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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Oath To Whom?

Every once in a while the problem, otherwise somewhat obscured, becomes clear as a bell. That is what happened when I watched this video.

Wild Bill seems to have some misunderstanding of what an oath is and to whom it is kept. The oath the Oathkeepers seem concerned with is not the one to the Constitution they pledged to on the day they assumed police powers and/or were given the tools of war; the one they swore to all of us, but rather the one on their website listing the 10 orders they will not obey.

Here is the problem (from their website):

1. We will NOT obey any order to disarm the American people.

Disarmament is not just the wholesale confiscation of weapons. A tyrannical force does not act in such a way that would cause a backlash. It doesn't have to. Rather, it is done incrementally, piece by piece. It is in the form of legislation against one type of firearm, then another, then who can own weapons and narrowing that pool to an insignificant few and disarming them. By then, brother, all is lost anyway.

2. We will NOT obey any order to conduct warrantless searches of the American people, their homes, vehicles, papers or effects. Such warrantless house-to-house searches for weapons or persons.

Warrantless searches go on day after day under the very noses, with complicity and even championed by the members of the police forces across the nation. It is done at DUI checkpoints, which detain and inconvenience many more law-abiding citizens than it snares drunk drivers. Any detention of a citizen uncharged with a crime is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, no matter how popular the purpose.

The encouragement now of black boxes being put in automobiles, the TSA's proposals to run checkpoints at interstate on-ramps, public transportation and the new use of drones is far beyond reasonable searches and seizures. Where there is no warrant, upon testimony and describing the specific places to be searched and items to be seized, there is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

I have heard no uproar, no civil disobedience from Oathkeepers on any of these issues. If they have made them, they have not laid down the gauntlet. Instead, from these officers of the law, sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States, we have heard only cheers from their leadership and rank and file at the new powers to interdict offenders.

In the video, Wild Bill claims that we should be looking to build bridges to the Oathkeepers, while he denigrates "patriot groups" with a broad brush. None of us are looking to start a shooting war with law enforcement, or the military. Were the Oathkeepers to give us heart by their unwillingness to go along with the massive violations of rights undertaken since the passage of the Patriot Act, that bridge would have been built and well trodden by true patriots.

Ironically, patriot groups have gained a resurgence due to the actions of law enforcement and federal agents. Our eyes are vigilant in seeking the day when we, the citizens, are not the only resistance to the federal government run amok. We have, in every instance, stood with law enforcement where that meant following the Constitution, rather than orders from above.

Where law enforcement has taken a stand locally, as certain sheriffs have done, they have been applauded by the patriot/liberty communities.

We are citizens. We are ill prepared and ill equipped to mount any sort of resistance to a modern police force or military organization. It is not our role to step in front of loaded weapons and demand our rights be respected, that is done by the oath taken by those we have entrusted with the many tools of violence we have provided.

We recognize the futility of violence and have had to face some awful truths about our commitment to our rights. In every case, we die. Our only hope is that our deaths might illuminate the enormity of the issue.

The part I think Oathkeepers miss about the patriot/liberty communities is that our rights are not up to the majority, or modern thinking, or the whim of a judge, or the balance of the Supreme Court. Our rights, ably listed in the Bill of Rights, are individual and everlasting. Our rights do not mean one thing in one age and another in a modern age.

Every law passed by the legislature that has limited or restricted gun ownership is unconstitutional. It might be a good idea to keep guns out of the hands of lunatics, but it is not allowed under the Second Amendment. By restricting the right to keep and bear arms they have only disarmed those who would be the victim of a lunatic, allowing much more latitude for mayhem.

It might be a good idea to search every moving vehicle on every street travelling down a road late at night, but without a warrant, there is no justification under the Fourth Amendment to do so. Now, police departments around the nation salivate at the idea of having drones, traffic cameras and face-recognition software. Why? So that their surveillance can go on unrestrained and unchallenged.

If law enforcement has no reason to challenge me, specifically and with testimony that I have broken the law or am about to break the law, they have no justification for looking at me at all. The fact that most of this changed with the passage of the Patriot Act by a nation under duress in the heat of the moment of 9-11, means nothing, except that it was a point at which Oathkeepers should have stood up and refused to participate in illegal searches and seizures.

The very fact that the average citizen has no ally in the fight to abridge their rights, not the police, not the federal government, not the media and certainly not the military gives rise to those of us who have stopped looking for help and who understand that the obligation to stand for these rights has come to their door.

For us, Wild Bill, it is a no-win situation we would much rather not endure.


  1. The first difficulty we face is what to do, how to coordinate, and how to enact widespread civil disobedience without violence or damaging the property of others. The second is once we figure out what to do, how do we recruit enough “protesters” to attract coverage by the mainstream media. Even the Glenn Beck gathering of tens of thousands in Washington drew only brief mention on television news from those with a leftist agenda.
    We need to find a civilized way of attracting attention to the tyranny of the federal government, but I don’t know how to make that happen. A parade of a few hundred naked, blue-haired ladies, and flabby, pot-bellied codgers would do that, but we need their attention and sympathy, not their understandable derision.
    Perhaps we need to pick a person in government, or a particularly egregious law/edict, and beat the subject to death with letters to editors and representative, blogs, Facebook entries, local marches, bumper stickers, yard signs. If all voices focus on one thing at a time, it might beat the uncoordinated nibbling at the edges of the governmental giant, which seems to have no effect. Sort of a Horton Hears a Who! for our Constitution.

  2. I was shocked when I heard WTF he was spewing. Obviously he didn't do any background on the org. With all we see, and hear, going on today? Having a hard time buying what he's sellin! KOOL-AID

  3. Hooaah, again TL. Another great post.
    "Every law passed by the legislature that has limited or restricted gun ownership is unconstitutional. It might be a good idea to keep guns out of the hands of lunatics, but it is not allowed under the Second Amendment. By restricting the right to keep and bear arms they have only disarmed those who would be the victim of a lunatic, allowing much more latitude for mayhem. "

    I say give guns even to the lunatics. We can solve two problems at once. Can you imagine how many innocent lives could have been save by even one armed citizen in Aurora CO. Perhaps no one would have been shot or killed if there had been one armed sheepdog been present in Oregon this weekend.
    Before this country started restricting guns in the hands of citizens, we had a very effective way of dealing with people who misused firearms. Now all we do is make it harder for law-abiding citizens to possess and use firearms in their daily lives. It also allowed average citizens to deal with corrupt government officials occasionally and thats why they are doing it.
    Government is like a hooker who plans to rob you as she slowly laces your drinks with Quaaludes. When you wake up it is way too late.

    1. Exactly the sort of slumber Wild Bill would enduce.

  4. Yehaw Wild Bill! Reminds me of how the Republican Party co-opted the Tea Party folks. Oh yeah we took the oath, we are conservatives, never mind the NDAA, nothing to see here folks, move along.

    After 20 years LE, loyal to the Constitution ey'...makes me scratch my little head when one telegraphs messages like the above vid. Knuckle Heads you say, Mr.Bill! I believe you have stepped in the BS you are trying to sell. Making videos may not be your best attribute, or is it the Patriots are a bit more engaged in their will, demanding a lawful state under the Constitution.

    What a sham Mr. Wild Bill. Spoke it like a politician, refusing to fight for the Constitution while berating loyal men and women who would.

  5. TL, great post, dead on the money. Wild Bill is living under the same delusion that many Americans are, that LEO and the military are on the side of the common man, a few still are but most are not. The delusion that the Constitution is being adhered to by government and government agencies, and their agents.

    Wild Bill needs to strap a pistol on his hip and take a walk down Main street in any city in America. There are a handful were he can do this but in most it wont be long before his face gets shoved into concrete and he is tasting his own blood and he learns the meaning of being "hog tied".


  6. Even the Glenn Beck gathering of tens of thousands in Washington drew only brief mention on television news from those with a leftist agenda.

    Hell, we had approximately 1.7 million at the 2009 March on DC and even Fox said we only had 70K.

    **09/12/09 March. (Capitol police state 1.5 million. See also *Front Page = DC March 1.7/1.82/2.0 Million. BT)

  7. I sent Wild Bill a link in comments, let's see if it gets published.

  8. The irony is even "Rambo" was a recipient of police thuggery.

  9. Anonomys said:

    "We need to find a civilized way of attracting attention to the tyranny of the federal government, but I don’t know how to make that happen."

    Exactly. It is time to come in from the cold. It is time to make a stand. TL's proposal to take a 1 week march across the land is a very viable method to display resolve by those who understand it is that time has come.

    I am going to march. I'm doing it. I'm not waiting any longer. If it is only myself, well I'm one American, and I believe in something, no matter what fate awaits me, I have to do my duty, I have an oath to fulfill, a natural born oath, it is predicated upon the rule of the law of this land, something profound to honor love and cherish, no matter what. I have come to the conclusion this is larger than me, it is principle that compels me, it is love of Liberty that moves me, it is my duty that gives me courage.

    As TL put it, we are on our own, there is no savoir of Liberty waiting in the wings who will come to rescue this republic. It is the realization that I am that savoir, it is my Liberty, it is my primal rights at stake, it is not up to any body to do what is required to preserve the legacy of our founders, it my responsibility. Mine!

    I don't give a hoot about no steenkin' oaths. It ain't oaths that binds, it is the idea of something better, it is the idea that it is simply up to each and every one of us what we do, how far one is willing to go to defend the idea of Liberty.

    I have nothing to loose, everything to gain. I'm holding my head high. I am not afraid of what bad things may come of me, I know in my heart, that no matter what I did something tangible, that maybe, just maybe, it will not be in vain. For others my grasp it is worth anything to put it on the line, that just that thing of putting my life and physical freedom at risk is the crux of it all, that tyranny has to know that there is one American who can not be subjugated.

    “Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one's thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.”-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least”-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them.

    Let them restore it to find refuge from us.

    – TL Davis

    1. TL,

      Ever since I heard what you have put forward, I am on board! Let's do this!

      Time to March!

      "If this be treason, Let us make the most of it!"


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