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Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Angry Little Dog

As is typical, the Patriot/Liberty movement is divided. Like a pie cut into three pieces, there are hard lines marking the division of each piece, wholly separate and lifted out of the tin at any moment.

In viewing the upcoming election there are three distinct views: elect Obama again and get the ball rolling toward a reset; elect Romney and gain a little more time to make preparations and organize a resistance; or vote for an independent (most often Gary Johnson) and avoid the "lesser of two evils" vote so many of us detest.

The action part of the movement is divided into three separate divisions: hunker down and make preparations to survive the economic or political cataclysm that is inevitable; take the fight to Washington right now; or continue to work politically to find the right candidate and back them to the hilt.

The economic side is equally divided: get out of the system entirely, or as much as possible; drain the beast by obtaining as many government hand-outs as possible driving it close to insolvency and thereby expediting the collapse; or continue on as usual making preparations and buying precious metals as often as possible as insurance against the economic collapse.

I could agree with any and all of the above options. The point is not the method, it is the outcome, but it is all marred by where the movement currently stands: we are divided. As liberty-minded people we seek individuality, have our own thoughts and act by our own conscience. This makes us a very unwieldy group, one almost incapable of action because once a person steps out and says: "This is the way to go" there is as much resistance from within as from without.

Society in general is lagging behind our own steps, slow to arrive at a point of action, avoiding conflict wherever possible and some dependent upon the very system they now detest.

Kerodin's Citadel Project is a positive step in a modified "hunker down" strategy. As an individual thinker, Kerodin has come up with a hybrid of a few different outlooks. I commend him for it. At least it is action in the face of discussion.

The divisions among us prove that we are not ready to act, to rebel against an illegal, unconstitutional and out of control government. In lieu of action we wait for the economic calamity that is inevitable and marvel at how it has been avoided for so long. Surely, when faced with chaos we will respond from a position of strength, having prepared for it as well as we have.

We hope for the reason that will grasp the hearts of true American patriots when the collapse occurs. We hope they will see who it was and how it happened and rebel with us against the cause: an unrestricted government working against the people.

I can set up a simulation that works out just the way we want it to. The economic collapse, the wandering destitute in search of a reason or a direction, the guidance by liberty-minded people, the rectification of the Constitution. It all works wonderfully in theory, but we all know that every plan is good only until first contact.

My beliefs have changed a lot in the past few years. My vision of what is to come is dire and deadly. I believe that the time for action was long ago and without it there will be no rectification of the Constitution, that the best I will be able to say for myself is that when the time comes is I died in service to the ideals of the founders and the great cause of liberty. Nothing more.

I see a long period of cannibalism on the horizon, where the dependent consume the producers until the food is gone and we are left weak and incapable of defending ourselves from foreign aggression. The elite will strategically switch sides (if they have not done so already) to aid the foreign invasion and take up their little dachas in the country wagging their heads at the poor, failed vision of liberty their countrymen believed in for so long.

Of course the natural order of things is communist, of kings and queens, of barons and lords. The bureaucracy is supreme, it is where the little guy gets his fiefdom. Man must be led, forced to produce for the greater good, or he is nothing but a greedy little angry dog in his master's yard.

The future is not yet written, but the formula is tried and true. Some of us might fight a valiant battle against oppression in our own right, but it will not be covered, no patriot will gain courage and inspiration from it, but left alone to wage their private battle against the same forces with the same outcome.

Through PatComs we have all met like-minded people. We know each other is out there. We know that many of our neighbors feel the same, or close to the same as we do. We know co-workers who are of like mind in discussions, but it is action that is lacking, because timing is lacking. The ever-elusive "when" reminds us all that we are not ready, our neighbors are not ready. The question is, how will we find each other in the chaos?

It is for this reason that I will support Romney, not because of him or anything he stands for or says he stands for, but simply because we are not ready to do anything, yet. Four more years of Obama will not lead to action, only more oppression and ultimate disenfranchisement until all of our words become empty threats. I will not support Gary Johnson, because while it is not a wasted vote, it is a vote cast into the darkness without significance.

Maybe, once we are forced into the camps, or the prisons, we will start our resistance from there.


  1. "It is for this reason that I will support Romney, not because of him or anything he stands for or says he stands for, but simply because we are not ready to do anything, yet. Four more years of Obama will not lead to action, only more oppression and ultimate disenfranchisement until all of our words become empty threats. I will not support Gary Johnson, because while it is not a wasted vote, it is a vote cast into the darkness without significance."


    I need more time to prep.

  2. I appreciate your line of thinking, and I think you know that I disagree. I can't hold myself accountable for giving Romney consent to hold that office and govern this land with his brand of collectivism. Keep in mind that Romney's victory will serve to slide the "Overton Window" of American politics further left. The next Dead Elephant candidate will be more of a Marxist than Romney, and the next "Democrat" will be further left than Obama. Real liberty-minded candidates will be relegated out further to the extremes. 2016 will see Romney take the blame for Obama's policies, and another "Democrat" will take power.

    I know your reasons are based in pragmatism though, and I am familiar with your reasoning. At least you've thought it through and have a reason that is your own, and is not based on a shiny letter standing for a party.

    I contend that Romney does not represent a reprive in any sense of the word whatsoever. I cannot see anything that makes me believe that any significant change in course, direction, or velocity will happen with Romney.

    If you want to see tyranny stepped up to the next level, wait until Romney charges into Iran, guns-a-blazing.

    Remember the justification used to implement the Patriot Act (ie "terror"), and remember that it was someone slightly to the "right" of Romney who pushed for it.

    As I said though, I respect that you thought it through.

    Keep in mind a few things about the founders (and these points are tangential to the voting discussion, BTW):

    They were anything but a solid, cohesive group of people who disagreed on even the basics. If you "wait" until there is even partial ideological unity, you will wait forever. Sunnis and Shias kill each other, but they do not hesitate to work together -albeit indirectly- to kill their external enemy.

    Ask yourself also about the strongest forces that united them. What united them? What united the men at Lexington?

    Community. Heritage. Religion. Shared experience and cultural context. These men were united in a way that Americans today are hard pressed to duplicate.

    That is not to say that these preconditions are mandatory, but that they were united by much more than the proposition of liberty.

    A "Propositional Nation" will always fail (ala PJ Buchanan).

    One last, parting thought.

    No one is ever "ready" for open rebellion. It happens when things reach critical mass, and that time is not yet. Bread and circuses will forestall it for a long, long time, until warriors arise, or until it rots from within as did Rome, ripe for the jackals.

    We may not be those men. We might be their fathers, or their grandfathers, but I believe those men, if there are to be any, might still be in cosmoline.

    Anyway TL, I respect your thoughts and reasoning.

    Stay safe.


  3. I believe there is a valid reason to vote for Gary Johnson. If he gets a certain percentage of the vote (I believe 5 or 7%) the Libertarian Party presidential candidate gets federal campaign funding in 2016. If I am wrong in this I welcome corrections.
    While I oppose government funding of campaigns and not a huge fan of the big "L" party, it would be good to end the two party duopoly. It just doesn't seem to me that Romney will slow anything down or give us "breathing room" in anything that matters.

  4. Voters have only themselves to blame for this rotten assed mess they've gotten all of us in. Thanks a fuckin lot.

  5. Good try, TL. If it wasn't such a sad thing, it would almost be funny the way the comments so completely mirrored your explanation of the divisions between us. They couldn't have demonstrated it more dramatically if you had actually _asked_ for an example of each position.


  6. No, Gary Johnson will not get 5% or 7%. A vote for him is a vote for obama. We have been down this road before. Romney might be little more time, maybe not as much as we think. We are in deep shit. Almost time to pay the piper. Who knows, maybe Romney winning will be the event that kicks it off.

  7. I can understand the vote for Romney crowd and I can understand the abstain from voting (or vote GJ) crowd. I suppose I am a true undecided - I don't know which of those crowds I fall in; need more prayer I suppose.

    I can not, under any circumstance, understand the vote for Obama and get this party started crowd. This isn't an opera, there is no intermission and you will most likely die or be truly enslaved - not the relatively minor (when compared to history - or much of the rest of the world) infringements you're seeing now.

    So if you're in that crowd, I don't believe you've read enough history to understand what is on our horizon. On the other hand, perhaps I'm the delusional one. Just be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

    1. I've read more than enough. Enough to understand that I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees. And die eventually I will, because the so-called "III", "patriots", whatever will not be there to back me up in my simple quest to live my own life in peace. Just like the Weavers, the Branch Davidians, the Yearning For Zion folks... Free men are dead men, or incarcerated at "best", plain and simple. It's just a matter of when. I will not be incarcerated, I will be dead. And I will take a few of the bastards with me when I go. That sacrifice will go unnoticed,with barely a mention in this "community", much as the Hutaree were ignored and thrown under the bus. And yet they were exonerated. Which says what about this supposed "community"? I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

    2. One by one we fall, and all we have to look forward to are the backs of our "Friends" as they walk away. Without sacrifice there will never be victory. Or even a draw.

  8. Ron Paul 2008 & 2012. Screw the rest, come what may and posted.

  9. I agree with AP and had a conversation with some "friends" the other day when they contended my vote for Gary Johnson was not only wasted but a vote for Obama. They plainly said they agreed that Romney could not fix it but better he than Obama because we would at least buy some time. My response was I would vote my conscience and they had to look at was very much equally possible. A Romney presidency could well be the trigger event and we would have less time than even if Obama was re-elected.

    As I stated at the NC PATCON the major threat is the economy and everything else revolves around the inevitable economic collapse. Some events could possibly help prolong the day that event happens but most will only accelerate it. Romney with his promise to escalate the defense spending alone is insane. But AP is right his threatening posture and promises on Iran only guarantee that probable oncoming conflict will happen and thereby bringing about a major middle eastern war which will trigger the economic collapse even as the war machine gives a short term boost to industry.

    On the other hand perhaps we avoid the Iran conflict short term and Israel does not go it alone. Romney takes office and follows through on his promise to "get tough" with China a nation that is already dealing with an unreported massive economic slow down of its own and a real estate bubble far greater than the one that helped push us over the edge in 2008. Back that big nation into the corner with a trade war and the push back that comes will again trigger the economic collapse. Never forget they own a hell of a lot of our debt and can call the bill due as they shut down their imports to us emptying the shelves at Wally world while they put pressure on all those other nations whose debt they own not to trade with us.

    I for one do not care if your conscience tells you to vote for Romney. I will go further than that and say I do not care if it tells you to vote for Obama. Your vote is none of my business just like I think my vote is none of yours. That being said I am tired of all the push back because I will vote my conscience and not vote for Romney. I remember what my Nana (grandmother on my mother's side)preached to us as she took care of us after school as my mother worked. She constantly reminded us of the law of unintended consequences and the road to ruin being paved with good intentions. Divided we may be but if you truly in your heart have embraced Liberty and all the responsibility that comes with it when the time comes you will stand no matter who you vote for. Where your vote goes in the end will probably mean very little so place your vote where "you" think it will best serve Liberty in the end...

  10. Romney's a soporific, a wet blanket...just what we don't need. What we do need is an extremely narrow win by the Kenyan, leading to quick, maximum polarization. Soon after, a "crystallizing" Event will occur. I don't require any more time; as ready now for hot Civil War as I'll ever be.

  11. The biggest threat to America is not our economy. The biggest threat is we have lost our moral compass. It seems most people, on the right or left or in the middle, don't seem to know right from wrong anymore. I've got food, lots of bullets, things to "survive". I'm starting to think I'm looking at it the wrong way. If America does not turn back to God, we are done, no matter what we think or do. All of us are going to die, whether in or beds or on the battlefield.

    If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

  12. Do you know what mormonism stands for?


  13. TL, I understand this line of thought. At one time or another this election cycle I went between each of the voting categories you listed. However, what I said at the Summit remains true. I will write my own name on my ballot (in every slot, not just for president). I am the only one on earth that I recognize as being capable of governing me.
    Sure, it's a "wasted" vote, but I will never question my choice of "leadership".

    As for the consequences of this election, no matter who wins we will be heading down the same path. Maybe Romney will be able to tap the brakes, but his tap will be in much the same manner as tapping the brakes as you enter a curve during a race... you always accelerate when you come out of the curve. He might turn the car a little bit from the cliff obama is pointing us at, but only to point us towards his own cliff.

    I plan to continue to prepare as best I can. I'll never be ready to go to war with the government, but that doesn't mean they won't be ready to bring it to me.

  14. Unbelievable. Pass the buck again. Get older. Pass the buck again. Then the dilemma resolves itself doesn't it?

  15. thanks for being the voice of reason, TL. If I get another 6-12 months to prepare, the better off my family will be when it all hits the fan. Romney will buy us that time.

  16. I am out!, not voting for either of the two new world order types. We do not need more time to prepare, you will not get more time just more Facist laws. Remember Romney said he will sign more Patriot acts, more NDAA and more bailouts, not repeal Obamacare totally. Get it? The more time you give them , the faster we sink.

    1. You don't have to convince me, pal. I am one of the ones who think we should have stormed Washington a long time ago.

      I'm trying to get the rest of the community to catch up with me, not the other way around.


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