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Sunday, September 30, 2012

In Defense of Israel

Isolationists typically put American blood over every other consideration, even American blood.  They do this without realizing it. Israel, whether one sees it as simply an independent nation or not, it is one of the few democracies in the world, Japan is another, along with Germany. What these two nations have in common is they were our enemies during World War II. Therefore, we wrote their existence.  Due to atrocities committed by the Germans, without aid, Israel became a protected nation, by us, the victorious nation.

The fact is, whether isolationists want to acknowledge it or not, is that we, America, have been players on the international stage for a long time now. We are the lone superpower, even though Obama has largely played us off as a third world nation. Our presence on the international stage is integral to our own security.

When it comes to Israel, it is important for us to support their efforts to deal with the Muslim hoards. They are a democracy and while we are a republic, each answers to the people in one way or another, which I hope most would recognize as a valuable aspect to any nation. There are dictatorships all across the globe, war-mongering, empirical nations that seek to do harm to any and every democracy, or republic. In short, we have few friends, we should nurture those friendships, protect those who need it and be ready to support them all if needed, lest we foster a world of Castros and Chavezes who seek the destruction of our nation.

Where isolationists get it wrong in my book is that they assume all will leave us alone if we are not a part of the disagreement. This tack did not work in World War II and it will not work today. Leaving our enemies to fight the destructionists like Hitler only lets them build resources with which to engage us. Conquered nations supply resources that the hostile nation cannot produce itself with its limited area and economy. As one nation devours another it becomes stronger and yes, it does sacrifice a lot of material and men along the way, but it recoups those losses in increased industry and conscripted men.

The death of Israel would not put an end to the Middle East debate, it would focus the would-be car bombers on the other great pain in the side of the Muslims: America. Was not 9-11 enough? We had no real stake in the game where Vietnam was concerned other than the spreading of communism throughout Asia. Our focus might have been off, but that war was started by the Cold War and the Cold War is over, but the fight to preserve our way of life and the ultimate blood of the civilian population is not.

There are not fewer enemies to consider than Germany and Japan, but more, much more since the "Arab Spring." The Arab Spring only illuminates the need for allies, allies we are dedicated to preserving, because they are other beacons of freedom and liberty. Anyone who does not understand this does not understand the global implications of abandoning our allies.

Right now, Arab nations are increasing, Islamcism is not shrinking, it is growing and with it is a desire to see the end of America. Would I sacrifice the blood of soldiers over the blood of my daughter? Yes. Why? Very simply, because they are much better trained and equipped to defend themselves and the nation than my daughter.

Defending the ideals of freedom and liberty is costly, especially in a world largely and convincingly in the hands of despots and villains. How cutting loose from our protection any nation that has demonstrated an understanding of liberty is going to somehow benefit our nation is beyond me. Our soldiers might have to spill their blood in the defense of the American way and it will only come at a higher price once we have allowed our allies to fend for themselves without the equipment, the skills, or the knowledge that the U.S. fighting man possesses.

Were it not for the long-term support of the Unites States, in our defense of Israel, Palestinians would be pouring through our southern border like locusts, spilling not the blood of our vigilant servicemen, but the blood of our citizens, the same as it is done now Israel.

To view Israel is to get an understanding of what America  could be if left to defend itself alone from these brutal and cowardly human beings.

So, if isolationists bring up Vietnam as a reason to not defend those who are defending us, they are living in a past decade, a different world from that which now exists. I did not support the war in Vietnam, nor do I support the war in Iraq, but the wars seem to continue, do they not? Since America is not an empire and has always secured leadership in the nations we have conquered, rather than taking over their land and bringing their ancient hostilities in our direction, it is much preferable to save the blood of Americans by helping to thwart our enemies than to direct their attention solely on us.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Madonna Is Just Who They Are

Sometimes, exposing the ignorance and hypocrisy of the left to the uninformed middle (who still vote) is a daunting task. Most of the coverage of your comments are likely to be limited to those who already know the subject matter and have their own personal stories to back up their claims. Those in the middle who swing elections remain isolated to TV news programs and slanted newspaper stories which disguise the radical left as the middle ground of political thought.

Rarely is a gift of illumination given to the right such as was offered up by Madonna, who proudly proclaimed Barack Obama as a black, Muslim president and in the next breath gets a rousing applause for the statement that he supports homosexual rights.

For the Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) crowd, it is an absolute impossibility to support Islamic law and support homosexual rights. One look at the Civil Rights abuses should tell anyone everything they need to know about Sharia and the method of justice it recommends. Mere girls are killed for the clothes they wear, or the jobs they hold, or the boys they date. They are not "grounded," they do not have their cell phones taken away, or go without dinner, they are killed. They are stoned, run over by cars driven by their parents, beaten to death by their fathers or brothers, etc.

The authorities of these same Islamic nations mutilate homosexuals, i.e. cut off their genitalia and stuff it in other body cavities. This does not go on in America. Name-calling is the worst of it, name-calling. Put that up against lynching and mutilation and see which one seems extreme and intolerant. Moreover, the name-calling is done by individuals, there is no Christian religion that promotes, much less acts upon violence done to homosexuals. The most strident Christian opposition to homosexual rights is to deny them the right to marry (oh, God, the horror!). But even then, denying them the right to the title of being "married" does not go so far as to deny them co-habitation, or punish them for doing so, it merely tries to salvage what is left of the traditional definition of family.

Even then, whatever horrible thing Christians might do to homosexuals (such as quietly disapprove) is still not done with the sanction or force of government. Islamic nations use every means available to deny, squash, kill and scatter homosexuals. Beheading is a bit too civilized for what the Islamic faith requires to be done to homosexuals.

While homosexuals are treated horribly, when caught at it, it is nothing compared to the treatment women suffer under Sharia.

Yet, we have a woman promising to expose herself for the re-election of a black, Muslim president, because he supports gay rights. Yeah, Madonna, you really made a statement there. You have exposed the ignorance and stupefying inconsistency of the liberal mind. It would be better if you were less honest about what you supported and more honest about what you oppose. It is very clear to anyone paying attention...uh hmmm, DWTS viewers, please pay attention...that what liberals oppose is clearly the Judeo-Christian population, whites and those who believe that a two-parent stable house-hold should consist of the biological parents and their offspring, if that is a definition that fits your home, they are absolutely opposed to it and to you.

They obviously prefer you to beat your wife, stone your daughter and murder those who would speak out against your prophet...especially if you are black.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama Chose His Side

I guess it depends on which religion is being denigrated. There is no religion which has endured more denigration than Christianity, or more support than Islam from the Obama Administration. In an effort to ease the hurt feelings of Muslims over the anti-Islam video, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pointed out clearly that they were not associated with the video, but supported freedom of religion.

At this story from Al Jazeera, the supposed defenders of freedom make these remarks in an ad running on Pakistani television.

From Barack Obama: "Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others."

And, from Hillary Clinton:  "Let me state very clearly, the United States has absolutely nothing to do with this video. We absolutely reject its contents. America's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation."

Missing from the remarks is the absolute defense of freedom of speech, of the necessity of the United States to support the freedom of expression no matter what the subject matter.

This is an attempt by leaders of the United States of America to distance themselves from the violence of Islamic hate-mobs. They do nothing to support the equally important freedom of speech, of every one's right to express themselves freely and to support the view that violence is not the answer to disagreements about religion or any other subject.

These statements would have been much better served by assuaging the hurt feelings of the Catholics and other religious organizations forced to pay for abortions and contraceptive methods under Obamacare, but those words were never used in connection with that issue. It came with mealy-mouthed options to "deal with it."

They didn't the tell the Pakistanis to "deal with it," that there were ways to overlook the impact of the video, to put their emotions aside and recognize every one's right to say, write and produce a representation of their beliefs.

The actions of the President and the Secretary of State reinforce the conclusion that violence is the only answer to the many abuses of this Administration, that without it, there is no respect for any one's rights or beliefs. What other conclusion can one make?

These remarks show the very heart of this Administration. They display the hostility toward Christianity and the sympathy for the Islamic cause. I'm not sure how one who is a Christian can justify a vote for Barack Obama. I don't know how, having revealed his sympathy and support for Islam, a homosexual might vote for Barack Obama, unless it is with a blindfold and ear plugs. It has been proven time and time again that Islamic nations oppress and murder homosexuals, often subjecting them to mutilation and torture. I don't know how women, knowing the support Barack Obama has shown for Islam, a religion that denigrates women, that murders them for infidelity, that murders them for the clothes they wear and the things they say can support Barack Obama.

How is that possible? What sort of delusional mind-frame allows such duplicity?

The President of the United States and the Secretary of State are supposed to represent the interests of the United States, to stand up for its values, to support the views of its people. This shameful pandering to a violent religion over the freedom of speech of one of it's citizens is shameful. They have done nothing less than step in front of the mob and direct its actions against anyone who might oppose the violent suppression of free speech. They have done nothing but put themselves on the side of the Islamic hate-mobs against the very principles of American society.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Long March Before Us

The truth is we need some form of "reset" to this nation if we are to survive as a bastion of liberty. That is what is so depressing about this election cycle. Romney will not dissolve the DHS, will not dismantle the Patriot Act and probably will not end Obamacare. Without those things being done, this nation cannot claim Constitutional legitimacy, it simply is not possible.

Our debts are a direct result of a government functioning outside its mandate, which is the Constitution. The Constitution limited what the government could do and while I understand that the states, when the Constitution was given more weight than it is today, often ran roughshod over those very same rights, it has not gotten better because the federal government has decided to take that role and twist the arms of state legislatures in order to do so.

All of this is an echo of the Reconstruction after the Civil War. The federal government cannot stand not to be in control of the states, lest they do something like secede.

We all know there is a game being played on levels far above our heads, in dark corners of the nation where the average joe is not allowed. It is all directed at us, controlling us, making us accountable, while the powerful elite stroll through the nation as barons and lords, untouched by the laws that destroy our lives.

I don't know what else they have to do to us before we rebel, en masse. They have taken our money, our children's money and our grandchildren's money to buy favor with political allies and create dependency that encourages their theft with growing popularity. They have begun to monitor us on a daily basis. They have begun to consider the champions of liberty, enemies of the state and are busily propagandizing their dependent hoards against us. They have violated the Constitution in the most absurd and arrogant ways. They have corrupted the Supreme Court to rule against the privacy and autonomy of the people. Every insult to the greatness of this nation is cheered on by the mass media that denies all of the abuses and acts willingly to support the collectivist agenda. It is all one big finger aimed at the honest patriots to the intent and purposes that made this nation great.

Electing Romney will not change any of that. Electing anyone will not change any of it. We are beyond elections as a remedy to any of these abuses. So much has been compromised, so much has been coerced that a true vision of what America needs to be is clouded by these deeds.

The only thing that made America work in the past was the sense that an individual knew that as long as he did no harm to another he was free to pursue wealth and to better his offspring with benefits earned from that hard labor. The further we have gotten from that state, the further we have declined. I do recognize that powerful corporations were able, in the past, to do unethical things that empowered their thirst for wealth and power. Is it any better now that the government has assumed that role and become more powerful than anything? Have they done any less damaging things with their power than those corporations did?

Now broke and despondent, the America that was is no more and the world will suffer for it. Without the stabilizing power of a mighty America the factional disputes that have long been held in abeyance will now go forward. China is rattling its saber against Japan, whom we cannot protect. The Islamists in the Middle East will come after Israel, whom we will not protect. Russia is growing stronger with cooperation from some of our greatest enemies and will aid them in their assault against us and we will not have the might to fend them off as we once did.

All of this because we once made the decision that it was better to rob one man to pay another. It is because we lost faith in the only system that had ever produced wealth and power for the individual rather than the government. Once the true power of the government was unleashed on American soil, it was a genie that could not be put back in the bottle and it has consumed us bit by bit.

Like all things unnatural, it will be forced to succumb to the laws of nature. Once, America worked with those laws to establish an amazing society of innovation and invention. Now, it relies on the minds and abilities of those outside its own borders to provide for it, but when that talent directs itself at the destruction of the United States, who will come to its defense? No one, nor should they. Let nature take its course and those of us left, who understood what made America great and what led to its downfall will hopefully rectify it and set the nation back on its course. But it is a long march through hell to get back to that point.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Greatest Enemy To Liberty

The American people are a political body, they are not just citizens. One might be a citizen of a prison, so it is not the act of being a citizen that gives them rights, their rights are derived from being part of the political process. During election time the political body of the American public is being lobbied by those holding seats on one side of the aisle or the other. It is a political act, so when the media acts not to inform that political body (the people), but to help one side or the other become successful in their lobbying efforts, it has committed a form of treason.

The cover-up of the reason for the assassination of the Ambassador to Libya is among the most dastardly and un-American acts I have witnessed the American media commit. We need the truth about American foreign policy, we need the truth to make good decisions about our leadership. The truth is that the attack on the Libyan and Egyptian embassies was about 9/11, but more importantly to remind Barack Obama that no matter how many bin Laden's he kills there will always be more. On the heels of the Democratic Convention where having killed bin Laden was a major theme to appeal to the independents who may be watching, we have this attack on our embassies and there is NO connection in the media? Instead it is some obscure video on YouTube?

Everyone knows that the media is in the tank for the Democrats, that most supposed "news" organizations are mere propagandists for the liberal cause and that is one of their justifications, i.e. "if you know that, if it is widely understood, then that should be taken into account as all other things political are taken into account." That they present themselves as neutral observers is all part of the ruse.

In many discussions with liberty-minded folks and those who would act to secure liberty, it is always pointed out that the greatest stumbling block to action is how it will be portrayed by the media. There would be no support for "freedom-fighters" in America by the American press.

Ever since the destruction of the Nixon Administration the media has been emboldened to take on their powers with malice. I do not deny that Nixon deserved to go, but if he did, so have many others on the liberal side.

Obamacare will fall of its own weight, it is too big of a drag on an economy already suffering from the liberal policies of both Democrats and Republicans, but the media ignored its un-Constitutional provisions and cheerleaded for the work-arounds. They forgot to mention all of the waivers offered to large corporations which supported it. If that doesn't say something, I don't know what does. Think about that for a second: the companies and organizations who were the most vocal in supporting Obamacare received waivers from it. Huh? That's not a story most people would have had an interest in knowing?

The media is not just a stumbling block to liberty, it is an enemy combatant against liberty. It is a supporter of the liberal dictator and an enemy to the people for whom it claims to speak. The press is given its freedom only so that it can better inform the populace, read any discussion in the federalist papers on the issue and it becomes clear that was the intent.

From my perspective, an agenda-driven media is the greatest enemy to liberty. It is the most powerful and enduring political force in America and should be recognized and treated as such. In any interview, this should be made clear by the interviewee before answering questions. If the political voices on the right were to preface each answer by stating: "from your liberal perspective I can see the value of that question, but here's the answer..." I think eventually the tie would be made to them before the public that otherwise pays no attention, or does not have the sophistication to understand the dynamic at play during one of those interviews.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Industry of Opposition

The problem with America is that there isn't one, there are several. Those who seek America for its past promises of liberty and the opportunity to succeed will find themselves burdened and denied by red tape and governmental oversight that feeds another America. Those who seek jobs will be burdened by those who have used the government to survive through different means.

The socialist utopia many would like to make of America is quickly becoming reality. Manufacturing and mining companies derided and vilified for their waste and pollution, regardless how much money and energy is expended to mitigate and even negate these issues, are the victims of another wasteful enterprise: government.

For every industry that creates, produces and supplies there are entities that regulate, restrict, tax, sue and otherwise oppose them. There are industries and counter-industries.

Eventually, what happens is that less and less is done at greater and greater cost until the whole thing collapses. Choose any largely populated European nation to see this playing out before our eyes. Greece, having cannibalized itself is now reaching further and further away from its shores to drain up capital from the healthy nations around it. Socialism is a cancer.

I went through terminal cancer with my father. I watched as every healthy cell was attacked by cancerous ones until a vital organ to the body was beyond repair and ultimately the rest of the body was destroyed. Is that not a fitting analogy?

The only thing for the public to understand is that America has a cancer, socialist cancer and the only remedy to cure it, or to put it in remission (there is no known cure for socialism so long as one brain can envision living off the work of others) is to fight it with radical chemotherapy. The bad parts need to be cut out and the rest need to be treated with intense doses of restriction.

There is a place for the care of the elderly, the sick and the impoverished, but it isn't free, it isn't easy. It should not be easy to reach into another person's pocket and pull out the money to survive. It should come with some humility, not hostility. It should come with some respect and appreciation, not vilification of the work done to produce the funds from which they would draw.

What has been lost in the industry of opposition, is that sense that one is a parasite. I don't mean that in a pejorative way, but one must recognize where one feeds and how much one takes and what will be left. It is the human way to justify getting what one needs. When that can be wrapped up in the cloak of honor and superior morality one might be able to reach deeper and take more with the added benefit of righteousness, but the fiscal body doesn't care.

The fiscal body is one of a simple equation, cost and benefit. It is what has made America great for so many centuries. If one pans for gold there is the recognition that one might starve or strike it rich and so the risk is worth the reward as one believes in one's own ability to recover from the risk even if it goes bust. But, where the miner is defeated by taxes when he buys the pan, by the regulations placed on him on what size of pan he can use, what motion he exerts, how long of a day he can work, the exact place he can mine (usually with an intent to break him and make him go away once the fees and taxes have been paid) the crucial decisions in the endeavor have been made by others and so not worth the risk and so he doesn't mine.

The cancer analogy illustrates one simple and undeniable truth: once the opposition industry (the cancer) succeeds all else fails, including the opposition industry. Unfortunately, America has this terminal cancer, it is what we should have fought hardest against, but it was not addressed when it could have been a mere out-patient procedure. We are in critical condition and not expected to survive, gather the clan.