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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Good Cops Need To Declare Themselves Now

For the Oathkeepers, it is time to stand up. Whether they like being told what to do, or not, that is what needs to happen and pretty fast. We are at a point where we need to know who the good cops are, who the good people are.

The scenario is this: I just got busted for some nonsense illegal possession of a firearm charge, now maybe they just made my firearm illegal, or maybe they just made me illegal, i.e. I've been to the doctor for depression (don't worry not in real life) and now I cannot own a gun. So I am there, in the Oathkeepers squad car.

I ask are you OK? (meaning Oathkeepers of course).

You, as the law enforcement officer, ex-military say, after a pause to see if what I am asking is what you are about to answer, you say yes.

Now, we have a problem. Why in the hell am I in your squad car to begin with? You have violated your oath already, the first one to defend the Constitution, so help you God and the other when you swore to all of us you would stand up for us when the time came.

If you are OK, you should have let me alone, so I don't have to escape and rack up further charges.

Look, I know how the legal system works inside and out. By the time you have me in your car it is too late to make up an "escapee" situation, because that will only hurt me when some other zealous cop busts me for speeding and runs my name for warrants. Not good enough, folks.

Here's the other thing. If you are a cop and you arrest me for some nonsense gun charge and let me tell you that I consider no gun law valid, or lawful under the Constitution. It has been recently ruled in the Supreme Court that "militia" means individuals, it does not mean organizations. When the Second Amendment mentions "people" it means exactly that, not organizations, not militias, not governments, not military units, "people" meant men of proper age able and willing to defend the nation.

You know what? The nation still needs defending from bad cops and bad politicians and we, the people, will do it. The game has started.

Threats of legislation to confiscate weapons is the same as confiscating weapons, because if we wait until numerous individual American citizens have been made an example of, it is too late to claim your oath has been kept. Sorry, you don't get to decide when or how your oath should be applicable to the situation, that is the decision of a free people and we are watching you to see if you want to do the work or if we are going to have to do it all.

A threat to confiscate a weapon through legislation is the act of confiscation, here's why: because it already demonstrates to the people at large, the hunters, the sportsmen, the preppers and self-defense proponents that the government neither respects nor recognizes the Second Amendment. They are telegraphing their willingness to disregard the Constitution. If anyone should be arrested over gun laws, it should be the politicians which have violated their oaths and have become domestic enemies themselves.

Make no mistake, if I am looking at being arrested for owning a weapon that the government has now deemed inappropriate for my use, I will use it against the Oathbreaker who comes to get it. If you will enforce such a law, you are nothing but a thug coming to collect protection money and should be treated as a criminal and a traitor and likely will be.

It's a fine line that needs to be walked here, friends. We don't know who you are. The Oathkeepers say they won't arrest someone for possessing a weapon recently banned, fine, if that's the limitation of your understanding of the Constitution, but my bigger point is that no Oathkeeper should respond to an illegal weapons call.

Here's another thing to consider: a gun in the hands of a felon is not a threat to you unless it has been used to commit a crime. The Second Amendment does not provide for keeping guns out of the hands of felons, or the mentally disturbed, though both are excellent ideas. But, here is where the rubber meets the road: a felon might be rehabilitated and lead a normal life and require the defense of his home and family as much as anyone else and if that person is prevented from using a weapon to defend himself, he is a lamb led to the slaughter. Likewise, a mentally disturbed person still has the right to legally defend himself and fight back against an oppressive government as much as a sane person. I know you don't like it, but restrictions against gun ownership are not addressed in the Second Amendment and therefore unconstitutional.

But, here is the kicker: gang-bangers are generally under 21, they are in possession of illegal weapons at that stage, are they not? Assuming that the weapons being used are pistols. Are you busting down doors in the "hood" to see who owns an illegal weapon? Are you stopping underage gang-marked young men on the streets to see if they are packing? Not much you aren't or there wouldn't be the gun violence in inner cities and among gang members that there is. Which is the point: anyone willing to break drug and protection laws don't give a damn about your gun laws and neither does any other felon willing to break the law. No schizophrenic, or psychotic gives a damn about your gun laws. And, by making guns scary and only available to the "right" people, you have allowed for a society who fears guns, who think they come with some political agenda and they allow themselves to make your job harder.

The result, people, is that more people are disarmed, cowed by gun laws and left unprotected and moreso, because they are unprotected by obeying the law, they become victims and are unable to stop the rapist, murderer, thief or gang banger before they do more damage to society as a whole. Gun laws degenerate society.

Oathkeepers, the people you are arresting could be doing your work for you, if you obey the Constitution in the way it was meant to be enforced. What about enforcing that law? Kind of drank the Kool-Aid on that one, didn't you?

We need officers to recognize the situation and realize that it is time to stand up, to make your voice known and to stop responding to the dictation of government which is clearly and in so many ways violating the very law that you are sworn to uphold and defend.

Now, there are good cops and bad cops. The good ones need to identify themselves through actions and unmask the bad cops who have taken an oath to which they have not intended to abide. It was only a means to getting a job and some bad cops are much worse than the criminals they engage.

Things are getting real. Are you?


  1. Nobody who is active duty will come clean on their Oath and intentions TL.

    If they are going to honor their Oath, they would have done so already.

    It is apparent, with irrefutable history, facts and the truth, that it is left to we of the people, American's who hold our own oath of birthright as citizens and Americans valid and unalienable.
    It is we who must redress this tyranny.

    Has it not been true for longer than memory can prove, that it is and never has been government, in particular those who operate it, the creator or protector of Liberty?
    But for a handful of American's who never wavered, who steadfastly adhered to their oath and the rule of law, government is the greatest of enemies of this Republic. For it is people, American's who work in and for government. This constitution of tyrants, thieves, and potentates who run government are the only people who perpetrate these transgressions of tyranny and treason.

    Who? Who in all of the hundreds of millions of citizens of this great nation, have the power, the resources, the motivation, the desire to supplant rule of law and Liberty?

    Only those who work for or control government.

    Who? Who takes that solemn Oath?

    Who is the domestic enemy here?

    Who are criminally and morally breaking the law?

    I'll tell you they are legion.
    I'll tell you they are criminals without doubt.
    I'll tell you, every damn one of these enemies works for government.

    And I'll tell you it is these enemies, who are enablers, direct actors, and perpetrators, who in acts of hippocracy so foul, so heinous, so vile, how they have lost their moral compass, this nest of vermin, have made scapegoats out of millions of law abiding decent responsible people in order to hide their crimes against this Republic.

    As TL put it, you honor the oath, or you are tyranny itself.
    It is that simple.
    You are a part of tyranny, or you are not.
    No free rides.
    No excuses.
    You all know what that oath says.
    You all took it freely without coercion.
    You swore to God.

  2. TL...did you write this piece? I ask because it doesn't read style-wise like the stuff you normally write.

    I agree with it, but it doesn't sound like you, brother.

    Maybe too much New Years grog? ;)

    1. Hey Walter, the key word here is normal. Whats normal these days?

      Where you been?

      The time of peaceful redress is nearing it's end.
      The issue of peaceful redress is deliberately being forced into a conflict of unlawful rule and diktat verses unalienable Liberty.

      It is show time baby.

      This is all coming down to guns Pal. Who has them, who gets to keep them, and who is going to be the first to blink in this ultimate of pissing contests.
      Everything else is a side show.

    2. I was a bit tired, perhaps. It has been a long couple of weeks. I'll do bette.r next time. Also, I was a bit ticked off.

  3. TL, I have said the same thing several times.

    I hear nothing but silence. Through their professional organizations and individually, tens of thousands of cops should be making themselves known. They should be standing up in battalions and shouting with one voice, "We are Oath Keepers!"


    The "good ones" know full well who the "bad ones" are, yet the "bad ones" continue to roam the streets looking for victims upon whom to perpetrate state abuses. The good ones do nothing, say nothing.


    The "good ones" should identify the "bad ones", take them back to the locker-room, and physically encourage them to find another way to make a living. Yet that never seems to happen.

    Maybe our presumption about the "good ones" is wrong. As you said, it is time they made themselves known...


  4. So, how can their hand be forced in some way without immediately jeopardizing ourselves or them to force their decision upon them?



    Honestly, knowing human nature, many of them have not even thought about this. They just go along blissfully, like sheep, until it hits them in the face. Yes, that's no excuse, they should be aware, but it's the truth.

    So how can we "hit them in the face", symbolically at first of course, and push them into a decision? Hopefully the right one.

  5. Oath Keepers...
    or Oath Breakers.

    Leadership starts at the top.

    Barack Hussein Obama.
    An oath taker of oath takers.
    An oath breaker with no equal.

    A tool of tyranny, in the one position within the structure of our Constitutional system of representative government, who regardless what the free stuff crowd, mobs, and useful dupes want, regardless what the Fabian fascists and unions want, regardless of what the corruptocrats, crony capitalists, the 12 banking family one world order oligarchy wants, that one man is the only person in this nation who has taken an oath that is entirely different from all other oaths.
    But it is the Oath of Oaths.
    It is a singular oath that swears fidelity and protection to the sovereign will and power of we the people.
    This oath is inextricably linked and dependent upon the Oath Keepers to keep theirs. It is this tie that binds all together.
    This unique position of power, entrusted like to no other potentate in human history, places this one person who has immeasurable innumerable power to lead by example, has done just that. By the very nature of evil he has led this great nation, he has abused this trust and power in cunning fashion, his sleight of hand is apocalyptic, he has divided this nation, it's people, into a fractured nest of special interest, hate, derision, animosity and violence. He has us all at each others throats. All the while from his lofty tower he wrings his hands in delight, rubs our faces in his sadistic power to sway millions with his grand lies and underlying subterfuge.
    He is the pied piper of world turmoil, he has brought the human race to the brink of economic disaster, he is pogrom personified, genocide in the making, a prince of a one world order of darkness and earth spanning tyranny.

    And he has managed this through a systematic violations of his oath and trust placed upon him through swearing of that oath.

    The one item he has not the power to change, is the inherent nature of the law codified within our Constitution. He can never change the truth of that law. That law is embodied naturally, irrefutably within each of us. Whether we honor and value this unalienable Liberty, or reject it, is for each of us to choose. No one can force you to either. Only you can make that choice. That is the nature of unalienable.

    That unalienable property of the human condition, is the very thing ones oath of fealty to the rule of law is predicated upon. It is the very root of all our Liberty.
    And I believe, if you do not believe in that, that oath is meaningless to you, you can not possibly believe in something like Liberty, can not believe in the sovereign nature of we the people. Can not believe in the rule of law.
    That oath is what binds all this together. They are inseparable. If you took that oath in good faith and honor, you can not pick and choose between these things.
    Hearts and minds.
    One hears this preached from oath takers, hearts and minds, hearts and minds.
    Hypocrisy I say!
    It is these oath takers whom have to win themselves, their own hearts and minds.
    If this were not the truth of it, would I and others be beseeching and pleading for allies in Liberty from the one quarter whom have taken an oath to protect that Liberty?
    A cause now seemingly worthless and lost if the resounding silence and absence of action is indication...

  6. ...It has all come down to this one thing. The rule of law, verses the rule of men.

    And the very ones who have taken that oath of fealty to the rule of law, are the only ones, have become the very ones, who will destroy the one thing that holds this Republic, maybe the entire world together, if that oath is violated.

    The rule of law, and that oath, is all that has ever held this nation together.

    It is the lynch pin of this Constitutional Republic. Because not only are those who take that oath, oath keepers, but they are akin to law order and the rule of that, as the 2nd Amendment is to the security of all other freedom.
    The teeth behind something better than us.


    You oath takers have a duty to perform.
    I understand the catch 22 that has corrupted and despoiled this oath of honor, the insidious poisoning of every more and duty and value. But great things are only made by man, just as evil things are a product of men.
    It is this time that comes to you. If you abandon this duty, nothing but the will and resolve of a relative few stand in the way of tyranny. You will have precipitated the destruction of everything good and proper we know.
    You are the last line of peaceful redress before violent redress becomes necessary.
    If you do not, everything you are afraid that may happen to you if you do honor it, will surely happen to you if you do not.

    Your fellow Americans are ready to defend and die if needs be their Liberty whilst you oath takers stand idle. They will be defending your Liberty, even whilst you have abandoned yours.

    Where are you Oath takers?
    What are you waiting for?
    You are all that mans the watch towers.
    Have you abandoned your posts?
    In our darkest hours, your legions are no where to be seen. A mere handful have risen to fealty sworn. In the face of the greatest of threats to our Republic, there is nary an evidence of honor or duty.


    1. What you say is correct but I dare say that many of these that have taken their oath have never given a moments thought to what they said when they took their oath.

      Again, it is human nature. I'm not making excuses for them as I too have given my oath when I joined the military many years ago.

      Many are just doing it to get a job and never really pay attention to what they said in the oath.

      That is my point. We have to find some way to, at first, gently point out to them that they DID make this oath and that it is time for them to look seriously about what that oath means to them personally.

      Did they mean it or is it just words to them?

      Let's take some kind of proactive action here. Words are great and needed but it's time for action.

      How can we get through to the ones that will make the right choices?

    2. Like all of us, they have to make these kinds of decisions and commitments on their own.

      There is nothing gentle about what is coming down the pike at us.

      It is war on our Liberty, on ourselves.

      Like you said, they took that oath.
      Yet their motivations and thoughts concerning taking it, are evident in the absence of fulfilling that Oath.
      A million excuses as to why don't change the fact they can not be counted on to honor it as intended.

      Either you do, or you don't.

      I always prayed there was a ray of hope in those who took that oath. After all, many have gone to their deaths who took that oath honoring and defending it in the name of government. But in the name of defending we the people directly from evil in the form of our government it is clear that a double standard of sorts exists.
      It all needs to be said.
      Wrong our right, the truths exists, you can ignore those truths, the consequences of ignoring those truths you can not.
      Without virtuous and principled people the entire oath thing is is a waste of time. There are much more important things to do than wait for a bunch of cowards and traitors.
      Violating that oath is an act of treason. In this day, even that is the accepted way of things.

      You know something?
      Those oath takers?
      There is something that is mentioned little if at all.
      they work for us non oath takers. We pay them and take care of them, train them, educate them, care for their health, their families, honor and revere them.
      And every single penny that all that costs it came from you and me. From our hard won paychecks.

      They work for us.

      To have it all shoved up my fucking arse, to have to wonder if these same oath takers, with the guns and ammo and equipment I am to be denied, that I paid for, could and might, and by the look of things will be used to rob me of even more, by way of denying my unalienable Liberty Property and Life?

      Well that pisses me off like nothing I could ever imagine.

      You know what?

      Up the arses of these moochers and traitors.
      Bedfellows of the treasonous scum we call our elected representatives.

  7. When my son was fifteen, I suggested he join the LAPD’s Explorer Program, because he was a bit lost. If memory serves, the recruits spent three months at the LAPD Academy for the basic training.

    The first exercise on the first hour was to fall down eyes closed so your fellow recruits would catch you. After the last recruit had fallen to the hands of the comrades, the LAPD sergeant running the show declared, “I hope you now comprehend that the only ones you can rely on EVER are your fellow officers.”

    No doubt the Explorer Program was great for a teenager. The LAPD provided a real adult playground for them, from real sting operations to meeting the rich and famous in several festivities. I was relieved, one son saved, two more to go.

    My son then enlisted to the military (being under age for the Academy), and spent there for five years. Now he was old enough to apply to the real LAPD. Regardless of our feelings of the department, we’re proud of our son. He had excelled in the high school, Explorers, military and now in the LAPD. He is currently a detective, always seeking the toughest jobs from anti-terrorism to violent-criminal task force to gang units.

    A bit over a year ago, when he was visiting with his wife, I asked how he felt about the continuing SWAT assassinations all over the country, especially at the wrong addresses. He was very reluctant to respond. I finally told him that I’m not going to let anyone come through my door and shoot me, because I know that I’ve never committed a crime in my life – not even a parking ticket.

    He response was, “And then an innocent police officer dies.” I tried to explain that the LEO did not have reason to come to my home in the first place and kick down my door and then try to kill me. I, on the other hand, had all the grounds to defend my life.

    In brief, after long and heated discussion: My son (I always thought he’d be an artist) preferred the life of an unknown village cop to his own, innocent father.

    I’ve not spoken a word with him ever since. He will not apologize (tells my wife) and I will not forgive. Prior to the LAPD Explorer Program, we’d spent almost fifteen years traveling the world, living in numerous countries. We’re a very close family.

    Based on the little information he (and the other cops in the family) has provided to me, I would not trust a single cop, even a relative for my security or freedom.

    One more thing, there could not exist bad cops without the good looking the other way.


    1. Good lesson and deserves publicity, Tino.

    2. Tino, I feel your pain but unfortunately this is what we all face in one way or another.

      Most "oath takers" are either uninformed or misinformed and never give true thought to what they speak in their oaths and what it really means.

      They take the words of their teachers and trainers rather than thinking for themselves. Then, when forced to think about it, most respond with their training. It's all very predictable if you pay attention to human nature.

      This what we're up against and I'm at a loss as to how to begin combating it.

      One thing I do realize is that we will not get as many of them as we might hope for and that is scary but we must be prepared for that.

    3. Lord Champ,

      I think you got it exactly right. They've brainwashed my son in the fashion the gangs brainwash their members promising a better, new family.

      The Christmases and birthdays are the toughest.

      Sorry, it's a bit dusty here ...


    4. I do still believe what I was taught that if you bring up a child in the way they should go that they will not depart from it.

      Hope is not lost. Love and good teachings change many things. I might suggest though that some contact might be needed. Without it the walls remain solid.

      I don't mean giving up good principles or surrendering what you believe but if you at least have contact with him you have a way to influence him in some positive way. No pressure, just subtle nudges in the right direction.

      Also, much prayer and patience. This comes from experience and the teachings of a very wise set of parents.

    5. Dear Lord Champ,

      Thank you for your kind and wise words.

      [ First off, I rather “defend” myself here than with the nebbish (some people make me puke) that has no idea what she is talking about.

      When my son left the military, we showed him a video we’d recorded earlier where numerous ex-LAPD officers told what a rat hole the department is; why everybody that can is leaving or has left. We pleaded with him not to join the force. We tried to make him consider other options, even other departments that were not that bad.

      We knew the LAPD was not the place for him. He did not listen. He was an adult man and made his choice. The choice he is making every day.

      I’m not ‘queasy” about my personal safety. I sincerely believe that serving in three different armed forces has taught me something useful, other than some keyboard commando in her mother’s basement. Excuse my French, but tu me fais chier! ]

      All of my four children were brought up properly with a lot of love. They all excelled at schools in every country we lived in; my daughter graduating with 4.6 GPA and being the CO of her NJROTC unit. They all enlisted to the military, flying planes, intelligence, etc.

      My son never fought with anybody - ever. He was the most easy-going boy I knew. He was very talented, and mastered several languages during our fifteen-year tour of the world (my profession). He could draw an excellent portrait at the age of eight.

      After he started his life in the LAPD something happened. We did not hear from him for weeks. Then months. He had problems with her girlfriend he met in the military and was about to marry. They broke up in unbelievable circumstances. The problems have been escalating with his current wife a la typical police officer problems I’m too ashamed to divulge.

      Regardless, my door is always open. That is the message my wife (and other children) has relayed to him many times. I do love my son from the bottom of my heart, but I fear he is beyond rescue. The ten-thousand-strong gang he belongs to has way too much influence. I sincerely believe he’d rather die than quit the work, which is our daily concern.

      My wife and I pray every day that all is well with my son. We bought the St. Michael medal for him the day he graduated. My exact words to him were, “Treat people like they’re your own family. Never abuse your power.”

      The fact of the matter is that we cannot approach him by going to LA. So, it’s up to him to take the first step. (Way too long explanation here.)

      Unfortunately I’m not a patient man, but my wife is an angel. I’ll not give up my son, but I’ve learned during my many winters on this earth that most of the matters are not in my control.

      We will see.

      I’ve no doubt I’ve made a terrible mistake along the way, but he chose his words and defended his position; and still does, so I’m lost.

      Thank you again for your encouraging words.


      P.S. TL, sorry to horn in on your blog.

  8. TL Finally Gets It.

    Oathkeepers is either an unintentional fraud or govt front group.

  9. Reposted. It indeed "getting real".

  10. "They've brainwashed my son in the fashion the gangs brainwash their members promising a better, new family."

    No Tino, no...YOU are the one that delivered your child into the hands of the brainwashing criminals that molded him into the monster that he is today. And until you started to get queasy about your own personal safety in light of the gargantuant oppression displayed by the regime, you never gave a second thought about it and confronted him.

    Your regret is not only ill-aimed, it is too little and comes too late. The greatest culprit party is the one you see on a mirror.

    The least worst we can expect now is that your son, statist enforcer for the regime and tax-eating parasite extraordinaire, does not victimize and kill anyone while pursuing his "innocent police officer" duties.

  11. TL...Why do you demomize patriots??

    1. Why criticize other patriots? (OathKeepers)
      Are we not on the same side in this fight??
      Something is fishy here TL.

    2. I am not demonizing Oathkeepers. I am simply stating that by their own website this the time they would stand with the other patrimots counting on them.

    3. I think that is part of the issue here. ARE we on the same side? ARE they ready to really stand by their oath.

      That's the questions that TL raises as do many of the rest of us.

      Where do the ones that have taken these oaths stand and at what point will they make their stance known to the general public by not enforcing unconstitutional laws.

      Or do they, as I think, just mouth words aimlessly just to get the job and the oath means nothing to them on a deeply personal level. Not all, but as a general rule.

      The truth is what it is. Sometimes the truth is hard to accept.

      How is asking someone to step up and give action to their words demonizing anyone?

  12. They, my friend are not Patriots, if failure to honor their oath is a problem! They need to come to the light now. Riding the fence time is over. TL has only recognized the demons for whom they might be!

  13. If one takes the oath to uphold and defend the constitution and they do that, whatever the cost, then they are a patriot. If they take the oath and then daily step all over our rights, they are no better than the ones who make the unconstitutional laws, hell, they are worse. They allow it to happen by their blind or willful ignorance, and the time for saying I didn't know is over.

    Mike M.

  14. All civilian police officers take an oath which says; "I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to the State of (your State) and support the Constitution and laws thereof."
    Any officer who publicly declares he will not enforce certain laws of his/her jurisdiction is renouncing his/her oath of office. That would give the department grounds for immediate dismissal of the officer.
    You guys that are so worried about this need to realize, we need our oath-keepers to keep their mouths shut and stay right where they are, on the job carrying a badge and gun.
    Quit worrying about who is going to be the first Samuel Whittemore or John Parker. When the time comes they will be there along with thousands of others.

    1. This is exactly the issue. If the laws are unconstitutional at what point do they draw the line and refuse to enforce them?

      Just because a law has been passed does not make it good, right, or constitutional.

      How is keeping their mouths shut going to help fix that situation. Yes, some might lose their jobs but that is what this discussion is also about. Who is willing to put themselves on the line at whatever the cost. It's something we all need to think about, decide for ourselves, and commit to.

      I for one am not convinced that they WILL be there when the time comes. If they are not willing now, what will make them change? As times get harder, it becomes harder to make those types of decisions.

      History is the best teacher and history shows over and over that those that go along to get along will continue to do so when times get tougher.

    2. SFMEDIC,

      I believe you are wrong. You may look at youtube for thousands of gratuitous beatings, much thuggery and even homicides. The "good ones" know who the "bad ones" are and never seem to get around to policing their own.

      Waco did happen, done by those really good guys you say we will be able to depend on. Same with Ruby Ridge. Gun confiscation, door to door, did happen after Katrina, done by those really good guys who would never do such a thing. Did the "good ones" take care of the "bad ones" in any of those situations?

      Or maybe, do the "bad ones" as we see them, severely outnumber the "good ones", and we are afraid to see the truth?

      Oathkeepers? If ye be Oathkeepers, come out and say so now.

  15. Mr. Davis has struggled for a long time with the question as to who belongs to the "our" tribe and who doesn't. My hearth aches for him, truly. He is a good man. TL, I wish to you and yours all the best.

    If "patriotic" Americans can't agree who the enemy, or more important, who the friends are, we truly are screwed. Well, some deserve it, some don't. I hope they hunt the wolves first.

    As my grandmother used to say, lycka till,

    Signing off,


    P.S. LC is so right.

    P.P.S. SFMedic, I've taken the oath several times during my life, and I'm not at all convinced with your interpretation of the upcoming scenario.

  16. I'm a former San Diego police officer. I also worked for a small department in Connecticut, a small department in Northern California (Yreka), and spent over ten years with the California Highway Patrol. I left law enforcement in 1995, because I saw where many of the new TO's at CHP, and new officers in the local PDs were more interested in enforcing the law instead of keeping the peace, keeping people safe.

    I had many opportunities to enforce firearms laws, but didn't. In almost fifteen years as a peace officer, I made ONE firearms arrest, and that was because it was a felony (short barreled rifle) and my partner on the stop was a new young LEO who didn't like me, and would gladly have seen _me_ charged for the felony of ignoring a felony. So, in my cowardice, I arrested the guy, but wrote in my arrest report that the man truly did not understand he was violating the law. I thank all that is holy that the DA did not file on him, but simply dropped the charges.

    Fortunately, I still live out West where some of the officers - not many, though - try to be peace keepers instead of LEOs. But they are definitely in the minority. I have yet to meet a skinheaded cop or deputy that was interested in sticking to the Constitution, though. The ones shaving their heads, tugging on the black gloves, and who sneer at the citizens they are supposed to be working to protect are the ones who you know at a glance ignore their oath, although I'm sure there are those with hair who do, too.

    I took the oath when I enlisted in the Navy in '69, and with each department I worked with during my career as a peace officer. When I saw which way that was going and left, I ended up working as an RN taking care of my fellow vets at a VA hospital, until I retired. Any cop or deputy that doesn't like the way it is going can do the same - get another job, even if it means going back to school at fifty like I did.

    And finally, screw the guy who claimed it was the dad's fault for how his kid (the LAPD thug) turned out. That commenter (not the dad) is what we used to call HUA: head-up-ass. There are lots of cops with bad kids, and their are lots of folks whose kids are bad cops. Good upbringing helps, but isn't always enough.

  17. Mr. Anonymous,
    I too have taken the oath several times and like Reg T, I bent over backwards to not arrest anyone for stupid laws. The reality is if you are seen to not be doing your job by selectively enforcing laws you can be fired immediately. That is why the oath-keepers are not speaking out more. They still need their jobs to provide for families. Yes, you can change careers. I did it after 16 years as a LEO, became a flight RN and spent over 10 years in various arab and african countries in an operational capacity. For the last three years I have been training some of the best tactical medics in the world, both in the military and LEO community. We are not at the point yet where shooting the first officer who comes to your house is a moral act. Yes, it may give the federal government something to think about if all the oath-keepers suddenly shouted enough is enough but not much. It will take them about two minutes to decide what to do next.
    Individuals can not do much except become the next greasy stain on the road to liberty. We have to work through our elected representatives as long as they have a voice in Congress. For the first time in NC history conservative Republicans hold all three houses of government and they deserve the chance to do what we sent them to do.
    Don't be in too big of a hurry to see a hot war start, its not as much fun as keyboard-commandos would have you believe.
    Just like I bent over backwards to avoid enforcing bad laws, I will bend over backwards to avoid having to shoot another American citizen, whether he is a private citizen or elected/appointed official. This is what my Christian conscious and my Constitution demands of me.

    1. Dave,

      While I respect your comments about being a Constitutional Peace Officer (even though you didn't use that exact description) your last comment cannot go unanswered.

      Who among us is "eager" to see a hot war? Who here thinks it would be "pretty"?

      It is the other side which is in a hurry to subjugate us. It is the other side which is in a hurry to bury us under onerous taxation. It is the other side which is perennially attempting to disarm us and render us helpless in the face of what you yourself described and I call Jack-Booted Thuggery.

      It is the other side which is eager to see a hot war, not us. It is the other side which is pushing harder and harder each year.

      "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations... evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty..." etc.

  18. Longbow, I agree the left is and has been the aggressor for the last fifty years. They also don't know what they are getting into and may soon find out. The time will come regardless of what any of us do or say. From my current contact with active LEO and military I have a reasonable belief which side the majority will be on, when the time comes.
    I stand by my last statement;
    "Just like I bent over backwards to avoid enforcing bad laws, I will bend over backwards to avoid having to shoot another American citizen, whether he is a private citizen or elected/appointed official. This is what my Christian conscious and my Constitution demands of me."

  19. FWIW SFMEDIC, I believe you. I also believe you'll be in the extreme minority when you stick to your principles. "Philosophy moves the world" and we live in the Age of Pragmatism. Dave said it---"They still need their jobs to provide for families." Right, and that incentive will be so much greater after the SHTF.

    Plus, it's no secret what mob psychology can do to a person. There's no shortage of that these days, and it figures to get worse before it gets better. Indeed, it's so worn into our brains by now that even the Good Guys have been known to fall prey to it. On occasion, anyway.

    The battle has ALWAYS been individualism versus collectivism. It takes a ton of courage to face a man in battle and drop him where he stands, but it might take even more courage to stand and say that your own life and the lives of those you love, are worth doing exactly that, should it be necessary. Besides being labelled a nutcase and probably even a terrorist, it's not easy to stand against the opinion of a hundred million nitwits, if not more, each of whom believes that you ought to die--or at least be caged--for holding such a belief.

    That's what this is really all about, even though so few have the courage to say it. Most people like to pretend it's about how to split up the loot, or how to force other people to live. All of that is a distraction, built of an absurd fear of facing the reality of one's own nature, as well as the nature of everyone else.

    When a person understands the ownership of one's own life, responsibility immediately appears as a corollary. We're taught from a very early age not to want--nor even recognize--that responsibility, even as we're taught to sacrifice our lives for someone or something else. It's just a giant scam, that's all.

  20. Jim, Please do not preach to me about courage, sacrifice and responsibility or imply I need education about "what this is really all about."
    Regardless of your actions when SHTF, I do not plan to kill any
    American citizens who don't need killing. If you think I will hesitate to drop some dirt-bag who threatens me or my family,
    you have read me all wrong.
    The best way to get our brothers in arms to not support us when SHTF is to be calling them out or cause them to lose their jobs. If you cost me my livelihood I wouldn't support your ass either.
    Dave the SFMEDIC

  21. Wow, I must not have been very clear. Besides that I wasn't preaching to you, I can't imagine how you inferred that I believe it could any way be proper to "kill any American citizens who don't need killing." Even for any that do, that's never a good thing...I'm sure you'll find the word "necessary" in close proximity to any mention of such an extreme action.

    To the philosophical point of this being the Age of Pragmatism, you confirmed what Dave wrote..."If you cost me my livelihood I wouldn't support your ass either." It so happens that I personally am not looking for any support, but with regard to the general principle, this is how all the atrocities happen. This one sentence is meant for you personally---you might notice that you're able to pre-decide such a thing, without any regard to the justice or righteousness of the action at all. [IOW, taken literally, you're able to know that costing you your livlihood trumps any details of who you would or wouldn't support. While I doubt that's the case for you literally, it's the principle on which I was trying to focus.]

    Everything else is not meant for you personally, but for the general reality of the matter. The grunts in any tryranny, whether Red China, the USSR, Nazi Germany or whatever, are not idealogues driven by some deeply-held personal philosophy. More often, they are just regular people looking to do what regular people do...stay alive, take care of their families and so on. If the only practical way to do that is to gas Jews or starve Ukranians, then that's what they do.

    This is the sort of time we live in, and I was just pointing it out; that's all. It was not intended for you--"I believe you" and "when you stick with your principles" are the clues to that--but rather to focus on the topic of the thread, which is what decent, rational people can expect from those who allowed themselves to be put in the spot of deciding such matters.

    Hope that's clearer. If something doesn't make sense, maybe ask.

  22. "The grunts in any tryranny, whether Red China, the USSR, Nazi Germany or whatever, are not idealogues driven by some deeply-held personal philosophy."

    I think you are pretty clear and as Reagan said; "There you go again." Implying that our current brothers in arms (military and civilian LEO) do not have a deeply-held ideology. That having one automatically puts you on the side of rightness.
    That we are all just a bunch of robot dick-heads who got drafted by the latest emperor and that gassing Jews, starving Ukrainians or killing American patriots trying to restore the Constitution is all the same thing if you wear a uniform.
    Since WW2 every combatant we have faced have, for the most part.fought with deeply-held ideologies. Its why we are having a tough time in Afghanistan right now. Their ideology seems to be more deeply-held than ours. So does that make them more right?
    I can't say that about the War Between the States because the north did throw tens of thousands of foreign men at us, whole divisions who came and fought for the Union simply for the price of the boat ride and citizenship.
    Whatever your issue is with me saying, we need our Oathkeepers to keep their jobs and they will lose them if they get too vocal, is something we can just agree to disagree on.

  23. Damn, maybe my keyboard is outputting Greek or something. Or maybe I've totally lost my ability to express ideas. Or maybe it's something else., I don't think the mere fact of holding an ideology somehow makes something good. Marxism, collectivism, fascism, racism and more...those are all ideologies and I don't think they're good.

    Secondly, I was AGREEING with what you wrote---"They still need their jobs to provide for families." Yes, this is the relevant driving philosophy.

    Thirdly, I wouldn't argue that at this point in time, keeping those jobs and especially (in their case) keeping a low profile is the right thing to do. Makes sense to me.

    But then, that's for genuine oathkeepers. There's still the matter that many so-called oathkeepers are anything but, and I was pointing out one of the many reasons this could be so. Or really, you pointed it out. But let's get to the crux of your (emotional) charge...

    "That we are all just a bunch of robot dick-heads who got drafted by the latest emperor and that gassing Jews, starving Ukrainians or killing American patriots trying to restore the Constitution is all the same thing if you wear a uniform."

    Uh, no. Mainly, I see only individuals out there. So "we are all" is a non-starter for me. Maybe that's how you think, but it's not me and I didn't mean to imply any such thing. Still, it might behoove you to understand that various atrocities are already happening...many, many incidents daily. I'm sorry if you take offense at that---it's meant neither for you personally nor for LEO or military as a whole, whatever that's supposed to mean. But yes, individually lots of people who took oaths to defend the constitution, choose instead to defend their livelihoods regardless of the actions involved. For that matter, I'm not even commenting on the morality of it; I'm just pointing out that that's how it is.

    And yes...the philosophy in question did indeed cause many otherwise "regular people" to both starve Ukranians and gas Jews, not to mention the other hundreds of millions slaughtered last century by various employees of various states.

    Hopefully it's in clear English this time, so if you think I've got something wrong, please do point it out. I try very hard not to write anything but the facts. I don't know anyone here well and I would never mean to suggest that I do--that wouldn't be factual, duh--so sorry if I wasn't clear about that.

  24. I got one maybe two questions.

    It's the day before the championship game. Do you go and hand the other team your play book?

    What good will come from asking any person, that is loyal to your cause and is on the inside of the other team, to stand and profess thier loyalty to you?

    Are you people fricking stupid? Sory, that was three. Now befor you all get all huffy and attack me,I'm on your side.

    If you realy want to send a mesage, stop feeding them intel, shut up and go dark. whipe your blogs clean,cut your phone lines,cancel you internet service and drop off the face of the electronic grid. Make them F$%king work and stick thier heads out for that easy shot.

    One more thing,If you realy beleave that all this is coming, do you think its a good idea to all gather in one place to bicker about what to do.

    Good luck all may your God bless you cause we all need it.

    1. Well, Jack, since you called me stupid, I will answer your questions. First, they may want to declare themselves so that in a confrontation we don't shoot them thinking they are the liberty-sucking, jack-booted thugs they seem to be.

      No, I am not really that stupid.

      And last, why not go dark? Because I am not afraid of them. I have made my statements, I have organized against them, they know my name and location and even if I went dark, I could not keep my mouth shut when encountering their oppressive actions, I could not keep myself from reacting either, so I would expose myself.

      You talk as someone terribly fearful of their own government, i.e. hide, don't gather, don't speak out, don't identify the bad guys from the good guys. You should be shooting by now, if that's how you feel.

    2. Bad analogy Jack, and it sure ain't no game.

      The closer analogy is this. If some nutcase down the block tells you that if you ever leave your house again, he'll consider you fair game to do with you as he wishes...what do you do?

      Me, I'd handle it like TL handles this, at least to start.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I am a Deputy Sheriff in GA and I am not a member of the Oath Keepers nor do I need to be part of any organization to remind me of the oath I took. I will until the very last breath in my body keep my oath to uphold and defend the God given rights of all men that the constitution of the United States was designed to protect. I will not obey any law, statute, regulation or decree that seeks to undermine, limit or destroy these God given rights and I will gladly sacrifice the most precious gift Almighty God gave me (my life) in the process if need be!

    Jesus out of love willingly laid down His life for us and those of us who choose to follow His example are commanded to do the same for our brothers!

    To quote my Lord "This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. John 15:12-13

    1. I tried to contact your through other means, but was unable. E-mail me at I would love to have an email conversation with you.

    2. Sure thing! I sent you an email today

  27. I am a cop, SWAT Sniper, and Field Training Officer and I agree with J Scarbrough. BUT, I am one of the few in my department. Another like minded brother and I counted all of the officers in my department of 250 sworn officers and could come up with 10 officers that are good cops. 10 out of 250! So I strongly encourage you to stay strong and help US (the good cops).

    1. Sir, if you will stand with the Constitution, protect us from violations and evil laws, we will stand behind you. Things are going to change drastically in the next few months. Your comrades will become nothing less than SS troops.

      You will be asked to support one system or another. You will be presented all of the current power you have and promises to give you more freedom to protect society, but in fact, you will be asked to kill and destroy the lives of your closest neighbors at the behest of a government gone insane. Few cops know that ahead of time.


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