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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hard Lines

I have been getting a lot of feedback from a few of my latest posts, so I thought I would address a few things.

We are at war.

There is no longer a pretense to civility on the part of the government or the Marxists firmly in control of it. It is a societal earthquake that grew out of the Civil War in the beginning, participated in by every administration since. Over the decades new ideas were brought into the fold, but it really doesn't change what happened in 1861, which was the development of a massive federal government.

We look at people like Jefferson and Adams and think we understand them, but they were running a minuscule federal government and were fearful of the people. That has not been true for a very long time now and the current school of thought is that any large concentration of people cannot be governed from a position of deferment to state governments, but must control the masses from a central planning perspective.

The federal government today, with the mountains of slaves it has bought with welfare, government jobs and pensions, is powerful enough to give us whatever we want and take whatever we have. They know it and they have come to the conclusion that it is time to make their play.

So, I have suggested a few things, an armed march to let them know that we exist, are armed and capable of making a calculated march from someplace to someplace.

I have suggested visiting these journalists that revealed the residences of concealed carry permit owners in New York, hopefully armed, to show them that we can show up wherever we need to.

I have had takers in each instance, but not many and not enough.

I have put it to you what you are willing to do. Some people think I am going to organize all of this. I am not, I have organized before, planned and gotten nowhere. Not that Mercer was a failure, it wasn't, but it hasn't changed things the way I thought it had to.

So, I put out the call again to patriots, liberty advocates and Second Amendment advocates to see what will happen.

In the comments on the March, Dan III, a person I have met and like, pointed out that we are not ready to march, we don't have the organizational skills, the personal training, the understanding of what a march like I have suggested would require in support. In a lot of ways he is right. That's why the march was planned for later, but the fact is, I have not seen the support from the communities I have reached out to to do much more planning on my end. I don't think a lot of people do understand the type of stamina it takes to engage in such a march.

My job currently is very physically demanding. I am accustomed to doing it during the summer heat and humidity as well as the cold of North Dakota, sometimes below freezing with no heat available. I have the gear it takes to not only survive it, but be productive. I walk a lot, up and down stairs all day long, bending, lifting, etc. So, I feel like I am in pretty good physical shape and I don't know that I am prepared for a march like I have suggested.

The facts are these, however, we have all been drafted into a war to save the nation. Our government officials have tossed off the cloak of pretense and have started to come at us head-on. Why? Because they think just like Dan III. They think we are not ready, that we will do nothing when the time comes, that we will lay down and take it.

Back in Mercer, I was ready to roll, but I discovered that there was a great hesitance to do anything illegal. I have written on this many times. You are a criminal already, because you own guns they want to take, it is just a matter of time when the formal charges are drawn up for you and your family for sheltering you and not ratting you out.

Study the writings of Alexander Solzhenitsyn to see how easily it is done, how completely rational to your local cop that it has to be done. They are fed by the beast and will do its bidding when the time comes.

My point is this is a different kind of game than we have ever played in America and we need to figure out what to do about engaging the enemy. The suggestions I make are usually to test the resolve of those who visit this blog. I will do everything I suggest, but I need some feedback, some hard answers on who is and who is not going to be there.

Dan III does have a point that some of you should be listening to: We are way behind the learning curve on this one. We need to come together and stop being afraid of backing someone the media has also demonized. I mean preppers have to get along with the militia, the militia has to get along with the pro-life Christian members, etc (not that one precludes the other, but you get the drift of what I am saying).

We need to stop arguing with each other over principles which are lighter shades of gray when we have a real enemy to deal with, because it doesn't get much better as time goes on. We have to deal with this crowd before we turn our attention to the radical Muslim infiltration into our society. The days of trying to remain legal and tolerant must come to an end.

I have offered my presence to anything that will take a positive step forward to combating our common foe, but I am not going to be the organizer, the leader, it is a role I am ill-suited to, but I will be there with you when you decide to move.

They are coming out to disarm you. If you are an Oathkeeper, this is your opportunity to be more than a frat brother and start taking your role as keeper of the Constitution seriously. We need all the help we can get.


  1. Mr. Davis, thank you for the kind words. Allow me a short story occuring a little over 2 years ago:

    It was 0400 one October day, still dark. Unusually, I decided to walk Katie prior to going to the gym, on the public road in front of the house, rather than the back 40. Was concerned she would would get skunked as she did the AM preceding.

    As we walked on the side of the road a car was approaching us, on our side of the road, at a high rate of speed. I flashed my Surefire several times at the car and he swerved not to hit us. Lo & behold, car goes to next intersection, turns around and stops next to us. Driver climbs on to the ledge of his driver's window, and shouts to me, on the pass side of the road "whats your problem ?
    I move to his driver's window and tell him "my problem". As I walk away from the vehicle, disgusted with the verbal exchange, driver jumps out of the vehicle and charges me, ramming into me. Training kicks in....all I can see in the darkness is a dark blur....along with my Surefire in one hand I have a coffee mug in the other. I take the mug and plant my heavy, ceramic mug center-mass on the driver's face. Down he goes. He cries, "you split my lip!". I tell him to get back in the car or I'll do more than split your lip.

    I head back to the house with Katie to pput her up and head to the gym. Moments later a car pulls in the drive and its state police. They want to "talk" with me about smacking the guy who called them. I write a report for them. They leave. Two days later I get a summons for harassment. I refuse to pay the summons and go to county court, pro se.

    Two months later I'm before a judge pro se. I've prepped. Hearing starts. Arrayed before me are 2 troopers, Asst DA, the guy I smacked and his witness.

    Outcome of the hearing ? The judge ultimately sides with the cops and my assailant. She states my alleged assailant is smaller than me. She decries the fact that I didn't call the cops after the event and thus I had something to hide. She finds me guilty as charged. Even though the guy I smacked was driving unlicensed and had a county Protection-from-Abuse order for violence against a former girl-friend. I was the bad guy for having defended myself.

    Moral of the story is twofold:

    1. The .gov does not want us to take care of ourselves. When one does resolve matters, especially with violence, justified violence, .gov will array its power against one to bring us in line.

    2. To HELL WITH CIVILITY ! There is a time and place for it, of course. But there comes a time when one hoists the Black Flag and does what needs to be done.

    Mr. Davis....I believe we are nearing the point where the .gov is getting ready to jump out of the car. When they do they plan on putting US on the ground; you and I and all the others who believe in Freedom and Liberty.

    In closing my rather length story, I was ultimately found guilty by the judge of Summary Harassment and fined $500. And coincidentally my coffee mug that early morning was appropriately a yellow mug with the Don't Tread On Me Gasdsen flag emblazoned on it. And it didn't break ! I still drink coffee from it daily.

    So readers....are you preparing yourselves to discard civility ? If not, you, we, have already lost.

    Again Mr. Davis....Thanks for your kind words and I do hope and pray our New Year doesn't test our resolve.


    1. If you had shot the bastard and said he tried to run you down with his car you would have gotten off. You should protest the criminal Judge, prosecutor and make it your mission in life to bring them down. Also, what about filing an appeal? Man, your story is scary..

  2. I'm in total agreement with the feelings here and I believe many others in our dear Country feel the same.

    The problem though is that most will not take action until it hits them in the face directly. Unfortunately it's human nature. I'm as guilty as anyone and I know you are too.

    What that "hit" in the face is can be different for each of us.

    THAT is our challenge here. To discover what "hit" it takes to wake up a large portion of the ones that truly understand freedom and it's cost.

    Is the gun control battle that "hit". Time will tell but it possibly could be.

    Any war is normally fought by a very few of the total population so we're not talking about a huge number of the total populace to make a huge difference in this Country.

    The gun owning population is a large percentage. Way more than enough to do the job IF they can be truly awakened.

    I, along with you am already awakened. However, our numbers are still small meaning we are not ready for an all out offensive. I might suggest Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

    Where the enemy is weak, we strike to appear strong. Where the enemy is strong, we evade to make ourselves appear unprepared and fearful to draw them in while we further prepare.

    As a thought in these lines. You have suggested a march on DC or NY. Those are strong and we are weak. Why not pick a weaker point to march to that would make us appear stronger and more organized. We have to make them fearful of us, not convince them that we are weak and able to be defeated easily.

    Good solid tactics and planning combined with swift action wins wars.

    1. Excellent advice. Going against strong points will begin a downward spiral of marchers being dispersed (amid much media misinformation) followed by summary charges & harassment by gov't bureaucracies followed by discouragement and fragmenting the resistance. It can't be organized from a center, instead it'll be mulitiple centers against weak points, rapid hits back & forth ...

  3. TL, I wish I could do more, but I am full of excuses. I cannot particiapate in a March as you have suggested because I am not physically capable of such. I can spend all day on my feet, for one day, without much weight, but I'll be paying for it for a week after. So, with that in mind, I cannot commit to an actual March (although, I would be willing to drive a supply truck).
    My biggest problem is fear for my family. My wife has a history (that I will not repeat here). If I were to be imprisoned or killed while doing something intentional to "deserve" that sort of treatment from .gov, my children's future will be in jeopardy (and more than anything, my children are my reason for fighting this fight). My wife and I have discussed what is going in in this country, and we have discussed what actions I will most likely take and the probable outcomes of my actions. We are working towards putting together a plan for what will happen to my family when something happens to me, but these are not easy conversations to have (especially considering that the vast majority of the people I would trust to raise my children in my absence would probably end up being absent with me).
    I will not say what plans I am working on, but I am developing some.
    As far as overt action, I cannot afford to do it just yet, but when the shooting starts I'll be in it as best I can.

    I do agree that the war has started, but it is a very fine line that I am trying to balance on... what can I do without going to prison (or the cemetary) today? I am in favor of a March where everyone is armed and willing to use those arms in defense of themselves (and the rest of the group)... If we were to March to anyplace, we should expect to be confronted but we must not fire first and we must not yell or scream or otherwise look insane or irrationally angry. We must make sure that .gov initiates any confrontation and we must have it on video (live feeds are best). We need to show the world that they are the irrational ones, we are just trying to be Americans. Some people in the crowd with simple, relatively subdued signs that simply tell the government to get out of our lives. When we move into the next phase, we need to show that we are level-headed and logical thinkers. We need to do our best to look as calm and boring as we can.
    I'm getting to the point of repeating myself, so I'll end this now. What is restraining me is the probable backlash to my family and nothing more (if it weren't for my family I would have already started physically fighting back).

  4. I would argue that by allowing them to be over confident and therefore to over extend would be a better path. If your march in March gives them enough reason and forces caution upon them, they'll simply back off and re-adjust their methods and timeline. An unseen blow to them, arising from consequences and reations that they did not assess or expect, would stand a far greater chance of success.
    This whole issue is a boil. An infection, lingering for decades and generations, that's finally working it's way to the surface. Let's do it once and do it RIGHT, and by right I don't mean by least or reasonable measures.
    This whole frenzy over the proposed grab is doing some of our work for us. It's putting tons more equipment and ammo out into the playing field, anything that gets that stuff off the shelves and into circulation is a good thing for our cause.
    Backlash and the concern for family are very valid reasons to lay low. No one knows your situation better than you. Keep preparing. Food, water, medical supplies, ammo, body armor, communications. Do what you can, when you can even if it's small. Get a few trusted people and keep it small and tight. REAL tight.
    And keep the faith. God gave us this land and freedom and I don't think He expects it to be taken away from us easily. I'll do my part to see that it's not. When we need a centralized organization and a leader, they'll show up. Don't rush it and sure as hell don't trust the first guy who stands up and yells what you expect to hear.

  5. Mr. Mayor....I enjoyed your thoughts. Thank you,


  6. Took the opportunity to get 100 AR mags out of storage and back into circulation (at cost rather than gouging my teammates). The troops are gearing up - soon there will be a leader...

  7. I agree that there are many who will want to march to defend our rights, but we must be realistic to the fact there there will always be leaks or spies that will warn .gov to be preemptive. We cannot allow that to happen. We must be "wise as serpents". I realize we cannot wait too long, but I feel it is too early yet. Patience will certainly be prudent.

  8. "radical muslim infiltration". Yessir, we'll March on DC and confront the 4 radical muslim gun grabbers on the SC: Breyer, Ginsberg, Kagan, and Sotomeyer...and then onto the other DC/NY Islamists - Soros, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, Gross, Nadler, Shugarman, Shapiro et al. You do that. Embedded in deep Mexifornia as I am, believe I'll wait until AT&F comes to collect my M1A; then I'll give it to them, bullets first. In short, I think we're better off letting the Stalinists make the first lethal move. And then cracking back. With extreme violence. In diverse locations.

    1. Let them make the first move...but don't wait for them to get to your name on the list.

  9. I live in Thailand, and I'm Canadian, so this may not seem like it's my fight. But I sympathize. I'm frankly shocked so many Americans have cheerfully imbibed the Dem KoolAid. I read repeatedly in recent years of US companies & brokerages ripping off thousands of customers & going bankrupt ... and none of it sank in. Then I had $3,500 ripped off by a major brokerage that went bankrupt. Then it all sank in for me. Really, before that despite everything I'd read none of it would have moved me to take action. I wonder if it's the same now with the Dems' gun control plans. People won't react until it becomes real for them. It's that simple. No amount of discussion & firy posts will convince people. They'll only be convinced when something hits close to home. That 'something' will be different for everybody. Don't get discouraged. Wait & be ready to react when critical mass is reached. It seems like that point is near.


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