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Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Right Is As Inalienable As A Finger

In the suddenly white-hot gun-rights debate it has become clear that most Americans, after decades of socialist indoctrination in our schools have not the remotest idea of what a right is. To them it is a debating point, i.e. "I know you have the right to guns, but that is out-dated and really not practical."

The referenced statement is what I have been fighting against since 1986 when Colorado implemented a seat belt law (and I know I lose a lot of you on this topic, but bear me out). The seat belt law was my first encounter with the concept: "It's a good idea and well, why not pass a law making a good idea a good law?"

Let me tell you what's wrong with that. The seat belt law directly impacts Thomas Jefferson's definition of liberty which is available at many sites online, but it states: Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.

I saw it for what it was, an opportunity to create police interaction. Ask any attorney, once you speak to a law enforcement officer you are likely to incriminate yourself somehow some way. I will not speak to an officer of the law, not to say "yes, Sir" while getting my papers. When they ask "where are you going?" I stare at them. The seat belt law was the first introduction in my life to a heightened police state. Now, you as a reader are free to disagree with me on seat belts, or police state, or whatever, but let me ask you: Are you freer or less free since 1986?

Since the passage of the seat belt laws I have witnessed leaps and bounds of encroachment on liberty and the dilution of the understanding of what a right is, so I will clear that up.

A right, as in the right to possess firearms, is not a privilege; it is not up for debate in the congress; it is not addressable by the congress at all, though they don't want you to understand that. A right is something you own, like your hair or your kidney. Once we start talking about what the government is going to allow, we lose everything, because we have diminished the stature of the right. To ask if I have the right to firearms is to ask if I have a right to my finger. What would be your response if a police officer approached you and asked to cut your finger off? Not the same as you would if he asked to see your permit to carry a weapon and that is the problem.

A right is no less alienable to you than your finger.

In the gun-rights debate it has become clear that the purpose of the Second Amendment is misunderstood, it was not to ensure hunting rights, or in-home self-defense, or a preventative step against car-jacking it was simply and exactly to arm the people so that they would have defense against tyranny and oppression from their government.

Oh, like a gun is going to help you repel an attack by our military? Yeah, right. I have heard this statement time and time again and here is where it falls on its face: Those soldiers are not robots sent out by the government, they are our sons and daughters, our brothers, sisters and parents. How much bloodshed over a stupid and tyrannical law do you think they will participate in before they see the evil in the face of their superior? Not long. But it would take sustained resistance.

We are very close to the point where it is going to be time to shut up and fight. They have beaten the church, the Tea Party and the Republicans. What makes you think they will not take on gun owners?

We think of each individual battle as a battle between the forces of Marxism and whatever minority group they want to demonize and we are glad they are not peeing in our sandbox, but to them each individual victory is a signal that more can be done; that the net can be drawn in tighter; that they are only minutes away from total victory. They have the schools, the media, the FSA, the government workers, the union workers, the soft hearted imbeciles. They don't need to gather many more forces before they launch an all-out attack.

They might deny that they can beat the gun owners, but that is a ruse to keep the forces from the field while they annihilate the issue.

Rights are not up for a vote, except by the individual. How much will you endure? That is the only question a patriot need answer, because it is the only answer they are looking for.


  1. One of the most Brilliant post I have ever read! True we are Next,in fact it is under way Now!How much will you endure? Honestly Bro not much more I am FED up with feds! My rights are not negotiable,and yet they have taken many of my rights because I allowed it! I am done Allowing!


  2. I don't comment often, as it seems futile at times. I have a lot of the same feelings and anger over the state of the country. But have even less faith in solidarity on issues and taking a stance in the patriot community. It is the only time I as an individual feel drawn to the collective.

    I have followed the patriot blogs for about 4-5 years now and the only time there is cohesion is when so called patriots are attacking each other. What will it take for us to pull together and gather in unity? I don't know if that time exist, but I hope I am around to be involved in our Phoenix moment. It seems by the time we overcome our fears and act out against our rights being taken(more like conceded)we won't have any left.

    I'm not sure how much I can endure, nor am I sure where the line is for our collective. Doesn't seem to be one, line or collective. My legacy is my children and what I can manage to leave them in rearing and memory. What will I leave them? I sure as hell don't want to leave them the country in its current state.

    They have beaten the church, tea party, family values, republicans, and have been beating the gun owners since before my birth. They remain on offense while we continue to duck our heads and take cover.

    I feel now is as good a time as any to make a stand, because if we don't stand together now we might as well kneel together.

    Mike M.

    1. You said it beautiful Mike! You hit it on the nose. We all got to stick together, we got to find our solidarity man.


  3. Great post and excellent comment by Mike M.

  4. I am no criminal, and I Will Not Be One, by way of a set of laws that make me and my fellow American's criminals.

    I refuse.

    It is not going to happen or I am going to die fighting tyranny if that is what it takes to keep it from happening.

    I'm going to live or die a free man.

    And I don't give one god damn what laws are passed because the truth is they are not legitimate.

    If I am to be expected to respect the law, it better be a law created by the principles of the rule of law by legislators who are held to a higher standard of respect for the rule of law than I am.

    And that standard requires a constitutional amendment.

    Anything less is illegitimate.

    To propose I am to relinquish my means of suitable safety using the arms of my choosing, for the moral means of my and my families, and my nations defense, dictated by a bunch of incompetent clowns who have tromped over every principle of republican form of government, made a disaster out of the most prosperous society the human race has known is the pinnacle of absurdity.

    My Liberty is to be decided by people who I without reservation consider the morally bankrupt scum of society? Scum who have either had a hand in giving, or enabling through lack of principle and respect for our sacred Constitutional laws, called treason, aiding and abetting enemies of this Republic, allowing into the hands of a great number of the most vicious bloodthirsty villains in the world, 2000 documented arms, the same arms I am not to be trusted with possessing?

    2000 of the same "assault weapons" purposefully and willfully placed into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, with the hopeful intent to create out of the inevitable bloodshed, a narrative, a crisis as a means to outlaw the same weapons used in the first place?! It is an outright conspiracy to use this tragedy to substantiate a lie that these arms, that are legal in every conceivable parameter, are the same arms I am to be denied?

    Who are these idiots who presume to have rules for themselves that violate every standard of morality and rule of law of this land, and then have the hubris to violate the law again, specifically the 2nd Amendment?

    To dictate to me I have to obey the rules that they themselves purposefully violated?

    To get up in front of the nation, whoring out their sick agenda of disarming us over the dead bodies of all those sweet children. Over the carcases of all those people, hundreds upon hundreds murdered by those weapons of operation Fast and Furious. Thousands dead or maimed in our own towns and neighborhoods because these same ruling class idiots have disarmed law abiding people from the only means of viable self defense from criminals.

    It is they who through their sick meddling in our affairs speaking truth to fact who have manipulated every facet of our society, leaving nothing unsoiled by their omnipotent hubris, meddled with everything across the entire sphere of our Lives, Liberty and Prosperity.

    They are a vermin, a disease on our Nation, a plague of corruption, both morally and economically. They have squandered stolen and extorted not only our wealth as a nation, but the very seed corn of our prosperity. They have pushed us to the brink of collapse, and still they presume it is us who produce, we who must pay again to bail out their theft and incompetence, that which what was stolen from us in the first place?

    Time has come to take it back, a march across our land!

    1. Most inspiring post I have ever read, you said it all...Thanks MT TOP PATRIOT.

    2. Your Welcome 33rd P, thanks for reading it.

      You want to join a march towards Liberty my friend?

      1 mile, one day, an afternoon, or join an evening bivouac?

    3. I absolutely would be honored to join you ,and my brothers in a show of intentions. However I am in Alaska and the travel would be cost prohibitive.

  5. You bet I'm going to march!
    March with a bone in my teeth!
    It is time to show these fools we are not to be trifled with!
    We are not to be taken for granted!
    We are not chattel, we are not serfs, or subjects. or slaves! We do not belong to these tyrants, nor do we belong to their made up rules and edicts!

    It is time to show these scum who is the Boss in this Republic!
    It is time to shake our fists in their smug and arrogant faces, show them the teeth behind our Liberty. It is time they understand it is our will that will be respected and obeyed!

    That is the ultimate law of our land.

    It is time for them to fear the rule of law, for them to find refuge from the wrath of the Just and Sovereign.

    It is time for them to know beyond all doubt that Liberty is to be feared when it is threatened.

    It is time to reverse fear as a tool it has been insidiously used to manipulate and herd America into subservience to tyranny.

    It is time for them to fear we the people.

    It is time to march to the front lines of the war of tyranny waged upon Liberty!

    A war waged upon our very selves and everything that makes us American's.

  6. I got a finger for them!

    Take your weapons ban and shove it up your arses!

  7. After being subservient to the master for as long as we've been, you really can't expect him to be merciful to his runaway slave, lest the rest of them become the same.

    No matter the consequences to yourself or your family, You are already dead if you don't say No. If you don't take one to the brain, lie there mortally wounded asking why you didn't stand sooner while the pain would have been less.

    No action is required of you except to just say NO, I Will Not Comply! Get right with your God and make the vow. Be the respected parent and keeper of Liberty.

  8. TL said: "How much bloodshed over a stupid and tyrannical law do you think they will participate in before they see the evil in the face of their superior?"
    Hopefully not as long as the NAZI military did?
    Got it???
    What will be has already been and what has already been will be again. Biblical Proverb
    That does NOT mean don't fight. Just recognize that the evil that is upon us has happened before in the form of that little thing mis-named the Civil War.
    Perhaps more accurately called the War of Northern Aggression?
    Annnd the military went along with it just like the Germans did
    against their own.
    Whatever is coming it's not likely to be...put your own descriptive term there.

  9. Mt Top Patriot,

    Where and when is this march? I am asking, because I am wondering if you have a start and finish and dates in mind.

    Mike M.

    1. That's a good question Mike, really glad you asked. REALLY glad!

      Allow me to answer you like this, as soon as possible, as soon as lets say at least a good solid 10 folks are 100% committed to meeting up at a location, and a time, that works well logistically for all.

      How to arrange a suitable manner in which to get in touch and communicate amongst each other in a timely practical manner in order to get started, to begin with.

      I've suggested that in it's purest form this march, we carry our essentials, a basic kit, provision food and drink along the way as needed. Not only as it is appropriate to the cause, but it simplifies logistics.

      Others have commented it will require much organization. I could not disagree more. What we will be doing, how we will be doing it, what we will posses on our persons, all falls within the framework of lawful peaceful sovereign guidelines of the supreme rule of law of our Republic. The US Constitution. Codified within the Amendments is all the permission required. By law!

      We do not need permission, nor blessing, nor permits, or grants from potentates and their minions. That in and of itself is history. It is why we are in the dire straights we are in now. It is why tyranny is breathing down our throats. Who and what are these people who think they have so much power over our lives we need to kiss the ring and pay the poll tax?
      To what purpose of Liberty?

      It is a never ending downward spiral that brings us to today.

      We have to discard this idea that somehow permission is what grants us the rights to do something within the framework of our primal unalienable rights.

      That is the definition of tyranny...

    2. ...10 armed Patriots marching is the proverbial mouse that roared. The legitimacy of our omnipotent rulers and their system of diktat can be broken with the smallest of acts of rebellion, rebellion in it's purest unimpeachable form. It is imperative that we march within the framework of our governing documents our founders left for us to reference in times that you and I Mike find ourselves.

      Of course the more the merrier. And quantity has a quality all its own. But ten for starters works just fine.

      One thing I would like to point out, and it is an integral ingredient of the idea to begin with, is I do not want to be a "leader", nor believe it requires one, only as I strongly believe for this to work out, it has to be something that is driven by our individual duty to Liberty, you know the ground below ones feet? To be as spontaneous and grass roots, home grown, something of the heart, as anything can be. I think it is imperative that a paradigm take place in our thinking of our Liberty. Because as odd as it might seem, it is been our own undoing that our liberty is at stake, and that we as individuals need to become a brotherhood of Liberty, rediscover what the essential ingredients are to how and why our founders where so profound in their brotherhood of Liberty that created the great 5000 year leap distilled from the whole of their rejection and rebellion of tyranny.

      Liberty may well be something so personal to each of us in our own way it defies explanation. Kind of like Love. It is a word that implies something, but everyone sees it in their own perspective.
      The greatness of America is something built not by leaders, but by each of us, each in our search to create something better, in the great mixing bowl of commerce and thinking and science, in the arts and medicine, in invention, in prosperity, and out of that grew something larger than each of us.
      We have to find and show ourselves the roots of that, the crux of greatness. And that takes just a few with the conviction of their principles and beliefs.
      And I believe that may very well be the Gospel of Liberty.

      It is our Liberty that we need to follow.

      I believe in that so much I am willing to risk everything, even doing it alone if that is what it takes.

      This march, it is going to take courage. Courage to overcome not the fear of consequences, but courage to go forward knowing what might happen, but doing it anyway, because it has to be done.

      I can't speak for you Mike or anybody, but I'll be damned in Hell if I am going to let anybody else suffer for the consequences, or even die, for my Liberty.

      That is the peace I've made with my soul and my maker.

      So you in Mike M.?

      What do you think, how do we, spread out and isolated, contact each other, create a discreet network, get together to get this going?

      Where do we start?

  10. Im going to organize something in the Albany ny area for whenever the state legislature gets together to vote on ths new package of gun laws where the governor said "confiscation could be an option" "mandatory selling back to the state could be an option" This new package could also require background checks to purchase ammo, microstamping, banning all "hi-cap mags" (anything over 7 rounds) NO granfather clause, oh and make you reapply for your permit every few years. As I love the idea of an armed march, NY is already a police state and if I walked up to the capital with a rifle I would be gunned down. So Im going to get everyone who is willing to stand with me to wear an empty holster and hold signs to let them know, this is the line in the sand. If you are anywhere near my AO (Albany) lets talk.

    1. John,

      What would you think could happen if you and 10, or 50 fellow Constitutionally armed Patriots marched up to the Capitol in Albany?

      Do you think that maybe there would be one person in authority of the NY state government who would find the wisdom to scale down the usual response of escalation of authority to the point of bloodshed when that authority is refused?

      If there is not a reasoned head to prevail, it becomes the gravest mistake government can make. It is the end of it's legitimacy.

      Think about this. The gun is used to control everything, ultimately, if one refuses to comply, in government.

      Think about this. The rule of law, which governs how or what authority OUR government is permitted to have, permitted to impose upon the sovereign beings of this nation, that rule of law grants us sovereign beings the legal lawful justified sanction to use the gun to control that same government when it exceeds the rule of that same law.

      In other words, we the people come first. That is the highest biggest, most important law of the rule of law. Our government, and in particular the people who run it think that it is they who are the big cheese. nothing could be further from the truth. But the other truth, is, we sovereign beings have bought into this lie, and that gives legitimacy to that lie and those who use force to make everyone comply.
      The day you or I make a stand, refuse to comply, openly, lawfully, peacefully with arms, is the day everything changes.
      One of us is going to have to have the balls to stand right in front of our seats of government, ours, key word here, armed legally and peacefully, and defy this tyranny.

      It is like a crack in a damn.

    2. if 10 or 50 patriots showed up armed in NY all the SWAT Teams in the area would be called plus all the police. Shooting would start a lots of people would die..You would need a battalion size of Patriots to even stand a chance at not being gunned down. Those NE Liberal states are in complete FEAR of free armed citizens which is so ironic since that's WHERE OUR LIBERTY WAS BORN!!!!!! What happened to our country? Whatever it was is ALL OUR OF FAULT so we must fix it.

      The Reason Patriots can't agree too much is because we are fiercely independent, liberty minded free men and we all have strong opinions based on a foundation of morals. However the ONE defining issue should be our 2nd Amendment because without it we have no others. This IS THE WATERSHED ISSUE THAT UNITES US. We can go back to squabbling about everything else AFTER WE GO ON THE COMPLETE OFFENSIVE and even physically fight the Marxists if need be...I propose we start this march idea and spread the word. We need thousands...Anything less and we'll all be surrounded and gunned down by the police. Seriously...That's what would happen in NJ, NY, MD, CT, MA...etc

    3. As MTP suggested, Albany, NOT New York.

  11. Mt Top Patriot,

    I like what you are saying and agree with you. The follow through and backlash is what concerns me. As with most responsible parents I guess. The ones I am willing to fight for are the ones who completely depend on me. Yet, I am willing to take a stand and have marched before at my state capital armed and in kit. However, that was an organized event by 2nd Amendment March. But there were 300-400 armed men and women there. I would much like to do this real march in kit.

    If this is meant to be, it will develop and take form. I for one don't care what time of year it is. The sooner the better, just allowing enough time to make connections with others willing to march. If it happens I can see it growing, kinda like a Forest Gump run.

    Mike M.

    1. "Kinda like Forrest Gump", that's funny Mike.
      I hear what your saying and we are on the same wavelength. That's a good thing. Right now it looks like it's us two, if we keep pecking away, your Forrest Gump prophecy might come true.
      TL mention he could be interested. A buddy of mine wants to march, like most of us kids and a job put a limit on his free time, but he stipulated if there was a way he could, he would find it.
      Like you said, connections and networks. Hearts and minds.
      I am considering a simple blog, gives a nexus to work out from. I'm in West Virginia, easy to get to the heartland. Somebody made a comment over at Sipsey Street Irregulars about coming north up the southeastern seaboard states or there abouts. Another most gracious commenter volunteered his 130 acre homestead in Texas.

      Have to tell you, the idea of marching with 50 or 100, or more, that's the stuff where you make history and start to change the world. I keep thinking there is a lot of folks who would get in on this if they are aware of something tangible coming to fruition.

      Mike you seem like a sharp guy, you must have put some thought into this over the last few days, have some suggestions of how to get this going?

      Still have this vision in my mind of starting out with a handful of Patriots, and along the way a whole cast of characters drop in and out, and it turns into something unique, by grapevine and blog and texting. How this is the kind of thing folks of Liberty, how we all need. I see it in the PATCONS, maybe this could be another facet of that grass roots solidarity if you catch my drift.

      Hey God Bless and Merry Christmas to you and your Loved ones.
      Kind regards,

  12. I know what you're saying Mt top and you are right. Truth is the thought of marching armed on the capitol on my own scares the hell out of me. Plain and simple when I leave the house that day theres a good chance Ill be dead or in jail. When I weigh the options Of my life vs one small news event, its not worth it to me. You asked the question what would happen if it were 10 or 50 of us and I would go along with that in a heartbeat. I think that would be the moment weve all been waiting for. For now im going without a gun until I have enough people.

  13. It's OK to be scared Jason, the prospect is something I'm trying to make my peace with. It is a path shrouded in uncertainty, fraught with misfortune, but the potential payoff in the larger scheme of things is what counts.
    I figure somebody has to start, might as well be me, and hopefully whoever can join in, not everyone can, but that's OK too. I figure I will, because I just can't let some other dumb bastard end up in a DHS concentration camp under NDAA diktat, or dead. For my Liberty.
    But I suspect before this is all over, there is going to be lots of opportunity for everyone.

    But you know what my friend?
    Your doing the right thing no matter what.
    If the timing is right, I want to join you, and shake your hand too.
    Please let me know when you guys are going.

    I like what the pine tree flag has emblazoned on it,
    "An Appeal To Heaven"

    U Bet!

    Hey, Merry Christmas to you and your Loved ones.
    Warm regards,

    1. Mt, email me. lower case.

    2. I havent worked out any details yet as to when, I really want it to be while they are debating voting whatever it is they do. Ill update you with the news as I get it. I appreciate the support and the inspiration of your writing. I hope your more than just nice writing because Im serious. Youve got me thinkin Ill bring an unloaded rifle I dont mind losing. If eleven other dudes show up armed then Ill consider ammo. For those of you not in NY who are thinking sucks to be you shoulda moved not everyone has that option. This is my home. It just so happens that this has to start in my backyard. So truthfully- it sucks to be you.

  14. Mt Top Patriot,

    I have given it a lot of thought in the past. But thought is all I seem to ever give it. But I am ready to move past thought and try to at least develop this in my state of Kentucky. All politics is local, all action is local. To send a message to the tyrants in the General Assembly. A blog is a good idea, and I too was thinking of this today on my ride back from a family Christmas celebration. One could keep each blog and state march separate or we could unify under the III banner. A blog like III Kentucky just to advertise, build momentum and grow the march in the state. It could stay simple or could be larger with speakers at the final destination where the General Assembly(KY's Congress) meets. Not sure what would be best, just want to have as much presence there as possible.

    Or it could just be one Forest Gump march and whoever shows up so be it. Sometimes simple is better. That is the good thing about having a blog for it. Let the people decide, place, time and size.

    Mike M.

  15. What part of the word N-O do TPTB not understand?


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