyboard Commando, that doesn't mean anything to me. I will do what I can from where I can and when that doesn't lead to liberty, I will do something else.

Check out David's post here.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just Because

Just because the President doesn't have the right to tell us not to do this when taxpayers paid for everything associated with the picture and he is a public figure and he is not Mohammed.

Picture rightly stolen from War On Guns.

One Of Us?

Keith Pantaleon was arrested and is currently being held on $75,000 bail for possession of an illegal weapon, a Bushmaster XM15-E2S. Is he a vet, or has he done time in a foreign country on our behalf? No, but that doesn't mean he does not deserve our support.

Part of his legal troubles might be linked to this video he and a friend made in Jersey City. In an e-mail conversation with a friend of his, the cause for searching his apartment was probably due to a landlord who persistently entered his apartment unannounced. Keith never knew if the man was in the house while he was gone, but he often came in ostensibly to fix things, or to check on the status of the apartment. The police did not disclose the reason they entered the apartment, but it is suspected that the landlord informed them of the weapons in Keith's apartment.

Through the conversation and having watched the video it is clear that I might not agree with Keith 100% on his views, but one thing cannot be disputed, he is dedicated to standing his ground and standing up for his (our) rights.

At present I do not know if there is a way to contribute to his legal defense, I am waiting to find out, but this man is still in jail. It is not hard to conclude that some of the things in his video might have led to his arrest and attitude of the liberals in Jersey City.

While Nathan Haddad has asked us not to intervene, or act on his behalf while he works out his issues with the State of New York, I would think that Keith does not feel the same way.

If there are patriots in the New Jersey area who are interested in finding out as much about this case as they can and let us know what is happening.  I would appreciate any information.

Is he one of us? He must be.

Friday, February 1, 2013

You Will Not Blunt My Sword

First, watch this video.

This was submitted to me via a comment on "The Barrel Will Be Hot" that I will quote here, so we all know what is being discussed before I offer my rebuttal below. This is an important time in the movement, but there is some confusion as to what we are about.

The comment follows:

TL, I think it's important to talk some of your commenters off the ledge. There are several people calling for direct action now. That is a serious and huge mistake. Though the recent and ongoing injustices are infuriating, provocative and a clear violation of natural rights and the constitution, it's still too early.

We need the populace to increasingly come over to our side. Our side is growing at a rapid pace, but not fast enough. Every time the regime beats up a victim, kills people, we gain supporters. However, if some asshole goes and takes some serious direct action, that will be giving the regime exactly what they want right now.

They're trying, provoking, and kicking people to initiate violence, because once someone does, it will give them the perfect excuse to slam into place active implementation of the NDAA, and the full force of everything they can bring to bear. Also, the population will support it. It's too early right now, bite your tongue, practice and be patient.


The video consistently terms our resistance as a revolution. It is not a revolution. We do not seek to overthrow the government. We do not seek to overthrow the Constitution. We are attempting to demand that our form of government be upheld, not overthrown. To whatever degree a revolution is planned, it is a counter-revolution.

From the video's incorrect premise that we seek revolution, it also incorrectly assumes that we plan to replace the Constitution with something else. This then becomes the justification to tell us that we are not on the same page, or even reading from the same book, so how could we possibly come to cohesion on what it is that we want after we destroy the government.

This wrong on every single count. Every single one. We are on the same page which reads: We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union....

We don't have to come up with some ideological document, the founders already supplied it. We are not attempting to destroy the government, we are attempting to hold it to account for its abuses and the passage of illegal laws and get it to recount those laws and bolster the rights of the American citizens.

I do agree that this might not be the right time to start the festivities, but it is not far off. As we have seen with every abuse thus far, from the Patriot Act, DHS and TSA time is not a friend. The time that passes between abuses and resistance only lead to more abuses and a numbing of the sensitivities of those abuses.

The video suggests that we need most of the population to be with us. Most of the population is watching Dancing With The Stars and couldn't give a damn what we do, or what happens to the government, or who wields power at any given time. Read an account of the Bolshevik Revolution sometime and see how many it took. Read a little bit about how Hitler came to power. The population of any given nation is largely lost in their own worlds and when they wake up and a new government has been instituted among them they shrug and do what they have always done, go along to get along.

The first famous act of sabotage against the British was the Boston Tea Party which took place in December of 1773, two and a half years before the Declaration of Independence. Whatever small inconveniences someone might cause the federal government today would be appropriate given the timeline.

I do agree with the video that the government wants us to act so it can implement NDAA and other laws, which I tend to think will go over like a lead balloon and drive the population we need to our side, not theirs. The enemy watches the evening news, not our allies, so how the government portrays our actions in that venue is irrelevant, it is how they preach to their choir. I will not be fooled or deterred by the government's pronouncements that "domestic terrorists" have done a horrible thing, because their response will have to be horrible itself and prove the "domestic terrorists" points.

All in all, however, I do not think this is exactly the time to act. It is time to put pressure on the DA's in the Haddad case and the Pantaleon case. It is time to have some serious conversations with the officers involved. It is time to heighten awareness of the abuses of these laws and the destruction they wreak for no societal gain whatsoever. It is time to highlight wherever possible the instances where the possession of firearms protected a family, or a school, or a business.

This is already a war, if a cold one, but we need to start acting like warriors; prepare our families for the day we don't come home; minimize expenses and bring the family into a place that can be sustained without our presence, because even if we are not killed by a government out of control, we will be on the march somewhere distant from our homes.

You will not blunt my sword with disinformation.

For another good take on the same video: NC Renegade has a great point of view.

The Barrel Will Be Hot

Evidence mounts that the federal government is corrupt and is operating outside the Constitution. I might write about it. Others might write about it. But when Sheriffs across the land increasingly vocalize their resistance to unconstitutional laws; when states pass legislation to refuse to comply with federal restrictions on guns, we are not just a bunch of nuts whining about gun laws.

The federal government, particularly Barack Obama and Eric Holder might want to pay attention here. They are losing the PR battle when it comes to the Second Amendment. Instead of making the supporters of the Second Amendment look like nuts who just want to kill people, they are convincing the other half of the nation that the government is full of nuts who just want to kill people.

It wasn't so long ago when those of us in the patriot/liberty community spoke about resistance we were shrugged off. When we spoke of unconstitutional laws we were ignored. When we called out the President and the Attorney General as Marxists who wanted to disarm the American people to force their collectivist policies on people we were shouted down as unreasonable and delusional.

That isn't happening now. People are reading stories of excessive laws like those which have ensnared Nathan Haddad and Keith Pantaleon and recognize that something is wrong. When Chicago produces a higher body count than Afghanistan day in and day out with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, the charge that more gun restrictions will lead to safety fall on ever more deaf ears.

The traitorous media refuses to print the daily instances where guns have saved lives and it rises to the millions in a given year. In Atlanta a student shot a 14-year-old at a middle school before an armed volunteer overpowered him. Not the police, somebody at the scene. A Sandy Hook was averted by the presence of a gun in a school and it just slipped by unnoticed except on the Drudge Report and The Blaze.

The equal division of the nation's people is being forged by the Obama Administration and I would like to think it was an error in judgment on the part of the President, but I have seen too many instances where division and strife were exactly what he wanted to achieve. So he has his divided society between "rednecks" and sycophantic liberals. He has driven a wedge between federal law enforcement and local law enforcement.

If it is the President's intent to create a white-hot issue with people preparing themselves to die to defend the Constitution just to see how much they believe in this nation; what it stands for; what our military men have died for, he's about to see it.

It will get out of control. Until now these men, Haddad and Pantaleon have acquiesced to law enforcement when they knocked, but there will come a time, a person, who will not and that is when the whole issue will put people between a rock and a hard place. Good LEO's might have to obey the laws of their states and force a confrontation with the feds. People might come to the aid of a person sticking to their statements and refusing to let themselves be arrested. Reinforcements might arrive instead of the traitorous media.

What then? Do you know what side you will be on? There comes a time to stand up and many readers of this blog are there. Many Americans are there.

This is not just about guns. This issue arises after the Patriot Act has been signed producing DHS and TSA and all of the abuses of those organizations. It comes after the federal government has listened in on innocent phone conversations; after labeling veterans like Haddad as domestic terrorists; it comes after NDAA; it comes after "hate speech"; after hundreds of other freedoms have been obliterated by Obamacare.

Other gun laws have been passed before without this sort of outrage. Why? Because of the previous paragraph, because after a long train of abuses it comes down to the Second Amendment, the one that can restore the others. The federal government has felt that if it can get past the initial resistance that these abuses will just sort of work their way into the American experience. What they don't understand is that they don't, not for all of us. Instead they pile one abuse on top of another, none are forgotten or forgiven, they are stacked like a deck of cards until the weight is unbearable and something snaps.

We are there and we are ready to fight, because we are ready to die. The people know deep down that these threats to regulate, register and confiscate our weapons is the last item on the agenda leading to absolute despotism. They are the prelude to everything our fighting men have died to oppose over the past centuries. There is something just un-American about it and they can't stomach it.

The harder they push, the stronger we get. As one commenter wrote: "Be careful when you pry my gun from my cold dead hand, the barrel will be hot."

Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Corrupt System Denies Liberty

There are two stories in the news lately that need to be highlighted and confronted. There is the Nathan Haddad story, which I have highlighted in a previous post, then there is the Keith Pantaleon story out of New Jersey. Each deal with arrests over banned weapons and/or magazines, clear violations of the Second Amendment.

A right, as in the right to keep and bear arms, is a right of all of the people of the United States and that right is absolute, it cannot be infringed by any government, not just the federal government, because it is an individual right and goes with a person in whichever state they might reside. Localities might attempt to infringe this right through legislation, but in a nation where the Constitution was upheld and not redefined by every Supreme Court of every age to fit some social engineering concepts, there would be no such laws.

We have seen the degradation of every right that might lead to greater liberty of the people and a validation of every legislation that might reduce the liberty of the people. This is tyranny. This is failing to make laws with the intent of the Constitution which, at every turn, at every phrase screams that it stands for limiting government and therefore its ability to oppress. It is a document that demands that the liberty of the people be respected and championed.

It is for this reason, this systematic denial of rights; of legislators acting outside the parameters set by the Constitution that we find ourselves, the people of the United States, at such a point as to recognize that the government no longer abides by its mandate, that our representatives no longer abide by their oaths to defend the Constitution. This fact is made clear to the people through many violations of rights, not just the Second Amendment, but it is the Second Amendment that give the people the pathway, having been caught in such circumstances, toward rectification of each and every right that has been denied by a corrupt system.

A Supreme Court that is complicit with the denial of rights, rather than validating these rights before the government is a court compromised and unworthy of respect or obedience. It is the sole purpose of the Supreme Court to be the last resort of the people whose rights have been violated. It is the people's last attempt to correct the injustice before resorting to the Second Amendment. But, when all avenues to justice are denied, the people still have the rights given to them by God and guaranteed by the Constitution. The words of the founders of this nation instruct the people then to act in a way that will restore their rights and rectify the role of government in their lives.

It is not the right of one generation to give away the rights of another generation. Each generation has a right to expect their lives to be as free and unencumbered by intrusive government as another. For many generations now that has not been the case. The powerlust of government continues unabated while each individual is born and must wade through the obfuscation of government finally to arrive at the conclusion that our government is corrupt at a later stage in life, having had to learn and discover the truth of the matter through information more obscured and perverted over the centuries.

But today we can see the clear brand of government the officials intend to offer: tyranny and oppression. They offer bankruptcy and mismanagement of funds. They disrespect our votes and work to disenfranchise us by allowing unregistered voters and aliens to vote against the better judgment of citizens. They encourage dependency on the government to secure votes to continue the plunder of the private sector. They diminish all of our rights with the aid of those who do not understand them and refuse to learn their value.

So, the lines are drawn.

It is for these reasons that I fear people such as Nathan Haddad and Keith Pantaleon might get caught in the crossfire of a government out of control and the people who desperately need to bring it back. Their cases are test cases for the patriot/liberty community, for the Second Amendment, for the rights of all citizens to be free from oppression of illegal laws.

While laws are made in capitols and issued out to law enforcement they are enforced or denied on the local level, between individuals. Oathkeepers and good cops should ignore them citing their Constitutional obligations. Individuals who are arrested for violating illegal laws should resist them in court with all their might. The rest of us, those who are affected by bad cops, corrupt judges, illegitimate representatives, senators and executives, must decide whether these laws are legal or not and take action to disrupt the chain of abuse one way or the other. It probably won't be legal, but in a corrupt system, what is?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Line In The Sand?

The case of Nathan Haddad should boil the blood of any good American. A twelve-year veteran of the Army, with four deployments, is a decorated combat veteran and now, probably, a felon. His crime: possession of five empty 30-round magazines for an AR-15. The magazines were stowed in the trunk of his car at the time of a traffic stop.

This is why, even though one is a law-abiding citizen, never talk to police officers and never give them permission to search your vehicle without a warrant describing in detail the area to be searched and the things to be seized. As Haddad found out, assuming that he did give permission to search his vehicle, thinking himself to be innocent of any crimes, now faces up to 35 years in prison, 7 years for each magazine.

In legalese, they will probably give him something like 30 days if he pleads guilty to a felony, after which he will not be able to legally own a weapon, or even have access to a weapon for the rest of his life. This is called manufacturing a felony and the only reason to do so is to disarm as many people as possible by trumping up charges and pumping up sentences to frighten them into pleading to something that should be thrown out of court the minute the charges are brought. In the old days, when disarmament was not the goal, these things were always plead down, not up, for first time offenders.

I had a few minutes to speak with Michael Haddad, Nathan's brother, who has started a legal defense fund. I have promised to contribute as much as I can afford and to encourage others to contribute. Michael, like his brother, is a good person just trying to help out. He stressed, however, to wait until after February 20th before doing anything other than contributing to the legal defense of this disabled veteran. The reason is to see if the legal system will take a no-nonsense approach to this issue. If they do not, we need to be prepared to unleash the hounds. I know that William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection has offered his services to aid Nathan's attorney should the state prefer to go the wrong way in this case. Kudos to Mr. Jacobson.

Nathan, like most of us, just want to get the charges dropped or reduced at this time. But, Upstate New Yorkers need to be taking heed of this case. The object right now is to let the legal system correct itself and do the right thing. There is an "or else" side to it that must be reigned in for the time being.

However, it was interesting that while looking up this case on the Internet I discovered this little article about the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.

While I believe this is a line in the sand that will test the resolve of the patriot/liberty movement in days to come, we need to keep our powder dry and send a few bucks to the legal defense fund set up by Michael Haddad.

There has been a lot discussed on this blog about good cops and bad, Oathkeepers and oathbreakers. Inevitably the issue of who is good and who is bad and how can the good cops help out without sacrificing their pensions and jobs. I am sympathetic to their point of view as I am not willing to throw my life down the drain for some unseen, unheard of sacrifice that inspires no one but the bad cops to get worse.

But here is a classic example. Had the cop not looked in the trunk. Had the cop done his job and written the ticket instead of pushing for more and more access to search the vehicle, this would not be an issue today. If the cop had found the magazines, recognized that they were not loaded and warned Nathan that it was illegal to own them, but that as a good cop, perhaps an Oathkeeper, he would look the other way in the interest of his Constitutional obligation, this would not be an issue and Nathan would not be fighting for his freedom.

Instead, we have a twelve-year decorated war veteran thrust before the legal system of New York, with no money to pay for the type of legal counsel provided to David Gregory, who violated the same law after being informed by the D.A. that it was illegal to have such a magazine in the District of Columbia and that the law was clear. David Gregory got nothing. The D.A. refused to bring charges.

Let's see if Nathan Haddad is afforded the same type of justice that a white, rich, liberal with a television news program can expect. If anything Gregory should have had the book thrown at him because he had inquired of the D.A.'s office and they told him it would be a violation of the law. That, friends is corruption, open and brazen.

I have been asked by Michael Haddad to add this paragraph to the end of this post. But, please do not stop donating as there is still a little way to go to fill up the fund and excess money might be used to help out other vets who run afoul of gun laws.

Thank you every one for your support of my brother. With everything going so wrong in America. You all have restored my faith in her and in the kindness of complete strangers  from those who donate to those who shed light on this travesty with their websites to the lawyers who have wished to represent my brother for free. Words cannot tell how I feel. I count you all as friends and brothers and sisters.  It's true we live is a great nation.Michael HADDAD