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Friday, November 2, 2012

I Have Seen The Future And It Is Sandy

Sandy and Katrina before it exposes human nature for what it is. We are, at our base, desperate and violent animals. It is capitalism, hard work and ingenuity that change the human animal into the humane animal, but it does not work without wealth. Those without will take and if they have to fight to get it, they will.

These catastrophes only foreshadow the inevitable economic collapse. It can be instructive to see how people act when they cannot get fuel, when they have no electricity, when they can't charge the phones on which they have become so dependent. It will get worse.

I have a little bit different take on the dependency of the American people. I think it is good. The more people who are dependent upon government the better. Why? Well, two reasons. First, the more people are dependent upon government and it continues to take more and supply more, the faster it will come unravelled. Second, when the government has created dependents, it has also created adversaries during times of stress? Who will they attack when the goods are not supplied?

In New York, the crews sent out to fix the electric grid were pelted with eggs, because they had not gotten there sooner. That is the thought process of the dependent. Yes, with more than fifty percent of the people dependent on government, it creates a voting block that is unbeatable, but it also creates a majority and in America, where we demand everything now, that becomes a bigger problem than a solution.

A majority is a good thing for politicians, if they want to get elected, but it is a bad thing for leaders who want cooperation and civility.

If I thought the republic was salvageable under Constitutional vigor, I would not hold the same views, but it is not. No election will solve this. Nothing but a reset will give us the opportunity to use our socialist past as a lesson to be learned by the next generations.

Nothing would have prevented Sandy for striking land. That was an act of nature, but there are a great many in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania who now understand the consequences of an economic collapse much, much better than they did before. They understand that photo ops and concerned looks on the faces of politicians don't put fuel in the tank, electricity through the wires, or food on the counter. They feel abandoned and betrayed. Good.

My pleas for leadership arise from this very issue. We need to have people out there pointing this out to as many people as we can. Here is the future if America is allowed to continue on its current path of socialism. These are the lies government tells you. These are the conditions to which you will become accustomed.


  1. The pictures and news reports of the widespread, but fairly minor destruction of Sandy (by Hurricane Andrew or Katrina standards) should make those who haven't prepared pause for thought...

    1. I think the "fairly minor destruction of Sandy" will be greatly increased as the media starts to report on the true extent of the devastation.

  2. Good Post!!! Although the egg pelting was in Conn. after the mayor there told his constituents that the electric company was sending all their employees to the "Rich" suburbs. Even that minor correction fits your post however.

  3. when the election is over, coverage will stop.

  4. "...a great many... ... who now understand the consequences of an economic collapse much, much better..."
    Yes, there truly are, TL. My brother was just visiting and, surprise suprise (to praphrase Gomer), he is now beginning to understand some of what I've been telling him for years.
    As the adage says, "There's nothing like being hungry to teach you what hungry is."
    And there's nothing like gov't inefficiency to show you what you're really up against when the lights go out. No amount of... anything... is going to turn them on. Still, "We're from the gov't and we're here to help."
    and, "We have our unions to get work accomplished, don't ask for non-union help."

  5. I feel for the children and the elderly when disaster strikes, but I'm afraid I will take a certain amount of enjoyment watching the "entitled" suffer when their toys no longer work, they have no heat, and they run out of food. Being that so many are overweight, they won't starve immediately. Perhaps Northcom will be able to move enough of them into camps and onto military installations to keep them fed. As we have seen addressed in so many books (as in Matt Bracken's books, and John Ringo's "Last Centurion"), government will stumble through feeding some of them, while also supplying the gangs which will prey upon the movement of food and other supplies.

    Don't expect it to happen very soon. Our government has been good about finding ways to delay the inevitable. It will happen sooner if Obama's handlers manage enough fraud to get him re-elected, but will still happen if Mittens wins instead. I wouldn't mind having a little longer to prepare, though, so let's hope Mittens manages to win.

  6. This is basically what I've been saying for the past few days, all nicely summed up in one succinct article. Well done. :)

  7. Well said and so true! Reset!


  8. Spot on, TL! The Free Stuff Army has been bribed to worship the government, and depend on it. Relationships built on bribes turn nasty when the bribes stop coming.

  9. "It is capitalism, hard work and ingenuity that change the human animal into the humane animal, but it does not work without wealth."

    It also does not work without a moral people. Public schools and government dependence have made the American people more and more amoral, uncivilized, and depraved. Our Constitution will only work, as Adams reminded us, for a moral and just people. It is wholly inadequate for any other.

    Love your stuff, man.

  10. Very good summary. I was appalled to hear a Fox news reporter(who lives in Manhattan), extoll the greatness of the Federal Govt who HAS to step in and "help" everyone. The same people who benefitted from the TARP bailouts etc. (guess who owns the beach houses in NJ)
    I hope as the writer that the govt continues to spend so we go down faster and we can get on with a new beginning. NO MATTER who wins on Tuesday, there will not be any significant change, they are all Fascist/Socialists. Disgusting to listen to them.
    They ALL promise freebies with borrowed money, GOP and the DEMS. Not a dimes worth of difference

  11. Please consider an alternate vote by supporting Buy A Gun Day on Nov. 6th. If you can support Patriots, even better, head over to and see the new line of guns, made by Patriots for Patriots. Thank you.

    1. I have enough guns. I have had enough of the politicians lies, corruption, good 'ol boy club self interests. I have seen too many companies exploit and capitolise on storable foods, guns, ammo, prepper stuff and every thing under the sun bleeding more money and resorces from the American people. Let those that flaunted their wealth, I pods, Black Berry's, 401's, stocks and every other item they depended on and lauged at those of us who genuinely live and kept prepared for living life in a normal vein. Now we're suppose to cry with them because sand is in their house at the beach and their BMW is flooded. Mean while the folks in the country, the back bone of society are taking a back seat to all the politicians touring the Sandy scene. Here in WV we got barried in snow and we don't see the concern the city rich get.
      O'romney or any party pushed canidate is all a lie and a joke. What's with this lll party? Buy a gun? where are your self interests? Let's just start our country over by voting all the bastards out.

    2. One cannot vote out a tyrant, as the tyrant will never allow themselves to BE voted out. If voting did anything it would have been outlawed years ago.

      It's like that famous quote attributed to ol' Joe Stalin that says he who votes means nothing, he who counts the votes... everything.

  12. Reap what you sow. No Pity left for Urban Parasites.


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