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Friday, December 7, 2012

Waiting For Godot

A random search in any state inquiring about liberty groups, patriot groups or militias will fill the page. There are wide interests of these groups from strict Constitutionalism, to paramedic militias. The interest in liberty and a faithful adherence to the Constitution is somewhat remarkable given the lack of energy any of these organizations exert toward the actual goal.

It is as if we are all waiting for something, though I cannot fathom what. We have drones overhead, black boxes to be installed in cars, the police demanding the ability to listen in on cell phone conversations. We can be pulled over for suspicion of distracted driving and have our cell phones confiscated, but what we cannot do, without a long legal battle, is film the police. Hmmmm. They can surveil us until the cows come home, but we should not surveil them. Orwellian, or Marxism?

There was a play completed in 1949 by Samuel Beckett entitled "Waiting for Godot" which depicted the situation of two men, Vladimir and Estragon waiting endlessly for someone named Godot to show up. The longer it took for the person to show, the greater the event would be when he finally arrived.

We are nothing less in the Liberty/Patriot Movement. Idle, waiting for that one person, the one who will put impetus to our preparation, who will give us a cause, a reason to move forward with our plans.

We are stymied by our fear and by our distrust. Who is the provocateur? Who is the spy? How far can I go before everyone in my circle reveals themselves as a government agent?

While looking for a home organization in North Dakota, I found several groups that looked interesting. From liberty groups to militias, I found like-minded organizations. All had one basic theme: we are for liberty and a restoration of the Constitution, though we will do nothing overt to accomplish it. No, we would rather hope and wait. Maybe someday the GOP will recognize its true role in the political sphere and save us.

They won't. The Libertarians won't.

I see no way to save the union. The III Congress recently proposed quickly became irrelevant through disagreements and lack of participation. Again, myself and others were prepared to do the heavy-lifting to bring others along the obvious path only to be met with skepticism and objectionism.

I have seen the end of liberty and it is today. We have already allowed too many incursions into our privacy. The Constitution cannot be saved by the timid. Our rights and liberties were on loan from our forefathers and without our willingness to safeguard them, they have drifted away like sheep in the night; while we waited.

I have written about this way too long. Words cannot produce the desired action. In all, it appears that when the time came to stand up to thuggery and corruption, it just felt better to stay home and wait. I have expressed my desire to join those who are going to move, to throw my hat in the ring with them and charge, but no one has come forward to claim my service.

I have led two attempts to wrangle the masses into action and while the Summit produced some positive outcomes, it did not achieve its purpose. The first attempt was a total disaster. I have reluctantly led, been willing to follow, I don't know what else I might do, but wait for Godot.


  1. Anyone with skepticism that you won't achieve what you set out to do, hasn't read your blog.

    The problem with trying to wrangle people, is that you can't wrangle people. Happily there's no reason to want to, since you might end up with one who thinks he's a cow.

  2. Colonist of the days of George were tired and frustrated as well. I have to agree 100%, globalists, Marxist have crossed the line in the sand already. Damn them, damn every one! After building family up and experiencing disappointing inaction.I pray their confidence will not wain.

    The people are not suffering enough in their pocket books, but they will and it could be instantly.

    The contemporary military as other posters have written are of no use for the most part. They only speak of the code amongst themselves for themselves. The order following coerced would kill their own mothers and have no conception of honor and oath taking. Sad to say this on Pearl Harbor Day.

    Godot, certainly will not come but the illegal government will. They hate our revolutionary beginnings and are determined to destroy liberty.
    Keep the Faith! The strain is going to get worse.

  3. The problem is that our forefathers would be burning the Gaspee and dumping tea right now, and we can't get 50 people on a virtual medium - much less a dozen who will go into their neighborhood and find a Gaspee and bring it down.


  4. Yes K, They and their ancestors would have been slaves like us. What a bunch of pussies we have become. I have to believe when they turn the right screws you will have your Gaspee. The tyranny is not going to cease or become less oppressive. It is never enough power or wealth for these thieves.

  5. Or maybe try a peaceful approach. I was listening to Barnhardt speaking of her tax strike. Hers is mostly about being forced to pay for abortions with our tax $ among other things. The woman has more cohones than most men I know.

  6. It's amazing how quick one can run the course.
    From complacent sheep to politically awakened to politically disillusioned to active sheepdog to disheartened revolutionary to silent watchman.
    Less than two years ago I was watching fox and cnn and cheering as we bombed families in Iraq. Go America! Now... There is only one way out. You can see the parallels in the revolution stories in Resistance to Tyranny. The support of the masses is waning. We we go, we go alone. And we won't make it out alive. But really, once you've seen a vision of the life that will exist in a few years, why would you want to?
    Writing more about this today.

  7. Friends, why try to restore the Constitution? That document is what gave us the current situation. All men are not created equal, this we know, but the literal words are there to be read. We know that government shall not support one religion over others, but the words are misapplied. Commerce clause, the common good, etc. All nice ideas which are turned on their heads. Various legislatures have voted to stop gay marriage and illegal immigration only to be over turned by judges. All legal. So the will of the people is ignored by our government. Why would another Constitution work? It will simply be translated by the whim of the judiciary. The words in the Constitution are used against us. The support of the masses is waning because any votes they make are undone by the government. So people are still trying to figure out what they should do. Most law abiding whites don't want to go to war and destroy what they have. Only when it starts to cost them real money will the shtf! Only when they can't afford it anymore will they fight, they are not there yet, they still cut the grass, fuel up the suv, pay their taxes, only once in a while they think about Godot and then go back to the tv for more football. When the Romans were faced with an insurmountable problem the Senate selected a Dictator for a temporary time period, one selected to solve the problem. Once the problem was solved power returned to the Senate. Stop looking back to the Constitution, it's over. When the time is right the leader will appear.

  8. TL, I believe that small groups on a local scale will be what we will see. A national leader is a bad idea in this fight. A multi headed beast with many independent groups with a similar (but not necessarily identical) goal of killing the giant will be more effective. When the first traitor's head explodes, I think more patriots will get involved and more enemies of personal liberty will die. Waiting myself, although I do not know exactly what I am looking for.

  9. TL and all others, do not get discouraged. This "thing" is just starting and not even yet at that. The dollar has not collapsed YET. People still are receiving their checks, there is still food being sold. The "other side" is getting their ducks in a row currently, no argument here. The people/patriots are still disjointed. Yes, we the "little people" that have to take care of our families as best as we can now. When the time comes we will unite. When they start messing with out families and our "real" freedom. The freedom that we physically feel deep inside, the kind that makes us tear up when we see our flag go by. The freedom that we hold close inside us. Then, I believe, you will see the rising up of the sleeping giant. Yamamoto said that when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor, the awakening of the sleeping giant.
    TL and who ever else wishes to help, be part of, soldier, suppliers or what ever the capacity of their desire for the forth comming endevor, don't be discouraged. Your services will be necessary soon enough. Remember the patriots of old did not agree and opperate coherantly in the beginning. To have a 111 Constitution now... for what and by who? we have no power and just the same old demands.
    The current politicians are a bunch of self serving gutless liars as we all know. They get their own health care, pensions, protection, bank accounts, cash and all of the rest. We won't see them backing "us". They vote them selfs things that they know are against the law. Don't expect help from them.
    I say, stay close to the ground, gather, form in small groups, gather information, find where they are, practice, provide for your families and get set for the collapse. Remember their soldiers have family that they will want to cover too. We do out number them.
    Do not get discouraged, nothing has begun, examine your selves to make sure your able to preform. Stay clear of critical things. get subversive info. Pray

  10. You are all fracking fools if you believe waiting is the answer.

    Wait till after a collapse? What for? You'll be just as busy fending for your families then as you are now. And if the fractured patriot movement isn't willing to band together now while it's easy, how is it going to do so when it's difficult just to communicate in your AO let alone nationally?

    All I see are excuses.

    There is a genuine need to meet face to face. The III Congress is a way to facilitate that among other things.
    TL, even if it starts small, as momentum builds more and more will hopefully join. Its just that the first few steps are always the hardest.


  11. Why wait for Godot?
    After all, are we ourselves not the Heroes we are waiting for?

    It time to shit or get off the pot.

    If you have a cause you have to create something, an act of open undeniable defiance, something tangible within the framework of culture, something the statists are terrified of, something upstream from politics, something codified in the rule of law utilized in the light it was originally intended, something that every day Joe and Jane can look at and in an instant decide well folks like me can can get behind, something everyone, whether they agree with it or not, can identify with and say I know what that is.
    Something that has the caveat of brotherhood, the stigma of both open rebellion and the possibility of solidarity behind it, of camaraderie of numbers. Something so in your face obvious, so outright blatant visible, of giving the middle finger to the leviathan, an up their arses, that it becomes iconic!

    I say a march. Armed with the symbols of the teeth of our Liberty. A long march, because we of Liberty can have a long march too. Kitted up, a full battle load, a symbolic act against the forces of tyranny.

    Starts in a western state.

    You know that song by Nancy Sinatra?
    ..These boots are made for walking,
    and that is what they will do...

    One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you...

    Lets say I start walking. I got my musket ball and powder, hatchet, my kit, got my grub and mess kit, extra socks and skivvies, bivvy bag and poncho, canteens, travel expenses. Got my pine tree flag, got copy of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence.
    I start walking, you know where I'm heading don't you? How many folks gonna see me, just a plain old regular guy marching along. Don't need no steenkin' media, ain't breaking any laws, It's within my primal rights to march openly and peacefully kitted out in this manner. Every step I take there is Liberty below my feet.

    Don't need no organization.
    Don't need no mandate.
    Don't need no place to hide from the tyrants.
    Don't need no permissions.
    Don't need no announcements.
    Don't need no press.

    Just need to start walking.

    Some things take on a life of their own. One can never predict with certainty what will happen when one undertakes something based on ones principles.

    And lets say along the way, somehow it becomes a party. Well that would be OK, yes sir!

    What do you suppose, a thousand folks all kitted out in their gear, muskets slung, look like? It is time as TL put it so succinctly:

    "It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them.

    Let them restore it to find refuge from us."

    One man walking is a curiosity and an eccentric.
    2 men walking is a conspiracy.
    10 men walking is an act.
    100 men marching is a statement.
    1000 men is movement towards Liberty.

    100 American's with their muskets and kits. In lawful Marshal regalia. Walking openly, for all to see. How much is the worm of tyranny going to turn and fret do you suppose at this open act of lawful peaceful Liberty?...

  12. ...There is nothing to infiltrate, no secrets to reveal, no conspiracies to be uncovered, no acts of violence, no secret agenda's, no crimes being committed, nothing but the outright display of Liberty. Let the press spin their webs of deceit, allow the betrayers of oaths pontificate, the apparatchiks of the police state and bureaucrats of the Nomenklaturer wring their hands at the open threat to their totalitarianism. It is they who must tip their hand as to the truth of their treason, the truth that it is through the power of their arms they enforce their power, insure their treason. The truth that this leviathan is so corrupted from the top down, from the inside out, so out of control, by the very nature of it tyranny, can not brook any defiance to its rule.

    I think not. I think this leviathan is by it's very nature, it's foundation, built on the corruption of law and human principle, is fragile at it's core. It is susceptible to unintended consequences of it's insidious meddling in the sphere of our lives, Liberty, and prosperity. This hive of treason is rotten, so diseased by it's very own greed and odious lies, that at the back of the minds of it's hive mentality, it knows, fears in it's primordial brain it can not stand up and survive outright displays by it's serf class, defiance, based on the very rule of appearance of legitimacy of law it hides behind.

    In this time that comes to us, there exists a window, an opportunity, that in the very near future will be closed, a time now where an act of open peaceful defiance, just the act alone, in rather small numbers, armed with the second amendment tools of Liberty, signifies, symbolizes, what is an existential threat to the very foundations of the tyranny breathing down our throats. And that foundation is rotten to it's core. One push, one trembler of open, peaceful, lawful revolt, may be all that is required to bring it down.

    What say you?


  13. TL,

    As you have come to realize, there will be no "uprising", no general movement against the obvious and overt theft of our liberty. Things just haven't gotten bad enough to move us out of our "comfort zone".

    I'm becoming more and more convinced there will _not_ even be an actual economic collapse. I'm thinking we will see something more like Argentina, or the old USSR, where conditions are terrible, where the government continues, but here in our country becomes even more oppressive.

    Perhaps when family members start "disappearing" (as in Argentina), or the detention of family and/or friends begins to occur in a widespread fashion, people will start to react.

    I believe that, if and when we respond, it will be leaderless - and local. Hopefully, groups of family/friends will involve others that they know in response to the oppression and it will "go viral" at some point. Beyond that, I just don't see it happening.

    Until then, all of us patriots (and we are indeed patriots) who loudly proclaim it is time now to take up arms will continue to press computer keys rather than triggers. Maybe we are wrong, but they way things are right now, any gesture we made by "going active" would be silenced. You would not hear about it in the news, or we would be portrayed as backwoods fools, like the Hutaree.

    Frankly, if the deaths of women, children, and INFANTS at Waco didn't move us, I don't think anything will until the family or friends of patriots begin to be taken or disappear.

    1. That is not to say, however, that we should permit ourselves to pass on without some sort of response. I consider the direction our government has pushed America into can viewed as the "dying of the light", the light that was Liberty. As Dylan Thomas wrote:

      Do not go gentle into that good night,
      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
      Because their words had forked no lightning they
      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
      Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
      And learn, too late, they grieve it on its way,
      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
      Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      And you, my father, there on the sad height,
      Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
      Do not go gentle into that good night.
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    2. "Frankly, if the deaths of women, children, and INFANTS at Waco didn't move us..."

      But that did move us, Reg. It was the official start of the war...that and Vicki Weaver, for we few individualists. Lots and lots of us knew it even then, and here you are still bringing it up, which is the right thing to do.

      Nobody of age has forgotten it, I'm sure. Just because this is a different sort of war, with hugely unequal sides to start, doesn't mean that nothing's ever going to be done.

      Everyone's edgy because they know the time is about to come. You'll more and more of the bullshit comes out in the open, like all the cop videos and the information about what the hell's been going on in Looterville, good rational people will know exactly what to do. And this country, not to mention the whole damn world really, is chock full of good rational people who want to live.

      Hell, it's so obvious to me that I'd like to just pack it in and call it a day. But like all good rational people, I know it takes work to achieve goals.

      Don't get me wrong---this isn't the time to stall, but neither is it the time to let a bunch of thugs set the playing field. One of the advantages of having a life philosophy against a death philosophy, is that people tend to get what they seek.

      Life is about WINNING, and winners win.

  14. Don't you all understand? There is no compromising with the leviathan, there is no quarter. It will never give up, it does not care about Liberty, or prosperity, or property, or the freedom to speak ones mind. It does not care.

    It Does Not Care.

    It will not stop until every one of you are dead or enslaved.

    There is no other alternatives far as the leviathan is concerned. It can not stop, because it no longer has the moral, cultural, political, or institutional memory of the checks to total power over everything and everybody within the reach of it's fetid meat hooks.

    So like the Jews of Hitlers Nazi Germany, and the targeted ones of Uncle Joe Stalin's sweeping purges, and Chairman Mao's great revolution, everyone is going to cower in their homes, and one by one, group by group, picked off and disenfranchised, pogromed into extinction, like the Jews of Europe? Afraid to do anything for fear something might happen, when all around that very fear is the very reason why you are gonna end up like a dead Jew in a concentration or extermination camp, or secreted away by some thugs and goons your tax dollars from your paycheck funds?

    What the fuck is wrong with this picture?

    What the fuck is wrong with YOU!?

    Bla bla bla, wine wine wine. Oh there's nothing I can do, wah! Want some cheeses with that? We are doomed! Wah! Oh Waco rules! The big bad feddies got tanks and night vision, and a billion gazillion rounds of ammo. Wah! Wah! You want a ninny bottle with that? Nappy the clown classified half of this Republic as terrorists! They got us zeroed in and watch everything we do. Boooh Hooo! Got a load in your diapers? You need to change them, get some training wheels for your tricycle.

    The time to hesitate is through
    No time to wallow in the mire
    Try now we can only lose
    And our love become a funeral pyre

  15. Like the rest of us, MT Patriot, you are all talk.

    1. You know not what you talk about RegT.

      I think you are scared shitless to do anything to secure Liberty. You know why I say that to you? It is hidden in your comments, they spell surrender before you have even begun. There is not a hint of courage or bravery in them. You got to grow past and ditch the fear of an illegitimate state organ called the federal government. The day when that idea becomes a grass roots movement, is the gestalt TL is talking about. It don't change how the tyrants do things, but it sure changes the way those under it's boot think. That is the crux of Liberty brother. The sovereign nature of that grows exponentially with each person who grasps that truth.

      I Like what Jim wrote about searching for principles. That's something to believe in there buddy. That's the stuff of Liberty man!
      Those folks up in Montana know what they are about. They don't need arms, their actions and the words they speak are mortal threats to the statist. It sure got those thugs and blowhard traitors panties in a twist. It's the stuff that changes the world. The truth! Truth became a revolutionary act in a world smothered in lies and deceit that day.
      Them guy's are Patriots.

      Whoo Hoo!

  16. Me, I always look for the principles to be found in the details. Personally, I found this incident stunning (h/t Sipsey Street)...


    RedWulf said it---"Its just that the first few steps are always the hardest." Right. And being that they set the direction, they're also the most important.

  17. Talking is not the complete opposite of action. It's a necessary precursor. Anyone who wants to go out and put some holes in the system, go right ahead. It will probably be a failed endeavor. We don't have the support system in place to mount any active resistance. OWS and PETA have more stable networks than we do. And they have people in the streets for their causes. Why is that? Why aren't they afraid of arrest and detainment? Do you think they really have nothing to lose? What makes us so damn special that we get to keep our squeaky clean records and family dinners while our cause inches along? We all know any semblance of freedom is a temporary charade while the screws are gently tightened.

  18. MT Top Patriot said:
    "2 men walking is a conspiracy.
    10 men walking is an act.
    100 men marching is a statement.
    1000 men is movement towards Liberty.

    100 American's with their muskets and kits. In lawful *Martial* regalia. Walking openly, for all to see. How much is the worm of tyranny going to turn and fret do you suppose at this open act of lawful peaceful Liberty?..."

    Here's how this would turn out.

    *2 men walking is a conspiracy.
    The 2 men would be gunned down by local cops before they got 5 miles. LEO and Press claim men were a threat to public safety and refused to disarm or surrender for ID checks.
    *10 men walking is an act.
    The 10 men would be killed by SWAT teams out of fear for officer safety. Public would be told the "Extremists were creating fear in public and would not halt on command".
    *100 men marching is a statement.
    The 100 men would be stopped at the border of some anti-liberty State by a combined force of State Police, DHS and NG. The ensuing battle would not be televised. The public will be informed that domestic terrorists attacked a police check point.
    1000 men is movement towards Liberty.
    Now 1000 men would be a different, if they could Muster in a Militia friendly state, and move without gov air assets pounding them, the would be noticed, the press would have to give coverage. Regardless they would be martyred at the gates of DC.

    Would *I* still march? Yes.

  19. I would be nice to see a group of Militia Minute Men reassemble on the Green in Lexington, Mass. I don't think you could find 100 men in Massachusettes to form up. With the laws in Mass. and that being such a libetal state I doubt Mass. would allow it. But still it would send and interesting message to the rest of the United States.
    I hartily doubt the gov would "pound" them with air or any kind of assets. That would definately set off a civil war, (remember the Boston Massacre). Brother against brother is not always blood against blood.
    Could we bring attention by just forming with out "muskets"? A black powder rifle is not considered loaded unless it has a cap in place in most states.
    Who in politics would dare back us then? Who will stand and be the spokesmen? TL Davis, that would be when our plight would be necessary to have spokesmen like you to do our bidding. Is this a redicilous senario? To some they would say, "you guys are stupid". To others we look to begin our "fight" some how that brings results. All these seemingly intelegent folks that write and answer these blogs Have opinions. I am sure the conversations were similar when we, The Americans, were in the pubs before the Revolution began. Who is our Thomas Paine? TL Davis? Others?
    I am a simple man as you can tell by my words. Remember it was people like me that stood shoulder to shoulder on the Green. Action, a call to arms, We the People, weather said in English or Latin there was a theme then. What is our battle cry now? What uniting force is there for us in these troubling times. Shall it be again, "no taxization without representation"?

  20. I believe the way this will start will be an unplanned spontaneous eruption of massive proportion`s . They know it`s coming ,hence the billion round ammo purchases. Next spring when the criminal cabal in power , attempt`s their forced disarmament under the pretext of a U.N. treaty , the tinder box will be ignited. I assure you sir we who wait wordlessly while other`s bang their war drum`s and make all kind of dire warning`s , are neither coward`s or fool`s . So don`t worry Mr. Davis , you`ll get your war . In the meantime I guess you can continue to wait on Godot or the tooth fairy or your castle in Idaho . A lifelong friend of mine ( 5th S-F Group Vietnam ) had a verse he quoted often. " There is no such thing as ' Luck ' luck is the result of careful planning."

  21. Sir, with all due respect.

    I note that you have signed the oath over at K's place but have not declared yourself as a delegate to the III Congress.

    I understand that you are in North Dakota. At present, there is not a delegate for North Dakota.

    Are you waiting for Godot?

    1. My idea was that a group would select a delegate. I have no group here. I could be a self-appointed delegate, but that was not what I had envisioned.

    2. I agree that it would be a wonderful thing to have that sort of participation. Unfortunately, and I think you would agree, that just ain't the reality we're dealing with. It is also important to keep in mind that there are plenty of characters around that will slam you for being selected or self-appointed.

      I'm gonna be upset if you don't assume a delegate position.

      TL, it has to start somewhere. We can worry about the formalities later. It may be that groups will coalesce around delgates as we proceed forward. Or, just think of yourself as holding a slot while enough people pull their heads out of their asses.

      I don't think I'm particularly well suited to be a delegate, but somebody has to do it. And so far I am the only one that has stepped up from the state of Florida. If someone shows up that is better qualified, I will have no problem stepping down or assuming a supporting role.

      Right now there is no one representing North Dakota. I can't think of anyone more suited for the job. Just do it. You're needed.


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