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Friday, October 19, 2012

It Is Time To Start

Despite what many want or believe, Romney will probably be the next president. It is difficult for any president to have presided over such an economic calamity as the past four years and retain office. Americans grow tired of being depressed and worried for extended periods of time. Ask Jimmy Carter, the first Barack Obama.

Like Carter, Obama could have played it differently, but he didn't. He could have spent $330 billion of the $800 billion stimulus to provide unsecured government loans to small business (companies with more than four and less than 20 employees) in the amount of $200,000 each. These loans would have enabled them to restructure debt, pay off equipment and property allowing them to continue business at the reduced rate that came with the banking fiasco. This would have possibly saved the companies, but more importantly would have vastly reduced bankruptcies and left the lending institutions in much better shape themselves instead of being encumbered with re-possessed equipment they could not sell and property they could not sell, or re-lease. Jobs would have been saved and communities would have retained much of the tax base they lost. The owners of these companies would have retained the creditworthiness they had always demonstrated prior to the economic collapse and been ready to re-enter the business they ran successfully when times turned around, spurring much more bang for the buck than we will have coming out of it now.

Instead, the stimulus went to secure jobs in the public sector where they lost effectiveness. It went to grants for states and communities to further the function of government; to retain teaching jobs and purchase high-tech military-style equipment for law enforcement. The winner? Unions, which continue to ask for much more than tax revenues can sustain. Look for a moment at the pension deficit across government employees and you quickly run into the trillions.

That said, we will probably have Romney. Then what? What will the Patriot/Liberty Movement do with the new lease? When the economy recovers, as it will short-term, what will we do as a movement to better organize, better prepare? Because the economic disaster that awaits us will still be there long after Romney is a one-term president.

Or, do we have to wait that long? Perhaps the political ramifications of an Obama loss will spur riots in the inner cities. Perhaps the hardcore Marxists will realize they lost their opportunity and begin their charge against America, attempting to throw it into chaos with the help of domestic Islamic cells being coddled in every major city and state in the nation. Criminal gangs are better armed, better organized than the Patriot/Liberty Movement, they are accustomed to working under threat. Should their fight become political rather than economic, they would be a tough adversary to the average joe defending his home.

Do we have the ability and will to counter these events? Do we have the intel required to strike back, eye for an eye? Survival is the question and it is not all defensive. In order to encourage others to join the fight one must appear competent and successful. No one joins a movement that is ineffective, they would rather keep their heads low and fend for themselves.

I have long advocated for some semblance of leadership in the Patriot/Liberty Movement. It doesn't have to be a person. It could be a thing, a newsletter, a website, some means of communication across a broad spectrum. I'm sure one already exists and is being used for other purposes, one with security. I am not a leader, I am not a tactician, I am not a strategist. I am a voice of encouragement to those who are.

We all know there is some point where this all comes crashing down. One way or another, though I have always believed that the American Revolution is the only one started from a primarily political base rather than one that is primarily economic. The next one might be equal parts of each.

What I am advocating is much of what WRSA stands for, has long advocated for and supported. Many have taken that advocacy to heart and done the hard work of preparation, but it is time to start putting this puzzle together.

It is my belief that the election is over, so who one votes for is irrelevant at this point. What October Surprise planned will be ineffective because it would smack too clearly of what Obama is all about: manipulation. It is how we went from 8.1 percent unemployment to a magic number below 8 percent, i.e. 7.8. Everyone knows that it was done on the backs of the unemployed being knocked off the roles. Nothing Obama could do would swing this election other than station Black Panthers outside every polling place, but even that would be met with serious resistance.

A post-Obama America could be much more dangerous than it is now. Its time to critically assess the status of our movement. Many assure me that they are ready to roll. Many have admitted that they are not. For me it is simple, I will not stand by while innocents are victimized by groups, crowds, political or religious organizations. I have been in that situation a number of times, I know how I react to it. If that is our goal, our position, we need no further agreement, or organization. Each acting on his own can make a significant impression if that is the sole criteria to action.


  1. I agree with you. Something is amiss. It is almost like Obama is trying to throw the election. I am not normally a conspiracy theorist but I have always had a certain talent for seeing through the BS. He has willingly let some opportunities go and dived into areas that democrat's had learned to avoid like the plague.

    It just isn't adding up.

  2. A scenario wherein Romney wins with 269 EVs could produce some interesting results and would surely produce a "constitutional crises" though whether that would come to blows or not would be pure speculation. Romney is our next president and things will improve almost immediately but not enough to forestall economic collapse longer term.

  3. Leaderless resistance has been advocated before, and I think it will be how things start off. If/when it gets serious, with local, state, and/or Federal agencies moving on those of us that DHS and the "fusion centers" describe as being the problem, I am hoping local leaders will emerge for us to form up around, creating groups which can be effective in their own AOs.

    Some of us old folks are in a position to be of assistance in the form of safe houses, supplies, and useful skills (medical, etc.) And if things get _really_ bad, we possess the knowledge and skills to help our communities survive at the 18th/19th century level of civilization, until the infrastructure can be rebuilt or resumed.

  4. Great post as usual, T.L..
    I would have bugged out of Kaliforniastan a while back, but my wife took some time to "come around". Now that her son and his lady are moving out of state, we'll be following them in the next year or so.

    I just hope things hold together long enough to get to "safe territory". Being this close to Los Angeles and the harbor is not a comforting thought these days....

  5. Changes are coming that will end this Republic. Stand in their way and you will be crushed. The major weapon will be food.

    Gun owners will be 'processed' one at a time as terrorists. Think Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany. When they come for our neighbors, we'll we stand with them?

  6. "A post-Obama America could be much more dangerous than it is now."

    I sure agree with that. I've been watching this stuff a long, long time and one thing I've noticed is that while everyone sensible is afraid of the commies, it's the "conservatives" who really get things done. True, Obama got quite a bit done right off the bat, but he had the whole Congress with him. And worse, Romney's a "doer" extraordinaire.

    Normally it's a good thing to get things done, but that depends on what one is doing. Nothing is amiss, PP; this has been going on forever and every time is worse than the one before it.

    Nobody will save us except ourselves. That's all there is to it.


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