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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time To Exhale

The American public, the ones that matter, who pay the bills and supply the loot to the other half of the nation have held their collective breaths for all these years. They have suffered indignities of word and deed by the corrupt government of the United States.

Hard-working entrepreneurs and small business owners struggled under the heavy burden of the economic collapse. Their futures were destroyed by the policies of the government either through the Community Reinvestment Act, which led to the mortgage scandals, or the TARP and Stimulus policies. TARP bailed out and rewarded the banks involved in the mortgage scandals and the Stimulus merely protected labor unions and government agencies with a little trickling over for the private sector, 1 or 2% when all of it needed to go to the private sector.

Religious organizations have been abused and debased by Obamacare mandates.

Energy companies (coal and oil) have been preyed upon by Obama Administration regulation and aggressive, punitive over-implementation of existing regulation.

The health care industry, including health insurance companies, are about to understand the full impact of Obamacare without the silver-lining promised to them to ensure their cooperation. Obama doesn't need to coerce or manipulate them any longer.

Employers across the nation will now struggle with all of the mandates and regulations that once seemed a long ways off before the re-election of Barack Obama. Layoffs and loss of benefits will hit those few who still paid the bills in this nation.

America has held its breath in hope that it would not all come to pass. Yes, there are those brilliant minds who still see a way to manipulate the system, but their intelligent efforts will not hold a candle to doctrinaire bureaucrats who don't care about the ultimate economic health of the nation. In fact, we are in the hands of those who would like to crash the system to reset it on a different footing, a socialist, or Marxists footing.

Political change almost never occurs outside of an economic disaster.

They want political change and understand the logic of the previous statement, they know it better than any capitalist could. It is not in the capitalist's vocabulary to destroy capital. The answer to everything in a capitalist frame of mind is profit that yields all answers to economic issues. To the Marxists currently in control of our government, economics are a means to a political end.

It is finally time to exhale and recognize that there is no solution to the continuing spiral downward into an economic abyss other than to engage those who are determined to accomplish it.

Our government has been undergoing the slowest revolution in world history. There is no hard line of demarcation between what was and what is. Everything crucial to a free America has been slowly evolved out of existence. Our rights, guaranteed by the Constitution, have eroded into nothingness, from sturdy boulders to the tiniest particle of sand. Capitalism, once the strength of the republic, has now become the scapegoat for socialist corruption. Our religion, once the backbone of American society, is hunkered down, fearful and ridiculed. It is in a state of panic.

One would think, with all of these institutions being attacked at once, finally in the curtain call of the republic, that they would bond together, to lean on one another, to recognize their roles in the upcoming fight and side with those who would give them strength. Instead, they crawl to the master on both knees begging to be spared the next indignity.

Exhale, forget the hopes you once had, they are gone, snuffed out. Grip the spear with vigor and reach out to those on your flanks. Recognize the battle is not your own, but engaged in across the nation in small, meaningless ways by individuals awaiting the groundswell of opposition.

You did not lose your job, the government took it. You did not lose your right to your own conscience, the government took it. You did not lose your company, the government took it. You did not lose your rights, the government took them. You did not lose your vote, the government took it.

No government true to the Constitution, legally following the precepts of our founding, could have taken all of these things from you. Only a corruption of the government could. We are not anti-government, we are anti-corruption. Our only allegiance is to a properly functioning, Constitution-abiding government. Where the ministers of this corruption appeal to patriotism is blasphemy. Patriotism is a dedication to the founding principles and intended purpose of government, which is to secure the lives, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness for its people.

I ask you this: Is that what is happening now?

Exhale, grip your spear and march to the aid of your countrymen.


  1. Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears; let the weak say, “I am a warrior.”
    Joel 3:10

  2. Just waiting here to pull the trigger. Seems like any day now.

  3. Cocked, locked and ready to get this show on the road.

  4. TL is dead nuts right.
    Take a really deep breath.
    It is time to ask the truths of ourselves.
    So here goes.
    I have one.
    It's a doozy.

    (I posted this over at WRSA)

    Am I missing something, am I stupid, am I ignorant?

    Am I just being, speaking out as it is so well defined by the department of homeland security, nothing but a mouth breathing, provincial knuckle dragging, domestic white male terrorist?

    Or am I correct in pointing out the truth, the truth that our military is absent from the idea of Liberty? Is it populated with cowards? Traitors by way of inaction even? What? I can not figure it out.

    Every one who is in the military has taken a solemn vow, an oath that say's in it it is their duty to protect and defend the US Constitution, (and by consequence, we the people), from All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.

    The question is, what of that oath?

    Lt. Colonel Terry Larkin, far as I can determine, is the only Military man who has taken the stand of Liberty, honored his oath to protect and defend The US Constitution from the blatant outright Tyranny that constitutes our representative government today.
    That system of tyranny, kangaroo'd courted Lt. Col Larkin straight to a jail cell in a new york minute.
    For the crime of not ignoring his oath.

    Is the truth something like this:

    I have not heard of one fellow officer or enlisted man, within this brotherhood, defend the one guy who stood up and honored their oath, the oath that they all took.

    Have any of you out there?

    So it comes to reason.
    It is reason that created the idea of a Constitutional Republic. It is men who chose reason to guide them in their dream of Liberty.
    It is reason that leads me to this:

    If everyone in uniform is afraid to defend their own within the ranks, out of principle, with virtue, for the cause of Liberty, is it too far a stretch of to suppose there is no help coming for American's from this quarter, fellow American's who choose Liberty or Death over tyranny, American's outside the military.
    I mean if they can't stick up for their own how are they going to stick up for their country?

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    Whats going on here guys?

    What part of Defend and Protect The US Constitution from ALL Enemies Foreign and Domestic does anyone not understand?

    Far as I can see, answer to this question of questions, the truth of this sorry reality, is the absence of that oath being honored, says everything.

    Eternal everlasting shame.

    Tell me I am wrong, please.

    We got a little boy drawing pictures of Chickens that are fed up. A little boy who understands the tyranny enveloping us.
    We got a million deer hunters that by many accounts are useless, who don't stand a snowballs chance in hell of honoring their oath of being rule of law abiding America's, who via lawful means of redress codified in Constitutional law express their desire to right these injustices of tyranny. That their need to throw off the chains of despotism is fruitless, unless, they do what guy's who took an oath tell them to do. Well maybe those wise military minds are correct, might be they are not, but one things certain, those deer hunters, and fed up chickens too, got one thing in spades over the vast majority of those in the military...

    Care to hazard a guess what it is?

    Why does a little boy understand what this is about and has the virtue to express his concerns, but an entire army, the greatest mightiest military force the history of the human race has known, essentially mum?

    Do you hear Crickets?



    There is something incredibly wrong here.

    Mind blowingly FUBAR

    1. Being in the army for a long time I have learned to be tactful and sometimes wait for the enemy to move first. Most of us are free thinkers not brainwashed. and angel needs to NOT BE A COWARD AND SLAVE but my famliy and I have protected your damn rights to say what ever you want. so if your ashamed GET OUT.

    2. There are many military who HAVE spoken up and who continue to speak up: some speak only with their departure from active duty, but virtually ALL speak very softly only to those that they can trust, because they rightly understand that "dead" heroes (like Larkin, New, and Manning) can do no more: but those who speak softly and plan for the right time will be able to do more.

    3. "...but my famliy and I have protected your damn rights to say what ever you want."

      This time it is not protecting our rights from foreign enemies, it is enemies within our midst. This is protection of sovereign ground, sovereign rule of law, sovereign rights and freedoms.
      This is for all the marbles my friend. There is no place to go if we, all of us, fail.

      This ain't about speaking up, and how has that worked out for any of us? Upon departure from active duty? That is what people who are afraid do to keep retribution from descending on them from a tyrannical regime.

      Look, we are all in this together. We all need each other. If we fail to stand together, we all go down together. There is no one in the wings to save this Republic.

      Don't you understand the sovereign lawful power the military possesses? The legitimacy it carries? The check to tyranny it is? How it is both made up of people like any one who put their pants on 1 leg at a time, but as an entity it can De-legitimize an entire government that has crossed the line of legitimacy without ever having to fire a shot? The military is the only remaining branch of government, the only check of balance remaining that has not been completely corrupted.

    4. You're killin' me, MTP; that last paragraph's a knockout. It looks absolutely right, ike everything else you've written on this topic recently. And looks like some sort of clue as to what might be done.

      The thing is, I can't figure out what. You got any ideas? Offhand, to me, it may not end up yielding much because most military folk will more readily follow orders than they will their oaths. And of course, the ones giving the ultimate orders are just as corrupted as anyone else. Do you think that's wrong?

    5. Jim Buddy, you got me. All I got is my principles and faith to go by.
      I believe fealty in that oath is everything at this stage of whats being done to our great country. Reason so I suspect is everything is boiling down to power money and guns. Ultimately it is all going to come down to guns. Hard to have all the power and control of prosperity if your a tyrant when you have millions of pissed off deer hunters and fed up chickens running around with the quantity of small arms and ammo that are in the hands of Americans.

      "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." George Washington

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
      - John F. Kennedy

      Chairman Mao put it succinctly, "Every Communist must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” "Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party."

      We are responsible for our own freedom, the power inherent in the body of the sovereign will of we people is all you and I have. Everyone who belongs to an entity of the state has abandoned the principles of representative government based on that sovereign will. The .mil is the last bastion, the only remaining bulwark of that representative government, also of checks and balances of that form of government, that has the legitimate power to restore what was. And no matter what argument is put forth, I believe that oath, the fealty or not to it is the final chance of redress from within the structure of our government.

  5. WE have become the shameful 'land of the coward and home of the slave' ! And everyone should be ashamed !

  6. I decline to say the Pledge of Allegiance any more because the Republic for which it Stands no longer exists, and you can't have allegiance to a non-existent entity.

    1. The Pledge of Allegiance is a socialist invention which was part of the Progressive movement that was the second major wave of counter-revolution in this nation, as as such, even with "under God" added, did undermine the republic.


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