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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Long March Before Us

The truth is we need some form of "reset" to this nation if we are to survive as a bastion of liberty. That is what is so depressing about this election cycle. Romney will not dissolve the DHS, will not dismantle the Patriot Act and probably will not end Obamacare. Without those things being done, this nation cannot claim Constitutional legitimacy, it simply is not possible.

Our debts are a direct result of a government functioning outside its mandate, which is the Constitution. The Constitution limited what the government could do and while I understand that the states, when the Constitution was given more weight than it is today, often ran roughshod over those very same rights, it has not gotten better because the federal government has decided to take that role and twist the arms of state legislatures in order to do so.

All of this is an echo of the Reconstruction after the Civil War. The federal government cannot stand not to be in control of the states, lest they do something like secede.

We all know there is a game being played on levels far above our heads, in dark corners of the nation where the average joe is not allowed. It is all directed at us, controlling us, making us accountable, while the powerful elite stroll through the nation as barons and lords, untouched by the laws that destroy our lives.

I don't know what else they have to do to us before we rebel, en masse. They have taken our money, our children's money and our grandchildren's money to buy favor with political allies and create dependency that encourages their theft with growing popularity. They have begun to monitor us on a daily basis. They have begun to consider the champions of liberty, enemies of the state and are busily propagandizing their dependent hoards against us. They have violated the Constitution in the most absurd and arrogant ways. They have corrupted the Supreme Court to rule against the privacy and autonomy of the people. Every insult to the greatness of this nation is cheered on by the mass media that denies all of the abuses and acts willingly to support the collectivist agenda. It is all one big finger aimed at the honest patriots to the intent and purposes that made this nation great.

Electing Romney will not change any of that. Electing anyone will not change any of it. We are beyond elections as a remedy to any of these abuses. So much has been compromised, so much has been coerced that a true vision of what America needs to be is clouded by these deeds.

The only thing that made America work in the past was the sense that an individual knew that as long as he did no harm to another he was free to pursue wealth and to better his offspring with benefits earned from that hard labor. The further we have gotten from that state, the further we have declined. I do recognize that powerful corporations were able, in the past, to do unethical things that empowered their thirst for wealth and power. Is it any better now that the government has assumed that role and become more powerful than anything? Have they done any less damaging things with their power than those corporations did?

Now broke and despondent, the America that was is no more and the world will suffer for it. Without the stabilizing power of a mighty America the factional disputes that have long been held in abeyance will now go forward. China is rattling its saber against Japan, whom we cannot protect. The Islamists in the Middle East will come after Israel, whom we will not protect. Russia is growing stronger with cooperation from some of our greatest enemies and will aid them in their assault against us and we will not have the might to fend them off as we once did.

All of this because we once made the decision that it was better to rob one man to pay another. It is because we lost faith in the only system that had ever produced wealth and power for the individual rather than the government. Once the true power of the government was unleashed on American soil, it was a genie that could not be put back in the bottle and it has consumed us bit by bit.

Like all things unnatural, it will be forced to succumb to the laws of nature. Once, America worked with those laws to establish an amazing society of innovation and invention. Now, it relies on the minds and abilities of those outside its own borders to provide for it, but when that talent directs itself at the destruction of the United States, who will come to its defense? No one, nor should they. Let nature take its course and those of us left, who understood what made America great and what led to its downfall will hopefully rectify it and set the nation back on its course. But it is a long march through hell to get back to that point.


  1. Every one is waiting for someone else to go "first". Fear is the problem.

  2. Fear is a problem, that is why I stopped using a nick name and now post in my own name. But the bigger problem is that we are not "a bastion of liberty." Less than 50 years ago you could bring a gun on an airplane, now you are groped or naked body scanned. There were no politically correct speech codes. In 1931 the entire laws of Illinois fit in one book. In 1978 they fit in three books. Today they take 9 books and two supplements. The federal government generates thousands of laws and regulations each year. When I was young no one would have believed that there would be an NDAA or executive order proclaiming a presidential right to kill Americans without trial. We may have more liberty than most, but we are not a bastion of liberty. Those days are long gone.

    1. No, we are not a bastion of liberty, but it is only as such that we have flourished. I didn't mean to intimate that we are a bastion of liberty today, but losing that, we have declined and will continue to decline.

  3. .The real problem is as john Adams stated "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." We as a people for the most part have lost our way. It has become acceptable for the greedy hands of government to reach into my back pocket, into my weekly check and take what they fell they need to redistribute to those whom they feel need it more than I do. Worse than that a large portion (I would say well over half) of the population accepts some sort of payment from those spoils. Until as a people we once again accept the fact that plunder is wrong even if in the disguise of doing good with that plunder this will not stop. The answer is to stop the plunder not how much plunder do we allow. That is the great debate between candidates just how much to take not that the taking in and of itself is wrong. It will have to get very bad indeed before we see the light of day if we ever see it at all. until then may we live in interesting times..

  4. I asked myself a question regarding this election: if Obama is re-elected, will there be as much as a shadow of the foundations of the former America to rebuild upon? I don't believe there will be. His four more years wold complete his 'fundamental change'.

    Under Romney will the degradation of this nation accelerate, maintain or decelerate? After four years of him, will there be enough left to build upon? I can't say yes, but there is more of a chance than with Obama.

    so that brings the next question- which is more of the threat to liberty. I give the edge to Obama, only based on experience.

    So the next question is, do I want to delay the inevitable, or get on with what's coming? That's a tough one. I've not yet abandoned all hope, but I'm not inspired by either Romney's rhetoric, not by the odds of success of reform. I don't think enough are awake, nor are they prepared for the fight that lies ahead.

    So that brings yet another question- if Obama were re-elected, would the changes he has in mind spur the unintended consequence or readying enough of our fellow citizenry to stand up and be counted, and arm themselves for a fight? I'm not hopeful in that either.


    1. I have tried to answer your e-mail, but it will not go through. Please send me your address, that's all it takes.

    2. 4 years more of Obama or 4-8 years of Romney mean little to me. I have learned to live by my gut feelings and as a friend from GA says connect the dots. If you look at all the possible dots out there including economic factors, possible world wide conflicts especially the middle east and the great divide existing and cultivated in this country today then I would be surprised if we have 4-8 months no matter who gets elected. I pray that I am wrong but prepare because I believe I am right. Interesting times indeed...

  5. Well done, TL...fact after fact after fact. Michael's got the answer: "The answer is to stop the plunder not how much plunder do we allow." Direct plunder, indirect plunder; plunder by oneself or plunder by agency---it's got to stop, else we all die.

    We each control exactly one person, so that's the place to start.

  6. it is a long march through hell to get back to that point.


  7. TL you hit it out of the park again.

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  8. So where does our duty to defend Japan or Israel come from? Presumptuous, and working someone's view of the world and how the rest of us should be arranged .

    1. We have since WWII defended both for one reason or another, mostly out of guilt. We wrote the Japanese Constitution which prohibited their ability to self-defense. We can't change the fact that we did that, or avoid the responsibility for their defense if we prohibit their self defense.
      We created Israel out of other lands and plopped them down in hostile territory. For this reason I support the defense of Israel.
      You can argue that neither act should have been done in the beginning and that we should cut them loose today, but I believe that once you intervene in the affairs of a nation you are somewhat responsible for it.
      You might also question why I should help my children and that you would not help yours. I help mine, because I chose for them to exist, they did not and I continue to feel a responsibility for that act.

    2. TL, you say we created Israel out of other lands and plopped them down in hostile territory? The Zionists wanted that land since before 1900 and the British made it all possible. We, the U.S. did not create Israel but we are paying for it since Truman. I think you have drunk the zionist tea and have made the whole affair our responsibility. It is our problem due to white christian guilt going back to Nazi Germany. This guilt which resulted in any kind of bigotry being condemned has caused us to surrender our common sense toward immigration, blacks, muslims, gays.

    3. T.L., your reasoning for supporting the.sovereign nation of Israel is ludicrous. Based on your conception of US responsibility for Israel, the US will be responsible for them forever !

      Israel IS NOT my responsibility or any other American's responsibility. I find it sad how folks like you believe in defending other nations such as Israel. Oddly you haven't moved to Israel and offered your services to the IDF. How much of your money have you sent to the government of Israel ? Have you suggested to your children they should support Israel with their lives and earnings ?

      When one declares they support Israel, or any other nation, what does that mean ? To me your declaration of support for Israel means the expenditure of American blood and treasure. Sort of like the 58,000 dead and billions of dollars wasted supporting South Vietnam. How gracious of you.

      Thank you for your offering up the blood of my fellow citizens, family and friemds for the defense of a foreign nation. You are quite the Patriot.

      DAN III
      "There Are Enemies Amongst Us"

    4. Dan, I will explain my point of view in the next post. I know you will not agree. I know you and like you, but we will not agree on this issue.

  9. With great thanks to all my fellow patriots, I am confident that there are enough True Americans - those who love and understand what made America a great nation - that we shall, in some form or fashion, continue on as a light in an otherwise dark world. What form that will be I cannot say, but I do believe in the providence upon which our forefathers relied - the providence of a loving and faithful God. And when we, as a nation, return our hearts to Him, then He shall return the blessings of Liberty and dignity unto us, even if only a remnant remains...

    Remember the seven fat years and the seven lean - well, we have enjoyed 7 decades of wealth and greatness, and perhaps now we face 7 decades of poverty and indignity. But even if these things are true, I do not look upon them as a punishment; rather I see them as both a test and a correction for our nation, and an opportunity to restore our good name through honest and diligent effort.

    Perhaps this is the view we should hold of America - that we have been His field of grain, and now He has gathered up the harvest - "His winnowing fork is in his hand. He will clean up his threshing floor and gather his grain into the barn, but He will burn the chaff with inextinguishable fire" -Matt 3:12
    If this is so, then a new spring will come, and He shall again sow goodness and abundance in our land. I pray that this is so, and I pray that we learn from the errors of our past.

    Warmest regards,

    1. There are a great deal many more of us out here in the hinterlands than most people realize. Rarely do we speak up. When the time has come the 3% will rise to defend what has been and will continue to be the light in the darkness.

  10. "They have begun...."
    "They have taken...."
    "They have violated...."

    Who are all these *They's*?
    Do you know any of them?

    If they have begun to take, and violate you and your stuff why have you not killed them?

    If they began to break into your house would you kill them?
    If they took your stuff would you kill them?
    If they violated your wife would you kill them?

    Has a gov't employee begun to violate you and/or take your stuff?
    Why is that gov't employee still breathing air?

    It has to start somewhere.
    It will not start at the top, for the top has not begun to take and violate you or your stuff.

    It is the lowest members of the structure that are bringing you grief and if you allow them to continue to do this you should have no complaints because you have the power to change that dynamic if you want to.

    Do you want things to change?
    Or are you happy with the status quo?

    It starts with you.

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