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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Greatest Enemy To Liberty

The American people are a political body, they are not just citizens. One might be a citizen of a prison, so it is not the act of being a citizen that gives them rights, their rights are derived from being part of the political process. During election time the political body of the American public is being lobbied by those holding seats on one side of the aisle or the other. It is a political act, so when the media acts not to inform that political body (the people), but to help one side or the other become successful in their lobbying efforts, it has committed a form of treason.

The cover-up of the reason for the assassination of the Ambassador to Libya is among the most dastardly and un-American acts I have witnessed the American media commit. We need the truth about American foreign policy, we need the truth to make good decisions about our leadership. The truth is that the attack on the Libyan and Egyptian embassies was about 9/11, but more importantly to remind Barack Obama that no matter how many bin Laden's he kills there will always be more. On the heels of the Democratic Convention where having killed bin Laden was a major theme to appeal to the independents who may be watching, we have this attack on our embassies and there is NO connection in the media? Instead it is some obscure video on YouTube?

Everyone knows that the media is in the tank for the Democrats, that most supposed "news" organizations are mere propagandists for the liberal cause and that is one of their justifications, i.e. "if you know that, if it is widely understood, then that should be taken into account as all other things political are taken into account." That they present themselves as neutral observers is all part of the ruse.

In many discussions with liberty-minded folks and those who would act to secure liberty, it is always pointed out that the greatest stumbling block to action is how it will be portrayed by the media. There would be no support for "freedom-fighters" in America by the American press.

Ever since the destruction of the Nixon Administration the media has been emboldened to take on their powers with malice. I do not deny that Nixon deserved to go, but if he did, so have many others on the liberal side.

Obamacare will fall of its own weight, it is too big of a drag on an economy already suffering from the liberal policies of both Democrats and Republicans, but the media ignored its un-Constitutional provisions and cheerleaded for the work-arounds. They forgot to mention all of the waivers offered to large corporations which supported it. If that doesn't say something, I don't know what does. Think about that for a second: the companies and organizations who were the most vocal in supporting Obamacare received waivers from it. Huh? That's not a story most people would have had an interest in knowing?

The media is not just a stumbling block to liberty, it is an enemy combatant against liberty. It is a supporter of the liberal dictator and an enemy to the people for whom it claims to speak. The press is given its freedom only so that it can better inform the populace, read any discussion in the federalist papers on the issue and it becomes clear that was the intent.

From my perspective, an agenda-driven media is the greatest enemy to liberty. It is the most powerful and enduring political force in America and should be recognized and treated as such. In any interview, this should be made clear by the interviewee before answering questions. If the political voices on the right were to preface each answer by stating: "from your liberal perspective I can see the value of that question, but here's the answer..." I think eventually the tie would be made to them before the public that otherwise pays no attention, or does not have the sophistication to understand the dynamic at play during one of those interviews.


  1. The Media have declared themselves participants, enablers and servants of the corrupt mafia that runs our banks and gov. Bosnia Rules will apply and they will face the Nuremberg Solution once things settle down.

  2. The propaganda machine is a powerful tool. So many blatant lies and biased information. And many people know it. But no one cares. That always seems to be the problem. No one cares enough to do anything about it.

  3. Yes, no one cares, agreed. But I would add that people aren't trained to care, either. It is no longer important or useful to have an informed, inquisitive, aware, involved populace, since too much able public scrutiny would derail behind-the-scenes machinations. Public education seems to equate to public ignorance....
    The public don't know, don't want to know, and don't know that they should know.

  4. The link to The Constitutionalist sends me to some site in Korean (?).
    Thought somebody might want to know.

    1. Tom Cox, it's Japanese, if you care, a site about treatments of stiff shoulders, if you care.

  5. Seems to me (again) that the default position of mose American families is apthey. Unless the threat is direct and immediate, most would rather put off making a decision (a give me my Dancing With the Stars moment)and at that point (like right now) it is too late and to that end, we are pretty much lost as a Nation.
    Just my opinion


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