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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's A Good Thing They Care

The left always accuses the right of being insensitive, cruel and uncaring. This is a good campaign strategy that has worked for them for several generations, sometime after they succeeded in passing Jim Crow laws and the like and stopped standing in the doorways of colleges to prevent blacks from entering. It was sometime after Truman dropped the atomic bomb on Japanese cities (not that I disagreed with the action, but it was a Democrat). It was after the leftist judges decided that the insane had a right to be free and literally created the homeless problem overnight. It was after the start of the Vietnam War, or simultaneous with the war against blacks.

In this administration alone Medicare has been raided for over 716 billion dollars. Taking medical funds away from seniors in their most vulnerable and needy time would seem to be a no-brainer to wrest the cruelty title from Republicans, but the media ignored it, or spun it as a way to better care for them under Obamacare. So, the elderly's funds for their health coverage was taken to pay for Obamacare which, by Obama's own admission would mean that some of the elderly would not get valuable and scarce treatment, but be offered a pill instead, which would dull the pain during their slow death from terminal cancer or some other affliction.

That's not all. This administration allowed, perhaps even encouraged, the trafficking of guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. These weapons were used to kill Brian Terry, the Border Patrol Agent and 16 or 17 teenagers in Mexico. These are proven facts and what implicates Obama directly is that Eric Holder has not been given his papers.  So, guns were shipped to Mexico which have come back to America to kill Americans and some stayed in Mexico to kill children. Now, that's caring. It would be sad for the poverty stricken of Mexico to not have weapons by which they might earn millions killing and intimidating others seems to be the logic there.

The welfare system, designed by a Democrat, has done more to encourage the social conditions of the inner cities than anything else. Is it any wonder these children grow up believing that dealing drugs and forming criminal gangs are the only way out of their confined lives? They recognize early that the government dole is limited and creates no opportunity for escape. They know it is a trap and they are in it. So, they turn to either sports or drugs or both to reach for the American dream. The leftists idea of caring is giving and creating dependency. Once the bait is taken it can never be coughed up because the system does not foster a sense of self-worth or ability other than to stand in line and get the meager portions doled out.

Obama cares about the unemployed also. He has extended unemployment benefits until it is almost impossible to get off of unemployment until, say October of an election year when suddenly millions fall off the radar and the unemployment rate drops to 7.8%. Well, the argument for extending unemployment benefits to over a year seems just as valid today as it did then. Oh wait, did I mention the re-election of our caring leader was looking rather dim?

Leftists are about power. They will buy it, coerce it, manipulate facts and figures to keep it. They will promise anything to anyone to get what they want. The trouble with Obama's campaign is he keeps making the same promises he broke the last time around. There's always an excuse, but excuses only work once, or twice. Barack Obama has always been able to lie to anyone and get them to buy the same lie over and over again due to his charm and eloquence when speaking to other leftists. It might be a more difficult task with people who have lives dependent on the fulfillment of these promises, such as cutting the federal deficit in half; easing Middle East tensions; turning the economy around and going through the budget with a scalpel rather than an axe. Millions of lives and treasures relied on those promises, now that they are broken those people know the source of their condition.


  1. Liberty, the rule of law, honor of personal responsibility and accountability in exchange for that trust to the constituent, it is a social/legal contract our leaders have violated. A travesty and violation millions of Americans have cashed in on. And the bill is due.
    As another American put it so succinctly:
    "The social contract exists so that everyone doesn’t have to squat in the dust holding a spear to protect his woman and his meat all day every day. It does not exist so that the government can take your spear, your meat, and your woman because it knows better what to do with them.” (Seen on Facebook, October 22, 2011)

  2. The perfumed Mandarin's hawk the lie that the money of the "rich" is an evil boogeyman. Rich? I'm rich, not in cash, but I'm rich, because of my Liberty and freedom, My ability, born out of that unalienable Liberty to be prosperous. To pursue my life as I see fit. And certainly never what some unaccountable potentate says I can or can not do. This Lie, and it's a doozy, is magically suited, like no other source of productivity and prosperity, for confiscation, theft, a shakedown, and given to the free shit crowd, after the ruling class get's their cut of course. So, worse than that, it is the perfect meme, based on lies, of course, playing into the prejudices and animosity of the free shit crowd, being that it is a huge portion of the democratic base and their lapdogs, lies of a narrative, which is the big lie itself, designed to create another boogeyman of class and or race warfare. Which in itself is another layer in the onion of deceit and lies, cover for the truth it is the mandarin's who are running this Republic, and this meme, out of this narrative, is a modern day Roman bread and circus for the useful dupes and sycophants of the ruling class. Mandarin's, who just incidentally, through this system of crony capitalism and cultural corruption, tyranny by any name, have unrepentantly, with total abandon, enriched themselves upon the very system of Liberty and Prosperity they villianize. The central lie in this false narrative of the "rich", " the 1%", is that unlike all other money, the fruits of the productive American, does nothing for the economy or the country, unless it is confiscated by the government to perpetuate the justification of what is nothing less than extortion on a scale unimaginable in its scope and breadth. It is the quintessential truth of mob rule inherent in the historically failed system of "democracy". The ultimate shakedown. It is an assault on the very foundation of our system of we the peoples Republic. You know, the one of government of the people, for the people, by the people? This is a travesty to Liberty, the foundation stone of our constitutional republic, second to nothing in all of history. It is pogrom, genocide on an idea that birthed America, in no uncertain terms, of the freedom of American's to lift their own boat and create happiness, the essential ingredient of sustaining individual liberty and prosperity. The liberty of productivity, the liberty to ones fruits of one's labor, it is the very engine of liberty herself. It is the unquestionable lifeblood, second only to greatest, most profound paradigm of the human spirit, of reason, of faith, that of our founders, of me, that the great creator endowed us with unalienable primal rights of liberty, life and property that simply, no man, no entity, no power, no law, has no right, nor entitlement, or justification, to confiscate it.

    Is this not the truth of the question of the day?

    A nation now where the number of useful idiots and dupes, free shit thieves and the entitled, has reached a quantity that has a quality all its own. Lenin knew exactly what they are good for, so do our own elites. Me thinks the zombie hoard is consuming our seed corn. Generations of government bred locusts, bred and socially engineered by the ruling class for the purposes of agenda.
    So among all the useful things the ruling class can do with them to advance their agenda, when the time is ripe, pull the rug out from under them and set em free.
    They will be akin to a virus, consuming everything in their path, until every resource is gone, killing the host, then move to another area.
    Let em do the dirty work of the elites, this ultimate of victim class cannon fodder, of killing off of the productive class whilst destroying the very fabric of a republic of rule of law to create a vacuum where men can rule.



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