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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Fight For American Liberty

The sides now are clearly drawn. There will be no respite by a conservative voice. All that Obama has done in his first four years will be doubled and quadrupled in the next four years. Oppression like we have never seen; surveillance that we can neither fathom, nor counter.

Today is the day we have feared and awaited. There is no time to try and do anything legally, the very meaning of legality went out the window on Tuesday. The Obama Administration has demonstrated time and time again its willingness to do things illegally to oppress us, it is time that we turned the tables and allowed ourselves to do things illegally to throw off that oppression.

I recognize no federal law against gun ownership. I recognize no federal law against travel. I recognize no federal law against collaboration, or insurrection. If you are not ready to take this fight on directly, you are not a patriot, you are not a soldier for freedom.

We are faced with an internal enemy, a "domestic enemy" if you will, determined to use the very government of the United States to overthrow itself. They are the enemies of the United States itself, not just those who seek only to make the Constitution valid, to ensure the rights listed therein. Obedience to the Constitution demands an overthrow of this government determined to overthrow the republic.

I don't know how legal scholars would view it, only that there can be no loyalty to a nation designed to eliminate itself and replace itself with tyranny and a contempt for its own founding. I have maintained and always will that I can commit no crime while in pursuit of the Constitutional rights guaranteed to me upon birth. No congress can refuse them, no president can eliminate them through Executive Order, no Supreme Court can misinterpret the Constitution to allow the denigration of my rights, given to me by God and the words of the founders.

I am at liberty to pursue liberty and no legal government of the United States can deny me that right, not by law or re-definition of those rights. Whatever extremes I am made to go to to secure the rights I am promised are justified by the very document itself, by the words of Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

Therefore whatever crimes I might commit in pursuit of justice, of liberty and of property are previously absolved by the necessity of their commission, for a truly instituted government on the ideals and principles of the Constitution could not conceivably encounter resistance such that I am prepared to embrace.

Let us now show them the wrath of the righteous and let them seek the comforts of the Constitution which they hold in such disdain. Let them seek refuge from us.

I reach out now to all members of the military forces, of the veterans recently back from Iraq and Afghanistan. What were you fighting for over there? Is it not the same as that should be fought for over here? I reach out to the police forces of the states and cities, in what capacity do you serve? Do you intend to keep order so that certain sectors of the citizens might be abused and accosted by others? Do you seek to provide the legality of theft, of fraud, of murder? Was that the oath you swore? Or, was it different? Did it ask you to protect the citizens from the very types of individuals who now control this government?

What was Fast and Furious/Gunwalker all about? It was an action against local law enforcement; an action against you in the gang interdiction units. It armed the cartels and their cronies with semi-automatic weapons easily converted to fully automatic, to go against you, the average cop on the beat. You are going to stand with them?

Loyalties to the old order no longer work. Just being a cop is not the Andy Griffith sort of endeavor it may have once been. You are more militarized. Ask yourself: for what? The crime is no different than it has been. Yes, drug dealers are better armed, to some degree at the hands of our own Justice Department. Is that a reason to prosecute Americans for some skimpy weapons charge? Don't you see the way in which your loyalties have been used to oppress and victimize the very citizens you are charged to protect, are paid to protect?

From what I see, you do not engage those better armed than you anyway. You are afraid of the gangs. Fear us, then as we will now organize against you in ways you cannot combat. Take me to jail, to prison, I will organize better from there.

Join us or suffer our wrath along with the rest of the statist fascists.

Now is the time for the citizens of America to stand for something. I will begin my campaign against the illegal forces that seek to impoverish and imprison us today. When I am captured, I will demand POW status and Red Cross packages, because this is a war. Get your mind right. As long as there was the possibility of redress, there was hope to forestall the impending disaster that awaits us when the economy can no longer bear the optimism of capitalism. When it crashes, it will crash hard and if we have the fortitude we should begin the clash today, because the fall is inevitable.

My request is only this: beyond my capture this blog will live on, details will be given on it for my benefit and that of my family. I would hope that those reading this will support them so that my sacrifice will not be in vain and if we can extend that protection to every soldier in this fight, we will recruit beyond our dreams.

The one thing that has kept us on the leash to this point is the suffering of our families. Unleash us by promising to provide for them in our absence and the fight will rage.


  1. Not sure where you are located but I will help shelter as many as I can on my acreage. We would quickly run out of house space and Winter is here but I would never turn a patriot's family away or leave them unprotected. Of course I may not be here either.

  2. Whatever happend to that thing about, "We're fighting them over there so we won't have to fight them over he."?

    It was silly then and sillier now.
    The fight was here all along.


    Once, in my Youth, with my adult Life yet before me, I went to War to preserve the Rights of Others in Another Country.

    Think you not that Now, approaching the End of that Life, I would not go again to War to preserve those selfsame Rights in My Own Country?


    1. Mr. Habcan III....many of us were duped. Like Korea and Vietnam we have no legit purpose in the 'stan or elsewhere.

      DAN III

  4. I am ALL IN, ready to go-

  5. I have moved to a location where I believe is safe from where the city/urban leaches live. NY and NJ have been a shining example of how disaster effects the population. Now we know that our freedom has been hijacked by the politicians. Everyone has sold out to the money men. Our fore fathers made provisions for the over throw of tyrants that would TRY to take our liberty. I believe if a revolution can happen in other countries it can happen here. The people that are in "power" believe "we the people" are too lazy to do any thing because we don't generally protest. We don't protest, they are right. We have been lulled to sleep because life is soooo comfortable, yawn. Guess what, I believe they have just awakened the sleeping giant.
    I have made preperations already for some families to come here to live. Where we can we need to prepare for others to come to where you are too. Things may be getting dicey soon. I believe we have at the most 2 years untill the whole system goes under. Support the brothers and DO NOT BELIEVE ANY POLITICIAN! Keep our mouths shut, study and gather the needs.

    TL do not go into their system, you will disappear. We need you and your type to lead the fight not become absorbed into it. Gorilla tactics not theirs. Hit and run, read "The Art of War".

  6. Robert of Alabama, I haven't been reading your eloquent pieces too much lately, sorry but just needed some time to step back. But glad I saw this one sir, you are right and your words dead on. Though not regular as many here and though we have never met I promise you on my honor that you are welcome at my home. Give me some way to give you my information in a way you can use it so as you cannot be tracked. I have some acerage on which you and yours could stay, and I will help support you in any way I can. God has blessed me with some meager resources and at this point I can think of no better way to use them than in the true cause of Liberty. As I have said before I have a wife and five children, they are precious to me and their future is worth fighting for.......and I think the time is/has come.


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