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Friday, November 23, 2012

American Fear

The Patriot/Liberty movement is locked in fear. While there are countless fearless individuals in the movement, I think it says something for us that we are not fearless without bound, we are bound by the knowledge that it is our families who will pay for our involvement and actions.

On the other hand, heroes are not fearless, they are heroes because they act regardless of their fear. It is easier to do when confronted with a situation where the only solution to a grave problem is to take the grenade, or provide the distraction so that others might escape, etc. It is much more difficult to do when there seems to be nothing to gain and everything to lose.

The question then is: Is it for nothing?

I think most in the movement are concerned about being a headline in the local paper, a side note on a slow news day. Even if we consider that what we might do would be notable, widespread and given a few moments of fame, we are not in it for these things.

Most of us just want to know that we are sacrificing ourselves so that liberty can live in the hearts of Americans again, most notable on that score is our children. There are plenty in the movement who feel that they would make the sacrifice, were that act to benefit their children with the sort of liberty we once knew. But, there are no guarantees and without them, we are hesitant.

A person in the movement imparted to me a few things the other day. 1) we have no organization because we have no leadership, or at least someone who is speaking for us on the national stage (they all run and hide when the water temperature rises the slightest bit); 2) we have no funds, no big money philanthropist willing to bankroll our actions.

Without leadership and funds, what do we really think we are going to accomplish? About what we are now, singing to the choir and praying for converts.

If this is the extent of our resources, we are at a dead end. Other than the odd act of one or more patriots, which will quickly be condemned by every media outlet in the nation, we are stagnant.

I know you have all heard me lament the lack of leadership before and the lack of funds, so I won't replay that script. Let's look at the problem anew.

We need to act. We have not. We have not because we are afraid.

Whether that fear is a fear of being marginalized and written off as an extremist or lunatic and knowing that your family will live with that stain the rest of their lives, or not, it is fear.

Own it. Overcome it.

I wish that we had real-time news of the revolution. I bet we would be surprised by what a lot of people said about those traitors, malcontents, spoiled brats, etc.

If one were to make the comparison of ourselves and the founders prior to the Declaration of Independence there are only two things lacking, military leadership and funds. I do not think that we lack in intellectual acuity, except that those possessing of the great brains on the right, on Constitutionalism, will not associate with us. They are afraid of being labeled traitors and malcontents as well.

We have got to get over these limitations of fear.

Funding, that is a matter of fear as well. Chick-fil-a, the Catholic Church and the Koch Brothers are examples. Why would they side with us? We offer no protection, no resistance, no legitimacy and especially no humor.

There is a point of consolidation, however, a moment of epiphany for all of us, but no one will rally around people who do nothing, but complain.

What we have to do is something smart, something recognizable, something even a bit humorous in a raucous, American way, kind of way like the original Tea Party, to get their attention. We have to BE American. So many of us have been diluted through pressure that it is difficult to think of actions like we used to, the "in your face" type of things that Americans used to do.

My e-mail is I have been racking my brain trying to think of something, but I am not as American as I used to be either. I would like to vet suggestions (aside from hang 'em all).


  1. Leadership is a problem until the ability to lead is proven. Until a scenario brings someone on top to lead other patriots must always disagree and refuse to follow. I have seen so many patriots comment one way on a blog then completely do a turn around just to shoot someone else's point down on another blog. Either someone with rank needs to jump in or we need a scenario to produce a leader. Once the ball is rolling more will be produced.

    We don't need funding as much right now as we need a geographical HOT BED of support that in turn gives it's own internal security. The Revolutionary period had this so men could leave to fight and expect at least some security and neighbors who would protect their families. Once one little county becomes a hot bed of support watch the others fall in line quickly.

    1. How does that county become a "hotbed of support", though? I conjectured somewhere, Free North Carolina, I think, that it will take notable bloggers and personalities being taken away in the middle of the night before most of us will be willing to take the risk of acting.

    2. Or, perhaps, some of us will just simply start leading. I know there will be those who will automatically move to pull down (like a bucket of crabs) anyone who does this of their own initiative, but I contend that these people - the carpers and doubters - are what's wrong with the movement. Patriots don't malign other patriots (not without ample due cause), and the BS needs to stop immediately. I've watched this happen time and again for 15 years, and I'm sick of it. Lead, follow, or get out of the damn way!

      Also, if we wait till prominent personalities are being taken away, it's a little late to start organizing at that point. That is the point when patriots should be striking back, HARD. (See my comments below)

  2. We’re doing things all wrong. Those of us longing for the return of our Constitution simply don’t know how to go about winning a majority to our side. It’s not message, it’s semantics.

    Secede is a no-win word. In cultivated population centers of this country, where people get their news from Jon Stewart, it evokes thoughts of backwater states demanding the right to keep slaves…of Simon Legree with a bullwhip…of losers in butternut and gray…of weird foods like okra, chicken fried steak, and pecan pie…of hillbillies with two names and unintelligible speech.

    We should call our wish for individual rights a term that is more acceptable…like divorce. Since the majority of marriages end that way, it has become not only socially acceptable to the civilized public, but has become the preferred cure for nearly every degree of marital acrimony. Should be the same for the union of states as the union of marriage.

    If the state of Texas were to file a request for a no-fault dissolution of the marriage between Texas and the United States, how could any liberal minded person object?

  3. I would love to be a citizen of the Republic of Texas. After having lived there for 3 of my 65 years (2003-2006) I still miss it every time I think of it.

    Every expression of support for secession is a no-confidence vote in the Productive Sector supporting the FSA, Obongo's New Peoples' Socialist Republic, and the plutocrats who are taking America swirling down the porcelain pony.

    Frightening as the thought is, economic collapse may be the galvanizing factor necessary to break the Left's stranglehold on every aspect of society. People will be forced to get up off of their collective gluteus (gluteii?) when their very survival becomes tenuous and the normalcy bias no longer functions as their Teddy bear.

    I just hope to make it through the first die-off.


    1. economic collapse may be the galvanizing factor necessary to break the Left's stranglehold on every aspect of society.

      Bingo and has been my thought for some while.

    2. Collapse is right out of the Alynski playbook.
      That's not the end of the story. And that is when leadership would be needed most. And who has the leadership? The left, the very people who caused it and are standing ready to create the real new world order.

  4. Are we not already in a revolutionary state, albeit not of conservative beginnings. Why not embrace the Socialist vehickle to the bottom of the ravine. This is where their intentions lie. They are your funding, they are your means. Out of the ashes we embrace the Constitution in its original glory and intent. Our largess creates a lack of organization but the Commies will render the gel we desire. Patience is our ally, for the bottom is not that far. Isn't that pit what we all see and fear. Embrace it!

  5. What is a man too do?Pray and fight ?Fight and Pray?oft times,it gets a little rocky,drive on motherfucker.
    bill fletcher

    1. Fletcher who was stupid enough to post your bail?

  6. Grown men do not need leaders.

    Be your own leader.

    1. I believe I am my own leader, but that does nothing to wrest liberty for all from the beast.

  7. Quit feeding the beast. We must use the intelligence God graced us with. The evil is attacking from within. Take a lesson from the foe. The lazy entitlements are aiding in the demise of our Socialist globalist in power. They pay no taxes and do it without fear, while the righteous distribute hard earned wealth scared and enslaved. If we were all good little entitleists the beast would starve sooner with his own ideology.

  8. Is it really a matter of changing hearts and minds? Why? It's unlikely the LibertyPatriot movement would ever change how it is perceived by the majority. Don't even try. It's not our job to change minds. Our job is to welcome those who have done the hard work of changing their own minds.

    The 2012 election really was a watershed. Conservatives are reeling, taking spiritual inventory, re-evaluating their implied mission statements. This process can't be rushed, it's a shaking-out process going on now. Many conservatives are absurdly focussing now on how to prepare for the next election. Wow, how crazy is that! 2016 will NOT be the same arena it was in 2012, all the negatives of 2012 will be enhanced, far far worse. Others (i.e. Rush Limbaugh) that this process of changing hearts and minds will win in the long run, but there'll be much grief and pain before that happens. Wishful thinking.

    The Kondratiev long wave predicts 2013 will be a year of profound social and economic upheaval. And 3 other 'cycles' theorists (Edward Dewey, Quincy Wright & others) predict 2016 as the cycle crest / turning point that signals the arrival of global war. Apparently, upheavals would begin next year, accelerate and escalate in 2014-15, leading to war in 2016. Maybe that isn't your thing, LOL, but it resonates for me!

    So my point is do what you can from where you are and with what you have now. I think the time for a big-tent conservative movement to take back the country is past now. Events are going to outstrip capabilities and plans for any possible social and political change.

    Think like Noah. What sort of 'ark' can you build? ...

    1. Consider the "Theory of Dissipative Structures"- simple version: Any system (the USA) is structured at inception to work properly while accounting for all the available data. As time passes, more data appears- some fits- no problem; some doesn't fit- stress ("perturbation") begins to shake, rattle and squeak until the whole thing comes apart, then another system is formed that accounts for all the available data. As time passes, more data appears- some fits... When our USA was started, we moved at horse & buggy speed and the "doubling rate" of knowledge was measured in centuries. Now, we are moving at nearly the speed of light, and the doubling rate of knowledge is measured in months. Pretty much time for a new system, folks. Our choices are: get ahead of the curve and position your self/family/tribe to survive & prosper, or become fodder... Politics and economics as fostered by the "powers that be" are already dead and don't even know it. Look around, figure out what has timeless value, and embrace these things and you and yours will be okay...

  9. Riddle me this Batman, why do I have to show proof to buy OTC Sinus medicaton,. Oh the methamphetamine act.

    but what about Voting, and the Voting Rights act. Na no proof needed.

    Yes by all means wait till 2016 and keep making Rush and all the Rest including Savage, Levin more boojs and more money. Elections have been done for a while now.

    1. This is what I have said. There's no mandate. Take away all the illegals who "voted" for Obama and he loses even WITH the libertarians sitting this one out. He's got a lot less support than the complicit media makes out and it's going to take physical action sooner or later to rout the Marxists out. May as well get ready. I'm all for a leader structure in this movement and there needs to be a way to Vet agent provocateurs. This is serious business for the gravest times our country has seen since it's founding. The Republic is lost and the Constitution is dead so it's up to us to reinstate it.

  10. Wave theories aside, I agree with Stephen Carter. Basically.

    Here's the problem. There is a philosophical disjunct within the so-called "freedom movement." Some understand the PRINCIPLES of the Founding Documents and so want those to reign supreme. Some understand the MANIFESTATION of the Constitution, not to mention some of its detailed history, and so want no pert of it. Others yet, thankfully a dwindling minority, think Democracy actually has some morality to lend itself, and so want nothing but elections.

    Here's the solution. None of that matters, especially now. You either believe in the PRINCIPLES of individual liberty, or you don't. You either believe that each of us owns himself or herself, or you don't. You either believe that others should be free to do as they wish, as long as they don't inhibit others from doing as they wish, or you don't.

    The battle has ALWAYS been individualism versus collectivism, and you can't tell which is which by looking at a uniform, or hearing a bunch of trite words fall from someone's mouth.

    There's nothing wrong with movements or groups...there's plenty right with them, in fact. The problem in this case is that it's not a bowling league or a hunting expedition (well, alright...). It's a PHILOSOPHICAL distinction, and it's built of the respect (or absence of it) for other people, even as it's founded on the principle that one's life is one's own to live, as happily and successfully as one can.

    All I'm really saying is that until THAT distinction is made, and made clearly, it really doesn't mean very much to "pick sides" or anything like that. A collectivist on the freedom "side" is as dangerous as a collectivist on the statist side, maybe more so.

    Plus, there's always the problem that in this environment, there may be more statists on the payroll looking for something to do, than there are actual liberty-minded folk trying to figure out what to do. This means that any subset of Team Freedom will likely have more agents and provocateurs, than actual freedom fighters. This is not news, and in the long run will prove to be no problem at all. A transparent society will be a civil society. It's the greatest weapon the Good Guys have--widespread information--even as the Bad Guys think they have a monopoly on it. Well they don't, and we're right in the middle of them finding out. It's sort of like owning a nuke, but not being able to control its detonation. Bad spot for the Bad Guys, as long as the Good Guys figure out how to use it. And they will, sure as the sun rising.

    My suggestion, TL? Don't rock a boat that's floating well. Not only do you do great things here, but they're exactly the things that need to be done. I learned long ago that whenever one is stuck in a seemingly impossible situation with no apparent solution at all, the wisest solution is always the same---patience.

  11. To answer your question, I don't know. It would be _great_ to have a Boston Tea Party moment. If an opportunity like that arise, we should be sure to seize it. I will think on that.

    However we cannot force these things. I feel the "energy" in the air, and so does the government. It is not investing billions in the DHS and militarizing the police to keep the welfare class in check. They believe they know what is coming.

    Here are my thought out list of what we can do right now.

    Economic Resistance.

    1. Use cash everywhere you go.
    2. Do not use debit cards or visa for anything deny the system their 3%.
    3. Move your money to Texas or the American Redoubt. Strengthen the redoubts economically.
    4. Get out of debit, stay out of debit. This system is built on debit slavery.
    5. Do everything legally you can to pay 0 in taxes.

    Preparing for the unknown.
    1. Prepare your soul, find a conservative church and pray.
    2. Pull your children out of public school. Don't loose the war
    3. Turn off your TV.
    4. Spend your money with Patriots who are trying to prepare.
    5. Relocate to Texas or the American Redoubt.
    6. Prepare your body and mind. Get fit and stay that way.

    More here:

  12. Why Texas Bard? Ya got Globalist Rick Perry and a bunch of mainline anti-liberty politicians running it and it's full of Illegal Mexicans who are on the collectivists side. I don't see freedom lovers taking it back any time soon, sorry brother.

    1. You are 100% correct, but to its benefit Texas already has one foot out of the Union, huge resources, and international border and massive sea ports. It is the only state in the Union that I know that maintains its own Air Force, its Air National Guard has front line F-16 fighters. If it was up to me, I would _give_ the Mexicans the South West Texas in exchange for fighting for the entire state (they basically already have it any way). Here is the number one reason. We must all get registered to vote in one or two places, so that we can elect bottom feeding politicians who will "do what is required" to protect the state. Texas does have a lot of people like that already. For me it is the American Redoubt, but I accept that may not right for everyone, however, we must, must get our voting together even if we all can't move there right now.

  13. I agree with The Bard and what some others have written. Patience is a good thing to have for now. Store up, prepare, don't publicly organize, organize quietly among friends and like minded folks. That's what the Patriots did. Tavern meetings and barn meetings. The time is not right for a move, there is no kayos to capitolize on. Wait for them to create the situation where more will willingly join because of lack of faith in their system.
    When we act it has to be decisive and complete. We just can't start shooting and call it an act of patriotism.
    Educate, store, train, prepare, watch, read blogs like this one and books to learn from then pick those smart enough to be our spokesman and leaders.
    Find the FEMA camps and other Gov hidden things and find out about them and how to overcome them if the need arises. Find out who is who in their camps and organizations. Develop "special ops" like they have and better because it's our lives vs their paychecks.
    Study and learn how the patriots felt, the resistance durring WW 2 and others that believed and opperated only be better and more modern. Learn how to defeat their systems. Be ready if it takes 1 day or 5 years.
    Live as close to a normal life as visually possible. Let them, make them make the mistakes.
    Don't give them a reason to dwindle our numbers.

  14. How about a coordinated day of freedom related pranks, capers and escapades. A dump truck full of cameras, shackles, handcuffs, red tape dumped on your state house lawn. Chain and locks, with yellow caution tape, and orange cones across the entrance to your local PD motor pool. Super glue in all locked doors on the local university campus. Have independent journalists outside the local news stations with cameras and protesters stopping local TV personalities on the way in to the office and ask them why they don't protect the constitution. In front of the next local gun show, try the president, Monsanto, the heads of the too bigs to fail in absentia. Play on the populism of the occupy movement, with a little education most of them that I have talked with come around and realize it is not America they hate, but the unconstitutional cronies that the 3 count as our enemies as well. Publicize a day of Anarcho-capitalist merryment, disgruntled people can be very original with high jinks that will further recognition that our freedoms are being eroded. You could always have someone dressed up as TSA Claus being pulled by 12 black bagged reindeer through the mall this holiday season, just sayin.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Patience.

    "If we can't drive them out, well breed them out..."

    Some of you will get it.

    When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.” – Adolf Hitler

    It took a combined international army to drive him out.

    Go ahead and let those two quotes be attributed to lunatics.

    You ain't the Scots, and neither are you a combined international army.

    Meh. Keep thinking your way out of this...

    1. Fair point Curtis, but it's worth noting that "patience" doesn't mean endless waiting and talking. Indeed, in this case it means what I said it means: "...whenever one is stuck in a seemingly impossible situation with no apparent solution at all..."

      You make a valid point that historically wars have consisted of untold zillions of automatons fighting other zillions of automatons. But that might not be such a genius plan in this scenario, where only the Bad Guys have unlimited automatons.

      The Good Guys have their wits, and that's it. I was just suggesting that it makes sense to take a moment and try to use them. Sorry you find that so scornful, but I'll try to get through the day anyway.

      You got one thing exactly right, though. Unless the Good Guys get their shit together, it's going to be a slaughterhouse and nothing else.

    2. There are forever yesterdays. Clank. Today will become yesterday. Clank. Tomorrow will become yesterday. Clank. And next week. Clank. Next month. Clank. Next year. Clank. Next generation. Patience... Your descendants now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.

      If only we had...

      Still thinking your way out of it.

      The patience of the people knows no bounds.

      Remember where we were yesterday? Patience. Here we are today. Patience. Imagine where we will be tomorrow. Patience. And the day after. Patience.

      In my 53 years, I have seen hundreds of patriots proclaim the virtue of patience. Wash, rinse, repeat.

      I have seen it over and over and over... I have seen the indignation. The call to arms. The call for restraint. The lull. The sleep. The call for patience... Wash, rinse, repeat.

      You call it "scorn". I call it reality.

      Be patient, and see how patiently all the tomorrows become just like all the yesterdays.

      All your enemies will tell you that patience is a virtue, just like they did yesterday. Meanwhile, they march on into the new camp... while you advocate their virtue of patience.

      I am not mocking TL's essay. But this is nothing new under the sun. Washer, rinse, repeat.

      You are not the future. Your children are. And theirs.

    3. Well, I don't disagree with anything you wrote. In my own defense, I didn't mean to imply patience as a strategy but rather as a more tactical, if you will, option.

      It may be the same word that you've been reading all along, but it didn't mean the same thing. It meant what I meant it to mean, and I agree with you overall about the impotence of infinite patience. That's one of the things we agree about; maybe one day we'll find another.

      As to the future...while it happens to be true that I, like most parents, care mostly about the future of my descendants, I'm in it right now to win and to win for my own life. Besides the fact that I'm all about life, I also figure that's the best way to secure a brighter future for those who follow me. Nothing like first-hand, right?

    4. See my first post up there Kline? I wasn't talking to you, or even targeting you personally with it.

      Always about... you.

    5. You never did answer...who's it about for you? Lemme guess; is it "everyone"?

      Anyway, I suggested patience (for TL) and am grateful for the chance to clarify. I get it now---your reply at 1042 was not to me, but to yourself. I gotta say, though, that leaves you twice as tied up with yourself, than me.

    6. Hey, Curtis...accurate or not, I retract my last comment as wholly off-topic. Mark it; that doesn't happen often. Sorry TL, and anyone else who cares.

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  18. I have just started rereading "Adolf Hitler" by John Tolman. I first read it in the 1970's before I became better educated. You can skip the first part of the first volume recounting Hitler as a child. Skip also, his experiences as a struggling artist in Vienna. Skip his experiences as a soldier in WWI. Just start at about 1919 in post-war, pre-revolutionary Munich, Bavaria. All of Germany was being taken over by left-wing revolutionaries. Bolshavicks, communists, socialists, trade unionists who were well led and well funded but did not yet have the active support of the German people. Opposing them were ineffectual moderates and just as ineffectual right-wing political parties. The left had physically occupied many towns in Germany. Literally occupied them.

    From our perspective, the interesting thing is how Hitler discovered the means by which he was able to almost single-handedly sieze power from all of this chaos. He succeeded because he was willing to get his hands both dirty and bloody in the process. Others failed because they were unwilling to do so. Really simple at heart.

    So read the couple of chapters that are relevant to us. Then think whether or not we are too clean, too pure, too American to do what it might take to sieze power from the hands of those who now wield it. The trick is emerging from the ocean of blood as clean as you were before you decided to dive in. That, we can do. But we must negotiate the bloody mess with the end being re-establishment of strictly Constitutional government.

    1. I, personally, think you have hit the nail on the head. We, as conservatives, Constutitionalist, etc, etc, etc, are very "mouthy" but mostly "hands off" type people.

      We're not ready to be and do what it takes, which is to take the gloves off. I'm not necessarily talking about violence but at some point it might come to that unfortunately.

      We're too nice. We want to be liked. NEED to be liked even.

      Sometimes it requires just telling and retelling the hard, cold truth in terms that it can be understood by the masses.

      Generally only about 10% of the population is involved in any major change in any society. The rest just go along to get along or a just totally lost (the biggest percentage).

      So, the numbers that are needed are relatively small to accomplish what the Country needs.

      Question with boldness.

    2. To add to this, we also must find a way to appeal to the emotions not the common sense of people.

      The only way we are losing this Country is through all the "feel good" crap that is constantly being presented to the masses.

      Obamacare "feels good". Welfare "feels good".

      Then look what happens after 9/11 and others incidents like that. Surprise, surprise!! Patriotism "feels good".

      We have to find the way, as even did Hitler, to make the masses "feel good" about their decisions to change. Look at this last election. It had nothing to do with common sense and everything to do with emotions. Obama makes them "feel good". They are "helping others" by being "fair" no matter how misguided they are.

  19. "Extremism... in the defense of Liberty", said Barry Goldwater, "is no vice". I am happy to see my peers in the militias of the several states coming together to provide the leadership that is needed to restore our Republic. A single charismatic and popular leader, such as Ron Paul, can be marginalized; or as in the case of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Benazir Bhutto, and many others... can be eliminated 'with extreme prejudice'. Better that the head of the movement be manifold and dispersed. The III% and the United Militias have this dispersal of leadership so the 'head' of our Gadsden Snake cannot be decapitated. Strength in numbers, unity through cohesion, liberty from vigilance. We already are seeing a revival of the Spirit of '76!

    Your patriot brother,
    MG William A. Flatt

  20. Only going to say it once on this thread.
    Arm up, Tribe up, and get ready. Some will keep thinkin, talkin and crying till the door gets kicked in. Others of us, are ready to rock, yesterday.

    III for Liberty

    Montai Semper Liberi

  21. What I would liketo see is Liberty loving gov't employees, especially in the computer nerd IT job description, begin to impair the ability of gov't to surveil us.

    Right now that is what makes me furious-er, how all-encompassing their grip and rapid their response is on/to us via technology. It's time for the technos to quit aiding and abetting our Big Brother state, screw the intellectual/nerd wet dream challenge of pushing gigabytes, speed and bell-n-whistles to the computers. Don't they realize their nerd fantasies are making it possible for the end users to take more control of real lives?

    Why not use those abilities to muck up the traffic cam systems, the license plate readers, the facial recognition cameras,the TSA xxx-ray machines, the debit card tracking etc. As I read it in various articles there may be city or regional wide cameras and systems but they are monitered by relativlely few management centers, stored on large mainframes. Why not attack, technically, those hubs? Make it expensive to replace and reboot (or whatever the devil they do) the main op systems, trash the multiple back-ups, infect the snot out of the surveillance grid - ot may not be permenant but a few days is a few days of freedom. Do something constructive for Liberty with your computer-nerd skills. Yea you may get caught but it is something that could do more harm and cause more frustration to the g-men than dozens of teams taking out corner cams or individual stations.

    Robert of Alabama

  22. Excellent, T.L.! Your best article yet! So true, and I love it. You are speaking for me and about me. I hope to sit with you again and talk if we ever make it to the same PatCon again! It was a pleasure meeting you!


  23. What fool wouldn't be scared with destiny staring him in his face. In my case, I have served my country honorably, lost my successful business of 20 years, have come face to face with the demon himself in the guberment tax agency and have been down to my last nickel and trust me when I say I remain fearful. Fearful that I will miss that one chance to resolve my anguish before my face to face at the gates. God bless the blood of the Patriot in his will to overcome these evil sons of bitches.

  24. Patriots; What I am going to lay out is a totally legal way to start the next step. Tax Revolt. Watch how: 1) change weekly witholdings at work to 9 dependants an married. Legal! The final yearly has to be accurate. 2) On 4/15/2013 file for an automatic 90 day extension. Legal. No penalty either. 3) On the 85th day take the money hou put in savings instead of feeding the Beast an give Ceasar what is his. All legal. No risk. We use the Beast laws to choke it. PASS THIS ON.


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