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Monday, November 5, 2012

A Noble Manner

A post-election view of America might be very different from the norm. Traditionally, the election settles everything. Even the losers have to accept defeat and work hard to elect someone better next time. This president, however, has not been the President in any real terms, he has been a dictator, using the majorities he had in congress when he had the House and the Executive Order when he no longer controlled both houses.

Obama is the only president I ever heard use the pronoun "I" so many times when describing actions that could only be done by many, many people. "I got Bin Laden" is a favorite one at election time, but there is always the sense that there has been a hidden secret; some deal cut between the Muslims and himself, assuming for a moment that he is not one, which under Islamic culture would suggest that if his father was a Muslim, then he is as well, no matter what church he had to go to in order to become part of the American political scene. The fact that the church he chose was an American-hating Black Evolution church might say something to the compromise he had to make.

Think for a moment though about the October Surprise he might have planned for November 6th. The Black Panthers staged out in front of a polling place was not even prosecuted by the Attorney General, Eric Holder, because as he candidly revealed that it did not arise to the level to which "his people" had been kept from the voting booths for decades following the Civil War and all the way up to the Sixties. They want you to forget that it was largely Democrats that refused those voting rights, not Republicans.

Eric Holder, were he not in place to exonerate, or fail to prosecute the same type of strategy, only on a larger scale, would be the ideal person to have in place as Attorney General for a November Surprise, perhaps one reason that Obama selected him to begin with and has not forced him to resign over the Fast and Furious/Gunwalker scandal.

I am not getting all Conspiracy Theory on you, read on.

Obama has never balked at using union labor to do his leg-breaking in a political sense, even a literal sense, as documented by Breitbart on a number of occasions. He has never thought twice about calling up class envy or race hatred to do his bidding. By race hatred, I mean the other way around, black hatred for whites. He is at his core a community organizer, a person who stirs up civil unrest to intimidate people, he made a career out of it and has perfected it, why would he not use those talents and abilities to retain the White House and cement his Marxist transformation of America?

What he can not do legally and Constitutionally he has done illegally and unconstitutionally and no one has said a word about it, he has just cruised on without a second thought. Why would this close election be any different? His followers are lawless thugs, even the kind old teacher who sports the 2012 bumper sticker and speaks in a very soft, but somehow threatening tone.

I had hoped, after the last election, despite all of the Marxist propoganda he spouted, that Obama would ultimately heal the race tension and division caused by so many different events in American history over the past two hundred and thirty-six years, but he did just the opposite, he inflamed it; he used it; he fueled his campaign on two parts black hatred and one part white guilt.

I don't know what tomorrow will hold. It will be an election and an aftermath of an election the likes of which we have never seen, drowning out the uncertainty and disillusionment of the 2000 election of George Bush.

What I am hoping from the Patriot/Liberty Community is a pledge to act against the injustice of a stolen, fraudulent and manipulated election. If things run according to tradition and there is a winner and a loser and everyone goes home to celebrate or stew, fine with me, but if there is a concerted effort to intimidate voters, to threaten violence and manipulate the polls, that we act. Voting is the last act left to the people to right that which has been wrong and uphold that great American tradition of citizen government, once that is gone, what is there left to fight for?

The vote, while merely one of a hundred million, is a sacred bond between the people and their government. No matter how corrupt, vile and seemingly pointless it is, once we have allowed the institution of the vote to become just another corrupt government swindle, we have lost any hope other than revolution to rectify our condition.

This is a time and a place for any or all of us to stand up to the brutality of government against the people. We need no coordination or support. We need no communication or signal to go. All we need to do is recognize where voter intimidation is occurring and to remedy the situation ourselves. Consider it a duty. I would consider it a priviledge to give my life in such a manner, for my nation.


  1. It is already corrupted beyond hope of repair. No tyrant will EVER allow themselves to be voted out of office, unless it's to be replaced by ANOTHER tyrant on the same team.

  2. Sadly it is not the voice of the people acted upon by the electoral college that will determine who wins this election. The thugs on the demoncratic side may have their say but the republikratic thugs had theirs when they refused to seat duly chosen delegates at their convention and many states replaced delegates with those of their own choosing. No matter who wins tomorrow the people will lose and until the people are ready to stand up as free men and women instead of as dutiful subjects of a tyrannical oligarchy then nothing will change.

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  4. We will be monitoring and videoing polls in our area.
    There will be no intimidation allowed.

    We will be prepared to defend ourselves and others with extreme prejudice.

    Voting may be futile, but it is our civic duty none the less.

  5. The chicanery of the Republicrats will be exceeded only by that of the Demicans. Or vice-versa. What I want is a substantial victory by Romnesia in the popular vote, with the Kenyan creaking through the EC by the slimmest margin possible. Result: step-level increase in Left-Right, Racial, and Urban-Rural polarization...bringing us ever closer to hot Civil War. Which is the only way we will ever get the Republic back.

  6. TL, this was another good essay and you've probably read the latest piece by SultanKnish.


    Live Free!

    Prepare for violence.


    I don't want what you say you want. However, I think that is what will happen.

  7. Why are "Patriots/Constitutionalists/III%'s voting today?
    Kool Aid, kool aid, kool aid, so red
    and sweet!
    As the Patriots who don't partake of
    Jim Jones have said time and again, "electoral
    politics will not solve the crisis of our Republic".

    1. quote:
      ""electoral politics will not solve the crisis of our Republic"."

      Agreed, we will not vote our way out of this mess, however I will not relinquish the field unfought, nor buy into the two party corruption.

      So my family WILL vote, as suggested by our founders, even if it is a merely a ritualistic "representation" of our freedom of choice.

      We will vote only for Libertarian or Constitution Party candidates. My voice will be heard, even if it does not "count".

      So feel free to sit at home and snivel, while we guard our local polling places from Marxists, Unionists and Racists.

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    3. Yeah, I'm not sitting a home sniveling.
      I posed a valid comment and question, not a
      shitting on and complete dumping of the
      electoral process.
      I've earned that right after thirteen years
      without voting)of active federal military service.
      Well then, let's gather at the Philidelphia polling place, which is again under(uncontested) siege by the "NBP" party.
      As it's pointless to fight someone who agrees with you; supporting you(all) to my right and left.


    4. Perhaps I took umbrage at the suggestion (implied) that Constitutionalists who vote are "Kool Aid" drinkers.

      If that was not your intention, then you have my apology. In my post I think I give a fair answer to your question of "why vote?".

      If Philly was in our AO we would be happy to show up.
      Sadly it is outside our State and an 8 hours drive.
      I sincerely hope someone does show up to represent us.

      ps: thanks for your service to the Republic

    5. Likewise, it is not my intention to cheap shot you/family.
      The intent of my question/comment was directed at asking why should we vote for Romney & Ryan
      (or either side of the Robamney coin), as the solution to what ails the Republic.
      Being that, so many of our kindred allies have/continue to pose it as the SOLUTION.

  8. Another add-on, to my last.
    The "new black panther party" has
    again posted itself outside of the
    same Philidelphia polling place, as
    it did in 2008.
    Fox news had live coverage of this
    at approximately 8:06 am, this morning
    (of course).
    Moreover, one of the two panthers from
    2008, is the one out there this morning.
    WRSA has an article this morning, with a
    capture of the 2008 video; the panther
    wearing the black sunglasses is the one
    outside the polling center this morning.


  9. I may not always remembers a name, but
    I never forget a face.

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  11. I wrote the other day that whomever wins is still the president for all Americans not just the half that voted for him. With Romney all sides are equal, with Obama I feel he may vindicate that as a summons to rout us out.

    Here's my post, i'm a lowly beginning blogger and would appreciate a read.


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