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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Torch Dimly Burns

Liberty is the value of self. It is not a collective value. A collective value is the value of society, of the total. This is why it is so difficult to sell the children of the collective on the idea of liberty. They have been taught to fear it and as so many of our young adults are incapable of self-sufficiency, they lean toward the collective, without understanding the emasculation that comes with it.

Liberty is the ability to act within the constructs of one's physical presence without reaching another's. In older times it came with the ability to do with one's property what one wished, but that has been neutered by the same old concept of the collective. If one destroys their property, it affects the collective property value of a given neighborhood.

The collective sees objects as they are connected to others, not as they stand alone, individual. My house, my lawn, my garbage is no longer mine alone, but connected to those who might view it. This is largely where America has changed into something I do not understand, nor want to understand. It should be beyond the understanding of an American to entertain such concepts of society.

An American society is a collection of individuals, not of individuals as cogs in a collective. This society that we have now is foreign to the American experience. It has been brought over by other concepts, that of unions, where the collective acted against oppressive treatment, but it ignores the obvious solution to oppressive treatment since, in America, we have the option to work for who we want, to live where we want. 

I have quit jobs that asked me to go against my morals. I have moved from towns that took up the collective banner and sang the hymns of Marx. In America there are options to abandon that which is wrong and move to where good is being done.

So, this election, this pretend choice that we have leaves us with little actual choice. It is a choice of rapid collectivism, or delayed collectivism, but collectivism has been taught and confirmed and emboldened by those who came before us, those looking to secure property values, who sought to get better wages for doing the same job, to get health benefits, etc. Let the consumer pay for it, they said.

Let someone else pay for it and we will choose collectivism until we have no industry left, but government and we will line up for our allotted meals.

It has done my heart great damage since I realized this about the American people. So far they have fallen from the days when they sought only to be left alone to do their work and reap their rewards. They want security. They want stability. They will give every ideal away to get it. Most are unaware of the trade off they are making, but even those who do, do so with alarming predictability.

The value of liberty cannot be conveyed to these people, because it contains risk and fear. As a small businessman I spent a lot of sleepless nights worrying about my investment, about my economic future. It was a bold step to take and it came with breathless fears at times. Now, seeing that my fears have all come true and my company is long dead, I lament only the inability to try again. Liberty in that light cost me everything I had, but it provided for a long time the wages for several people including myself; it spread economic health to those associated with my company; it rewarded those I did business with until the very end and even now I work diligently to make them whole.

Liberty can be terrifying. But, that was America, fear and work and ultimate success. Overcoming fear, working to make those fears abate and finally success at having conquered fear.

The collective destroyed America. The fear that the collective would be harmed changed the relationship between the government and industry, between the government and finance. It all changed under my nose as I watched everyone involved in the economic disaster survive and receive benefits while millions of us individuals, who had everything our families had worked for drained out of our pockets, stood by in disbelief. We should have stormed Washington, but we waited to see if we could be saved by the will of capitalism alone, but it had died with the rest of America.

Electing Romney will not give us back liberty. It will not return the America we once knew and the economics we once trusted. He is not that man, but he can release the chains that Obama has put on the power of industry. He can support those who are left by abandoning the Marxist tack Obama has taken. I don't know anyone in this economy who has not been hurt by Obama's policies and if Romney can turn a few things around, even for the shortest time, it might put a few coins back into the pockets of those who know what to do with money if they see it again.

My prayer is that we are smart enough to take that short respite from the economic insanity of Obamanomics and put those funds to use securing our homes and fighting for a return of our ideals. Liberty may have left us, but the torch dimly burns for those who will spread the flame.


  1. Liberty give me freedom, but it gives me freedom from others, also. The progressive ideology doesn't allow this, because it demands they have no control over my life.

  2. Almost poetry, Mr. Davis.

  3. No. I disagree. Obama will tear this country down, and that will be the only way to rebuild. Let the bastard son stay there. Identify as many threats,(loyalists and collaborators) to this country and our Republic in your AO as you can. Track them. The time will come when we can exercise our Constitutional Authority and remove them. I hope we still have some real Americans left in Chicago, LA, New York, DC, oh screw it, EVERY STATE..
    Harden your hearts. The Founders had to deal with their loyalists and so will we. Long live the Republic. Dana

  4. At this time, the most I expect from a Romney-Ryan Administration is a bit more time to prepare before the fiscal collapse happens - two years at the outside is my guess. The political class will have no epiphany that leads them to take their hands off the throat of the Republic, to curtail government spending. That fiscal collapse is coming, then the reckoning. There are times I want to get it over with; then I remember that a bit more prep time means we may be able to save a few more folks worth saving.

    1. My opinion as well, Romney is just a stalling tactic.

  5. "We should have stormed Washington..."
    It's never too late.
    Dan Knowles

  6. So pick the lesser of two weasels because at least the Republican weasel will give us a chance to collect our breath? I think not. I will not vote for Romney because "he is not Obama."

    Romney will not spread that weak flame, he will work in a different way to snuff it. I will vote my conscience and believe in my God. You go ahead and vote for Romney, thinking he will let you keep things a little longer. Personally, I think that Romney has been chosen to win (this election is not controlled by us voters anymore) because Obama is too much of a liability now.

    I'm voting for Gary Johnson, and I believe that he will get a lot more votes than anyone expects. It will be a sign that the 2-party system is on its way down.

  7. The Republic is dead and it is time for it to die for it has been on life support for far too long. Hopefully in it's passing small "r"ebulics can once again rise. I have for far too long voted for the lessor of two evils. Be it Robama or Obamney the fall will come. The choice is only between hard socialism or soft socialism. The choice is not between plunder or no plunder but between how much plunder the members of the oligarchy will take from us for now. Until they need more and then they will take what they feel they need. There is no two party system just one big old boys and girls club that treats the people like the livestock they have become. I will not waste my vote on either of the puppets chosen to lead. I will vote for Gary Johnson and then continue to RESIST...

  8. Monster post; thank you, TL. You tell the story of millions of businessmen all over the country, but most people only want to hear the economists---the "experts," donchyaknow. No wonder this country is broke and aimless. BUSINESSMEN create jobs, not economists and especially not politicians.

    But it's your first sentence that's the knockout punch. That's another one most people don't want to hear, including in the so-called "Patriot" and "freedom" movements. Until that's understood, nothing else matters. The Founders understood it; it was the whole reason for the Revolution, after all.

    It got lost along the way, and can only come back one mind at a time. A person values liberty--genuine, individual liberty--as that person values the self.

  9. I don’t want the country to fail while a person that claims they believe in freedom, liberty or capitalism is in office.
    Look, the country is going to default; there is no way in hell that can be avoided now.
    Might as well let the worst of the worst be in the drivers seat when we hit the wall, (and that’s that commie liar barry)
    Because who’s in charge before the crash will be the one people blame, along with their propaganda and values
    If it was ron paul, it might be worth the chance, but we all know Romney is not going to stop anything obama has been doing.

    We all know Romney does not support what he claims he does, do we really want this turkey there so the commies can turn around and say “see, it was capitalism all along” or “ we can’t have capitalists in the drivers seat, they can sit in back”
    let them have their commie wet dream, then remember exactly who was forcing this crap locally.
    when these **** come back after things level out and try to seize power again, fight like hell.

    In regards to that fight, I’ll leave you with a quote;

    Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you're not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. 'Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That's just the way it is.

    -From the outlaw-Josey Wales.

  10. Almost poetry, Mr. Davis.

    Took the words out of my mouth, Sir and poetry it is. Ron Paul for me once again and posted.

  11. There is not much that we can disagree on. We need only look to History to learn our fate. Over stretched empires give cause to the rise of bureaucrats, bureaucrats breed work, work entails controls, controls require more bureaucrats. Most people look at the US as the land of law and order, don't be fooled those orders are not law, they are enumerated policies. This time however there is something extremely unnerving about our special kind of government but it needs your dissent to win. Worse it is a government that has it's tentacles everywhere, even in your bedroom. It makes no distinction in the flavor of human you have inherited, but the Darwinian pecking order still prevails and so does your predictable responses.

    Of particular interest to myself and kin was the idea that we could live well elsewhere to fight another day, how wrong we were, no citizen is free to move tents. Just try it yourself and you will find out that no matter where you go your honored title of US citizen follows you along with uncle Sam's veracious appetite for a large portion of the fruits of your labor and more particularly the soul of your children. The greatest analogy to the American experience I have found was in the annals of Herodotus and Greek history. In there we find a particular type of human hierarchical structure formed that is reincarnated within the US, it is the rise of the Ephor classes. In ancient times an Ephor was required as mediator between any human processes for a fee, today with technology we have a fee and tax based system that is the envy of any despotic regime throughout the world. As one of the Russiam emissaries stated if I recall correctly before the financial collapse of the soviet empire when the cards were laid out, we should have done it like the Americans, even Kruschev with his resounding shoe heel being banged on the podium of a hearing stated, we will win, just wait and see.

    More importantly it is as we have dissented to it's presence a freely chosen mode of life. We no longer have standing armies, we no longer have social safety nets nor places of refuge, we no longer have a real religion, what we do have and will continue to see is a nation of extremes and rising poverty. It is estimated that there are 160 million Americans who in reality despite government numbers or reassignment based on some strange fudge work in a bureaucrats calculation are poor. That is more than half the population. We have a nation of children who almost number 46 million with no father, even though he may exist the bureaucrats practice a keep them away policy, even to the extent of criminalizing male parents. From these things we know that all this is not accelerated quality living it is the deliberate disestablishment of the bread of power. But far worse than that, it leads to the accelerated demise of people wholesale. Some people may so that is OK, only the strong survive, yet I ask those to consider and not ignore the feint truisms of these things that we hear of. In the former USSR the population reversal is full steam ahead. As it is here, but with better marketing. As for the disposition of others, getting rid of the most helpless classes of humans is easy, bu the real culprit still pulls the strings and Americans are in the market for solutions that serve their personal agenda.

  12. God God..."lessor of two evils" again.

    When will you people learn?

    It's no more about Obama than it is about the 2nd's the WHOLE DAMN THING.

    And voting for the slow boat, as opposed to the fast track, is suicidal, counter-productive, and just stupid.

    Jack Chleva
    Centennial, CO

    1. Jack, let me tell you something. I tested the Patriot/Liberty community and it was not ready to move. We have every reason to storm Washington, but we have not and I am now convinced that we will not.

      To do so alone is suicidal, to do so together requires something, I don't know what, I have been trying to figure out what.

      So, a little more time, more mental preparation is apparently needed, not because of what I have said, but because of what I have seen. Deny that if you want, fall back on some "lesser of two evils" argument if you must, but voting will not get us out of this pit, everyone knows it, but we as a movement are unwilling to do anything else at this point.

      I am not arguing for Romney, I am arguing for the movement, to keep hope, to search for that one cause that will unite us in action. Four more years of Obama will only take us deeper, put us in more peril of being singled out and overwhelmed. If we have not fought back and hard by now, we won't.

      Is that clear enough?

    2. Great Post TL. In the defense of Jack, the elite love the idea that we KNOW the end is near. It keeps the left/right paradigm running along healthily. The only benefit is IF the collapse does come the Marxist push will be tempered a bit because the Republican Marxists would be at the helm. But on the down side(ha ha) we have perpetuated another cycle of Republican Marxist rule. When will the Republican voting insanity all end? --- My prediction there will NOT be a horrific crash. Only a slow gentle lingering death, kind of like Argentina, but much slower. Then what? And yes, I completely agree with your opinion on the liberty/freedom movement not being ready. If I'm right, there will never be a fight- only voting events. So then will it be OK to NOT vote for the lessor of two evils? Or will the collapse always be just around the corner?

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Have to concur with TL on this. To those who want the "Hunger Games" to start today, I say, you might think you're ready but you're not. We need more time to wake up the undecided and bring them on board. Do you not understand how quickly they will be able to round up three percent of the population this time? They already know who we are and where we live. We need time to be the modern Thomas Paine and it is slowly happening. I am not trading safety for freedom. I'm just trying to buy time like a feint in a fight or Operation Fortitude at Pas de Calais prior to Operation Overlord in 1944.
    A vote for Romney/Ryan buys that time instead of wasting it on a unelectable candidate.
    If you recall your WW2 tactics Gen. George C. Marshall wanted to jump the gun on Overlord too. Fortunately Churchill reined him in preferring to wait until all forces were ready. Even then we barely made it ashore. There is a reason military tactics call for 3:1 force superiority to win the fight.
    Do you want to win or do you just want to get your name in the headlines for a day ?

  15. SFMEDIC/ have the right of it!! You might want to strengthen ties with your support here in Kanuckistan.

  16. Review of the debate between Obamney and Robama. Good review,debate recap 10-16, read it and agree or not the truth is out there...

    "The short version from tonight? Our nation is screwed with either of these clowns."

  17. TL, SFmedic and others have the right of it. I used to believe that allowing the Marxists to destroy the country quickly would give us the chance to restore it more quickly, while a few of us old f*ckers are still alive who remember being a little bit more free than we are now.

    But as TL and others have stated - we aren't ready. Just because there are a few patriots shouting "bring it on!" doesn't mean there are enough to fight it out. There aren't, and TL proved that when he went to DC.

    More time is needed to awaken people, and the economy - if nothing else - is doing that.


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