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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The America That Should Be

Give me a line and I will cross it with you. I don't know what will make millions of people stand up to this corrupt government and the financial gurus they owe their bond sales to, but enough is enough. I am no leader, that should be plain enough by now, but if you are one and can rally those to stand with you, you can count me in.

As I have said many times, I have reached my line in the sand a long time ago. Seat belt laws, forced recycling, etc. I understand you don't want me changing the oil in my car and dumping the old oil on the ground, fine, I will deposit it wherever you want, but when you try to charge me $50 to do so, I get angry. When you watch every move I make dumping the oil and limit my ability to dump more than a certain amount, I wonder what it is that you expect me to do with the rest. In Colorado, my former state, an appointment had to be made to dump oil from our fleet of trucks. We would put all of that oil in barrels, but when I tried to dump the barrels I was limited as to the amount. We had changed oil for four years before we had filled those barrels, should I not have been given an open-ended quantity understanding that it was accumulated over several years?

This is the problem with regulations, the regulations say one cannot not do something, they do not provide the solution to the issue, they only dictate what must not be done, figure it out. Okay, I will, but you won't like it. They make compliance much more expensive than non-compliance and this is where it gets under the skin of true Americans, you know the ones who used to do whatever they dang well pleased.

If one is to demand an alternative to what one does, they should do so at the same cost as the initial impulse. There is still the labor and inconvenience of compliance that is not taken into account in the equation.

So, here is where it is relevant. We are living in some socialist, nanny-state, control freak nation that used to be different. All the true joys of my childhood have been regulated out of existence to my children and they will never know true freedom and I don't mean dumping oil, I mean even the most common and pleasurable acts, like riding a bike without a helmet and taking a few risks.

What has happened is that the government has stepped into every aspect of our lives. It is not just the cop in the squad car, it is the county landfill administrator, the school counselor, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood. They take our tax dollars through one means or another and set themselves up as the authority to which we all should pay homage. BS.

Not in America.

America once was the place of liberty, of being able to open an auto repair shop with nothing more than some wrenches and a sign. Yes, that is risky for both parties, those who patronize the shop and for the mechanic. Risk is good. We are taught now that risk is bad. Don't privatize Social Security, because there is risk. They don't promote financial education to deal with the risk, they don't teach financial education in school to educate future investors in their own financial security, they say "don't do it."

This is where America is off track. Instead of using all the efforts of our nation, all of our resources to enable the individual, they turn instead to dependence and fear.

I know this is not news to anyone reading this blog, but I am reaching out a little here to appeal to readers to send this post to those who need to understand the difference in what America should be and what it is.

Government controls should cost no more than taxes already paid. If the government wants to control something, they should have to put it to a vote, raise funds through an increase in mill levies. If the majority doesn't want to pay for it, it should not be incumbent upon the regulated to do so as it is always easy to demand something and have others pay for it, it is a much harder sell to tell voters that if they want to control other's lives, it will cost them, not those being regulated.

I know it is an easy sell to voters on the idea that those who use a service should pay for it and I don't disagree with that, but a regulation is not a service, it is a burden that those making the imposition should have to pay for, because the ones being required to comply have to actually do the work, take the time to ensure compliance, that is their contribution.

We have a great education system, if it were used as such, but it is not. It is used as a social engineering tool, but is should be a great factory of self-reliance, teaching those things that are needed to be successful adults in the modern society. Few people remember the days before IRAs, when there was literally no way for an average citizen to invest in the stock market other than to buy individual stocks one at a time at whatever price was demanded. The world changed a lot when it became possible to buy mutual funds. It allowed an investor to spread their risk over several different companies within a given sector and several different sectors for a few hundred bucks.

Our vaunted education system would rather teach teenage girls the value of abortions than the value of money. This would not be possible in the America that should be.

With a first-class education system that supported individual choice and competence we could have privatized social security, we could have a market-based health care system, we could have limited regulation and a true understanding of the financial system so that Wall Street and bankers couldn't take advantage of our citizens with schemes and marketing plans.

Instead we have chosen to ignore the education gap. We have settled for social engineering rather than individual empowerment. This has been the death of America.

They say that risk avoidance is their goal, that safety of the people is paramount, but I will tell you that the economic collapse that hurt so many people, that left millions in poverty was a result of social engineering that can only be prevented by an education system that seeks to empower and educate the individual.

Should we ever be properly educated individuals, we would not need regulations of the stock market, or the banking system. We would not need to regulate everyone's actions, we would only need government to provide attractive alternatives to what would be considered a state-wide, or national change of course.

What we have is a top-down bureaucracy, where the government tells us what to do and how much we will have to pay in order to comply. What we should have is a bottom-up bureaucracy where the government is told what they must provide if they expect us to comply with their expectations. You want me to recycle oil, what is it worth to you?


  1. For every regulation that is dreamed up, there are 10's of thousands of people figuring out a way to circumvent them.

    Even in North Idaho (who would of thunk it?) you can only dispose of paint cans on one day per week, and only a certain number at one time. Huh? What the hell difference does it make if I unload 5 cans or 6 cans? The real irony is that latex paint is of no threat to anything and 95% of paint that goes into the waste center is latex.

    Solution? Bag the damn cans up and throw them in your big trash can. Thank goodness we don't have recycling - the biggest scam ever perpetrating on the American gullible's.

    What amazes me is the number of people who just blindly follow whatever the elites hand down. Not is this household.

    1. People throw away things like that in their trash bins all the time, because the idiot regulations give them no other option. I remember one time calling up the trash company and asking what incentives they offered for their recycling program. They said there weren't any 'incentives', and that it was only XYZ $ per month for a recycling container.

      I asked them if perhaps they'd not heard me, and re-clarified that I wanted to know what they were going to give me to recycle all my tin cans, glass, aluminum, and plastic in their containers.

      Well... nothing, they said. It would cost me so much a month for the privilege of GIVING them my valuable recyclables. (Which had to be CLEANED first, mind you.)

      So not only did they expect me to give them for free, resources that are worth $ per pound, but they expected me to PAY THEM to take it.

      That's like me saying that I'll take your all of your $10 bills that you have in your wallet, if you pay me $20 a month to come and take them.

      Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. Instead of using all the efforts of our nation, all of our resources to enable the individual, they turn instead to dependence and fear.

    The Collectivist way.

  3. "I don't know what will make millions of people stand up to this corrupt government and the financial gurus they owe their bond sales to, but enough is enough."

    Overt tyranny and a common cause, such as "Restoration of Constitutional Governance" will make millions of people stand up to the corruption we see daily.

    And that's the genius of OPFOR....they do not resort to OVERT tyranny. They keep the patient 'comfortable' with a low dose of morphine while harvesting the organs.....

    So...we MUST get past ourselves and agree on a common cause....and a common political spokesman (ie, "Leader") if we want to confront this abomination. The military arm (militia 'tribes') will follow 'the commander's intent' so long as the political arm is acting in accordance with 'Restoration of Constitutional Governance'.....

    My .02


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