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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Madonna Is Just Who They Are

Sometimes, exposing the ignorance and hypocrisy of the left to the uninformed middle (who still vote) is a daunting task. Most of the coverage of your comments are likely to be limited to those who already know the subject matter and have their own personal stories to back up their claims. Those in the middle who swing elections remain isolated to TV news programs and slanted newspaper stories which disguise the radical left as the middle ground of political thought.

Rarely is a gift of illumination given to the right such as was offered up by Madonna, who proudly proclaimed Barack Obama as a black, Muslim president and in the next breath gets a rousing applause for the statement that he supports homosexual rights.

For the Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) crowd, it is an absolute impossibility to support Islamic law and support homosexual rights. One look at the Civil Rights abuses should tell anyone everything they need to know about Sharia and the method of justice it recommends. Mere girls are killed for the clothes they wear, or the jobs they hold, or the boys they date. They are not "grounded," they do not have their cell phones taken away, or go without dinner, they are killed. They are stoned, run over by cars driven by their parents, beaten to death by their fathers or brothers, etc.

The authorities of these same Islamic nations mutilate homosexuals, i.e. cut off their genitalia and stuff it in other body cavities. This does not go on in America. Name-calling is the worst of it, name-calling. Put that up against lynching and mutilation and see which one seems extreme and intolerant. Moreover, the name-calling is done by individuals, there is no Christian religion that promotes, much less acts upon violence done to homosexuals. The most strident Christian opposition to homosexual rights is to deny them the right to marry (oh, God, the horror!). But even then, denying them the right to the title of being "married" does not go so far as to deny them co-habitation, or punish them for doing so, it merely tries to salvage what is left of the traditional definition of family.

Even then, whatever horrible thing Christians might do to homosexuals (such as quietly disapprove) is still not done with the sanction or force of government. Islamic nations use every means available to deny, squash, kill and scatter homosexuals. Beheading is a bit too civilized for what the Islamic faith requires to be done to homosexuals.

While homosexuals are treated horribly, when caught at it, it is nothing compared to the treatment women suffer under Sharia.

Yet, we have a woman promising to expose herself for the re-election of a black, Muslim president, because he supports gay rights. Yeah, Madonna, you really made a statement there. You have exposed the ignorance and stupefying inconsistency of the liberal mind. It would be better if you were less honest about what you supported and more honest about what you oppose. It is very clear to anyone paying attention...uh hmmm, DWTS viewers, please pay attention...that what liberals oppose is clearly the Judeo-Christian population, whites and those who believe that a two-parent stable house-hold should consist of the biological parents and their offspring, if that is a definition that fits your home, they are absolutely opposed to it and to you.

They obviously prefer you to beat your wife, stone your daughter and murder those who would speak out against your prophet...especially if you are black.


  1. We live in an age of abominations. That woman is a glaring example of everything that is sick in our culture.

    The butcher's bill is soon coming due, and I bet that creature's name is on someones list.

  2. "stupefyingly inconsistency of the liberal mind"

    Bravo, Sir!

  3. To put it bluntly, Madonna is trash.
    Thank you for this article. The women of this country need to be informed of the horror of Shari'ah law. Many of the younger women who have become followers of the incumbent seem to be oblivious to these facts. Or possibly they are so arrogant as to think they will be of the chosen few who will be exempt from the reaches of Islam.

  4. She and Hanoi Jane would make a good couple.


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