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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It Is Not Just Business, It Is Personal

There is no news today. Hopes that the decline would be abated for a little while longer were dashed, nothing else. It is a day of mourning for the lost soul of America, I suppose, but the America we remember was gone long ago.

November 6th was the day that proved to many of us that we were right: that when the takers discovered they had the votes to demand a living from the rest of us, they would use the oppressive power of government to get it and the politicians will get what they want by promising them our stuff.

I almost had a bumper sticker made up one time that made one simple statement: "stop proving your generosity with my money."

It is what it is and now that Obama has been re-elected we will get everything Obamacare threatened. We will get massively more intrusive government. Yesterday, the timeline accelerated for government oppression and control, but it never would have been stopped by an election and we all knew it.

It is not yesterday, it is today and we need to figure out what to do about it. One cannot educate the masses out of wanting free stuff. One cannot prepare their way out of the world their children will inherit. One cannot kill their way out of the facts.

Yesterday proved that the Tea Party was a failure, a good run, a noble attempt, but ultimately a failure. The Tea Party exploded from the idea that the government was not all powerful, that when the average citizen stood up, they could overpower government control. It didn't work. The momentum and power that the Tea Party initially drew on was wasted in trying to work within the system, to change it somehow. I broke from the Tea Party when they didn't understand that they had to evolve into a more radical institution.

I won't threaten you with a vision of the future, we all know what it will be: "May I see your papers? Where are you going this evening? This is a restricted quadrant, you must turn around and go back."

There are two options available to those who value liberty and will fight to re-establish our God-given rights. There is direct action against those who have violated the rights of others and there is waiting for the economic apocalypse to somehow create order out of chaos.

The time for talking is done, the time for voting is done. It is time to start making plans and taking action. Every day that goes by we will be in worse shape and less able to carry out any resistance.

I don't know what is going to happen in the next few weeks, but we have all been warned in the oil field that if the election went to Obama there would be dire consequences to the industry. I don't know what that means. I don't know what oil companies have in mind, or what actions they might take. I don't know it if is a forward-looking statement, or just a realization that if fracking is banned the great discoveries in petroleum technology would dry up the Bakken and every other method of shale-oil production through horizontal drilling and fracking.

I do know that the day I am put out of work by the policies of this government is the day it becomes personal.


  1. It's always been personal. Because the gov considers themselves the "Guiding light" sent to rule and walk us along the proper path. We are categorized and filed. Done. Like a damn TPS report. A number on an IRS file. A "known associate" in an FBI report. Not known as who we are, but listed, labeled and dealt with, like a computer virus. They have "programs" to "Fix" people like us.

  2. Yep it is personal and you are a hated target and at this point the gloves are off and the restrictions that used to bind them are gone. They now know they have a voting majority. The war against rural and White America has moved to the next level.

    The EPA regulations set to come out now have been reported to completely gut the energy sectors including oil and coal. Energy prices will necessarily skyrocket. Remember that statement?

    All you got left is to join the resistance.

  3. $6 gas by the summer, $10 gas after that.
    Electricity costs to double or more.
    Crumbling infrastructure to continue to crumble.
    National defense to be gutted to the point that it's ineffective.
    Massive layoffs everywhere.
    Welcome to the third world shithole formerly known as the United States....

  4. If it were possible to convince the farmers to take 1 years off the city dwelling leeches would have to surrender their ideas. No food is produced in the cities.

  5. not so on teaparty the election was stolen, the republicans are worthless, don't you see?

    1. Remember what the Republicons did to Ron Paul?

    2. "not so on teaparty"

      Unfortunately, the TEA Party was a bad joke from the get-go (though plenty of its followers did act from good motives). The first rallies were primarily old folks demanding that their benefits not be cut in order to fund Obamacare. It was about preserving the flow of the gravy train as it was, not about stopping it.

      They also showed an utter unwillingness to live up to their namesake. Case in point: when the TEA Party held a rally in a park, they paid a permit fee, then tried to get it back after the Occupy movement occupied the park without a permit. The Occupy guys simply exercised their *right* to assemble; the TEA Party agreed to allow the government to turn that right into a privilege.

    3. Jimmie, you are correct. The Tea Party (some of them)joined together to protect their many benefits. The GOP confiscated the movement and the Tea Party was thrilled. (Freedom Works & AFP led the takeover in conjunction with the GOP hierarchy)Many Tea Party just wanted the GOP back in power with their big spending on them. They blamed all of the bad new legislation on Obama (NDAA, Patriot Act, Fake Food Safety, etc, and on and on and on) But guess who passed all those bills THE GOP SUPER MAJORITY!!!! Wake up now if you STILL do not get it

  6. Viva le Resistance!

  7. I was working on my truck the other day and had an epiphany. I found a broken bolt on my alternator bracket. Turned out it was three (all) broken bolts. The bolt heads had come off. I had to come up with a way to remove the broken section and replace with a new bolt to be sure it wouldn't happen again. There was no repair of the broken bolt that would last more than a few minutes due to the demands of the alternator to produce energy. I couldn't weld a new head on, I couldn't fix what was broken. The only solution was to remove what was broken and replace it. I had to drill out the old bolts, remove all remaining evidence of them and clean up the threads, then replace with a better quality bolt that fit the threads that were already present.

    do I need to explain the epiphany, or will that do?

    A simple thought came to my mind- you can't heal cancer with a bandaid. you need a scalpel.

    1. Aye. You have to kill the cancer before the cancer eats the patient to death... questions is, "is there *really* enough of America left to save?" The cancer outnumbers the healthy cells/citizens as a majority of total population. The cancer owns damn near all of the government, plus the media, banking, manufacturing, and major population centers (the organs). In other words, what use are we, the legs, really worth at this point, except to cary the cancer riddled body until death?!? Lets go with insurrection and bring it on, at this point... because elections DO have consequences, especially when they arent the scripted ones the power-elite want them to have!!

  8. Nobody to blame but conservatives, constitutionalists and traditionalists who for decades sat and watched as their rights were gradually eroded and their country stolen.
    You will now begin to pay for your grandfathers, fathers and your apathy.
    You earned it.
    Stop complaining and get along.

    1. It is not the first time it has happened and it wont be the last,they know human nature to the t`s,who`s they you may ask ?It is up to you to find out,just like I did

  9. Borrow a copy of John Ross's UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. Buying it is too expensive.(I wish it were available on Kindle.) You may find some useful ideas in it.

    1. There are black market PDFs of the galley proof floating around. Some OCR errors, but not too bad. Do some Google searching.

  10. TL-

    In my neck of the oil patch it is the ever-growing and autonomous EPA official who is getting froggy. Other issues are whispered about by some.

    That, and a bunch of nonsense about "oh-by-the-way" retroactive taxes- but that is a state issue, not FedGov.

    Drilling is going to slow in 2013; it is already. Leases are almost all locked in and the industry is ready for a breather. I'm just a peon, though. I know nothing. FYI.

    The industry is just now back up to pre-moratorium production levels after the deepwater incident, and the .gov's ill-considered moratorium. One of those strokes of genius here by the government, and a lot of folks are gonna have a very expensive heating system...

    The industry is very future-based. Shutting down new production has a train-wreck like accordion effect.

    We need to get together at some point, although I don't make it that way much...


  11. The first rallies were primarily old folks demanding that their benefits not be cut in order to fund Obamacare.

    I don't agree. The 2009 March on DC was a resounding success and all were patriots who I met. (Posted)

    Oath Keeper's Ceremony & Dinner+ 09/12/09 D.C.

  12. Two Options? I see only one and it's not waiting for the collapse!


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