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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The America That Should Be

Give me a line and I will cross it with you. I don't know what will make millions of people stand up to this corrupt government and the financial gurus they owe their bond sales to, but enough is enough. I am no leader, that should be plain enough by now, but if you are one and can rally those to stand with you, you can count me in.

As I have said many times, I have reached my line in the sand a long time ago. Seat belt laws, forced recycling, etc. I understand you don't want me changing the oil in my car and dumping the old oil on the ground, fine, I will deposit it wherever you want, but when you try to charge me $50 to do so, I get angry. When you watch every move I make dumping the oil and limit my ability to dump more than a certain amount, I wonder what it is that you expect me to do with the rest. In Colorado, my former state, an appointment had to be made to dump oil from our fleet of trucks. We would put all of that oil in barrels, but when I tried to dump the barrels I was limited as to the amount. We had changed oil for four years before we had filled those barrels, should I not have been given an open-ended quantity understanding that it was accumulated over several years?

This is the problem with regulations, the regulations say one cannot not do something, they do not provide the solution to the issue, they only dictate what must not be done, figure it out. Okay, I will, but you won't like it. They make compliance much more expensive than non-compliance and this is where it gets under the skin of true Americans, you know the ones who used to do whatever they dang well pleased.

If one is to demand an alternative to what one does, they should do so at the same cost as the initial impulse. There is still the labor and inconvenience of compliance that is not taken into account in the equation.

So, here is where it is relevant. We are living in some socialist, nanny-state, control freak nation that used to be different. All the true joys of my childhood have been regulated out of existence to my children and they will never know true freedom and I don't mean dumping oil, I mean even the most common and pleasurable acts, like riding a bike without a helmet and taking a few risks.

What has happened is that the government has stepped into every aspect of our lives. It is not just the cop in the squad car, it is the county landfill administrator, the school counselor, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood. They take our tax dollars through one means or another and set themselves up as the authority to which we all should pay homage. BS.

Not in America.

America once was the place of liberty, of being able to open an auto repair shop with nothing more than some wrenches and a sign. Yes, that is risky for both parties, those who patronize the shop and for the mechanic. Risk is good. We are taught now that risk is bad. Don't privatize Social Security, because there is risk. They don't promote financial education to deal with the risk, they don't teach financial education in school to educate future investors in their own financial security, they say "don't do it."

This is where America is off track. Instead of using all the efforts of our nation, all of our resources to enable the individual, they turn instead to dependence and fear.

I know this is not news to anyone reading this blog, but I am reaching out a little here to appeal to readers to send this post to those who need to understand the difference in what America should be and what it is.

Government controls should cost no more than taxes already paid. If the government wants to control something, they should have to put it to a vote, raise funds through an increase in mill levies. If the majority doesn't want to pay for it, it should not be incumbent upon the regulated to do so as it is always easy to demand something and have others pay for it, it is a much harder sell to tell voters that if they want to control other's lives, it will cost them, not those being regulated.

I know it is an easy sell to voters on the idea that those who use a service should pay for it and I don't disagree with that, but a regulation is not a service, it is a burden that those making the imposition should have to pay for, because the ones being required to comply have to actually do the work, take the time to ensure compliance, that is their contribution.

We have a great education system, if it were used as such, but it is not. It is used as a social engineering tool, but is should be a great factory of self-reliance, teaching those things that are needed to be successful adults in the modern society. Few people remember the days before IRAs, when there was literally no way for an average citizen to invest in the stock market other than to buy individual stocks one at a time at whatever price was demanded. The world changed a lot when it became possible to buy mutual funds. It allowed an investor to spread their risk over several different companies within a given sector and several different sectors for a few hundred bucks.

Our vaunted education system would rather teach teenage girls the value of abortions than the value of money. This would not be possible in the America that should be.

With a first-class education system that supported individual choice and competence we could have privatized social security, we could have a market-based health care system, we could have limited regulation and a true understanding of the financial system so that Wall Street and bankers couldn't take advantage of our citizens with schemes and marketing plans.

Instead we have chosen to ignore the education gap. We have settled for social engineering rather than individual empowerment. This has been the death of America.

They say that risk avoidance is their goal, that safety of the people is paramount, but I will tell you that the economic collapse that hurt so many people, that left millions in poverty was a result of social engineering that can only be prevented by an education system that seeks to empower and educate the individual.

Should we ever be properly educated individuals, we would not need regulations of the stock market, or the banking system. We would not need to regulate everyone's actions, we would only need government to provide attractive alternatives to what would be considered a state-wide, or national change of course.

What we have is a top-down bureaucracy, where the government tells us what to do and how much we will have to pay in order to comply. What we should have is a bottom-up bureaucracy where the government is told what they must provide if they expect us to comply with their expectations. You want me to recycle oil, what is it worth to you?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Conspiracy of the Ignorant and Evil

I believe that Romney will be elected. I expect there to be a collective sigh of relief from business people all over the nation. Obamacare will be repealed, though popular aspects of it will live on to haunt us all and set precedent. Repeal and Replace is the cry from Romney, proving that he is all that I thought he was, less liberal than a Marxist. So, why do I support him?

Because we as a movement are not ready to play real hardball over liberty. We are shamefully hesitant, even me. I don't need to be the one holding the flag at the end of the day, I understand that one must fall so that another can succeed. None of that is foreign to me.

Here's the real deal: I don't want to make the ultimate sacrifice without my positions, without my purpose being known. This is why I have called for leadership in the Patriot/Liberty Movement, because someone has to tell the stories of those making the sacrifices, or they are in vain. We cannot rally the troops by being a one-day headline, it has to mean something.

In war people are asked to take risks. They do so, because they believe in something. Maybe, in the moment, they only believe in defending their squad, or their position, it hardly ever goes to the bigger picture when those times come. In the moment they are in a place where they are under attack, where the path to relieve that attack is clear and the only thing left to do is act, they do. Yet, they do so with the backing of their nation. Their larger motives are known.

It is easy for the powers that be to denigrate us all as extremists, as nuts, as uneducated. The average American, struggling just to survive, will accept any explanation that relieves them of action themselves. "Oh yeah, those nuts, etc, etc." To cast us in the real light of being genuinely concerned and alarmed about the rights all of us have lost would work against those guilty of abuses. It is a disconnected sort of conspiracy of the ignorant and evil.

Every American should stand up for the rights that so many others have died to secure. That seems simple enough, it costs them nothing, but they don't do it because they are encased in social cocoons where stability and security are predominant in their thinking.

We are a rich nation in comfort and leisure. We watch sports and feel connected; we watch the same television shows and feel connected; we believe the same news stories and feel connected (even when the stories we watch are almost opposite of another segment of society). We work, we provide for our children and we try to figure out how to make it to the end of our lives in the best possible situation. There is nothing wrong with that, but when that becomes the sole purpose for survival, we have lost the true vision of our founders, which is to thrive as independent, free souls.

No, not everyone is going to fight for such lofty ideals. They didn't in the first go-round with Britain, but the people knew what George Washington stood for, what men like John Hancock had staked on the outcome. They saw sacrifice and while I'm sure it terrified them, they knew what was being fought over.

This is why there will be no help from the media or the politicians of the day, they are guilty.

We need identity. We need for others to understand our positions. No one will sacrifice where that sacrifice is meaningless. I would like to believe that we would rally to the defense of those who take the risks, but I have seen, like many others, the Hutaree hang alone. Yes, they were depicted as one thing in a corrupt media, they were also exonerated. I don't pretend to know them, or fully understand their actions or intent, but I do know they projected a belief in a lot of the principles we talk about on a daily basis and they were abandoned.

We are, by design, exactly what they want us to be: individuals, isolated, defamed and neutralized. With the election of Romney we have the chance to prove that it is not just Barack Obama that stirred our blood and fueled our motives, but the abuses of government alone. If there is one single reason to vote for Romney, it ought to be that.

Overall, we need to figure out how to be associated without that association providing legal consequences. We need to openly display our colors. We need to seriously address the issues of the day and that requires a degree of coordination, of planning, of a voice. Is the III the banner we will hold aloft? Is it something we can proudly display? Can the III brand compete with and challenge the Tea Party for political equivalence? I know many might not understand what I mean by that. Clearly the Tea Party has the political clout, but they don't know how to manage it, they don't know how to wield power. They don't know how to be the face of Sinn Fein.

I'm open for discussion on these points and others.

Friday, October 19, 2012

It Is Time To Start

Despite what many want or believe, Romney will probably be the next president. It is difficult for any president to have presided over such an economic calamity as the past four years and retain office. Americans grow tired of being depressed and worried for extended periods of time. Ask Jimmy Carter, the first Barack Obama.

Like Carter, Obama could have played it differently, but he didn't. He could have spent $330 billion of the $800 billion stimulus to provide unsecured government loans to small business (companies with more than four and less than 20 employees) in the amount of $200,000 each. These loans would have enabled them to restructure debt, pay off equipment and property allowing them to continue business at the reduced rate that came with the banking fiasco. This would have possibly saved the companies, but more importantly would have vastly reduced bankruptcies and left the lending institutions in much better shape themselves instead of being encumbered with re-possessed equipment they could not sell and property they could not sell, or re-lease. Jobs would have been saved and communities would have retained much of the tax base they lost. The owners of these companies would have retained the creditworthiness they had always demonstrated prior to the economic collapse and been ready to re-enter the business they ran successfully when times turned around, spurring much more bang for the buck than we will have coming out of it now.

Instead, the stimulus went to secure jobs in the public sector where they lost effectiveness. It went to grants for states and communities to further the function of government; to retain teaching jobs and purchase high-tech military-style equipment for law enforcement. The winner? Unions, which continue to ask for much more than tax revenues can sustain. Look for a moment at the pension deficit across government employees and you quickly run into the trillions.

That said, we will probably have Romney. Then what? What will the Patriot/Liberty Movement do with the new lease? When the economy recovers, as it will short-term, what will we do as a movement to better organize, better prepare? Because the economic disaster that awaits us will still be there long after Romney is a one-term president.

Or, do we have to wait that long? Perhaps the political ramifications of an Obama loss will spur riots in the inner cities. Perhaps the hardcore Marxists will realize they lost their opportunity and begin their charge against America, attempting to throw it into chaos with the help of domestic Islamic cells being coddled in every major city and state in the nation. Criminal gangs are better armed, better organized than the Patriot/Liberty Movement, they are accustomed to working under threat. Should their fight become political rather than economic, they would be a tough adversary to the average joe defending his home.

Do we have the ability and will to counter these events? Do we have the intel required to strike back, eye for an eye? Survival is the question and it is not all defensive. In order to encourage others to join the fight one must appear competent and successful. No one joins a movement that is ineffective, they would rather keep their heads low and fend for themselves.

I have long advocated for some semblance of leadership in the Patriot/Liberty Movement. It doesn't have to be a person. It could be a thing, a newsletter, a website, some means of communication across a broad spectrum. I'm sure one already exists and is being used for other purposes, one with security. I am not a leader, I am not a tactician, I am not a strategist. I am a voice of encouragement to those who are.

We all know there is some point where this all comes crashing down. One way or another, though I have always believed that the American Revolution is the only one started from a primarily political base rather than one that is primarily economic. The next one might be equal parts of each.

What I am advocating is much of what WRSA stands for, has long advocated for and supported. Many have taken that advocacy to heart and done the hard work of preparation, but it is time to start putting this puzzle together.

It is my belief that the election is over, so who one votes for is irrelevant at this point. What October Surprise planned will be ineffective because it would smack too clearly of what Obama is all about: manipulation. It is how we went from 8.1 percent unemployment to a magic number below 8 percent, i.e. 7.8. Everyone knows that it was done on the backs of the unemployed being knocked off the roles. Nothing Obama could do would swing this election other than station Black Panthers outside every polling place, but even that would be met with serious resistance.

A post-Obama America could be much more dangerous than it is now. Its time to critically assess the status of our movement. Many assure me that they are ready to roll. Many have admitted that they are not. For me it is simple, I will not stand by while innocents are victimized by groups, crowds, political or religious organizations. I have been in that situation a number of times, I know how I react to it. If that is our goal, our position, we need no further agreement, or organization. Each acting on his own can make a significant impression if that is the sole criteria to action.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Angry Little Dog

As is typical, the Patriot/Liberty movement is divided. Like a pie cut into three pieces, there are hard lines marking the division of each piece, wholly separate and lifted out of the tin at any moment.

In viewing the upcoming election there are three distinct views: elect Obama again and get the ball rolling toward a reset; elect Romney and gain a little more time to make preparations and organize a resistance; or vote for an independent (most often Gary Johnson) and avoid the "lesser of two evils" vote so many of us detest.

The action part of the movement is divided into three separate divisions: hunker down and make preparations to survive the economic or political cataclysm that is inevitable; take the fight to Washington right now; or continue to work politically to find the right candidate and back them to the hilt.

The economic side is equally divided: get out of the system entirely, or as much as possible; drain the beast by obtaining as many government hand-outs as possible driving it close to insolvency and thereby expediting the collapse; or continue on as usual making preparations and buying precious metals as often as possible as insurance against the economic collapse.

I could agree with any and all of the above options. The point is not the method, it is the outcome, but it is all marred by where the movement currently stands: we are divided. As liberty-minded people we seek individuality, have our own thoughts and act by our own conscience. This makes us a very unwieldy group, one almost incapable of action because once a person steps out and says: "This is the way to go" there is as much resistance from within as from without.

Society in general is lagging behind our own steps, slow to arrive at a point of action, avoiding conflict wherever possible and some dependent upon the very system they now detest.

Kerodin's Citadel Project is a positive step in a modified "hunker down" strategy. As an individual thinker, Kerodin has come up with a hybrid of a few different outlooks. I commend him for it. At least it is action in the face of discussion.

The divisions among us prove that we are not ready to act, to rebel against an illegal, unconstitutional and out of control government. In lieu of action we wait for the economic calamity that is inevitable and marvel at how it has been avoided for so long. Surely, when faced with chaos we will respond from a position of strength, having prepared for it as well as we have.

We hope for the reason that will grasp the hearts of true American patriots when the collapse occurs. We hope they will see who it was and how it happened and rebel with us against the cause: an unrestricted government working against the people.

I can set up a simulation that works out just the way we want it to. The economic collapse, the wandering destitute in search of a reason or a direction, the guidance by liberty-minded people, the rectification of the Constitution. It all works wonderfully in theory, but we all know that every plan is good only until first contact.

My beliefs have changed a lot in the past few years. My vision of what is to come is dire and deadly. I believe that the time for action was long ago and without it there will be no rectification of the Constitution, that the best I will be able to say for myself is that when the time comes is I died in service to the ideals of the founders and the great cause of liberty. Nothing more.

I see a long period of cannibalism on the horizon, where the dependent consume the producers until the food is gone and we are left weak and incapable of defending ourselves from foreign aggression. The elite will strategically switch sides (if they have not done so already) to aid the foreign invasion and take up their little dachas in the country wagging their heads at the poor, failed vision of liberty their countrymen believed in for so long.

Of course the natural order of things is communist, of kings and queens, of barons and lords. The bureaucracy is supreme, it is where the little guy gets his fiefdom. Man must be led, forced to produce for the greater good, or he is nothing but a greedy little angry dog in his master's yard.

The future is not yet written, but the formula is tried and true. Some of us might fight a valiant battle against oppression in our own right, but it will not be covered, no patriot will gain courage and inspiration from it, but left alone to wage their private battle against the same forces with the same outcome.

Through PatComs we have all met like-minded people. We know each other is out there. We know that many of our neighbors feel the same, or close to the same as we do. We know co-workers who are of like mind in discussions, but it is action that is lacking, because timing is lacking. The ever-elusive "when" reminds us all that we are not ready, our neighbors are not ready. The question is, how will we find each other in the chaos?

It is for this reason that I will support Romney, not because of him or anything he stands for or says he stands for, but simply because we are not ready to do anything, yet. Four more years of Obama will not lead to action, only more oppression and ultimate disenfranchisement until all of our words become empty threats. I will not support Gary Johnson, because while it is not a wasted vote, it is a vote cast into the darkness without significance.

Maybe, once we are forced into the camps, or the prisons, we will start our resistance from there.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Torch Dimly Burns

Liberty is the value of self. It is not a collective value. A collective value is the value of society, of the total. This is why it is so difficult to sell the children of the collective on the idea of liberty. They have been taught to fear it and as so many of our young adults are incapable of self-sufficiency, they lean toward the collective, without understanding the emasculation that comes with it.

Liberty is the ability to act within the constructs of one's physical presence without reaching another's. In older times it came with the ability to do with one's property what one wished, but that has been neutered by the same old concept of the collective. If one destroys their property, it affects the collective property value of a given neighborhood.

The collective sees objects as they are connected to others, not as they stand alone, individual. My house, my lawn, my garbage is no longer mine alone, but connected to those who might view it. This is largely where America has changed into something I do not understand, nor want to understand. It should be beyond the understanding of an American to entertain such concepts of society.

An American society is a collection of individuals, not of individuals as cogs in a collective. This society that we have now is foreign to the American experience. It has been brought over by other concepts, that of unions, where the collective acted against oppressive treatment, but it ignores the obvious solution to oppressive treatment since, in America, we have the option to work for who we want, to live where we want. 

I have quit jobs that asked me to go against my morals. I have moved from towns that took up the collective banner and sang the hymns of Marx. In America there are options to abandon that which is wrong and move to where good is being done.

So, this election, this pretend choice that we have leaves us with little actual choice. It is a choice of rapid collectivism, or delayed collectivism, but collectivism has been taught and confirmed and emboldened by those who came before us, those looking to secure property values, who sought to get better wages for doing the same job, to get health benefits, etc. Let the consumer pay for it, they said.

Let someone else pay for it and we will choose collectivism until we have no industry left, but government and we will line up for our allotted meals.

It has done my heart great damage since I realized this about the American people. So far they have fallen from the days when they sought only to be left alone to do their work and reap their rewards. They want security. They want stability. They will give every ideal away to get it. Most are unaware of the trade off they are making, but even those who do, do so with alarming predictability.

The value of liberty cannot be conveyed to these people, because it contains risk and fear. As a small businessman I spent a lot of sleepless nights worrying about my investment, about my economic future. It was a bold step to take and it came with breathless fears at times. Now, seeing that my fears have all come true and my company is long dead, I lament only the inability to try again. Liberty in that light cost me everything I had, but it provided for a long time the wages for several people including myself; it spread economic health to those associated with my company; it rewarded those I did business with until the very end and even now I work diligently to make them whole.

Liberty can be terrifying. But, that was America, fear and work and ultimate success. Overcoming fear, working to make those fears abate and finally success at having conquered fear.

The collective destroyed America. The fear that the collective would be harmed changed the relationship between the government and industry, between the government and finance. It all changed under my nose as I watched everyone involved in the economic disaster survive and receive benefits while millions of us individuals, who had everything our families had worked for drained out of our pockets, stood by in disbelief. We should have stormed Washington, but we waited to see if we could be saved by the will of capitalism alone, but it had died with the rest of America.

Electing Romney will not give us back liberty. It will not return the America we once knew and the economics we once trusted. He is not that man, but he can release the chains that Obama has put on the power of industry. He can support those who are left by abandoning the Marxist tack Obama has taken. I don't know anyone in this economy who has not been hurt by Obama's policies and if Romney can turn a few things around, even for the shortest time, it might put a few coins back into the pockets of those who know what to do with money if they see it again.

My prayer is that we are smart enough to take that short respite from the economic insanity of Obamanomics and put those funds to use securing our homes and fighting for a return of our ideals. Liberty may have left us, but the torch dimly burns for those who will spread the flame.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's A Good Thing They Care

The left always accuses the right of being insensitive, cruel and uncaring. This is a good campaign strategy that has worked for them for several generations, sometime after they succeeded in passing Jim Crow laws and the like and stopped standing in the doorways of colleges to prevent blacks from entering. It was sometime after Truman dropped the atomic bomb on Japanese cities (not that I disagreed with the action, but it was a Democrat). It was after the leftist judges decided that the insane had a right to be free and literally created the homeless problem overnight. It was after the start of the Vietnam War, or simultaneous with the war against blacks.

In this administration alone Medicare has been raided for over 716 billion dollars. Taking medical funds away from seniors in their most vulnerable and needy time would seem to be a no-brainer to wrest the cruelty title from Republicans, but the media ignored it, or spun it as a way to better care for them under Obamacare. So, the elderly's funds for their health coverage was taken to pay for Obamacare which, by Obama's own admission would mean that some of the elderly would not get valuable and scarce treatment, but be offered a pill instead, which would dull the pain during their slow death from terminal cancer or some other affliction.

That's not all. This administration allowed, perhaps even encouraged, the trafficking of guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. These weapons were used to kill Brian Terry, the Border Patrol Agent and 16 or 17 teenagers in Mexico. These are proven facts and what implicates Obama directly is that Eric Holder has not been given his papers.  So, guns were shipped to Mexico which have come back to America to kill Americans and some stayed in Mexico to kill children. Now, that's caring. It would be sad for the poverty stricken of Mexico to not have weapons by which they might earn millions killing and intimidating others seems to be the logic there.

The welfare system, designed by a Democrat, has done more to encourage the social conditions of the inner cities than anything else. Is it any wonder these children grow up believing that dealing drugs and forming criminal gangs are the only way out of their confined lives? They recognize early that the government dole is limited and creates no opportunity for escape. They know it is a trap and they are in it. So, they turn to either sports or drugs or both to reach for the American dream. The leftists idea of caring is giving and creating dependency. Once the bait is taken it can never be coughed up because the system does not foster a sense of self-worth or ability other than to stand in line and get the meager portions doled out.

Obama cares about the unemployed also. He has extended unemployment benefits until it is almost impossible to get off of unemployment until, say October of an election year when suddenly millions fall off the radar and the unemployment rate drops to 7.8%. Well, the argument for extending unemployment benefits to over a year seems just as valid today as it did then. Oh wait, did I mention the re-election of our caring leader was looking rather dim?

Leftists are about power. They will buy it, coerce it, manipulate facts and figures to keep it. They will promise anything to anyone to get what they want. The trouble with Obama's campaign is he keeps making the same promises he broke the last time around. There's always an excuse, but excuses only work once, or twice. Barack Obama has always been able to lie to anyone and get them to buy the same lie over and over again due to his charm and eloquence when speaking to other leftists. It might be a more difficult task with people who have lives dependent on the fulfillment of these promises, such as cutting the federal deficit in half; easing Middle East tensions; turning the economy around and going through the budget with a scalpel rather than an axe. Millions of lives and treasures relied on those promises, now that they are broken those people know the source of their condition.