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Sunday, December 2, 2012

III Congress

There seems to be some misunderstanding about the III Congress. It is not to re-draft a perfectly good Constitution. While some might have some reservations about the Constitution as ratified versus as amended, or a Constitution allowing slaves, or any of that, the Constitution was suited only to a moral people of deeply religious constraint. While no one has to believe in Jesus Christ, or God, to understand that a moral person values an oath: values doing right over what feels good: values sacrifice for the better good; values the wages of sin and the value of righteousness, it does help.

Our purpose in engaging in a III% Congress is to decide, for us, what we will finally do. No more talk, no more encouragement, it is designed to see who of us will step out and proudly and boldly claim to believe in the Constitution and to make violations of the Constitution expensive.

Expensive in what way? Who knows, that is up to us to determine. But, if one believes in this nation, it is their duty to do something to stem and maybe even abate the abuses done to the very document that established everything one sees from the first blink in the morning to the last in the evening.

There are those in our nation, with the title of citizen, who have viewed the Marxists changes over the past few decades with favor and even enthusiasm. They find money behind every government program, some of them even lobby for programs which they intend to defraud and manipulate to their benefit and all with the closed eye of the government. A government complicit in the fraud justifying their ruse as compassion, but compassion is not a function of government. This government has no money that it has not taken from other citizens and so cannot be compassionate. Compassion is a an act of self-sacrifice, not of redistribution.

Our congress is not to re-draft the rules of a free society, it is to decide what must be done to counter the revolution that has taken place over these past centuries. If America means anything at all, it means liberty, freedom and the rule of law to secure them. Without those values, those practices, it is merely another nation run by dictators, fueled by abuse and funded by criminals.

There is no longer a pretense that somehow this will all fix itself. That view is like hurtling toward a cliff in a speeding vehicle and believing that the brakes will heal themselves before the edge. One must either risk jumping from the vehicle, or surviving the crash. If one does not intend to flee the United States they had better figure out a way to survive the crash.

The III Congress is very simple. We are a gathering of delegates from around the nation, tied to groups who understand the issues and recognize their role to interdict, by whatever means necessary, the abuse of our Constitution and the rule of law. That we pledge to do something about it, even if that something is nothing more than helping to pay the legal bills of a patriot run afoul of the judicial system in pursuing their individual rights under the legal Constitution of the United States of America.

Other actions may be necessary as well. We intend to enlist the support of militias across the nation for security. Unlike the Tea Party, we will fight back and we will punch back twice as hard as we endure at the hands of Obama's goons in the unions. We are unafraid, better armed and better trained.

Ultimately, if the Constitution has a chance of surviving the reset, we had better put some Constitutional boots on the ground prior to the meltdown or we will be lost and seeking direction. If we can establish a III Constitution with delegates able to speak for their constituents, make pledges and engage in treaties with other groups, we can exert our power in the time of a power vacuum and we can resist the arduous efforts of the enemies of freedom and liberty.

If that means war, let God choose the victor.

By the way, with all of my moves over the past few years, I have no home group from which to be a delegate, but I would like to be involved in the drafting of our mission statement. If one group would sponser me as a delegate, I would gladly represent you and express your views and not my own.


  1. why not have a meet up at the prepper expo in Nashville in March 2013?

  2. The sooner the better, just name the place and time, as we are running out of "runway".
    Strength in numbers, folks.
    It is "nut cuttin" time.

  3. Anon 8:31, Nashville is fine for those within a reasonable distance, the meaning of "reasonable" to be decided by whoever is willing to go. With all good wishes for those folks, it is not a "reasonable" distance for most people in Oregon. Videoconferencing among several simultaneous meet-ups would be the answer.
    Agreed that we're running out of "runway".

  4. Link to prepper expo pls?

  5. I too have recently moved to my current location in WV from another state. ALthough I am not considered a "damn yankee" as WV went with the north. I do not know basically anyone here. How am I going to associate with or organize anything? I say "I" but I represent many in other places just like me through this question.
    I am sure when the movement gets going there will be many that come out of the wood work filling in the ranks.
    I went to a Tea Party meeting but the republicans were there trying to Educate and align themselves with the party. Please do not allow this movement to get infiltrated and redirected by another political party.
    I'll cast my vote for TL Davis to help draft a mission statement because I have read his writings and believe he is a man of conviction.
    I will stop being an anonymous person when there is a positive ooperative in place.

  6. One thing to consider...
    The UN Small Arms Treaty is set to be back on the agenda in March, IIRC. Perhaps we should get together, or send delegates from various regions, to discuss contingencies necessary upon possible (probable?) passage.
    Dan Knowles

  7. This situation will indeed not fix itself and no positive solution will come out of Washington, DC. The divisions are too great and too many people have either by choice or out of ignorance chosen what appears to be soft socialism over Liberty. Little do they know or perhaps they simply don't care that behind the promises of soft socialism comes the heavy boot of tyranny. The answers must come locally. If we cannot save it all then let the socialists have theirs while we claim our own territory in the name of Liberty. If at first you don't secede; try, try again...

  8. Anon 5:40, where in WV? That is our AO. We have people in 4 counties. Send mail to the link in my sig.

  9. In searching for undeniable truth a search that has at most left me empty and sullen, one thing rolls over and over in my mind and heart. The blood that has soaked all corners of the earth, that same blood that was given honestly and truthfully for the sake and in the name of freedom. We will leave blemished, no not blemished but corrupted if we fail to reach for the same Holy goal as all of those fallen. We can weakly speak of our children’s and grandchildren’s futures {if you have been so blessed}. And so that line is truly for honor, but the Greater movement comes to us in the repayment so justly deserved by those who first gave. That is the only undeniable truth that has a clear focus. It is only by this that we can ask for the same in the future. Those separations and differences that keep us apart must be overcome for their sakes. If in this time we have no will may our heroes forgive us when we meet them in eternity. These written words have no meaning without true leadership and the joining that must be true. Our cause is not the rewriting of a document but the holding up of the moral flag of freedom. May God give us all the strength to carry that flag as it is passed to us and the courage to pass it as we fall.

    Mr. Davis you do not need a unit or a group to represent for you already represent the truth of our Creator

    Good Luck brother and God Speed

  10. I concur, TL: At first any individual who chooses to be a Delegate may do so by proclaiming it so. There are some groups ready to send a single Delegate, but there are many, many individuals out there who don't know anyone in their AO, and their voices should be at the table as well.


  11. TL.....lets talk about security. Sarge in GA

  12. This is a big country and a congress in Nashville might be convenient for delegates east of the Mississippi but anyone on the west side of the Rockies has a sizeable trip ahead of him. I'd like to go but Nashville would be too far for me to drive and I won't fly anymore.

    Perhaps we might be able to have smaller groups get together and choose a delegate to meet at a central location. The fact that most government offices have been spread out along the east coast shouldn't dictate the location of the seat of resistance to that government.

  13. Better figure on a place that is as central to all as possible, and will have friendly hosts. Hosts being the local Sheriffs office and highest percentage of red state occupants. Further south is typically best as the northeast is a lost cause. Put some thought into the location. There will be no do overs.


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